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through good friends last summer, we were introduced to blue apron, a service that delivers fresh ingredients in a refrigerated box, all packaged in the right amounts for the recipes to make three different meals. so when blue apron reached out to us a few months ago and asked if we’d like to partner together, it made perfect sense! we were like, we’ve actually been using you guys off and on since last july! absolutely! 

one of the reasons we’ve especially loved using blue apron is because it’s pushed us to try new recipes of things we’d never have created on our own, and because all the ingredients come in the exact proportions, i don’t feel like i’m wasting anything since i’m not buying a huge jar of expensive spices for some curry recipe i probably won’t recreate for several months, if ever again.  it’s been a great set up for our family, especially in the city when grocery shopping and kitchen storage can be a bit harder to navigate.

last week, the three meals blue apron sent us were whole wheat spaghetti and homemade meatballs,  a shrimp quinoa fried rice dish and black bean and chicken enchiladas. (they have a vegetarian plan, too.)


^^^here’s a stack of the recipe cards i’ve collected from blue apron since last summer. they are just so pretty, and easy to use, we’ve enjoyed recreating a few of the dishes we’ve loved, too.^^^


^^^the instructions on the back of the recipe cards share six simple steps to creating your dish, too. ^^^


^^^all the meals can be prepared in 40 minutes or less, so you’re still prepping and cooking in the kitchen, verses just heating something up.  it’s another thing i really like about blue apron, since it still gives us a chance to hang out together in the kitchen as we cook lunch or dinner.^^^


blue apron is offering 30% off your first order to the first 250 readers to try it out! sign up or log in here to get 30% off! blue apron is available in the US, shipping to over 80% of the country (you can see the full map of delivery zones here) and there’s also no commitment, so you can skip weeks during the month or cancel at anytime so your plan can remain flexible with you and your lifestyle.

also, see the blue apron cookbook here, to try out a few of the recipes on your own if you’d like!

this post is in partnership with blue apron. thanks for checking them out!

  1. Kat

    Neat idea, seems fun :) and looks yummy.

  2. What you made looks amazing! I’ve been married for two years but still somewhat struggle in the kitchen and don’t “cook” very often. But I love how the recipees are large, bold and have the ingredients actually pictured. Love that you partnered with them, gotta check it out!


  3. What a neat idea! I can think of a good number of people (including myself!) who would love this! Perfect for when you are in a recipe slump, and keep cooking the same easy meal over and over again. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Ragna

    Hi Naomi!

    I have the same apron!! I love it, but not as much as I love your blog!!! :-)

    I especially love your posts about motherhood, since I’m a mommy of an almost 6 months old little girl. Her name is Taro.

    Greetings from Belgium!!!


  5. Ragna

    Hi Naomi,

    I have the same apron! I love it, but not as much as I love your blog!! :-)

    I especially love your posts about motherhood, since I’m a mommy of an almost 6 months old little girl. Her name is Taro.

    Greetings from Belgium!!!

  6. Jaymi

    I live in a large city in the Midwest, probably one of the biggest, but they don’t deliver to my area. Strange.

  7. Taylor

    I love the idea of this because it lets you try out awesome new recipes without wasting a bunch of money on ingredients that you won’t ever use again. Plus, there are only two people in my household and sometimes buying fresh food isn’t always the smartest move money-wise if we have to buy, say, a huge pack of spinach or something and aren’t able to use it all before it’s spoiled. Can’t wait to try Blue Apron out!


  8. zoe

    What a brilliant idea! I’ve always been hesitant to try out services like this, but you make a good point about not having to buy expensive spices or sauces that might not be used again! I love that you can collect the recipes and reuse when the cravings kick in :) I’ll have to look into testing out Blue Apron xx

    The What’s In Between

  9. Sinead

    I can’t stand throwing away food or having to invest in expensive products that I only need the smallest amount of. This is such a clever idea! Recipes look good too :-)

  10. elizabeth

    while this looks very good, find $40/meal for a family of four to be ridiculously overpriced.

  11. Tamar

    We’ve been using Blue Apron for a few deliveries now and have liked all of the meals & freshness of ingredients (we do the pescetarian option). Good customer service, too. It works well for us (married couple, no kids) and is cheaper than takeout or trying to make something ‘gourmet’, albeit it’s considerably more expensive than us making meatballs & spaghetti or the like. So “cost effective-ish’ for a couple. How is it, though, for a larger family? If the charges ($10/pp per meal) is linear, it seems like it could be really pricey for a family of 4.

