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“mama, i think your son is trying to wake up your husband.”

“sometimes guys, it’s good to be naked in the house.”

“after i finish breakfast, i’m gonna go to college.”

when i asked to floss her teeth one night, “no, that’s ok.  maybe when i grow up.”

after i tripped, “mama, you have to walk slooooowly.”

papa: “eleanor, you have to eat your eggs before you can eat cake.” eleanor: “but papa, the cake tastes so GOOD.”

to eleanor holding the ball, “eleanor, we can’t throw the ball out of the pool. if you throw it out again, we have to get out of the pool.”  eleanor looks at samson, “hey samson, will you throw this for me?”

me: “how long have you been a doctor?” eleanor: “5 days.” me: “oh! well, did you go to medical school?” eleanor: “yes. at play school.”  (so glad she was well qualified, because then she proceeded to amputate my foot.)  as she amputated my foot, me: “you’re a fun doctor.” eleanor: “i am a firetruck now.” (yikes!)

while sitting quietly on the sofa with me, we hear my bedroom door close. she gasps! “mama! samson just went into your bedroom! we have to save him before snapping turtles get him!”


more eleanorisms HERE. also, i hope everyone gets the chance to hang out with a 3 year old at some point in their life.  conversations with toddlers is what a good life is made of.

  1. Court

    She is the cutest :)

  2. This is just adorable

  3. Louisa Florence

    Laughed so hard at these!

    ‘sometimes guys, it’s good to be naked in the house.’

    – She sounds like she’s a wise little lady! Good work mama and papa for creating such a sweet, brilliant, funny soul!


  4. Ginny

    i smile thinking of her reading these one day :) i laughed out loud at what she told you when you tripped!

  5. Hahahah I am laughing out loud at work. What an imagination

  6. This is so funny! They will be great for her to look back when she’s older.

  7. KathyRo

    Oh it’s ALWAYS good to be naked in the house! I suspect Eleanor knows this too. :)

  8. Esther

    Yeah, the naked in the house one should go down in books. Wise words.

  9. maggie

    This is too stinkin’ cute.

  10. Oh my this is just too adorable! My favorite ones are the first three lines :D

  11. This little girl kills me. Eleanorisms are some of my fave posts!

  12. Having a daughter 2 days younger than E I can totally attest to the goodness of hanging out with a three year old. Every other thing she says has me rolling. :D

  13. roseann

    I babysit a 3 year old who is full force obsessed with princesses. When we look through princess books she always asks me which dress/crown/nightgown/hair-do/slippers are my favorite. Today I asked her if she asks her dad which dresses are his favorite and she replied: “No, he doesn’t wear dresses!” Hilarious.

  14. Denise

    Oh, how I love Eleanorisms!!!

  15. Rosely

    That is such a wonderful age. Hubby and I always love to remember our son’s phrases from that age. They come up with the most random things.

  16. Kristen

    She is so adorable! I love conversations with little people!

  17. Alexis

    These make me so happy!

  18. She is wonderful. Also, your parenting skills are evidently awesome.

  19. Marie

    Haha kids get funnier as they grow older! My boy is now 6, and he’s hilarious. Wait till Samson is able to speak in sentences…boys are even weirder (in a fun gd way of course) and funnier. Haha :D

    Our travelling adventures: http://smittenbyangels.blogspot.com

  20. Lucy

    Your last paragraph! I sooo agree, I have a three soon to be four year old and he like Eleanor has quotes to bottle up! You’re inspiring me to keep notes of what my two toddlers say! x

  21. hanna

    Haha these are so funny! here

  22. I can only imagine how much pure joy and big smiles she brings to you!

  23. Awww hahaha that is too adorable, and Eleanor sounds so smart! I can’t imagine what funny-isms my baby will say when she starts talking. :D Thanks for this fun post.

  24. Bea

    You have to save Samson from snapping turtle!!!
    Have a nice day Naomi!

  25. Megan

    It’s moments like these that make me SO excited to have littles of my own someday.

  26. Lonka

    sounds great!!!

