eleanor and samson’s first day on the slopes!


while we were in utah, we took the littles skiing! actually, josh and his mom took the little ones skiing and i mostly was there for moral support, waving my camera around obnoxiously and helping the kids walk with their ski boots on (the very important stuff, you know).

they are still pretty young for this all, but we wanted to introduce them to the mountain and snow and skis and the concept, really. so it was mostly just a fun afternoon of riding between papa’s and nana’s legs as they got a feel for life on skis. it was such a beautiful and mild day up in park city while we were on the bunny slope. the sun was out and we had to keep stripping away our layers of coats and clothing. i know eleanor and samson really enjoyed it! (although samson was often preoccupied with trying to get the snow off his skis.) i posted this video on instagram the other week from our day on the mountain, if you’d like to see.

josh loves to snowboard and ski and has shared his dream with me more than once on how much he’d love for us to ski as a family over the coming years.  i have to tell you, i just don’t know how and when that dream will come true.  and i feel a little bad about it because i know how much he wants that but honestly i am totally terrified when i’m out there and i don’t have very much fun.  i wasn’t allowed to ski growing up because of my dancing, and i’ve only been out there a few times since my dancing days have ended. it looks fun and exciting and thrilling, but i’m not sure it’s ever going to be my thing. it will have to be more of a papa-and-the-littles thing while mama drinks her hot cocoa in the lodge below. ;)


^^^we were so impressed with that little conveyer belt thing to the right that brought you to the top of the bunny slope before coming down. the kids had just as much fun riding up as skiing down!^^^


^^^it’s hard to see that grin on samson’s face, but trust me, it’s there!^^^


^^^nana and eleanor in their matching purple coats!^^^



^^^josh snapped this with his iPhone when he took samson on the big chair lift to go down one of the bigger slopes together! i can’t get over his tiny hand waving hello!^^^

skiing9 skiing6

^^^down the mountain they come! racing to beat the falling snow!^^^


a very fun day! after the littles had their fill, we drove over to main street in park city for caramel apples and hot chocolate while papa skied solo down a few bigger slopes. the snow started to really come down and it was just beautiful to watch from the car with our hot cocoa in hand.  i am always blown away by the beauty of that first white blanket of snow, before it’s touched and tainted. i don’t think there’s anything in life as beautiful as a mountain full of pine trees dusted in fresh snow.  maybe the new york city sky line, an expecting mother with a big baby bump, and a couple of ohad naharin creations, but that’s about it.

also, i know my babes are wearing jeans, not snow pants, but please know they had both tights and thermal layers underneath and were well taken care of.  it was a pretty mild day in terms of temperature, too, promise. :)

  1. Georgie

    This brings back memories! My mother taught us to ski when we were just a little older, maybe four? She was the best instructor and I honestly think learning to ski with your family is the best way to do it. These photos are lovely – and we went skiing in just two pairs of leggings until I was ten so I think the jeans are just fine! xox

  2. Very cute! I’m totally with you on the hot chocolate in the lodge thing. i’m soooooo clumsy and I just know that if I ever tried skiing or snow-boarding there would be blood…and broken bones ;-( Best, Melissa

  3. Sanja

    I love to ski! Samson + Eleanor look so cute in their ski outfits :)

  4. Lotta

    Looks like a fun afternoon!

    And how hard must the instagram comments have been, if you already feel the need to explain yourself because of E’s and S’ jeans.

    Me and my siblings and my friends went skiing in our tights and jeans in Austria for most of our childhood and youth. We survived. No big deal, as long as you are having fun and come home to a hot shower and a hot chocolate.

  5. Paula

    I totally get your fear! In South Africa we don’t really get snow and I went on my first ski trip to Austria with 11 friends this December. I was the worst by far and I hated the first 2 days and only on my last day of lessons did I eventually get it and once I got it I was SO excited. The whole world had to hear about it! lol! But I totally agree with teaching your kids young because they listen to instructions and are fearless! I over thought the entire operation!

  6. Lucy

    Being an Australian, skiing isn’t my thing either, but as my husband is from the Northern Hemisphere, he too shares Josh’s dream, so I can relate to your words. But I adore the look and feel of snow too! Just not skiing. Beautiful photos Naomi. PS I don’t normally comment but my heart sank a little when you felt the need to say your kids had tights on under their jeans like you were almost expecting the backlash, it’s such a sad side effect of blogging. I for one think you look like a wonderful mother so don’t feel the need to explain your actions as the people who get you and are fans of your blog would never have given it a second thought, well I wouldn’t have anyway!

