an afternoon downtown in tribeca!

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we spent the afternoon in tribeca as a family earlier this week.  sweetgreen, our favorite lunch destination and longtime blog partner, just opened its second location in manhattan down on greenwich and hubert street so we wanted to check it out! we decided to make a day of it and visit a few other spots in the area as well.


^^^we stopped by the children’s museum of arts for their family class. josh and i both were really blown away by how incredible the staff was and how much fun eleanor and samson had. we’ll definitely be back. ^^^


^^^samson wasn’t feeling his name tag sticker on the front of his shirt.  so we stuck it on the back when we wasn’t looking and felt victorious the rest of the lesson. ;) ^^^


^^^music time!!! it took our littles a few minutes to warm up to the idea of singing with new friends but after a few songs, they were into it. ^^^


^^^tribeca’s new sweetgreen! lucky ducks. i’m crossing my fingers the upper west side gets a location next!  we loved how the tribeca sweetgreen has a lot of outdoor seating we can use this summer.^^^


^^^samson plowing through an entire cup of chicken and corn! this boy knows how to eat!^^^


^^^and hey tribeca locals, there are a bunch of fitness places nearby where sweetgreen is offering free fitness classes with their passport program.^^^


^^^there is a park just a few blocks away right on the hudson river where we watched some sail boats and papa gave us a little lesson about anchors and docking and stuff i don’t really remember but the kids were fascinated by it all. ^^^


^^^talk about a playground with a view! we’d been a few times last summer to the children’s playground at pier 25 because they have such a fun summer splash pad, but we enjoyed the playground on monday without all the waterworks too.  they also have miniature golf at pier 25, although we’ve still never been, but have heard great things. ^^^


what a fun day! looking forward to more days in tribeca this coming year! and really stoked for when all the water turns on at our beloved splash pads around new york city. summer here is the best. i’m convinced.

this post is in partnership with sweetgreen. thanks for reading!

  1. What a fun day in the city. I LOVE that bag! Been looking for a white summer bag for a while and THAT is the one! Which bag is it?

  2. Melissa

    looks like you all had so much fun! love the pics of you three on the playground!

    i hadn’t heard of Sweetgreen until I started reading your blog, and was excited to see a location in person down in Georgetown (we spent the weekend in DC for my brother’s graduation from GW). I didn’t have time to check it out though :/ I’m over in Jersey so hopefully I can get over and try the ones in NYC!


  3. what a darling day for the davis’s!

  4. Melanie

    I love your dress! X

  5. Lucy

    Looks loads of fun!!!!

    Beautiful photos as always!!!! X x x

  6. Jemima

    I am pretty desperate for a sweet green to pop up in London, I must say… I keep trying to recreate the menus myself but it’s just not the same. One day, Sweet Green, one day…

    Meanwhile, the Children’s Museum of Arts looks like a really great place for a young family to hang out. Those kids of your seemed to be totally enjoying themselves.

    Argh, my need to go to NYC is increasing every time you post!!!

    jemima xx

  7. marie

    Haha love how you stuck the sticker behind Samson’s back. Btw your kids are so loving and close to each other. So sweet :) I’m going to have a baby soon and I hope he’ll be close to his big brother too! :)

  8. looks to have been a lovely day – and a lovely new location!

  9. Ohlalá

    Oh Naomi! I can see you are preggo again! What a happy time for you! Xoxo

  10. bri

    when i was in DC i went to the dupont circle sweetgreen nearly every day for lunch! right by my work. i’m so jealous you’re getting some in NYC too! next stop, LA? Please? Ha :)

  11. Taylor

    What a wonderful day! I love spending the summer outdoors every chance I get and New York looks like it has so many opportunities to do things outside (I’ve never been personally). I can’t wait for a chance to be near a Sweetgreen spot to try it out.


  12. Melissa

    Taza i love that dress! where from? i recognize it from a recent post of yours but i can’t remember!

    • TAZA

      Thanks! It is a Sonnet James dress!

  13. Nat

    Such a fun day! I do have to admit, your life always seems so storybook perfect, and I’m a tad bit envious, and your family is just too darn adorable. Also, I love your dress-looks super comfy and perfect for spending the day playing with little ones.

  14. Allison

    How fun does that look!? I love places like that for kids and for me. it’s so much fun just to play around. The food looks so good!

    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  15. Eliza

    I long for a boy who would eat a whole bowl of ANYTHING! Mine seems to be on a bread and fruit only diet for the time being. Glad the weather is cooperating there!

