happy easter!

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this morning, we enjoyed finding eggs in riverside park with friends from church! i think my kids were mostly just really cold, but they still enjoyed themselves.  i get really excited over things like this. i might have gotten a little bit carried away last night at duane reade pharmacy while buying some easter candy and a few new plastic eggs. i ended up coming home with things like those yucky marshmallow peeps shaped like yellow chicks! who buys those things, let alone eats them? they are so gross but also, kind of adorable, right?

i’m so thankful for this easter season.  not just for the chance to raid my kids candy stash, but also for what easter represents…life, and new beginnings, as we celebrate that morning so long ago when christ rose from the tomb and for the happiness that brings to me and my family.

happy easter! hope you have a beautiful weekend with your loved ones.

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happy easter!

  1. Georgia

    Christ is Risen! Have a wonderful Easter with your family.

  2. Bea

    Happy Easter to you Davis’ family!
    You are right. Easter represents life, and new beginnings! :)
    Hope you’re having a good one!

  3. Court

    Happy Easter, Davis family!!! I’m with you on the peeps – I wish they tasted as good as they looked!

  4. evan

    A few months ago, I stumbled upon your blog. And I read it weekly now. It’s so enjoyable to check in with your family.

    Thanks for making my week a little bit more interesting

    Happy Easter from Iowa.

  5. Sydney

    Love the hats and I love your hair, you can really pull off anything. Beautiful as always!

  6. Such good words – and you taught me something about easter in this post, which I’m thankful for. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  7. Monica

    Happy Easter to you and your family too.

  8. I love peeps!! I eat them all the time!!! They are awesome!! I really like the chocolate covered ones.

  9. Happy Easter! We love those peeps at our house, but my husband is the only one who actually eats them! One year I didn’t buy them and you would have thought the world would have come crashing down around us, crushing all Easter eggs and traditions as we know it….. They are a gross little staple now in all of our Easter baskets. :)

  10. Jean

    I want Samson’s hat!!! So cute!

    Happy weekend!!

  11. The cold has likely numbed your thinking abilities causing you to buy excessive icky-yummy candy.

    I apologize in advance for the photos in my post. We’ve been having amazing weather over here.

    Happy Easter to you and your sweet family.

    Xoxo from San Francisco

  12. what fun for e and samson! :)

  13. This post is gorgeous! It goes to show how important family is. Easter is such a beautiful time and my favourite holiday of the year. I am spending it with my family and loving every moment. It’s nice to see in a big city like yours, the children still get a homey, small town feel when hunting for eggs.

  14. Paola

    Hahahahaha I second the whole chick-shaped peep debacle! They’re beyond gross yet so quintessentially Easter-y that I too find myself giving in and buying them regardless ;)…Happy Easter!!!

  15. Cris

    Hey Naomi, I love your coat. Can you
    share where it’s from? Thank you

  16. Melissa

    First of all I totally love peeps. Lol so sad. I know. Secondly I need to know where you got that adorable coat!?

  17. Peeps are literally still in business because of the Easter spirit – it just doesn’t feel like easter without them! The babies look so adorable easter egg hunting :)

  18. Cintya

    I think I’m the only one in the world that actually enjoys those peeps marshmallows :D
    Happy Easter to you and your lovely family.

  19. Kelsi

    Peeps are totally gross…BUT my friend suggested that we roast them over a campfire. We haven’t tried it yet, but apparently they are amazing that way. (The sugar on the outside caramelizes like creme brulee apparently…Can’t go wrong there!)

    Happy Easter! Thanks for sharing your gratitude for Christ’s resurrection.

  20. alanna

    Happy Easter to you and your family :)

  21. hanna

    This is adorable. Happy Easter. I love your hair by the way. –Hanna Lei

  22. jess

    love that samson’s rocking a camp brand goods hat!

  23. Kayla

    May I ask where you got yours and E’s hats? :)

  24. i love your outfits :)

    Happy easter! Xoxo

  25. Happy Easter Family Davis, as your pics showed us, you already enjoyed finding eggs and spending the time with you friends and loved ones!

    Here in Germany we celebrate Easter on Sundays… but we definitely are already excited about it!

    Have a wonderful weekend
    Love from Germany and the -fatcatconnection-

  26. Janis

    Beautiful photos! Happy Easter! :)

  27. tinajo

    Oh come on – how CUTE?! :-)

  28. Taylor

    Beautiful pictures! I hope you & your family have a wonderful Easter!


  29. Tina

    What a cute idea! I see they had lots of fun :) I’ll be hiding eggs around the house tomorrow, not as exciting haha

  30. Minoo

    Love your coat colour! So bright! Where is it from?

  31. Valeri

    as a kid i HATED peeps as well, but… just last summer my husband and i found out the most genius thing: ROASTED PEEPS! using peeps instead of marshmallows makes them DELICIOUS! the sugar on the outside caramelizes them and makes a crispy crunchy creme brule kind of texture. and on the plus side, all of the “peep” flavor goes away and instead it’s just a colorful, carmalized, yummy marshmallow. perfect for smores!!! now i am the one hoarding them during the after easter sales.

  32. Alice

    Happy Easter! This looks so much fun, I love a good Easter Egg Hunt!! Here’s to spring and new starts.

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer

  33. Mariska

    I wish you a very happy easter, Your kids are lucky to have such devoted parents going egg hunting with them!
    By the way, you look really pretty.


  34. megan h.

    What? PEEPS ARE THE BEST! They were the Easter treat I most looked forward to as a child.

  35. emily

    peeps make the best smores!! that’s really the only thing they’re good for :-)

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  37. xela

    please, where is your blue coat?i love it

    • TAZA

      It’s from madewell!