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since easter has ended, i suppose we should prep for mother’s and father’s day coming up soon, right? ;) i think mother’s and father’s day is a great time of year to celebrate all the amazing women and men in our lives, whether they are mamas and papas, grandmas and granddads, aunties or uncles or just a really rockin’ friend who doesn’t have any kiddos of their own right now.
to get us all into the spirit, we’ve partnered with our sponsor, pinhole press, to give away a $200 credit to use towards anything in the shop to one lucky ready!
josh and i recently made these photo recipe magnets and it’s been so helpful to have some of our biggest go-to recipes right where we can see them while we’re cooking in the kitchen.  in the past, i’ve had our recipes written on scrap pieces of paper and stuffed into the back of one of our kitchen cabinets. it usually takes a good few minutes to find the recipe i’m looking for (it’s always the last one in the pile i’m sorting through, i swear!) and we’ve been discussing a way to update our system for years. so, finally! i’m hoping by seeing my mama’s pierogi recipe every time i come to the fridge, i’ll be less intimidated to whip them up more often! i think personalized gifts are kind of the way to go around these sorts of holidays, and i really like the creative options pinhole press offers on their mother’s day gift guide like the framed photo collage and filmstrip listpads.
to enter to win your $200 credit, please check out pinhole press, and come back here to comment with which item you’d love to get your own mama, or grandmother or friend, for mother’s day.  the winner will be drawn at random and emailed directly next week.  (open to US and Canada readers only for delivery purposes.)
also, get 15% off all products with the code TAZA15 through mother’s day! and, if you’re placing any orders for mother’s day, do so by april 30th to meet UPS ground delivery deadlines!
good luck!


  1. caroline k

    I would love love love to get my parents a nice family photobook. We have been on so many special trips and iphones and memory sticks are just not the same as seeing a beautiful printed book :)

  2. Jamee

    Lovin those recipe magnets!
    Crossing my fingers xoxo

  3. Aryn

    I’d love to gift my mom a brag book or the photo magnet s…we live 1600 miles apart so anyway I can get her pics of my little man is good!

  4. Theresa

    I usually do photo books but a brag book might be a fun change. Much more portable!

  5. Stephanie

    I’ve been coveting their picture books for ages! Would love to make one for Mother’s Day. :)

  6. Deborah Waldvogel

    I would buy my mom the sunny citrus gift box:) citrus smelling things are her favorite and it’s just adorable!

  7. Alysia

    The recipe magnets are an amazing idea! Every week when we go to our parents for dinner, talk always turns to food and Mom eventually ends up standing in front of a cupboard “trying” to find that recipe. This would solve everything!

  8. Kristen

    Love the notepad and the photo magnet set!! Would be such a great gift for my mom :)

  9. Jane

    I’m getting married in 30 days and those recipe magnets would be a great hit for my first mother’s day with a mother-in-law I need to impress!!!

  10. Amy

    Ooh, I love Pinhole Press and love their new recipe card magnets! I’d probably make a photo book for my mom though. :)

  11. Mayson

    My mother would love the photo magnets.

  12. Amanda N

    We are expecting our first child this summer. So I would want to get my mom (and mil) a brag book or the framed photo collages. They would love them!

  13. Meghan R.

    I would love to get my grandmother an Accordion Brag Book for Mother’s Day, filled with fun pictures of all her grandkids! She would cherish it and carry it with her everywhere :)

  14. Hayley

    My mom would love the personalized notepads and magnetic photos and my mother-in law would love the magnetic photos or recipe cards! The brag books are adorable as well! Would definitely make one for m grandma :)

  15. lea

    my mamacita is relocating from her DC home, and when preparing the house for sale the greatest loss was the photographs on her fridge. i would LOVE to share with her the photo magnet set. they would be enjoyed for years.

  16. Cheryl

    probably the brag book or one of the notepads/list pads! ;) My mom would LOVE this.

  17. Melissa J.

    All of it is so much fun! I made the photo flash cards for godchild gifts for Christmas, and they were a huge hit! I’m moving across multiple state lines this summer, so I think having the photo collages would be an excellent way to keep everyone close and be able to see them a lot when I miss them terribly.

  18. I would love to get a brag book for my mom!

  19. Erica M

    my grandma passed recently and making some of her recipes into magnets for my mom would be such a sweet way to honor them both for mother’s day xo

  20. Damaris S.

    The small wall decal set would be perfect :-)

  21. Amy

    Love love love the memory game and mini story book! Interactive fun :)

  22. Sarah

    The brag book…Perfect for Mémé! :0)

  23. Jennifer T.

    I love Pinhole Press! I really love their journals and the new gift boxes are great!

