bright and early morning date.

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well, we were enjoying short sleeves and sandals here in new york city the last few days and i can’t even tell you what it was doing for my mood and energy and overall being. it was glorious. i packed away the littles stroller sleeping bags and even ordered new sunscreen. see ya never again, polar-vortex winter! don’t let the door hit you on the way out! and then, as josh and i were climbing into bed last night, we noticed it was snowing and hailing outside our window.

i’m a little bit bummed. but i’ll get over it. josh and i were hoping to go for an early morning bike ride before we started the day this morning but the early morning cold kind of put a damper on our plan. since we already had a sitter lined up, we grabbed a quick breakfast together instead at a nearby spot and checked out all those fancy faberge eggs at columbus circle on our way home.  have you seen any yet? kind of incredible… lots of photos of below…


^^^during the months i fell in love with josh while we were dating, he sported what i thought to be the sexiest beard ever. now that it’s back, i hope it never goes away. (did you hear me, josh!!!!)^^^


^^^pretty please don’t kill the new blossoms, frost!^^^


^^^cold i can do, but wind i cannot. that’s the problem with this cold on the east coast. the frigid wind makes it 20 times harder to handle. i’m pretty sure i am a wimp though, regardless. come summer humidity in august i know i’ll be asking for winter. i can never make up my mind. ^^^


^^^at least some of the trees are in full bloom! talk about beauty!^^^


^^^the eggs! you can find hundreds hidden around the city designed and painted by well known artists  (there is an app you can download to help your hunt and learn about each egg you find.) more info here.^^^


^^^this disco ball egg was just so fun, josh busted out a few dance moves. ;) ^^^


^^^eggs shells painted and placed to create the world. incredible.^^^


^^^well, that was fun. thanks for a fun morning date, josh!^^^

  1. maggie

    Sorry about winter coming back for a moment! My family in Chicago is feeling the same way. At least you had an awesome morning date!

  2. I love that you all went on a morning date. different, yet perfect.

    also, those eggs are rad. I love the world and disco ones.

    Happy hump day, Taza. Wishing you well.

    ( & to josh – keep the beard. I approve.)

  3. Katie

    It looks like a wonderful date morning after all, even without the bike ride. The eggs look fun and so does Josh’s hair style. My husband used to have a huge red beard when we were dating, too, I kind of wish one day he’ll have it again :-)

  4. I love the idea of an early morning date! Mornings are my fav part of the day and what a great way to set the tone for the rest of the day.

  5. amanda

    i couldn’t sleep last night for shaking my fist at the skies, listening to the pinging on our window unit (we didn’t put it in, we just never took it out… oops…). NO MORE COLD!

  6. Taylor

    I love the idea of a morning date! So sweet. If only I could get my man out of bed early enough…haha! Also, those eggs look so cool!


  7. Your hubby looks GREAT with a beard! I always perfer my hubby with a little more gruff as well. When he shaves he looks like he decreased in age about 10 years!

    Those egg sculptures are beautiful, especially the world one. What detail and beauty around New York….glad I get to live through it from your blog. Happy date day to the two of you!

  8. nanette

    that’s so crazy about the snow! the breakfast date is so sweet. there’s nothing like morning conversation. :)

  9. Janis

    Awesome photos and those eggs are so colorful and neat! :)

  10. Rayani

    Lovely pictures, as always!

    Hugs from Brasil

  11. shelby

    Josh doesn’t even look like the same person! ha! It looks great though. :) And as a person on the east coast when I woke up to snow this morning I was a little bit bitter. But the sun will come right!?

  12. Kim

    Naomi my dear, I hear you about the weather in this crazy city. I stepped out of my apartment on the Upper East Side and swore. Audibly. Right next to an elderly lady walking her dog. She just chuckled and went on her way.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that this summer is going to be brutal. Which is Mother’s Nature way of saying, “You want heat? I’ll give you heat.”

  13. Aw, I’m sorry winter has come back for you! It sounds like a lot of my friends on the east coast are having a not fun spring. I wish I could send our weather your way!
    Those eggs are amazing! And what a fun little date! I need to take my husband out on a Saturday morning date soon.

  14. Stefany

    I know! When my bf told me it was snowing last night I couldn’t believe it. It’s a beautiful day out today, just a tad too chilly.
    This is my first ‘spring’ (I grew up in FL/always summer) and I cannot believe how flowers blossom overnight. I could have sworn they planted new trees everywhere this week.