    • TAZA

      We are still just on the 2 person meal plan, and it’s usually always enough for the kids as well, although they are still toddlers and don’t eat a full adult sized plate. For us, like you, the 2 person meal plan makes a lot of sense price wise over take out, plus it’s always a lot more healthy, so there’s that too. :)

  12. Mo

    We have the same in Denmark, but here it’s organic.
    I love to follow your blog-
    Greeting from Denmark

  13. Lillian

    I used this for a week, and it was great. The only downside was all the packaging! It was ridiculous how much non-recyclable stuff came with every box.

  14. Teresa

    so cool! that would completely cut out having to 1.research new recipes 2. trip to the grocery store! great idea!

  15. sam-c

    it looks like you are chopping herbs or something in the 4th photo. But, do the veggies (like those shown in the 3rd photo) come pre-chopped? that might make the high cost seem reasonable to me, but otherwise, the convenience doesn’t seem to justify the $10 / person price. but maybe if you compare it to the price of eating out in NY, it does make more sense (than comparing it to eating out somewhere else in the US.). I don’t know.

  16. alicia

    Blue Apron is amazing!! My boyfriend and I have been using them since last year and we love how easy and delicious everything is! :) We’ve learned to make and recreate so many dressings and sauces for other recipes too – love it!

  17. Amy

    My primary concern is packaging WASTE. There are individual bottles (do people re-use these? Maybe some, I doubt the majority do), all items are packaged separately (I’ve heard ONE carrot is wrapped in celophane? WASTE!).
    I just don’t like that our society has become so disposable for the sake of convenience. :(

  18. jemima

    What a fantastic idea – I love that the portions are measured as per recipes… That’s my biggest struggle, as much as I’d love to experiment with all sorts of crazy things, a modest budget and London rent means my partner and I can’t quite justify buying huge jars of spices, pastes, herbs etc that we will only need to use for that one recipe. I’ll be researching this and seeing if I cna find a UK equivalent for sure! Great idea.

    Jemima x x

  19. Kaelynn

    looks awesome- weird question but where did you get your pants in that pic? They’re so cute!

  20. That sounds so yummy! I have been wanting to try one of these programs, but there are so many to choose from!

  21. Haven

    Did you move or re-do your kitchen? It looks different.

  22. Lara

    Oh, man. That is JUST what we need. We’re too busy to cook real meals as much as I would love to take the time to do that every day. I am all signed up. Done and done. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Lara

    Oh, here’s a question I forgot to add: what are the portion sizes like? We are hearty eaters over here.

  24. Emma

    @Lex There’s plenty of companies that offer this service in the UK – see Gousto, HelloFresh, The Recipe Kit, Housebites, Dinner, We Are The Sauce. Just a quick Google turns up loads.

  25. Vincent Riggs

    I definitely want to purchase one of your vegetarian programs with 30% off but I don’t see an address. Please get back to me as soon as possible. I don’t eat fish but eat chicken and turkey. Thank’s

  26. Brooke

    Over 80%?! No way! That map is more like 2/3, if that. Bummer, we live in Texas.

  27. such a lovely service

  28. lizzy

    How about the the environmental aspects, all this waste? Everthing is indicidually packed, the huge cardbox.. it’s a horrible. I’m sorry, but I can’t ignore this fact, can’t only mind the the consumerfriendly aspects.

  29. Kelly

    I have had a blue apron dinner before and it was delicious – I love how they even send the spices and those little things of milk!

  30. June

    Sambal Oelek? Interesting, sounds like Indonesian food.. :)

  31. I wish so much blue apron was here in the UK as it would help me so much. I have a problem in moving on my feet and getting to find the ingredients is a problem and if your a vegie like me yo have to buy so many bottles of extra things.
    Think i am going to have a word with the local papers and let them know.

  32. Wow this sounds amazing!! My friend has a company in Seattle with a similar platform but different. Pre made meals of all local organic food boxed up as “main” dishes, sides etc in servings from one to eight. You can mix and match. This is similar and I had no idea this was here, %80 of the country that is impressive. And yes this is perfect for city dwellers on the go. Love it!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  33. That dish looks so yummy ! Was it yummy ? (I bet it was haha)