blossoms at the brooklyn botanical garden!

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we ventured out to the brooklyn botanical garden today with friends to see the cherry blossoms. if you’re in the area, they are in peak bloom this week and definitely worth seeing! the grounds in and of themselves are really beautiful. although they are pretty strict about only eating food purchased at the garden cafe, so don’t pack a picnic or your own snacks if you’re going. (we tried to eat on a park bench and weren’t allowed. just a heads up!)

time under those trees this morning made me miss washington dc like nothing else.  we really need to get back there soon for a visit.  i need a good walk around capital hill and a pizza from 2amy’s stat. anyway, a few photos from our morning at the garden…


^^^asking eleanor to smile these days produces this cheesy grin. i kind of love it.^^^ 



^^^they found sticks and dirt and were happy as can be! i wanna be 3!^^^

blossoms10 blossoms9

^^^and fish! samson kept saying, “i hold? i hold?” and eleanor insisted that big one was a shark. even when i told her it wasn’t. she wouldn’t hear it. “it IS. i know it. it’s a shark, mama.”  ….ok. ^^^

blossoms6 blossoms8kids1

^^^a picture with all our little friends!^^^


^^^and this gives me flash backs to when eleanor and i took a similar photo under the cherry blossoms in DC before samson was born. she had just learned to walk that spring and her dirty knees always got to me. can’t believe how old my baby is these days! time flies when you’re having fun. ;) ^^^


^^^with both my babies. such a good day. love you lots, spring!^^^

  1. amanda

    love the bbg! so beautiful every time of year but especially this time. i went last summer to see an opera in the garden, such a magical experience.

    also, eleanor is getting so big!

  2. andrea

    such a lovely looking day! those babies are so loved! I love reading your updates and getting a cheery view from NYC!

  3. gina

    Her smile!!! She is just too cute.

  4. STUNNING! can’t wait for cherry blossoms here in Toronto, this cold and windy “spring” is not helping at all….great photos ;)

  5. I can’t believe Eleanor is so big! I remember the pictures under the threes from DC, and it feels like it’s only a month ago. Time is flying! Anyways, I really understand your love for these cherry blossoms (and your beautiful kids of course!). Some weeks ago the cherry blossoms peaked here in Copenhagen in a park near by, and I just loved it. They are so beautiful!

  6. Taylor

    What a wonderful day! Spring still hasn’t seemed to hit here in Michigan (or at least, not full-on) but I’m really looking forward to blossoming plants and picnics in the park.


  7. Dana

    wow, eleanor looks so looks so grown up.
    i love this blossomseason. have a great time.
    we had this blossomtime 3 weeks ago. it was awesome.

    xo from berlin

  8. Court

    What a fun place to spend the afternoon! All the blossoming trees is definitely the best part of spring :)

  9. Those trees are so beautiful! Eleanor smiling is the best! So cute! :)

  10. Liz

    Gorgeous!! <3

  11. Sarah

    Beautiful. I love it when the blossom blooms in spring, it’s as if it’s a signal to start spending weekend afternoons in the park :) xo


  12. Naomi,

    Those cherry blossom photos are just gorgeous! I have to make it to NYC when they are blooming. I seem to be in NYC every time but then.

    Thanks for sharing as always :)


  13. Teresa

    This is incredible!!! I love the colors and the faces of your little ones. So happy you are able to enjoy such beauty with them.

  14. Looks like such a lovely day!!! Those cherry blossoms are gorgeous!!! I am due with my first baby in September and I so look forward to family adventures like this : )
    Xo, Randi

  15. Noelia

    Beautiful photos… I LOVE IT!! Eleanor, please, DON’T LOSE YOUR BEAUTIFUL SMILE!

  16. Emily

    Just so beautiful!

  17. These photos are precious, and I think blossoms are some of the prettiest things ever. :D By the way, what do you use to edit your photos? I love how lively they always look.