    Haha enjoy your day with family!


  15. Polly

    Hiiiii! Wee question: how you store your camera when you’re out and about?? I mean do you have a wee bag for it or just chuck it in whatever…

    • TAZA

      i always just put it in whatever bag i’m carrying that day. i try to put it in it’s own compartment in the bag but on this day i just brought a tote with me so was extra careful.

  16. Teresa

    These are so neat!!! I love that you guys get to enjoy such an amazing city!!!

  17. shelley

    where oh where did you get that jacket?!?! I need. :)

    • TAZA

      thanks! an oldie from zara.

  18. Natalie

    I remember you saying that you wished Josh could be more scruffy but because the world of finance is so clean-cut that he couldn’t. Does this mean he has made a career change or decided to stop playing by the “rules”? Either way – beards rule!

  19. lucinda

    awesome pictures. looks like you two made the best out of less-than-ideal weather. hey, at least the sun was shining! love those eggs – both the discoball photos are pretty great. ;D

  20. Sinead

    Love the eggs, I can’t decide which is my favourite!

  21. Elise


  22. you have just reminded me that dates are not only for nights and weekends! how fun.

    & i think everyone in the nation put on twitter that 2 days ago it was warm (convertible tops down, sundresses — the works) and now (!!!) they’re all pulling out jackets and boots. it’s crazy.

    we thought it was just Texas being bipolar. nope. looks like everyone is equally saddened! we’re calling Spring back with you, though. ;)

    looks like you two had a great time. and your breakfast looks yummy!

  23. Hanna

    Even tho I live in NY myself, seeing these pics of the city from u makes it all the more exciting & new :) The breakfast looks amazing at the cafe, yum! Had no idea abt those eggs. I would have busted out some dance moves too for the disco one!

  24. Sarah

    Oh to live in New York! Your date looks perfect. It is so nice to have the seasons but I don’t like it when they fool you either. It’s been beautiful in London this week but I don’t think it will stay :(

  25. I had to write as l can’t find a follow sign or any thing were l can join you.
    Your blog is one of the most interesting l have seen loved the large eggs. They were brilliant. I am a UK artist so any thing like that gets me going.
    I am in a art lock at the momen hope your wonderfull logs gets me painting again

  26. Alice

    This looks so lovely! Recently, in Bristol here in the UK, they did a similar thing to the eggs but with painted Gromit’s (as in, from Wallace and Gromit?). It was so much fun when you randomly spotted one in a funny corner of the city!

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer

  27. jen

    where did you get your pink hat from? it’s super cute!

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s from american apparel.

  28. bridget

    josh looks so great with a beard. it suits him!

    also, loving your hair.

  29. hanna

    All those eggs are so cool –Hanna Lei

  30. Court

    Morning dates, whenever possible, are always my favorite! It could be because breakfast is my favorite meal to eat, and least favorite to cook, though ;) So glad you guys got to have this fun outing!

  31. Jessica

    You are adorable! So full of life!

  32. Sonya

    Hah, my husband also wears a beard sometimes and I love it. Kinda badass, huh :)
    It looks like you had a lovely day! I’ll send you some spring over from Oregon

  33. morning date seem so much fun!! i always a fan of dinner date,i think i will be morning/breakfast date soon after reading your post.those scrambled eggs looked really really yummy though

    xo josephine

  34. abigail

    you two are definitely in your “fashion prime’ right now. hottest couple in NY no doubt!

  35. Chelsey

    I’m moving to NYC in a couple of months, and it’s things like these Easter Eggs that make me so excited about it! Such a fun city! You capture it beautifully in all your posts. Definitely on of my favorite blogs. Keep up the good work :)

  36. Hope the weather keeps improving for you guys! We moved back to California this winter and I thank goodness every single day that we missed out on that polar vortex madness! And I’m with you on beards – I pretty much insist that my husband have one at all times :-) Love ’em! Best, Melissa

  37. Kelly

    Aww, what a cute date idea! I am pretty obsessed with those eggs too!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  38. Sym

    Wow, breakfast in NYC is expensive!

  39. Jill Adams

    My husband has facial hair and I prefer it to no facial hair at all! Most of my friends won’t let their husbands grow facial hair, I think they are strange women, lol.

  40. tina

    morning dates oh my!! you guys are so beautiful together. keep the love alive and can we talk about josh’s beard?? wowza~~

  41. Fiona

    Morning dates are the best! Puts you in such a good mood for the day, you’re walking on air :) PS, that jacket is just gorgeous on you!


