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 ps. my all time favorite photos of my family might be in this batch.  between seeing josh with both kiddos on my bike (he calls himself a taxiDAD instead of taxicab, lol) to my two tiny littles singing their hearts out into the trampoline legs in the bottom left photo, i sure do feel grateful to have these three in my life.  don’t ever take your loved ones for granted.  we are all so blessed.  all of us.  xoxo

  1. hanna

    These photos are so sweet –Hanna Lei

  2. You live life to fullest. Such an inspiration. xo

  3. Melissa

    Family is everything! I love seeing pictures of your beautiful family, and you seem like such a good mom. We are newlyweds and just bought a house, and are so excited to start a family of our own in the not-so-distant future.

  4. Danica

    AWWWWWW “taxi dad” so sweet. You are so blessed Naomi with how sweet your hubby is with the lottle ones. Josh is a great guy to look up to in how he provides amd tales care of his family….hopefully he’s in involved in church as a meant or or something. Young guys these days have no clue even in our faith sometimes.


  5. Hanna

    I greatly 2nd that to never take ur love ones for granted! I’m always happy to see ur life lately photos of u guys =) too many joys there!

  6. amy

    love this!


  7. YOUR OUTFITS. Just gorgeous.
    I hope to come to New York someday and your photos just make me so excited to get there. Beautiful life.

  8. Julie

    Your family is so adorable! These pictures are too cute.

  9. I love following your instagram account. The photos are always so happy and cheerful, the world needs a little more of that!



  10. Taylor

    Adorable pictures! I love the one of Eleanor with the goggles on her head. Too cute!


  11. you are right, people bless each and every one of us. you capture the loveliest of moments.

  12. Anne

    You have the cutest kids. Ever. :)

  13. Rachel

    Awe, these photos are just so cute! I really love them!


  14. Marie

    Agree that we’re all so blessed in our own little ways. Seeing your photos of your children being so happy with each other does make me feel excited about mine! Soon we’ll be having a baby brother for our first child and we’re so excited. :))

    Our family’s adventures:

  15. Kelly

    Your littles are so cute and I love your blue shoes!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  16. So family is so adorable. I also love the one of your kids with your hubby on the bike. Eheh, Taxidaddy. :)

  17. Bea

    You’re so right!
    Family is the most important thing!
    …I like all that hats… :)

  18. Emily

    I love following you and your beautiful little family! You are such an inspiration of beauty and motherhood!

  19. Lisa

    I absolutely love your blog! I’ve been a follower for a couple years and have enjoyed watching your babies grow. Quick question and I really hope you see this….I am wondering where you got your kids bike seats from and if they were bought locally, or if you’ve seen any similar online or something?

  20. I think Spring is officially here and I am loving all of the color everywhere! I hope you and your family can continue to enjoy the sunshine and nice weather :) Congratulations on your collaboration! That has to be just so exciting for you.

    love, Alexandria.

  21. Alice

    I love these pictures! So adorable. And Eleanor? Such STYLE, I want her breton top and pink skirt combination for myself!

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer

  22. amber

    how adorable! your little kiddos are so cute! i love the ones of them playing together! <3


  23. I try not to stalk your blog, because you’re a person and I don’t need to obsessively read about your life. If I met you on the street, I wouldn’t want to say “Hi, I know all about your life.” haha, but I do periodically binge read your blog. And I have been working on how to phrase this juuuust right. I know that a blog is a place to keep some memories and we have the ability to choose which memories we share and broadcast. You’ve got it right. Obviously everyone has challenges and bad days and sad times and (the worst! ) arguments with our wonderful husbands, but you are doing a service to the internet and our Church when you publish the happy and positive. It is hard not to compare you to other bloggers -especially other LDS bloggers -and I don’t want to put any of them down. But you are consistently, and without being pushy, simple and lovely and Christian. Everything you choose to post is a positive representation of Christ and the Church. Many other LDS (new yorkers too!) bloggers don’t project such a pure image. Many are very likely much cooler than I and publish not holding up our standards as commonplace. You, however, project an image of your life that reflects that keeping high standards doesn’t interfere with your good taste in fashion, or your activities, or your parties, or being “cool”. I appreciate what you post. Perhaps, unintentionally, you’ve become a role model.

  24. so fun… those cherry blossoms kill me. and eleanor and samson’s smiling faces. your blog is always full of so much fun and sunshine.

  25. Sinead

    I love how your pictures are always so fun and colourful, they’re the cutest!

  26. nice pictures…we wre in Amsterdam last week…if you’d like to see the pictures…it’s on my blog!!!(got to taste Pancakes’ specials… were right…they are sooo good!!!!)

  27. Mary

    Hey Naomi,

    Where is that yellow dress from? I have wedding this spring to attend and it is the exact color I am looking for!!!


    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s actually a rain coat from kate spade saturday.

  28. Such a beautiful family! I have children about the same age and it’s such a fun time! And I feel so incredibly blessed too :-) Best, Melissa

  29. Ady

    I’m loving your hair the color that it is right now!

  30. Janis

    Awesome photos! Great colors!! :)

  31. So fun! You’re little family is adorable! We are loving this spring too!

  32. Sami

    I love your hooray bag! <3

  33. what a gorgeous bunch. all looking as fresh as a bouquet of spring blooms!

  34. Melly

    such a sweet family!

  35. Lonka

    this LM collaboration sounds so great!