  7. Marie

    I can’t wait to ski with my family and son one day! It Must have been really thrilling for your children. The only closest thrilling thing we had done compared to Skiing was taking the Luge. ;)

    Our travelling adventures: http://smittenbyangels.bgspot.com

  8. I’m the same – I find the thought of skiing terrifying, and I’m not a fan of the cold. I’d be indoors enjoying plenty of hot drinks and the fire ;)

  9. Looks like a fab day! I love the mountains bigtime but never really got skiing or boarding. I tried in Verbier, I tried at Whistler when i lived there, it is just not my thing. My boy can’t wait to get up there…i’d be happier sledding all day or drinking that hot chocolate and writing at a cosy lodge looking out at the snow. It might be a papa and son connecting kind of a thing for us?! Mama might sneak down the mountain to go op shopping for the day!

  10. Elise

    That’s absolutely adorable!

  11. I looove this pictures! It looks like you had so much fun. I haven’t tried skiing yet, but I really hope to someday – although I don’t imagine being very good at it, haha.

  12. Sinead

    Looks like fun – your kids are so lucky! I’ve never been skiing but it’s on my to-do list :-)

  13. liz

    Looks like fun! Great pics as usual. Dumb question: why weren’t you able to ski while dancing? To avoid getting injured? Sorry, just curious!

  14. Birdy

    Thats looks like it was so much fun for the kids… I live in Germany, near snow in the wintertimes, but I never did it…
    I guess, i have to sometimes ;-)

    Love from Germany and the -fatcatconnection-…
    And this looks like paradise:


  15. Lonka

    hahh so great!

  16. Arika

    Beautiful post. I would like to say, I find it very unfortunate that you have to defend your childrens clothing in your photos. I know why you do it. I’ve seen the comments. But, I just want you to know that I admire how elegently you handle those types of situations. People can get ugly when faced with ugliness. But, don’t. It’s very admirable.

  17. Melissa

    I have noticed recently you mentioning babies a lot in your post, plus the “are you pregnant post”. my intuition tells me there is something you are going through that won’t me shared here (for good reason!) and i wanted you to know you have my best whatever it is! i wish you lots of love and patience. xo

  18. amanda

    i’m right there with you as the moral-support-cocoa-in-the-lodge person:) i went once, on the way up, i broke the (bunny) lift as my snowboard got caught and jammed the belt, then on the way down i tripped (is that what it’s called? fell, really) and pulled my acl, as well as tripped 2 kids in the process. it was a mess. all on a bunny hill! i’ll leave mountain-riding to the hubby & kids:) snow-coordination isn’t my forte. glad you enjoyed utah!

  19. you can definitely see that grin on Samson’s face!! wow. what a fun time together for all!! :) great pictures. it’s ok about waving the camera about — when i’m a mama, i will obnoxiously do the same thing. they’ll appreciate those pictures when they’re older, though. trust me!

    all looks lovely.

  20. I always wish I had learned how to ski when I was young! At this point I feel like I am too old to let go of my fear! Such a good idea to start them when they are little :) Looks like you all had a great time!

  21. Janis

    Awesome! When we first took our girls snowboarding/skiing, they looked like they had been doing it forever. Not as many spills and stumbles as my first time! Kids are fearless up in the slopes! :)

  22. Here is Switzerland, skiing is a national pasttime for most! :-) So glad I was able to teach my littles when they were really small. Eldest daughter prefers to have cocoa in the cafe now but the boys, Partner & I really do enjoy it together. Kudos on getting them started early, before fear sets in! They obviously had a great time. :-)

  23. Kelly Welch

    Skiing in jeans is totally retro 70’s! That was the only way to do it at Alta in 1977!

  24. hanna

    These photos are so cute! Looks like a lot of fun. –Hanna Lei

  25. Lauren

    I hear you about not being into skiing. Even though I grew up in New England, I’ve never done it — it just looks super dangerous, and I hate the cold. I’d rather be on a beach or in a city any day of the week. How great that your kids can learn to do it, though, and enjoy it with at least one of their parents! People who do ski seem to love it. But yeah, thanks but no thanks.

  26. Amanda H.

    so so cute!! LOVE samson waving at the camera too!

    i was about to say, aren’t you a “utah girl”?! lol then read how you couldn’t ski because of dancing. i would love to hear your story on how you got into dancing and then accepted to the top dancing school! i have always wanted to know. were you the first or the only one in your family who dances?

  27. these utah pictures make me want to take our little people to experience skiing bc these are just so darn cute!! E with her sunglasses on are best!

  28. I have never been skiing, but I’m dying to try, and I would love to bring my little girls along! We have a lot of little slopes in the DC area, particularly in VA, but at some point I want to visit my sister in Salt Lake City, and try skiing there.

  29. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve skiing—even younger than Samson! Few things are more exhilarating. Have you tried skiing with music? It’s takes the slopes to a whole ‘notha level. Maybe that’s the trick you need to really get into it. Your family is lucky to have you join in even though it’s not your thing. Way to be supportive! <3


  30. Jenn

    I’ve never been skiing before, but my husband used to love to ski. This place looks pretty amazing, maybe one day we can bring our son there!

