best pancakes ever, best photobooth filmstrip ever, best goodnight kiss ever.

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hope you had a wonderful memorial day weekend! i’m not sure how it’s already wednesday… we crammed our little family of four into a photobooth on monday down at bubby’s in tribeca after we enjoyed brunch there with friends (and some of the best pancakes any of us have ever had.) i’m actually embarrassed at how many times since brunch i have brought up those pancakes to friends or just thought about them myself, but they really were something else.  plus, there was this strawberry rhubarb compote on top… i mean.

i feel like we have accomplished so much the past few days, and even over the weekend too. but then again it’s a big blur. i know there were some bike rides in there, some splash pads, some rearranging of furniture and de-cluttering in the apartment.  there was lots of work and lots of watermelon eating (and sticky fingers to prove it.) there was too little of sleep saturday night for this mama but some homemade french toast sunday morning that was so delicious it kind of made up for it.  there was some mary poppin’s watching (how amazing is julie andrews. seriously.) with a big bowl of popped popcorn that someone might have spilled everywhere. there was our first day of mid-eighty degree weather that was just glorious and got us all moody for summertime to come and stay and never leave.

there was also that brief stint where samson started to run into a busy street and i almost had a heart attack chasing after him. that moment is not a blur. that moment i will undoubtedly never forget. (although i pray hard it never ever repeats itself.)

samson turns two (TWO) on friday. (!!!!!) we have been talking about his birthday for a while now and so when we say, “does someone have a birthday coming up?” he kind of gets all bashful and smiley and giggly. “MEEEEEEE!” he will chime in and say.  then eleanor chimes in about how samson wants a green birthday cake, because she truly believes his favorite color is green (he really doesn’t know his colors so it’s cute how she tries to help him out there…) she also chimes in often that he has requested a bubble maker for his birthday (because i think she really wants a bubble maker.)  we have even sung “happy pretendbirth-day to you” a few times for practice just because eleanor loves to conduct us singing and it’s too fun to watch samson try to not crack up laughing being the center of attention.  friday is going to be a good day.

at the end of our days together, i always tuck my babes into bed and lay with them until they fall asleep.  we still haven’t quite mastered kissing the kids goodnight and closing the nursery door and letting them go down on their own at night. sometimes i think that’d be nice, but i honestly don’t mind crawling into their tiny toddler beds each night and rubbing their backs as they drift off.  since eleanor and samson share a room,  i usually put eleanor to sleep first, and because it takes just a minute or two of rubbing her back and singing her a song after we read books and say prayers.  she likes to hold my hand tightly as i lay beside her, and it makes my evening every night when she asks for my hand.  once she’s asleep, i tuck samson into bed and lay beside him (for much longer than i do with eleanor just because it takes him sometimes forever these days to fall asleep…) he’ll toss and turn a lot trying to get comfortable and often end up with his face so close to mine our noses are practically touching. once they are asleep and before i crawl away, i always whisper how i love them. the other night after i thought samson was down, i whispered, “i love you samson…” to which he surprised me by responding with his eyes closed and face right up beside mine, “i love you mama…” and then he felt for my face with his hand while his eyes were still closed, touched my cheek, moved his tiny head closer, and gave me a little kiss. i almost lost it. i am the luckiest. i really seriously am.  this mother-thing is huge for me. and i love it so much it hurts.

have a great remainder of your week! happy start of summer, friends!

  1. I love bedtime aswel, we always have a little chat about our day and what we are going to do tomorrow. We say prayers and kiss and cuddle lots too. I leave Jude’s room and listen as he sings himself to sleep. It’s adorable and he makes up his own words. Being a Mama really is the best job in the world! We are very lucky and blessed xxxx

  2. what a cutie. your kids are absolutely the sweetest.

  3. Katie

    I’m crying (happy/sappy) tears. What a sweet, sweet moment!

  4. Kerry

    Oh man! That last paragraph just slated me! It’s unbearably wonderful and makes me impatient for children of my own!
    Though with a nephew and niece I can completely identify with the fear of seeing them run into roads- nothing more terrifying!!
    So glad little man is safe and well and has such an amazing mama! Xx

  5. Kerry

    Slayed not slated! Oops!

