behind the scenes of my collaboration with lauren moffatt!

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with our launch party happening tomorrow in greenwich (are you coming? details here!) and the collection going live on april 13th for preorder (yay!), i wanted to share some photos from a bit of the behind the scenes from my collaboration with lauren moffatt on our fall 2014  children’s line!  the photo above is with our very first pattern-turned-sample of the polka dot grey cloud sweater (which has a matching hat and mittens!) that somehow came back to us in the teeniest tiniest baby size. (the actual sizes run from 2T – 6.)

using fabrics and prints lauren designed for her fall line for women, i selected a handful of fabrics i thought would translate really well into a playful and whimsical line of tiny clothes for little girls several months back. from there, it was hard for us to reign in our excitement as we began talking sketches and patterns and how not to produce a million pieces in every fabric! there were just so many adorable directions to take it! everything in a miniature size is just so dang cute! but i think we landed on the perfect 14 pieces for our little collection, and i am so pleased with each one. i’ve said this a little bit before, but this has been a dream of mine for years.

i remember being married with no baby yet and still occasionally browsing the children’s section in stores.  am i allowed to admit i started collecting a few special pieces for my babes long before they arrived? i feel like children’s clothes have come a long way in terms of style thanks to more affordable and accessible options, but i am always keeping my eye out for those pieces that just speak to me (which sounds obnoxious, but you know when you see something and you feel like it was designed for you?!) all the while just wishing i could do my own thing… something that was still so classic and feminine but perfect for a little one, with just the right amount of colorful patterns and fabrics to mix and match with oversized pockets and peter pan collars and angel arms, that they could still move and play in and not feel restricted… i’m so thankful to have been given that chance with lauren this spring to do precisely this!

i learned so much from her along the way and really enjoyed being a part of it.  i can’t believe this collection actually happened! seeing it come to life was incredible. i hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!


^^^the makings of that precious little coat you see finished here. ^^^


^^^my left arm got an awesome work out in holding each piece out so it could be shot individually. ;) ^^^


^^^eleanor calls this her “pirate dress” thanks to the bandana action on her head! i think we may have watched peter pan one too many times this winter. ^^^


^^^in between playing dress up.^^^


^^^the girls kept bringing that little glass eiffel tower jar to the table for the tea party when we shot the lifestyle video introducing the collection. and we kept trying to sneak it away while shooting. it’s funny to how the term “tea party” translates to them.  i guess the eiffel tower jar looked proper and fancy? it was kind of adorable.^^^


^^^here’s a shot of jenner working his video magic when we were filming the video! ^^^


^^^best buds by the time we arrived at the met museum.^^^


^^^cheers to such a fun collaboration over the past few months! thank you so much to lauren for allowing me to be a part of her first children’s line!^^^

  1. Ahw it is all so adorable and cute! Looks like you all had a great time :) x

  2. Katia

    Can’t wait! I hope it’ll be affordable!

  3. Alyssa

    So cute!! I can’t wait until I have kids to wear these cute clothes! I have to ask, where did you get your overalls? I’ve been looking for a cute pair!

  4. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, this is almost too cute to handle! I will have to pick up a few pieces for the little ones in my life!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Bea

    I’m in your initial period! No baby yet but I’m looking for cute dresses like these one!
    I like the pirate one! ;)

  6. it all looks so great! i’m so happy for you, taza.
    also, you have such great style! The striped button down looks great on you!

  7. Makes me wish I had a little kid to dress up, so cute!

  8. Stel

    Congratulation Naomi for your collection!! It’s really nice!!

  9. Mariska

    Ohh these dresses are gorgeous! And the girls even more so! I salute you, you are an inspiration!

  10. Rachel

    Awe! What a great experience! The clothing is just adorable!


  11. Paige

    Congrats on your collection! That is so exciting. I’m glad we’ll behaving a cute girl joining our family who can wear these pieces!


  12. Jess

    So glad you put some more shots from this! I love the clothes and the girls are too cute!

  13. Renee

    I am so excited for you!! What an amazing opportunity! Can’t wait to shop it!

  14. Emily

    Now I want a daughter to buy clothes for! Such an adorable collection Naomi. Congratulations!

  15. Anne

    Thanks for sharing behind the scenes, I find that stuff fascinating! The collection looks so great!

  16. Esther

    adorable! also i love how kids can become instant friends and do things like hold hands while walking up stairs, while we adults are all guarded and awkward all the time.

  17. Taylor

    Super adorable! It’s so cool to see behind the scenes of such an intense project!


  18. amazing! i wished i lived in nyc so i could come!

  19. This is just fabulous! Congratulations. What an accomplishment.

    Xoxo from San Francisco


  20. Rachel

    Absolutely adorable! I want them all and I don’t have kids yet! I have already started a little collection as well. My first piece was from a trip to Rome where I found an adorable Italian made dress! I love special and unique children’s clothes!

  21. So cute! This kicks my baby-fever into high gear.

  22. I love to see these behind the scene photos. I can’t belive that’s the start of the coat the girls are wearing…amazing!mllve this collection!

  23. Katie

    Congrats on your dream coming true! Everything looks so sweet.

    And I’m right there with ya on shopping for baby clothes pre-pregnancy. I’m 24 and unmarried and was THIS close to buying the cutest infant swimsuit at Target a few years ago.

    Pre-boyfriend, I also had to talk myself out of buying a J.Crew wedding dress. It was on super sale! $350!! Would that have been a thrifty or crazy purchase?

    I still wonder today.

  24. love this post. the clothes look amazing!

  25. cristy

    very cute but so unaffordable.

  26. Anna

    The prices are not too affordable sadly.

    I guess it’s comparable to designer wear.

    Alas, I can only admire the pretty clothes from afar.

  27. Chloe

    The clothes are beautiful. Sadly the prices are ridiculous. I don’t even but myself tops that cost $80.00!!

  28. Kelly

    The clothes are super cute, but the prices… OUCH! $150 for a toddler dress that the child will outgrow in a matter of months? Sadly, this collection is out of reach for me.

  29. love seeing all the behind the scenes shots. your daughter is just the cutest!

  30. mallory

    silk and dry clean only for kids? your kids must be really well behaved and clean!

  31. drennen

    don’t even worry that i spent the last two days reading your blog from start to finish. you make me proud to be a woman. and maybe a mother one day. thank you for sharing your life with the world.. i know it can’t always be easy. keep doing what you’re doing. your kids are the luckiest and your body is amazing :)

  32. marie

    Haha the little dresses are adorable! Eleanor seems like a very co-operative little model, it must have been so much fun for her to dress up! ;)

    Our travelling adventures:

  33. Eleese

    CONGRATULATIONS. Amazing clothing and design, can’t pick a favorite piece! BUT can we all just focus on how adorable little E’s hair is?? What a cutie.

  34. Laura

    Such a sweet and classic line! It’s beautiful. I’m still a few years away from babies but I already want to buy up big!

  35. Ugh! Dying over the cuteness. I love my two boys to death but I am seriously wishing I had a girl to wear that ‘pirate’ dress! I love your hair this way btw!

  36. The Mrs.

    Do tell where your amazing overalls came from! So cute. Congrats on the collection!

  37. Erin

    Would you mind sharing where you got the shirt you have on with your jeans in the top pic? So cute and classy!

  38. Alanna

    @taza where did you get your jeans overalls in one if the pictures? they’re so cute!!