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hi! i’d love to share some of our favorite books right now, ones that eleanor and samson seem to ask to have read to them over and over again each day.  i wanted to start with these three books, because they are not only so great for both their ages, but they are interactive! which i love! i think reading to your little ones is one of the greatest things we can do for our children, especially in a world where technology seems to be taking over everything.  i admit we use the iPad just as much as the next family might, and there are wonderful apps and tools for little ones that teach and encourage their young minds, but books are still the best option in my opinion, and i’m so thankful my littles ask for “more” and “more” reading every day.


1. lines that wiggle by candice whitman. we’ve been borrowing this interactive book  from our neighbor, who is a schoolteacher in harlem and couldn’t believe we didn’t know of it! it’s pretty great.  there is a raised embossed line on every page, always turning into so many things! lines of a spider’s web or the veins in a leaf, zig zags and swirls, lines that bend and lines on bugs that stick straight out! it’s fun for the kids to use their finger and trace the lines through every page.  we like to point out all the lines we see in their room after reading which becomes a very fun game. 


2.  press here by herve tulle. eleanor especially loves this book. press the yellow dot and turn the page, suddenly there are two dots! each page has instructions of what to do next, from shaking the page (then turning the page to find all the dots scattered about!) to tilting the book or counting and pressing each multiplied dot. it’s fun to watch each page surprise you with something new.  i think this book is so good for a child’s imagination. eleanor almost has it memorized, but will still giggle and say, “silly dot!” when we turn the page.  it’s really fun to read as an adult, too. ;)


3. tap the magic tree by christie metheson. this book is similar in idea to press here, by giving the child instructions of taping and shaking and even blowing a kiss to make the tree do something new while you explore each season of life for the tree. it changes from a bare brown tree to one with beautiful leaves and blossoms then to apples and eventually snow!  it’s been great for samson as he learns to count out loud all the different leaves or blossoms or apples falling.  i actually just used this book for samson’s play school lesson earlier this week and was really amazed at how attentive all the little ones were while they participated as i read the story.  it’s definitely a good one.

what are some of your favorite interactive books for children? what was your favorite when you were little?

ps.  eleanor’s baby shower over 3 years ago all about books!

  1. Katrina

    These have got to be the coolest things! Wish we had them here in our side of the world, I would love to read them to my toddler cousins…especially to keep them away from technology. :)

    With love from the Philippines,
    The forever curious Katrina

  2. Lucy

    Thank you for sharing such lovely lovely books!

    Press here is already on my son’s wish list but I have just gone and added Tap the magic tree!!! It looks amazing, so beautiful and we love anything about the seasons!

    Thanks so much!

    X x

  3. Merel

    Oh wow, these books look really really good! I’m going to buy them for my niece. I’m sure she’ll adore them!

    I personally LOVE the books by Charlotte Demantons. There is just so, so much to see on every page, just so much details and little stories packed in each illustration.

    Two of my favorites which I found on amazon;




  4. Oh Naomi, I love that you teach E and S to love books! I definitely agree that despite how cool technology is, some things can only be found in books. My mother stopped reading to me early in my life because I learnt to read when I was 4 (!) so she just grew tired of it and told me to read on my own. But for me the whole point of books was to spend time with my mum. For the longest time I just didn’t like reading that much, but I’m learning again now, with a goal of fifteen books by the end of the year. My language and imagination has never been in such a good shape. Bonus points for getting to talk about books for hours with my big sister who loves loves loves reading and writing…
    I hope your littles keep on loving the printed words and spend as much time reading together as they do reading with their mama now. :)

    P.S: can I just say I reaaaally want “press here”? It seems so fun!

  5. What a cute idea for a shower! Now she has all these beautiful books in collection/memory of all the people who attended her shower. I work with children so I’m always looking for new and interactive books, they love the interactive ones much more! It gets them involved in the story and they do always say MORE! Can’t wait to check these books out. Thanks Naomi!



  6. Paola

    Awesome post! We’ll def. be checking out Lines That Wiggle at our B&N soon- seems like something my toddler would love! A favorite at our house right now is Sidney, Stella, and the Moon by Emma Yarlett the illustrations are darling and my little has a blast trying to find the possible moon replacements throughout :)

  7. Cassie

    We love books too, and I hadn’t heard of any of these! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Julie

    I haven’t heard of those, I will have to check them out! My little one adores Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, by Peter Brown. The illustrations are gorgeous, and we have fun roaring along with Mr. Tiger. And Pajama Time by Sandra Boyton is another big favourite. We usually try out new kid books at the library, and if they are a big hit, then we buy a copy.