  31. This is about the cutest thing. Looks like so much fun! I’ve never really had the desire to go skiing, so I agree, I feel like its something you either love or hate. I’m more of a hot cocoa gal myself. ;) E’s sunglasses are adorable!!

  32. andrea

    i was a dancer growing up and anything like that wasn’t for me due to ankles and feets in pointe shoes so i feel your pain. now as a mama i am just a big weenie!

    no thought about the kiddos jeans until you mentioned it so hopefully you didn’t get comments :) i love seeing how they are dressed! but haters gonna hate! beautiful!


  33. deloom

    Samson & Eleanor are so adorable in their ski wear! <3

  34. they look like they are having so much fun! learning to ski at a young age is something i really thank my parents for – here’s to many more years on the slopes!

    xx allie

  35. Simply adorable.


  36. heather

    I also didn’t ski until later in life – but now I love it. The trick is extra good gear that keeps you toasty and comfy and to ski in a truly beautiful place – park city will do nicely. It makes a great family day because all ages love it and everyone is together on the mountain. Darling family and blog :)

  37. how fun! i’d be the family photo taker too… skiing is so hard!!

  38. Leith

    I always get insanely jealous when I see kids Samson’s age passing me by on their skis, and they’re not even using ski poles. I’m glad they’re learning early, but also insanely sad that little kids are so much better at it than me. So cute! – Leith


  39. Sophie

    Oh lovely, I totally understand! My man pretty much said he didn’t want a family with me unless I learnt (a tad dramatic methinks)

    Anyway, I’m still a beginner and have a good cry on the slopes sometimes due to pure fear, but I’m doing it.

    One day, I’m sure :)

    Sophie x


  40. Ah that looked so nice :)
    I live in Norway (southern part) and we don’t have any snow here, but the mountains aren’t far away so if we want to… a little cardrive away and up we go.
    Anyway, lovely pictures and it looked like a beautiful day out :)

  41. Paule from France

    Hello Naomi and the littles!

    Hope you didnt precise how your children were dressed because of some “bad comments”… Actually i have not noticied that they were wearing jeans (with thermal wear, i understood:))…all i noticed was the smiles! After such a beautiful post, i just found the last paragraph a bit weird… I m a french young lady and i can tell you : you know how to take care of your loves, especially fort an snowy afternoon! Just sayin’! Gros bisous de France!

  42. E & S have already had so many adventures in their lives! They are going to have such strong characters, and will surely smile over and over again at these photos and stories :)

  43. Maya

    Josh on Elan skis! Way to go..our Slovenian brand..maybe next time you’re around Italy you can also check out our lil country! I’m sure you’d love it! U guys look so cute and yaaay so great u tried skiing with the lil ones. All my live to u from Slovenia, Maya

  44. Kelly

    They are adorable!

  45. Kelsi

    I can totally relate to the “no skiing as a dancer” thing. My family always left me behind on Saturday mornings to hit the slopes while I stayed home for dance class and to protect my body. Now that I’m done dancing, my husband and I have gone snowboarding a few times, trying to build that same tradition Josh wants to have. I figure that if I can spin on one leg with just a little box and silk supporting me, I can fly down a slope, right? ;)

  46. Taylor

    This looks like so much fun! You can see the joy in the kiddos (and Josh’s!) faces! Also, that beard! It looks great on your hubby. And I am the same way about skiing: not a fan myself but my man always tries to convince me to go.


  47. Mandi

    What a beautiful family you have! PCMR is my home resort and I’m there every saturday snowboarding. I love it there. If I ever have children I’ll make sure they are on ski’s as soon as possible. It brings so much peace and happiness into my life I’d love to ski as a family so kudos to getting your kids involved! I also noticed the jeans, but figured they weren’t out long and it’s been sooooo warm lately I figured you as the mother, knew best. I have to admit a little lump formed in my throat when you had to defend what they wore though. I’m so sorry that blogging has created that side effect for you that you have to defend every little parenting decision you make to thousands of people who don’t even know you. Know that people love and support you. Thank you for sharing your life with all us strangers.xo

  48. Paula

    Great photos Naomi. The kids must have had such a great holiday! Its so hard to take photos in the snow, they mostly appear over exposed but yours turned out great – any tips? Is it the filter you are applying?
    P xo

  49. Oh my goodness! You littles are so adorable in their outfits! Looks like it was a lot of fun for them :)

  50. Stacy

    Wonderful. Skiing wasn’t my mom’s thing and it became a really wonderful and special shared activity for me and my father. Some of my fav childhood memories are skiing with my father. It’s a great life sport. Def don’t fret if it becomes something that Josh and the children do together without you. Surely there will be – or already is – something that will be you’re special thing with them. If you want to get them into skiing – there are great family friendly mtns in the NY Catskills – like Wyndham and Hunter. Great post.