  6. Your family is a true blessing. I’ve never looked at a family before and thought “wow, that is just the dream”. Hold on close to your loved ones and never let them go. You have such a rare beauty in your hands :) so happy for you x

  7. nanette

    so sweet! bedtime is the best. my daughter gets super cuddly and cute.

  8. Susie

    We never miss an opportunity to eat the best pancakes I’ve ever had. Try Cafe Laluc that is located in Brooklyn at 214 Smith. Oh my goodness are they good!!!

    Thank you for sharing your family and yourself with me,


  9. These heartfelt posts are my favorite! I would love to see more of these.

  10. Gia

    This post is so sweet! So happy for you and your kids, and for the love you have for one another.

  11. alma

    For whatever reason, this may be one of my favorite posts in a while. It may just be that I relate so wholeheartedly to this.

  12. Gemma

    Tearing up here with a lump in my throat. Such a sweet goodnight story! Awww

  13. Amy

    totally appreciate people talking about helping their kids get to sleep in a positive way. Thank you!

  14. Kym

    That is the absolute sweetest! Stories like those make me excited to have my own children someday :)

  15. Albina

    Thank you, such a lovely post. I am so glad to see that I am not alone to think that being with your children is the best thing ever. I really don’t understand mothers who always complain how difficult it is to be with children.

  16. Camille

    I am crying, this is so sweet and beautiful.

  17. darling words, darling family. have the best time celebrating little samson this friday!

  18. Beth

    Oh, the running into traffic. One of my greatest fears living in NYC with a 2 year old who’s starting to really test boundaries. I hope you never have to experience that again.

  19. Chandra

    Oh Naomi, thanks for sharing your ‘night time!’ My husband and I do the same thing… Most nights it’s my absolute favorite thing in the whole wide world, but other nights… I wonder what I was thinking, laying with my kids until they fall asleep! In the end, it’s such a small moment in time, I want every sweet tap on the pillow inviting me in and every tight snuggle around my neck ‘the whole night!’ I so enjoy your sweet family! Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Ariel

    I am in tears from the last part of this post! How incredible that must be. Your lucky to have those babies and they are lucky to have you. I think that’s why so many people enjoy your blog so much, the love your family has for each other really shines through your words and your photos. I hope I am lucky enough to have that one day too. (by the way how scary that Samson ran in the street! I did that when I was young too and my mama still brings it up and I’m now 23! Hope that doesn’t happen again!)

  21. Chelsea

    my favorite post in a while!! it has the ups and the downs but the sweetness still comes through. <3 <3

  22. Kayla

    Sweetest post, Naomi!!! Seriously, very endearing. I can’t wait to be a mama someday!


  23. Billie

    Ohhhhhh! They’re just the most precious things in the whole wide universe.

    I nanny about 5 kids, two days a week, all about the same age as Samson, and yesterday one of my little girls kept running up with a big grin and hollering “Iloveyou”! before diving into my arms or legs for a “cuddles”.

    I just melt into puddles all day long. They’re truly the best, best, best.

  24. Lindsey

    i love it.
    i got curious about Bubby’s pancakes and it looks like they sell a brunch cookbook for $30. I live in AZ, so I since its cheaper than a plane ticket, I think i’ll trust your taste buds and order one! Can’t wait :-)

  25. marie

    I love Co-sleeping and tucking my son to bed every night too.. It’s really the sweetest when kids say I Love You. :) right now I can’t wait for my 2nd baby boy to be born so that I can give more hugs and kisses, and tuck both kids to bed. :))

  26. That story was adorable! It almost made me tear up from so much sweetness. So glad you guys had a great weekend :)

  27. Amanda

    Holy macaroni, that Samson moment is the sweetest thing I have ever read! I also lay with my boy until he falls asleep. I have tried walking out of the room but it is no bueno. Sometimes I end up falling asleep with him at like 8 o’clock and yet I am still so tired the next morning. BUT, I wouldn’t change a thing :) Thanks for sharing that most precious moment with us!

  28. Pia

    I just want to say: I love your Blog – and especially this blog post.
    I guess because, “this mother-thing is huge for me” aswell. All the very best from Munich, Germany

  29. vivian

    i love bubby’s! my husband took me there a couple years ago when we visited with our LO. we’ll have to try the pancakes when we visit again in sept! and the goodnight kiss story is too adorable!

