a little film: snippets of easter sunday.

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hope you had a wonderful easter sunday! here’s a video below with a few snippets of our day together.  it’s funny because when i put eleanor to bed on saturday night, i was trying to get her down quickly (my kids know how to drag out their bedtime routine like pros. or better!) so i told her the sooner she went to bed the sooner the easter bunny would arrive to leave eggs in her room! my plan totally backfired though as she expressed how afraid she was that the easter bunny would bite her while she slept because bunnies have big teeth! i ended up having to lay with her until she fell asleep to keep her safe from the bunny. ;) it was kind of sweet but i felt terrible.  i guess things like the easter bunny or santa claus really are freaky to little kids.  fortunately, all was forgotten in the morning when she saw the eggs! we had a really fun day together.  i love this family of mine so much.  happy easter!

p.s. easter last year and the year before.

  1. So very lovely! Happy Easter!

  2. michelle

    Are they wearing freshly picked moccasins? are they that durable that older kids can wear them as opposed to only pre-walkers?

  3. Bea

    What a wonderful video!!!
    You are an awesome family!
    Happy Easter!!

  4. Bea

    ….can you tell me the title of the song?
    Thank you!!!

  5. Gia

    Can’t get enough of this video!!
    Happy Easter, the Davis family!

  6. putri natasha

    oh my goodness samson! the cutest little boy ever!

  7. Those kids of yours are too cute! Happy Easter for you too :)

  8. sara.

    inspiring blog.

    and your children are absolutely delightful.
    keep doing what you’re doing.

  9. sara.

    inspiring blog.

    and your children are absolutely delightful.
    keep doing what you’re doing.

  10. Mia

    What a beautiful video! Love the blossoms and your littles look so sweet in their gorgeous outfits and matchy moccs.

  11. Aww looks like so much fun! I’m glad you had a great Easter!
    I also did some “Easter Favorites” and talked about my “snippets” too – such a fun word, am I right? Check it out if you have a minute – I’d love any feedback you have!!

  12. Love G.

    oh my goood, you are sooo lovely !

    per favore, keep sharing these little pieces of your life, it is so much inspiring !
    looking at you 4, i sooo wanna be married as well ))))) and have such little toddlers (i dont believe myself even ))))

    all the best !! from italy with love !! saluti !!

  13. Ariel

    Awe! Poor E! I’m so glad she enjoyed Easter the following morning though! Those kiddos of yours are seriously the sweetest babies I’ve ever seen! Those little outfits! Eek! So much cuteness! Always love your videos! :)

  14. magali

    awww this video is so cute! Love your blog so much. Much of love to all of you from Switzerland xxx

  15. Kate

    I was singing this song yesterday! I love Easter Parade. Looks like you had a lovely day =)

  16. Such a cute video! It made me smile so much :-D And I love how Samson and Josh match each other ;)

  17. Caitlin

    what a precious video! your easter looks magical!

  18. Berenice

    What an adorable little movie !!! I absolutely love Samson’s big smile in the photo above. :)
    Did you do this movie ? what editing program do you use? (sorry if you have already answer this 100 times )
    Happy easter from Australia !!

  19. Ale Mazzonetto

    What a sweet video! Happy Easter Davis family! And definitely loving the song too, Judy Garland?!! Also, Samson’s smile when they are standing against the wall, so dang cute! Your family is lovely :)

  20. So adorable! Your Easter looked very similar to mine as we had an Easter egg hunt for my two year old nephew and then went off to church! I adore Eleanor’s outfit! SO unique, yet beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family!!


  21. Teresa

    This is such a sweet video! I love seeing your kiddo’s faces so happy! That’s so funny about Eleanor and the Easter bunny. My little girl thinks there’s a doggy living under her bed. ha! Happy Easter my friend!!!

  22. amy

    so pretty! what color are Eleanor’s FP’s? They look mint green and i am a mint green freak so would love some for my girl but on the site i see “Aruba” and they don’t look quite like hers. I’d love to know, Thank you!

  23. eleanors little outfit is just the cutest! looks like a joy-filled day! :)

  24. caitlin

    This is my most favorite video of you guys! Love it!

  25. hanna

    The video is adorable! –Hanna Lei

  26. Tina

    I love their outfits!