  27. At least you know she’s ambitious! “After breakfast I am going to college” ;)

  28. nanette

    this is the cutest! :)

  29. Marta

    Eleanor is so adorable! :)

  30. Elise


  31. Sanja

    please keep posting eleanorisms! threy’re so much fun to read and make me giggle every time :)

  32. Maria

    I can’t wait until my 13 month old starts talking! You can already tell from the looks on his face that he’ll be coming out with some doozies!

    Maria xx

  33. Hahah, this is so cute! I love this eleanorisms. And I think she will to when she gets older!

  34. BOOM. I couldn’t think of anything more charming, but a good dose of Eleanorism with my first coffee. Thank you for sharing.

  35. teresa

    i love these… my little girl is only two but the things that come out of her mouth blow me away sometimes. i guess it’s true what they say about our babies being sponges…. love these times!

  36. Ella

    that is so cute! My little sister is now two and I can’t wait till she speaks !

  37. I love when you post her quotes, they are so adorable and give me the best laughs!

  38. bri

    i love this series! she sounds so fun!

  39. Janis

    Hilarity! And, yes, I agree, everyone needs to have random conversations with toddlers :)

  40. Taylove

    Oh my gosh! How absolutely hilarious!! I love the silly things she said. The other day, my five-year-old sister told me, “I have to tell you some secrets: I’m married, I have super powers, and I”m half-cat.” Still cracking up over that comment!


  41. Kelly

    The snapping turtles? Oh my goodness, how cute!

  42. Mónica

    It’s great my daughter just meet them and Candela’s amazing to hear. There veves I’m dying of laughter. Kisses and happy last Wednesday morning Friday.

  43. She is so sweet! I love how little kids have such a fun imagination! I can’t wait until our son is also talking and saying all sorts of silly things!

  44. Oh my, I´ve loughed out loud – thank you for this funny post!

  45. These are some of my favorite posts that you do – she is a doll!

  46. emi

    these are too cute!! reading stuff like this makes me SO look forward to having kids!! : ) thank you for sharing!


  47. Julia

    these are so hilarious! thanks for sharing!

  48. Leith

    You know, I can see her being a very successful comedian when she’s older. These are all too funny, and so very wise! – Leith


  49. “sometimes guys,…”

    haha dying!! so funny!! :)

  50. Beth

    This is sooooo funny. It’s so great knowing one day she can read this when she is older :-)

    3 year olds are so funny, such great imaginations and such creativity. I sometimes wish I was a little bit more like them!!!

    Beth x


  51. Mariska

    Oh my god, this is so cute. Time flies. I’m a godmother of a five year-old. Well, she will be six this summer! I miss her crazy words and funny dances!
    even older, she’s still pretty damn perfect.


  52. Renee

    I always enjoy these! Thanks so much for posting and yes, I completely agree – kids are hilarious! Way to keep that positive outlook on it. You make me very excited to have kids of my own!

  53. Erica

    I love reading new Eleanorisms! She is such a sweet girl with the gift of bringing joy and laughter to many! Love the post.

  54. My nephew is a hilarious 8 year old, but I miss that 3- and 4-year-old time when everything he said was completely random and comedic.

  55. tina

    Truly magnificent :) that age is just beyond words. She’s a rock star just like her mama.

  56. Hahaha! I especially love all her comments about being naked.

  57. This child is so funny, and this made my day :)

  58. Elizabeth

    Haha. I love the first one. That reminds me of my sister calling me laughing and saying that she had come downstairs and her three year old said to her, with her lisp, “mama, your thithter just called.”

  59. Anna

    i LOVE this blog, but Eleanorism are the best. *-*

    You’ve got two cute, awesome kids there.

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  61. Anna

    i was laughing out loud with some of the eleanorisms! thank you for sharing this, she’s the cutest girl i’ve ever seen!

  62. mafer

    Me to my 3 yr old nephew: hi, Jose!

    Jose: I’m not Jose, I’m Little Pinocchio!

    A few weeks later, over the phone:

    Me: Hi Little Pinocchio!

    Jose: no, I’m no longer Little Pinocchio, now I’m a monster, please call me that.


  63. She says the cutest things :)