  30. You are such a great mom naomi, I just love these heartfelt posts about the joys (and struggles) of motherhood. Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments, they are too precious and get me just so excited to have my own little family someday. And happy (almost) birthday to Samson! Love from California!


  31. Bea

    Well, bedtime is the best hour!
    How cute Samson is!
    I think he learnt verything from you two!
    Thumbs up, Davis’ family!

  32. Rika

    Thanks for sharing these stories, was a wonderful read.
    Have a lovely day, Friday!

  33. Laura

    The last part of this post made the day for me! How cute are your children?! I can’t wait to experience the same one day.

  34. Gabriella

    Seeing as you only just talked about favourite books in your family, I though it fitting to point out the children’s book “pancakes for breakfast”. It’s a pictures-only book and tells the story of a woman who wakes up wanting pancakes for breakfast, so she has to go out to find all the individual ingredients. I think it’d make a lovely addition to your book stack ;)

  35. Jemima

    This post has made me yearn so much to be a mother… It will be those moments that I know I will look forward to every day and that will make my day too. That sounds truly magical. You are a fantastic mama and your kids love you so much. What an honour! This was beautiful to read, thank you for sharing these words.

    jemima x

  36. BabaWaga

    Hi Naomi, what a lovely post, really enjoyed reading it. What caught my attention though was the heart-stopping run-for-it incident you had with Samson – I have a 30-month old boy and he cannot be trusted at all when it comes to walking out and about, he only recently has got the idea of hand-holding but is still very unpredictable and as we live in London it’s a major concern. We are encouraging him to walk a little more each day. I am wondering is it rare for Sam to make a dash for it? I noticed in your photos that both your littles seem to behave themselves when on busy thoroughfares!

    Also was curious if you would ever do a post about potty-training? I am assuming Eleanor is potty-trained (or maybe not?) but since you have a boy too I was wondering when/if Samson will be trained and how are you going to go about it? Our little man was resistant but he is showing definite signs of being ready now so we want to take the plunge soon – eeek!

    Any thoughts much appreciated. Take care, Babawaga x

  37. Sinead

    Aww that’s just the sweetest thing! I can’t believe Samson is nearly two, I think I first started reading your blog just when he was born – that really doesn’t feel like that long ago! Happy birthday to him :-)

  38. Andrea

    So adorable! Little boys love their mamas! Little girls do too of course! It is lovely that you have captured these special moments for when the kids are older and can look back and remember the small sweet things that mattered so much.

  39. Chelsea

    This one made me tear. Goodness how sweet life is… thank you for reminding me of that. (:

  40. Shannon

    So special. Thank you for sharing these sweet moments. Your family is just lovely.

  41. So, so sweet. I try to make my little munchkin lay with me and fall asleep but all he wants to do is play if I’m there :) But we’re making progress. He will finally sit with me in the rocking chair for like 5 minutes if he’s really sleepy… HEAVEN!

  42. Taylor

    I don’t know what part is the cutest! But you sure are lucky (and hardworking enough) to have such wonderfully sweet and loving children. Love the photobooth pictures of your family! So cute!


  43. oh my, samson! tugs on my heart. what a sweet, colorful family you have. seriously. you’re such a great mama! it’s not often you read something that totally overwhelms you (in a good way) but this did that for me. thank you!

    ps: eleanor just might actually know samson’s favorite colors but she might be gettin you on the bubble maker ;) ha! she’s so fun!!

  44. me: i love you to the moon and back
    alf {5} : i love you to botswana and back
    kids, you can’t help but love them. x

  45. britt

    So…does Josh still have his job? The beard, casual dress and all of the family time during the week makes me think you guys are both working on the blog full time now?

  46. Janis

    This is the cutest post! And I also love it when my girls tell me they love me back, when they are half sleep :)

  47. Liz

    So so sweet!

  48. Emma

    Oh I used to worry so much about my daughters sleep time routine. I used to stand and rock her until she was asleep! My poor back! And then one day at about 2 and a half she just pushed me away and went to sleep on her own. I was a little heartbroken actually… so I say enjoy it while you can! They are little for such a short amount of time!

    Lovely post xx

  49. Allison

    Aww Happy almost birthdya Samson! I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday weekend!