  9. Some fab ideas for when I hopefully have little ones of my own! My favourite books when I were little were Topsy and Tim books :)

  10. kirsten

    Hi Naomi! This is a great idea for a post. When I was about 2 or 3 I absolutely loved the book “Pancakes for Breakfast” by Tomi DePaola. As the book has no words, children are encouraged to “read” the story through pictures. The great part about it is that you can change the story each time! Thanks for sharing your current favorites :) Have a nice day.

  11. My absolute favorite interactive book for years when I was little was “The Jolly Postman”…specifically “The Jolly Postman at Christmastime”. It was the sort of book where there are little envelopes on every page that contained letters you could take out and read. I would make my poor father read it to me on nights far beyond the Christmas season (think mid-July) because I adored reading the special inserts. The Felix book series is similar – a girl’s stuffed rabbit travels the country/world/etc, and sends back letters and fun surprises to her. Probably a better option for when the kiddos are a little bit older, but a great way to keep the interactive book trend alive! :)

  12. Saundra

    This post made me so happy. I’m a children’s librarian, and I have always been thrilled by the way you promote books and the library in your blog. Your children are very lucky to have parents who share stories with them. Good for you! And check out Love Monster by Rachel Bright sometime.

  13. kelly

    Bless you! I am going to use these for my therapy session (speech) today. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Bethany

    My boys have sadly aged past the season of picture books… I must ask, though, what brand/color is your polish?! :)

  15. Ashley S

    Those are great books!! You should check out other books by Herve Tulle, like “The Game of Light.” They would love that one! It has cut outs where you can shine a flashlight through it to see all of the patterns it can make :)

  16. deloom

    Lovely books! My sister recently had a little one and we’re working on building a library for him. These would make wonderful additions when he’s a bit older. Thank you for sharing! <3

  17. Press here is one of our favorites too. My M, who will be two in June, loves This is the Way by Charles Fuge, and How to Train a Train by Jason Carter Eaton.

    The first is all about imagination and animals, the second is about having a pet train, and has the most gorgeous illistrations.

    Huzzah for reading to our Children!

  18. Meaghan

    I love finding new books for my boys. Thanks for the recommendations!

  19. Lindsey

    While this is a sweet post, your blog continues to lose my interest with the direction it is taking towards a children’s blogs. That’s fine and I’ve never had a problem with your children being feature but it seems like that is less and less balance but other things now. But really a complaint, just wanted to let you know that.

  20. Taylor

    I love the “Press Here” book! It’s so cute fun!


  21. Kelly Reyes

    hi! cute books :) may i ask what brand/color your nail polish is? love it!

  22. My favorite book growing up was “the Maggie b” I love that book so much. It is so cozy and comforting and will forever be near and dear to my heart

  23. Love these books! My personal favorites are wordless picture books – you ask the littles to supply the story based on the pictures and act things out. The Lion and the Mouse, classics like that.

  24. If you give a moose a muffin, If you give a mouse a cookie, cordoroy, goodnight moon, how do dinosaurs say goodnight, pout pout fish, where the wild things are, rumble in the jungle, I love my mommy (giles andreae), counting kisses, the bus for us

  25. Kristen

    Thank you for this post! I just had my first baby a few months ago and I have a new love for books suddenly. I am loving our nightly reading sessions :) I’m trying to increase my selection of books and will definitely be adding these ideas.

  26. hanna

    These books are so cute. –Hanna Lei

  27. Amy

    My best friend just had her first baby and I bought her (them) Press Here. I randomly found it at the bookstore and I think it is GENIUS!!! Such a simple concept but honestly – GENIUS!

  28. Lauren

    I def will have to buy these books for my little one. I think that reading is such an important hobby to introduce to children especially now with all of the technology distracting young children; its good to mix a little old with the new. =) Thanks for posting ! – Hello Precious

  29. Connie

    I spend a lot of time reading to my four year old and she is a bonafide bookworm – I love it. She’ll take off into her room and get cozy in her bed with a book, it’s so cute.

    As far as interactive books go, we read one the other day called ‘Don’t press the button’ by Bill Cotter. Perfect for mischievous little people who just can’t resist. And for a just plain fun, get up and grove kids’ book try ‘Pete the Cat: I love my white shoes’ by Eric Litwin – too good!


  30. That Lines that Wiggle book sounds so amazing! I actually have never seen an interactive book like that for little children. Must buy for my 10 month old! :D Thanks for the recs.