  27. liz

    Aw, that was the sweetest, springiest video ever.

  28. Love the video! Super cute!

  29. Kelly

    What an adorable film, it looks like you had a great Easter!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  30. Sharee

    Oh, I love your blog so much Naomi – it brightens my day. What a sweet video.

  31. Looks like a wonderful day – Happy Easter!

  32. loved the video – as always!

    i’m so sorry that E was scared – it makes for a cute story, but I feel so bad that she was afraid!

    Happy monday!

  33. Sarah

    My two and a half year old watched this with me this morning and simply said,”that was a cute one. That was cute, huh mommy…” I have to agree, very cute.

  34. Amanda H.

    perfection! as usual!

  35. Shal

    Oh my gosh – Samson’s grin when the kids are all lined up on the wall !!!! It killed me :)

  36. Kate

    Aww so cute! Greetings from Czech republic :)

  37. I always admired your ability to pick the perfect music for your videos Naomi…Such an unexpected choice each time, but oh so right…You guys seem to have had a beautiful Easter!

  38. Amie

    Too stinkin cute! Happy Easter :)

  39. jen

    oh my goodness Naomi, this video is precious!! looks like such a sweet day. totally inspires me to take more videos of my own family!

  40. McKayl

    I’m dying at the picture at the beginning! I know everyone tells you this all the time…but really, your kids are SO. CUTE!!!!~!!!!

  41. Rose J.

    Beautiful scenery, and a lovely video. Bea…it sounds like Judy Garland.

  42. Paola

    Happy Easter! What a lovely video- so inspirational!!! Xo

  43. Naomi, this is so darling! Can you tell me where E’s head wrap is from? I love it. :) bethanyjackman at gmail

  44. Erin

    Love this!! Their outfits are adorable!!

  45. What a fun video!!! And adorable kids! I thought many times through out the day that I wished I could capture every moment! Maybe I’ll do something like this next time!

  46. Marty

    You have a beautiful family. Absolutely made my Easter, and made me feel incredibly nostalgic.

  47. Sinead

    Samson’s happy little face in that picture is enough to melt anyone’s heart! Such a sweet video too :-)

  48. Stacey

    Aww man this video is too cute!
    Looks like you had a fun, amazing day : )

    Loving Eleanor’s aqua shoes!

    Happy Easter x

  49. so cute!
    xo, cheyenne

  50. ching wen

    its wonderful….i love it~

  51. that video just melted my heart! ugh! :) soo cute.
    your kids. seriously! little sweeties.

    happiest Easter!

  52. Randi

    Your kids will cherish your videos like this one day! Quite heartfelt and sweet.

  53. This video is absolutely gorgeous! You are blessed to have such a beautiful family. I know which blog to read to brighten my day!

    Beth xo.


  54. Mary Ann

    Hi Naomi,

    I love the dress you are wearing in this video, where is it from? Appreciate it!

  55. Taylor

    I love this little video! I’m glad you and your little family had a wonderful holiday!!


  56. Renee

    I love that Eleanor cracks the eggs open on the pail! Haha – she is just too funny! Can you give me info on her super cool aqua shoes?? Do they make those for adults!!
    Blessed Easter to you as well!

  57. Annemarie

    wow. this is lovely!
    greetings from hamburg

  58. Sarah

    Amazing video!Greetings from germany
    PS Where is your beautiful dress from?

  59. Hayley

    I love this video, so beautiful and inspiring! What is the top you are wearing, it’s gorgeous!?

  60. Anna

    absolutely loved this video!! so beautiful!!

  61. Seriously the cutest little video ever. I can tell your Easter was wonderful and joyful!

  62. Anna

    SO ADORABLE! Samson is such a sweet little smiley guy, and Eleanor is the cutest little lady. I loved that video. You are model-gorgeous, and your family is just so sweet. Blessed Easter season to you guys! PS: I LOVE Judy Garland, and that song was the perfect compliment to your video. :)

  63. Esther

    This is everything! Samson at 0:52…I had to watch that part like 3 times. So so amazing.

  64. Sydney

    Those kids are so entertaining to watch. They always have the biggest smiles on their faces. The cutest video!!!