  42. Sounds a bit like Scotland at the moment, wild wild weather, can’t make it’s mind up. I would put up with it in New York though, if only to see those eggs! How amazing are they?

  43. sabrina

    well, we have kinda the same over here in south germany. it was already pretty warm and spring-ish, with short sleeves and a slight sunburn, and than the cold came back. hello winter-coat! tonight we even had frost. :(

    thank you for this post. I cannot say why, but I really really love it. I like the love you seem to feel for your man and the kids, and the city, and for life in general. It seems like I really really can feel it too, today. for my man, and my life. hang on, dear taza, soon it will be warm and bright.

  44. What a fun morning date. And I agree, Josh needs to keep that beard ;-)

  45. Justine

    I LOVE your hair! Thinking of going blonde!

  46. Lucie

    I guess my opinion doesn’t matter, but I completely support you in your “Keep that beard, Josh” combat :).

  47. So funny Viand is one of my restaurant go tos with my BF! It’s a great diner.

  48. I was listening to the radio the other day and they said that a poll was taken and it revealed that a vast majority of women don’t like facial hair on men. I am the exact opposite. Give me a beard or five o’clock shadow any day of the week!!! Hot, hot, hot!!!!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  49. julia

    morning dates are great. :) my husband and i try to do that before work some days.

    sorry winter made an appearance again. that is the worst! it happened to is this weekend too. saturday was 90° and sunday it snowed. :(

  50. I’m totally into my husband rocking the beard. Every time he shaves it off I sadly proclaim, “You got rid of your face!”

    Hope the weather warms up for you soon!



  51. Aline

    Hi Naomi.
    What camera and lens are you using?
    Also, are you using any software to edit your photos?

    Thank you,

    • TAZA

      hey! i’m still using my canon 6D with the kit lens. i edited these photos in photoshop my normal way which is just lifting the colors slightly to brighten to photos. thanks!

  52. Amy K

    Naomi, your hair colour is just gorgeous! I am so envious – it suits your skin tone so well. Keep up the date posts! I love seeing what you and Josh get up to.


  53. That looks like such a fun morning out on the town. Sorry the weather is being so uncooperative.

  54. Heather

    Hey, I was just there! I think the Earth egg is my favorite so far. Thanks for all the fun info – before reading this I thought Columbus Circle was just really getting in the Easter spirit :)

  55. marin

    your hair always look so great and effortless!

  56. Mira

    I just wanted to tell you that your darling family has been such an inspiration to me. I had my first baby just 4 months after you had your first and went through a terrible postpartum depression. Somedays it was all I could do to get up in the morning, but reading about all the fun things you and your little one did, as well as your positive outlook on life, gave me hope that the future could be bright if I could get through these dark days–lots of praying for answers and reading of your cheery blog and seeing your precious littles grow so happily gave me the patience and endurance to wait until I was able to indeed find those answers to get my body and mind back (turns out I have MTHFR, a genetic mutation which can wreck a tad of extreme havoc on the body if left unchecked), I just wanted to say thanks for bringing my days some cheer. Golly, that sounds terribly morbid and pitiful but I just had to finally say “thanks!” after all these years, but it’s the least I can do! :) I love your cute date ideas with hubby! City life sounds romantic, but I’m definitely a country girl when it comes down to it. Happy Easter!

  57. Monica

    I thought London was the only place on this planet with a mad weather:-) I wrong I was….

  58. Merci


    I love my man bearded as well!!! Sadly, he shaved it off because he got tired of tasting food on his mustache :( LOL

    Hey, we will be taking a family trip to New York with our little ones in a week and a half and so wish you had that section of your blog ready to go! Your family seems to know all the great spots and would love to have your thoughts on what we should do while we are there :) Thanks so much!



  59. Jessica CoyKendall

    Morning dates are the best!! Looks like a lovely one!! May I ask where you got your reddish pinkish vintage looking tee from? Thanks! Love reading your thoughtful blog!

  60. Dannon

    Your hair looks amazing and Josh looks great with that beard!

    Now I want to plan a morning date!

    Dannon @ Like The Yogurt

  61. This weather has been driving me nuts! Just when I start to pack away the hats and mittens, I have to pull them out again! Is every april like this?? I feel like spring is usually warm and dreamy, but I’m starting to doubt my memory.

  62. You look so young blond <3 and I almost didnt recognize Josh!
    I really love your blog. Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments!