palm springs! time in the sunshine!

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hello! we are in california this week spending time with family! i can’t even begin to express how much i loved feeling that warm sun on my face today when we went to the pool. oh my goodness, how good it felt. i almost forgot what sunshine felt like entirely with all those crazy dropping temperatures and snowstorms we’ve had the past few months back east. i don’t even care if i end up with 500 new freckles on my overly freckled face after this trip… i need you in my life this week, sunshine. and i love you.

it’s great to see family, too. we get to spend time with both josh’s and my family while we’re out west this trip and i’m really looking forward to it. we spent several hours in the car today driving with the kids and i was so  impressed with how well they did! (samson hates carseats. HATES.) i know many people often think life in nyc with kids must be difficult but i swear it’s a piece of cake compared to driving anywhere with my child in a carseat. maybe it’s just my kids (err, samson) but man, i’ll carry my stroller up and down subway steps or push it while walking miles and miles around the city over the whole car and carseat situation any day. but anyway, they did well today so maybe we’ve reached a milestone. i was even able to read aloud a book for myself and josh while he drove and both kids played contently in their seats behind us. it was weird. and incredible.

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  1. Brooke

    Oh that sunshine looks perfect! A little jealous over here! I’m so glad you guys are having fun and seeing family…y’all deserve it!

  2. I’m so jealous of that sun! I sure hope the weather here in Utah turns warmer soon. My kids and I are dying for it! Enjoy the vacation!!

  3. Alyssa

    Hey Naomi! Quick question: what resort are you staying at? I love the water slide and I always looking for places with slides I can take my little girl on. Since we live in Phoenix, we take half a dozen trips to CA for cooler weather in the summer.

  4. Totally jealous, soak up all the sun you can so I can live vicariously through you! Woke up to another foot of snow outside my window this morning…and promptly went back to bed to ignore it ;) I’m happy that you guys are getting a reprieve from the icky weather and having family time to boot. Enjoy!

  5. Jo

    Oh my gosh that looks so fun!

  6. Jessica

    Ok. That first picture! I feel like that one is going to be treasured for Samson’s whole life.
    We had our first sunny, and warm-enough, day today and BOY I didn’t realize how much I needed it. I feel you! Enjoy and be blessed!

  7. Sisilia

    Welcome back to Cali! Looks like you’re having a blast! That pool looks refreshing and the kids look like they’re having so much fun!

  8. Bea

    Have fun Davis family!!!!
    I love the sun on my skin!!
    Have a gooood holiday!!

  9. I am hopefully making my way out to California in May and these pictures are making me sooo eager to be in that warm Cali sun! Love the photos, your family is lovely!

  10. Charlie

    Great photos – looks like a really fun holiday!

  11. Hannah

    Here in Japan there are all four seasons in one day recently. As I am a teacher here I keep suggesting to go outside for the hour of sunlight we have. So far there are no takers. Loosen up school system.
    Enjoy California!

  12. Marion

    Oh yes the sun ! I’es look perfect ! Enfoy !

  13. Elise

    Looks like you’re having a great time! Enjoy your vacation!

  14. Freya

    Have a wonderful holiday! The sun has been making an appearance here (London) too a little and my freckles have come out already – except this year they’ve appeared in such a way that makes it look like I have chocolate all around my mouth. Urgh! It’s worth it for the sun though :)

  15. Warm temperatures and loads of sunshine make everything better! Lately I’m a bit obsessed with California, I need to go!!
    Have a great time under the sun!

  16. kirsty roberts

    Have an amazing time with your beautiful family! Just been on insto’s and seen the comments about the car seats. Sorry for commenting on the nasty comments but people just won’t give it a rest! Enjoy yourselves and take no notice. You’ve got a lot of lovely followers that just wish you well.xx

  17. JM

    So happy you’re having fun in the sun. How does Josh manage to get so much time off work? I was always under the impression it was really difficult to take vacation time in the US. Lovely pictures!

  18. Anna

    Wow, looks like an amazing trip, with family and… sunshine!! you all have fun and enjoy!

  19. miri

    hey naomi, i would like if u let me know-
    Do u develop your kids photos and put them in an album?
    i’m kind of lost with all the pics of my 20 month baby naomi :)

    and love your blog!!!