    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  50. M

    this makes me want to do better. thanks mama.

  51. You have a lovely way of writing, it’s captivating and I feel like I’m there with you! I am so excited to experience motherhood and all those little perks that come with it xxx

  52. annie

    i can’t believe samson is almost 2?! it seems like you were just on the trip to italy with him. wow. happy birthday! thanks for sharing that sweet story.

  53. That last bit just brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait to be a mother someday, thank you for sharing that with us Naomi!

  54. esw

    what a sweet sweet sweet story of the goodnight kiss.

  55. Christina

    I really enjoyed this post, I hope there are more like this…

  56. Amy K

    That was such a lovely post! You have such a wonderful little family and I love that you share them with us (at least with little glimpses).

  57. Dear Taza,

    You are such an inspiration! You really are such a good mama, I hope someday to convey to you how much you have helped me on this motherhood/life-as-an-adult journey.

    I drew a portrait of you the other day (its on my IG) and today you have once again given me all the reasons to admire you.

    cheers and thankyous,

  58. Brandie

    Gosh, that last paragraph was beautiful…I got a little teary hoping to have that one day with my future children :)

  59. McKayla

    I am not kidding, I seriously started crying when I read about you and Sampson at night. That is so precious…

  60. E

    I burst into tears reading that last part, Naomi. Your love and appreciation of your family is so so beautiful. x

  61. R

    You are a beautiful person, Naomi. I wish to be much like you in my family life some day!

  62. Fatima

    Dear Naomi, your pictures are always so perfect, but your texts leave me speechless, that’s really something you’ve got there. I don’t know many people who can deliver all kinds of emotions into such honest writing.
    I wish you and your family all the best!

  63. Tanya

    I just had a baby girl 2 weeks ago. It’s been ROUGH for my 2 1/2 yr old son. Me too. I do the same thing with my son at bedtime – lay with him and sing songs and cuddle until he falls asleep. I am SO glad we still do that. The days are hard hard hard with him as he learns how to be a big brother. But no matter how frustrated and exhausted I get with him, I can always count on our bedtime cuddles to ‘fix’ everything.

  64. Summer

    i love this post! your samson reminds me of my little guy. i’m hoping once he can talk i will get lots of i love yous.
    it is hard to keep these little ones out of danger. i have had those unfortunate moments too mama.

  65. Rachel

    Such a lovely post. As a woman without children who often questions whether its the next step; that is just beautiful and makes me feel it is all possible.

  66. Luisa


  67. Sophie from France ;-)

    This is so cute!!
    We discovered Bubby’s a few weeks ago when visiting NY, and we truly LOVE this place. I also think their pancakes are damn delicious, although the best ones to me are the ones from Clinton St. Baking Company. We took them to go, and ate them along the river, with the view on the bridge…. soooo great!
    Thanks again for all your good tips and addresses for NY, this really helped me enjoying our stay!
    Hugs to your wonderful family!

  68. Lyndsay

    How many times have I been to Bubby’s that I am only finding out now that they have a photo booth?! I don’t blame you, the food is so good! I’m still thinking about a sandwich I had there two years ago. I might have to tack a visit onto the list for this weekend. :)

  69. Maria

    Very sweet. Made me cry. Little ones are so sweet, so pure. I worked late tonight and didn’t see my little boy (15 mons) until he was already tucked in and fast asleep. I’m looking forward to hugs and kisses in the morning!

  70. Elaine

    I teared up during that last part. I can’t wait to have kiddos.

  71. jaana

    oh this is so sweet. i find being a mother very difficult, so i greatly admire (and envy) those who take motherhood in stride. it’s a wonderful trait.

  72. Lucy

    Oh oh oh my heart is bursting!!!!

    So so sweet!!!!!

    I also cuddle my 2.5 year old to bed (and feed), and think of all the Mama’s and Papa’s who do the same <3

    X x x x

  73. Amaka

    I usually never comment. I usually just enjoy the posts and move on. But that last bit about Samson has tears streaming down my face right now. That was so beautiful and made me feel so much joy for you. I believe you truly are blessed to have those little ones in you life. Thank you so much for sharing that moment with us.

  74. Jess

    This made me tear up, so so sweet!