  51. marin

    it’s heartwarming to see you and your husband with your children. thanks for letting us into little parts of your everyday!

  52. Carol

    HI Naomi,

    Fun post, and I’m so glad to see everyone having so much fun. I just wanted to comment on the part about how Josh would love for the whole family to ski. I understand this wish … I felt exactly the same way for my own family. It just so happens that my husband is a skier, and my two kids are old enough now to ski as well. And while I am very happy about this, I wanted to caution you from trying too hard to become a skier. If it happens, great. But if it’s a struggle, I think you should continue (and be happy) doing exactly what you’re doing now — namely being out there with your family, taking photos and cheering them on.

    The reason I advise this is because I personally think skiing is pretty hard to learn at any age beyond the mid-20’s. I don’t mean to be negative …. it’s just that this particular sport is really hard’ to learn after the teen years . It’s terribly demanding and it’s really easy to get hurt pretty badly if you’re not super flexible and fast-growing/healing (like a youngster or teen). If you do try it, just be really patient and take it slow.

    I grew up skiing, but my Mom didn’t ski. (My Dad would ski with us kids.) Mom would bundle us up and see us off on the slopes. Then she would knit in the lodge and have hot chocolate ready for us when we popped in to warm up. I never had ‘less fun’ because Mom wasn’t skiing. In fact, I associate her with warmth and comfort because she took care of us when we came back in from skiing. And when I look back at these memories, I also appreciate how Mom gave so much to us, being willing to essentially wait around for us so that we could have such fun. I’m truly grateful to her. You are such a great Mom and wife, and your family will be happy from your love no matter whether you ski or not!

  53. Julia

    Totally hear you on the tradition! My family were never skiers so I only went for the first time in my 20s and I feel totally out of control and just don’t enjoy it that much, no matter how many times I go. My husband, on the other hand, grew up skiing and he and his two brothers and parents and another family with two daughters all went on big holidays skiing together every year. Now we go on holidays with one of the daughters of the other family and her husband and baby son and All the adults but me love those holidays to contain skiing! luckily, we have come to a nice solution – two adults are with the babies at any time – I am usually with them plus one of the others, who rotate. I go out and have the bit of fun I am interested in (bunny slopes, an hour) and the other three get a good days skiing in, mixed in with shared baby watching. Everyone wins and the husband feels like he is getting his long-dreamed-of family ski holiday, because he is! I figure In a few short years the next generation will be hitting the slopes too and I will do my thing, distribute hot chocolate and cuddles and have myself a plesant day of reading and taking photos!

  54. Great photos!! I love those little smiles!

    Buffalo Britty

  55. chelsea

    Such fun pictures!!

  56. Joanna

    I’ve lived in CO my entire life, I’ve been skiing three times- the last time ended up with me flying down a mountain, unable to stop, plowing down a number of people until a wooden statue stopped me. It was terrifying and I concluded I’m just not a skier and I’m okay with that. Now the snow is beautiful, from inside, with hot drinks.

  57. Rachael

    You don’t have to love skiing for the hill to become a family tradition! I have the fondest memories of the beach when I was younger. My father, brother and I swam like fish and my mom was content to lay on the beach and read. She was always there with towels and snacks when we were ready to come out – you can be the same momma in the ski lodge! Ready to hear with eager ears all the fun stories they will share, and ready to warm up little fingers and toes and have the hot cocoa ready. There are lots of ways to make traditions, and I have no doubt that your family will figure it out for yourselves!
    Much love <3

  58. Leah S.

    So fun! These pictures are priceless and it looks like the kids had so much fun for their first time on the slopes.

  59. Kat

    Adorable! I started skiing at three or four (I can’t remember) and it still comes back immediately to me even if I go two or three years between going to the mountains. Even with that I STILL think the best place in the whole resort is in the lodge. Drinking cocoa. :D

  60. Carmen Sherry

    You are such an amazing mommy! I’m so sorry that you have to explain things like how your child is dressed. I hate being criticized for my parenting so I don’t know if I could handle the pressure that you face every day! Please know that for every negative comment you see there are 100 people who think you are doing a marvelous job with your littles and who didn’t even notice how they were dressed. All I could think was how hard it much have been to pack for both a warm and cold vacation!

  61. Maria

    Looks like you had a fabulous time. How lucky that these kids get to do so many awesome things!

    Also, I love your little disclaimer at the end about them wearing jeans. I can’t believe people could criticise something like that (in the comments).

    Maria xx

  62. Valerie

    Start Vlogging on youtube!