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^^^feeding grandma’s chickens! or more like freaking them out by dumping their food ON them. samson’s favorite phrase right now is, “i help?” and then he insists on doing it all by himself. when i remind myself to be patient, it’s wonderful to watch.^^^


^^^it feels like we hit all the great weather this trip… the warm sun and pool in palm springs and st. george, then up north where we hit a few major snowstorms which were just breathtaking to experience up in the mountains.^^^

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^^^got my einstein’s chocolate chip bagel fix! someone please franchise them in the city. ^^^


^^^walked into the library one morning to see eleanor reading books with her auntie. the arm around her shoulder was too much i had to take a picture.^^^

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^^^art city donut truck, probably the best thing about provo right now. can someone franchise this and bring it to the city, too? ;)^^^


^^^eleanor helping my dad with a project. the cutest little engineer there ever was.^^^8 7

^^^you don’t get between mister samson and his corn. in general, this tiny dude packs away more vegetables than i do each day. he is a kale monster and i’m so thankful. (we’re still working on it all with E.)^^^

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^^^fry sauce. SO GOOD.^^^



^^^tiny crossed ankles while watching little einsteins on the iPad, and that night josh and i left the kiddos with the family and snuck away to a late night movie and enjoyed one of our favorite dates together. something so basic as going to see a movie with my man…. who knew how much i needed that. ^^^

  1. Estelle

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful family, as always ;)

  2. Maelle

    Ok i feel like i’m commenting on everything you post lately (i just put a comment on your last post – eep!) but these pictures are beautiful. I mean, Utah, Palm Springs, all of them. And your kids! Can i say one more time how cute they are?! Yep, i just did. Plus Samson looks so much like my brother back when he was a baby and i just love to follow all his little adventures. :)
    Lots of love from France!


  3. Paige

    These pictures are so fun! And I couldn’t agree more about going to see a movie! My husband and I haven’t gone to see one in almost two years! I think when we do it will be the best night ever!

  4. Liz

    Ahh! So many wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing.

  5. maggie

    Gorgeous photos – I cannot believe NYC doesn’t have Einstein bagels…I guess that’s the equivalent of not having Dunkin Donuts out West, which kills me.

  6. Renate

    i love how you process your photos – which app or filter do you use? :-)

  7. Denise

    I think the one of Samson eating the corn is the best photo ever taken!

  8. It looks like you and your family had a wonderful time! Naomi, where did you get that adorable top in the first photo? I love your style!

    XO, J

  9. lucinda

    each pictures tells a story, but i love your captions too: “‘i help?’ and then he insists on doing it all by himself. when i remind myself to be patient, it’s wonderful to watch”
    a great reminder to let the littles be little and enjoy moment!


  10. these pictures are adorable. your family has so much love!


  11. emi

    love it all! clearly the west loves you and wants you out here :)
    xo from sf!

  12. crossed ankles, arm around the shoulder. your little ones are SO adorable. looks very fun and happy!! :)

  13. rosana

    hey eleanor: be an engineer it’s great thing! I promise. beautiful pics!

  14. Kristen

    Lovely, happy pictures!! So, I’m from Seattle. Do East Coasters really call it going “out west”? Huh!

  15. Bea

    So many wonderful photos!
    And how true is “something so basic as going to see a movie with my man…. who knew how much i needed that.”?
    Hope you’re having a great day, Naomi!

  16. Janis

    Awesome photos! :)

  17. Such a blessing that you were able to sneak away and go in a date with your hubby! It’s wonderful to spend time with family every now and then. Glad you guys had so much fun!


  18. Mara

    Yay for fry sauce!! Hehe ;) I am also glad I live in a place with einsteins. Their tasty turkey is my fav!

  19. Your kids are so adorable!

  20. Hanna

    I can always rely on seeing these pictures in ur daily life of ur sweetest family to have me smiling no matter what! Love the everyday little things like Eleanor having her arm around her aunt during story time ;)

  21. bridget

    great pictures, great trip! you guys are such a sweet family.

  22. hanna

    I love Einstein bagels! –Hanna Lei

  23. your photos are always so lovely. seems as if it was a great trip.

  24. brooke

    These pics are just the sweetest! Your kids have solo much personality! Wonder where they get it?? :)

  25. Kelsey Collins

    You are so blessed. I hope you never take a day in your beautiful life for granted!


    I’ve been reading your blog since about the time you got married – back when you were just a young girl (to me anyway, ’cause I’m almost an oldie…) and I just want to say that your photography is getting better and better -your work is lovely – and i hope you continue to foster that talent.

  27. Jo

    A little jealous of all these fabulous vacations you guys have been having! There used to be at least a couple of einstein’s in the city (there was one on 95th and 3rd during much of my childhood) but I think they all closed. Not sure why.

  28. Food, family, fun, what more could you want on a vacation? Love it!

  29. That picture of samson eating corn needs to be framed and hung on display. It’s hilariously cute!

  30. Gia

    I love the black and white photo of you and E! Look at her smile!
    I recently went through some of your old posts and couldn’t help but admire what you have achieved along the way these years. Your old posts put a big smile on my face and so do the new ones. Reading both the fulfilled and struggling moments you had really helps me go through my personal ups and downs in life. I want to thank you for your courage to share, taza!

  31. Marie

    Family holidays are always the best! And I also enjoy a late night movie date with my man now and then. ♥

    Our travelling adventures: http://smittenbyangels.blogspot.com

  32. Mariska

    Your family is beautiful. There’s no better way to achieve happiness then this one. Love and never forget these wonderful moments!


  33. Zainab

    That all looks so wonderful and I’m so glad that your children are growing up wonderfully, becoming little Einsteins and kind, kind people of their own and enjoying themselves with animals and each other :D
    I hope that you guys have these memories to cherish within these pictures in the future! They’re beautiful :)

    Take Care all!<3

  34. Love all of these pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

  35. Katie

    I love that your parents have a library, too! My parents do, and my friends would always tease me for calling it that. What else are you supposed to call a room with all the books in it??

  36. Maria

    Gosh, I hope you guys realise what a blessed life you lead. I know that as readers, we don’t know the whole picture, but this post and these pictures encapsulate exactly what life is all about. All the bad stuff – and we all have it – should just be forgotten.

    Thank you for bringing so much positivity into our lives!

    Maria xx

  37. Ruby H

    Adorable pictures!!! Just remember we all don’t like the same things- I don’t eat cheese while everyone else in my family does, so I feel for E about the kale! :)

  38. Anne

    Love seeing all the photos posted together! looks like a blast, and those littles get cuter by the day!

  39. Taylor

    Your vacation looks like it was wonderful! Although, I can’t believe you guys don’t have any Einsteins in the city. There are a BUNCH in Chicago. Hopefully you get one soon!


  40. juliana

    The two last pics are so great!

  41. Lovely photos and captions! x

  42. Art City Donuts

    Thanks again for the shoutout! We’ll see if we can work NYC into our weekly schedule

  43. justsayin

    Why would you want an Einsteins in the city? There are waaay better bagels there already.

  44. annie

    every photo you take turns into an art! lovely xx

  45. whitney

    what a sweet trip :)

  46. LeeLee

    That picture of little e with her grandpa warms my heart! As a female scientist, I love seeing parents and grandparents encourage little ones to explore science and engineering! Her future is going to be bright and wonderful!

  47. Hilary

    I love the snippets of your travels! And I just had donuts from the Art City Donut Truck last week and it was AMAZING! I need to go back ASAP! :)