    • TAZA

      thank you so much! i edit them by lifting the colors a bit in photoshop cs6.

  18. Amy

    Love the blossoms and the smiles.

  19. Jess

    oh my word. her little grin is the cutest thing ever!!

  20. I love this post! It’s absolutely beautiful… :)

  21. Bea

    So many wonderful photos!
    And…a shark?!hahahahaha!
    She’s great!
    Have a nice day!

  22. hanna

    The garden looks beautiful. –Hanna Lei

  23. Marin

    eleanor has gotten so grown up! your posts make me excited to have my own family one day. thanks, naomi!

    • TAZA

      thank you! i lift the colors a bit in photoshop cs6!

  24. Beautiful pictures!!! Have a nice day!

  25. Emma

    that picture of Eleanor is just so beautiful! You just have to frame that, it’s gorgeous! xx

  26. Beautiful Blossoms, Beautiful Baby’s.

    I regret that the Blossoms have been gone since weeks already here in the south of France.. Luckily I got to photograph some of it before the season changed on me overnight!


  27. Vickie

    so, so gorgeous :)

  28. Lauren

    Girl, you lived here, you should know it’s CAPITOL HILL, not Capital Hill. xoxo

    • TAZA

      oh gosh sorry! i know i know! honest mistake while typing really fast. that wrong spelling used to be a pet peeve on mine once upon a time. ;)

  29. love all the pink. looks relaxing :)

    ps: big smiles make the world go round!

  30. Melissa

    E’s smile <3 that picture is the best!

    The colors in these pictures are really amazing. It's a dreary rainy day here in NJ today, and looking at these colorful, lively pictures makes me smile :)

  31. Lonka

    beautiful pictures!

  32. AYERIM


    I love your blog!!

  33. such happy, happy photos!

  34. So very stunning!

  35. Oh goodness! The more I read your blog the more I want to visit NY and I’ve been wanting to visit my whole life! You are beautiful and your kids are adorable. Thank you for being a blog and personal inspiration to me!

    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  36. What a beautiful park! And beautiful photos as always!
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  37. Malú

    You can bring your own food, just not eat in the grounds other than the cafe. We live nearby, that’s what we always do. But they are really strict–no blankets, no sitting on lawns other than the esplanade (we’ve been kicked out of other open areas and told to only sit on the lawn at the esplanade).

    • TAZA

      someone on the grounds actually pointed us towards the cafe and said we could eat there but when we actually sat down at a table at the cafe near the end we were asked to leave in the midst of feeding our kids at the table. they were really strict with us at least. maybe it just depends on the guards that day?

  38. Annie

    stroller attack! such a beautiful day and the kids are so big now!

  39. How pretty are those trees?! And E’s smile is THE best. ♡

  40. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  41. Marie

    beautiful flowers and your kids are getting so big now.. Time flies. And the photo of all the kids together is lovely!

    Our travelling adventures:

  42. anna

    u seriously believe the mormon stuff???

  43. Oh I LOVE E’s big grin! My husband taught our daughter Olive to do that when I ask her to smile. It used to bug me but now I can’t get enough, knowing it won’t last for long. Happy Mother’s Day!

  44. Anne

    Completely beautiful! I can’t believe how much Eleanor has grown up too! Crazy!

  45. Sydney

    That place looks magical and I love the comparison photo of you and E when she was just so little! I can’t believe how grown up she is now, she looks like a little lady. Samson staring at the fish is adorable, he is so intrigued! Super cute post it looks so magical/whimsical there. Very beautiful day!

    xoxo Sydney

  46. Janis

    Beautiful! :)

  47. Hahahahahaha…. E’s little smile is cracking me up! What a legend! So funny when kids do that.

    I loved the photo of S staring at those fishies… Very jealous of those blossoms, although Spring is finally popping up in London it doesn’t quite look like that!!!

    Jemima xx

  48. Vanessa

    Wow, beautiful photos! It looks/sounds like an awesome day! :)