  24. Monica

    This is such a great idea, especially if you have kids. They can be very picky eaters and having their favorite food recipes available for sitters or trips to grandmas house is a fantastic idea!

  25. Monica

    I’d get my mom and grandma the ULTRATHICK MINI PANORAMIC PHOTO BOOK. They are always asking me for physical pictures which I haven’t been super diligent in providing.

  26. emily

    My mom would LOVE those recipe magnets! Such a brilliant idea.

  27. Analise Martinez

    The sweet mama gift box is too perfect!! And the recipe magnets for my grandmother would be just perfect

  28. Megan

    LOVE the recipe magnets. I also really like the portrait notepads. Great giveaway!

  29. Antonine

    My mon would love this sunny citrus gift box, especially because I don’t think such a cute idea exists in France, where she lives!

  30. Alison

    I think my mom, the inspiration for my love of lists, would like the magnetic photo notepad.

  31. Leigha

    I would definitely get my mom the sunny citrus personalized box! She loves citrus and Barr and Co. products!

  32. Cat Watson

    I love the photo books, always a great gift:)

  33. Amanda

    These recipe magnets are an awesome idea! We are always losing the hand written recipes. My mom would definitely love these!

  34. Shira

    My mom would love a brag book of her adorable grandson!

  35. Lindsay

    My mom would love the brag book for Mather’s Day, so fun!


  36. Tiffany

    My mother would love the brag book and photo strips!

  37. Rose F.

    I would love to gift the blue motherly love gift box for mother’s day! :)

  38. I love the idea of those recipe cards!

  39. My mom and grandmother would love to have our treasured family recipes as magnets!

  40. Melissa

    The Photo Cookbook – what a great gift for this mama ;-)

  41. Mia

    I would love to get some thank you notes for our newest arrival, coming any day now :)

  42. Courtney

    A photo book of all my siblings throughout the years. There’s only one kid left at home and I know my mom gets sad that we’re all spread across the continent, she would just cry if she got a book like that! Thanks for the inspiration, I should get working on that this weekend.

  43. vanessa

    my momma would LOVE a brag book for her bag!

  44. Jackie

    My sweet mama definitely needs a sweet mama personalized gift box!

  45. Jasmine

    My mother would love to get the Personalized Photo Memory Game to play with the grandkids. So cute!

  46. Cheri

    I would love to give my mom the Photo Cookbook.

  47. Jessica Cross

    My mom would LOVE the recipe magnet set! How perfect!

  48. Ashley Nicole

    Such a lovely site! I’d love to make my mother a photo book, I think she’d truly cherish that!

  49. signe

    such great things to chose from. perhaps a photobook or some other personalized gift:)

  50. Tenin

    I’m new to your blog, and I love it — God bless you and your sweet family :) I’d love to get my mama the Pinhole Press Personalized Recipe Cards & Box – she’s an awesome cook – or the Magnetic Portrait Notepad! I’m positive she’d love either!

  51. Anne

    My mom would love any of the gift boxes!!

  52. Lynette

    Oh my goodness – the recipe magnets are the best! Such a great Mother’s Day present! Mom and I have been talking about getting together and combining all of our best recipes. This is the perfect way.

  53. I would def love to send my momma a photo book! I have been in Australia the past two mothers days, so not being able to spend the day with her, this would be the next best thing!

  54. I think either of my parents would love the photo magnets – so many ideas! Photos from family trips (new and old) or our favorite recipes.

  55. Brittany Koelmel

    I love the magnetic recipe idea! I would also love to have photos of me and my family on my fridge!:)

  56. Teresa D

    I love the recipe magnets!!!

  57. Sarah

    My mom does so much for me and my sisters. I’d love to give her something special for Mothers Day. I know she’d love any of the gift boxes, as well as the framed color collage.

  58. barb

    would love to win the Mini Storybook of Names & Faces!

  59. Dede Taylor

    1. Sweet mama personalized gift box
    2. Motherly Love Personalized gift box

  60. Rachel

    Love the gift boxes!

  61. MJA

    my mom’s fridge is filled with memories of her kids and grandkids so i’d love to give her the magnetic photos to add to her collection!

  62. megan

    our mom’s would LOVE a brag book to their in their purses! thank you for the great idea!

  63. Rachel

    I love the brag books – they would be the perfect gift for my mom and mother-in-law. One of each child with her grandmas.

  64. Susanne

    Brag books for all…..2 grandmothers, 4 aunties….
    thank you for the chance.

  65. I’d love to get my mom the good old fashioned signature photo book. She loves when I put things together like that for her because she never has time to sort through or print photos.

  66. Claudia

    Definitely the brag book. My momma just became a nana (g-ma) for the first time and needs one of those to show off her first gorgeous