  31. Rebekah

    I love Press Here and now I have to add the magic tree to my list.

    Have you seen The Black Book of Colours? It’s a great book with embossed pages that “describes” colours from a blind child’s viewpoint. It is the most fascinating and beautiful book I’ve ever seen. A must for any bookshelf!

  32. Sarah

    Great post! We have ‘Press Here’ waiting in our nursery. I’m sooo excited to be able to share stories when our baby arrives!!! Even if they don’t quite understand for a while :) Books are so important, I think.
    ‘Peepo’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg was a favourite of mine when I was little. I loved the detailed illustrations and having to spot things. Do you get Allan Ahlberg books in the USA?
    Thanks for the other recommendations too!

  33. Paige

    These pictures are all so fun! does it make your heart jump a little to see your name on an article of clothing?! That is awesome!


  34. Marie

    I love reading to my son too! It’s amazing to see how children suddenly become so attentive while we’re reading an interesting book to them. I just hope that I’ll be able to continue our bedtime reading habit after baby #2 is born, which is pretty soon. *fingers crossed*

    Our family’s adventures: http://smittenbyangels.blogspot.com

  35. kelsey

    I loved “The Jolly Postman”! I really want to get it for my 2-year-old daughter now that she’s into books!

  36. Jennifer F

    Thanks so much for this. We check out 50+ books from the library every couple weeks, and are always looking for great ones we haven’t read. My boys (5, 3, & 9 mos) can’t get enough of story time. Lately we keep going back to some Mo Willems books- especially “Should I Share My Ice Cream?” and “Can I Play Too?”. All the elephant & piggie books are good, but I love the messages in these two. Not interactive and no beautiful pictures, but they really enjoy the dialogue.

    I never get a chance to comment, but thank you for your blog and your positive attitude. I especially love your posts where you share a little of your inner world (recently about everyone assuming you were pregnant-wanted to give you a big hug! & another I remember about long days with the kids and sitting on the floor by the tub. These stay with me and help me (& others I’m sure) when it all seems too much and we feel so alone. You remind us we are not alone. Thank you for that. :) hugs.

    PS- a great one for parents is The Read Aloud Handbook- changed my perspective on reading to my kids. :)

  37. Clara

    I love children’s books, i have no children of my own, BUT i have a ton of nieces and nephews. Books are a staple in my life, and love sharing books with them. Lately, their favorite and mine, is “The Day the Crayons Quit.” it’s definitely a great family read.


  38. Ashley

    These books look great, can’t wait to get one for my little guy. Do you mind sharing what polish you have on?

  39. Cecilia

    This is a beautiful post, I’ve been reading your blog since Eleanor’s birth and it has been incredible following your family’s adventures! :)

  40. Paulina

    Great post, lovely titles in the comments. Some of the best books I’ve been collecting for my daughter are written by Anthony Browne and Oliver Jeffers. Please check them out, they are truly magical! Others include “In The Jungle” by Benedicte Guettier, “Up In The Tree” by M. Atwood, “The Snaggle Grollop” by D. Postgate, “For Just One Day” by L. Leuck, “When a Monster Is Born” by S. Taylor, “Where The Wild Things Are” by M. Sendak, “The Foggy Foggy Forest” by N. Sharratt, “Ish” by P. H. Reynolds, “Whatever Next!” and “Peace At Last” by J. Murphy, “The Flower” by J. Light, “Meg and Mog” by H. Nicoll, “Not Now, Bernard” by D. McKee and a few books by Satoshi Kitamura. “Follow The Line Around The World” by L. Ljungkvist is similar to “Lines That Wiggle”, which I also have.

  41. Paulina

    I’ve just remembered one more” :Naughty Bus” by Jan Oke. :-)

  42. sumera

    I checked these out at the library, they were really sweet. My daughter had a lot of fun with Press Here cause she likes buttons so much. She’s only 1 so they may be even more fun later on. Right now her favourites are “Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you see?”, “Hooray for Fish” , “The very hungry Caterpillar”, and “The Monster at the End of This Book”

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  44. Jessica

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m a Montessori Guide and I am always looking for books that are appropriate for a Montessori environment that are also engaging and fun! I will definitely be picking these up to share with my little ones.

  45. We love Herve Tullet! My daughter is nearly 2 and I’ve been looking for some great books for her birthday – so I just bought all 3 of these! Apparently I am more influenced by your blog than I realised. Anyhoo, for any Australians that were looking into getting these, Amazon is cheaper than TBD, until you add $25 shipping. My eyes nearly bugged out of my head, that has gone up SO much. TBD it is!