    I wonder how you like the white top of the Sonnet James dress? I just got the same one and am having trouble with my bra, etc. showing through. I do love love love it, though….and I’m so glad it can be washed as my first day wearing it I was covered in sticky watermelon hand prints :)

  16. sbobet

    Appreciate this post. Will try it out.

  17. Jane

    How lucky to have josh home allll the time now.
    It must be nice to together as a family for everything that you do.

  18. S

    That art museum looks amazing! Gorgeous pictures as always but, curiosity is killing this cat ;), how is your banker husband pulling off the beard full time? I don’t imagine he can grow that beard back in a weekend haha so I’m assuming something has changed. Is he joining you & the blog full time?

  19. Love the way you capture your memories :)

  20. Rachel

    So cute. I used to help in my church’s nursery and we always put baby name tags on their backs so that they wouldn’t even notice they were there.

  21. Rachel Barker

    Where did you find your dress?

  22. That was a day went spent!

  23. Bea

    Hi Naomi!
    I really think your children had a great time at children’s museum of arts!
    Plus you look great with green!
    Have a nice weekend!

  24. hanna

    This looks like so much fun –Hanna Lei

  25. Awesome post! Loved the pics of different downtown activities I hope to partake in when I visit NY one day. Congrats to Sweetgreen and their new location! And I’m madly in love with your dress btw :)

  26. Teresa

    you guys are busy bees!!! it looks like you’re having tons of fun. i’m glad you’re enjoying your time together with you kiddos.

  27. what a fun sunny day! can’t wait for summer splash pads too ;)

  28. R

    What a lovely city it is! Again, it seems to be possible to live in a huge city with little kids!(And I love all the outfits :) )

    Take care!

  29. Audrey

    OH MY GOSH! Your kiddos are so cute!!

    Your outing looked like a lot of fun!!

  30. Kelly

    I love that Sweetgreen has another location and your littles are getting so big (love the sticker on the back of Samson)!

  31. Mariska

    Hey you guys, it looks like you had a great time at the museum! That’s such an original idea. Thank god for people who still come up with creative ideas to entertain the kids. No movies, cartoons, tablets and cellphones!

  32. Jamie

    I feel sorry for your children and the way that you exploit every facet of their lives for an easy buck. You’re a vile, soulless person.

  33. Ady

    Eleanor’s haircut is too precious. Love your dress, also.

  34. Stephanie

    I also LOVE your handbag! Will you let us know who makes it? God bless your sweet family!

  35. Sinead

    Every time I read your posts, it makes me even more desperate to visit New York! We’re aiming to go for the first time next year so hopefully that’ll happen :-)

  36. Tina

    Looks like so much fun… and those salads look delicious!

  37. Anne

    Lovely! Looks like you had the best weather for it too! That Sonnet James dress is one of my favorites!

  38. Sweetgreen sounds like such a wonderful eatery! And Eleanor has such a sweet smile~

  39. looks like so much fun :)
    xo, cheyenne

  40. Alison

    The littles are so cute! It’s so fun to see how kids can make friends so easily. Love it!

  41. We had Monday of as well! Very nice long weekend to spend with families. I hate having to go back to work after a great weekend with the hubs and kiddos.
    Never heard of Sweetgreen! Will have to check them out!

  42. Meagan

    You know, I sometimes just love the feeling I get when I read your blog. It’s just this simple beautiful happiness. Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it right. Thank you for sharing it with us. It’s nice to see happiness when so much of what’s out there in the blog world is bitter and depressing. Keep it up.

  43. Joann

    We are paying a family visit to New York in the summer, so I appreciate all your tips. We will definitely check out Sweetgreen. Looks like they have some good vegetarian options for us.


  44. Jennifer

    I can see the itty bitty bump! Gorgeous as always! :)

  45. Vanessa

    Adorable photos! All of the Sweet Green mentions makes me want to make a trip to DC (or NY) asap!

  46. The picture of Samson eating the chicken is adorable. Looks like everyone had so much fun! What a great day out <3

  47. micaela

    wonderful pictures– i adore your dress, naomi!xx

  48. Nicole

    I’m about to have my second boy and look forward to their days of playing together. Thank you for sharing, being a mother and lds, I appreciate your example!!!

    Also, I’m dying over the blue oshkoshs. I can’t find that colour anywhere!

    Thank you for being you xx