    *i hope my grammer is right – i’m from isreal….

  20. I miss my California sunshine so, so much. Nothing in the world compares. Can’t be wait to be home soon :) Your family is precious as always – I love that first photo!

  21. heather

    Ohhhh, I can’t even *imagine* how good being in a pool must feel. I’m a California-native-recently-turned-New-Yorker and this crazy winter has been the first time I’ve really missed being back in the sun.

    So jealous. Enjoy!

  22. bridget

    enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. i live in the boston area and a serious multi-day reprieve is necessary for my soul at this point. i know what you mean.

    also, let me be one more voice to tell you your post the other day was really great. you’re both a lovely blogger and a lovely woman from what i can tell.

  23. Claire

    Oh, the jealousy… Enjoy!

  24. Natalie

    How is it I am always jealous when i read your posts/see your photos. Wish I was in sunny California and not cold England right now!
    We definitely need a sunny break now and then, looks perfect. ♥

  25. nanette

    oh looks so nice! we had some sun today but it was cold! hopefully warmer days are ahead. :)

  26. megan

    I’m so happy you and your family are getting some sunshine!! Hopefully some warmer weather will be awaitng your arrival in NYC!

  27. I hope you all have a super great time, and bring some of that sunshine out to the mid west and east coast as you’re flying home. We need a serious pick-me-up on this side of the country.

  28. Kelsey

    This looks like heaven. Bottle up that sunshine & bring it back to the east coast with you, pleeeease.

    & it’s not really spring until the freckles come out in full glory, you know ;)

  29. Have fun! We live in Santa Barbara and t’s been beautiful here. This weekend is suppose to be in the 80’s. Can’t wait!
    Enjoy the vitamin D!!!

  30. how fun! enjoy the sunshine – it’s back down to 27 degrees here! (can you even believe it?! i wanted to crawl back into bed this morning). have a great time out there and bring some of that warm weather back with you! :)

  31. Janis

    OMG, I need this sunshine in my life as well! ENJOY!! :)

  32. Christine

    Living vicariously through you’re beautiful, sunny pictures. Enjoy this well deserved R&R. And I know how therapeutic it can be to be around family, so soak that in too! Have fun!

  33. Life+1

    Ahh the little things in life! I was just thinking about this the other day. How important it is (how how easy it is to forget) to enjoy the simple things in life. One of many things my toddler taught me..

    Hope you enjoy every minute of that warm sun!


  34. sounds very fun! we’re missing the sun here in Texas, too! it’ll come and go.. and we miss it very much! love to see the happy faces there. have fun! :)

  35. Kate

    Hooray for sun! And I totally agree about carseats and strollers. Enjoy :)

  36. You deserve a lovely break after such a cold and gloomy winter Naomi! You all look like you’re having loads of fun. Enjoy yourselves! :)

  37. Eisha

    Totally jealous! I’ve been holed up since Tuesday evening because of a super blizzard (I also live in NY, though much farther up hehe) Hope you and your beautiful family enjoy your trip!

  38. Jenn

    O! The complete joy that the warmth on your skin and the sunshine brings. I’m longing for this kind of trip with my family (we are in VERY COLD Canada), Please post many photos so I can live vicariously through you! Bon Voyage!!

  39. amber

    AHHHHH!!! Taza, I’m SOO jealous! We just got a foot of snow up here in Maine… I wish I was going to down a water slide with my kiddos now!

    California must be such a great break from the city… the weather looks simply beautiful! Thanks for posting these photos. Looks like you guys are having so much fun.

    Enjoy your vacation! Nothing like old fashioned family time in the sun :)

  40. amber


    I just love that swimsuit with the hearts! Too cute!

  41. Ella

    Yeah for Sunshine!! And that last picture is perfection, yet again :))

  42. Julie

    oh wow, after all this crazy cold (and bloody long) winter, that looks soooo good right now! Glad to see that you are having a much-deserved break with the family in the sunshine. As a side note, I walk by a baby store near my office almost every day, and they always have the bugaboo video you did for their strollers playing in the window. Your family is so sweet and adorable!

  43. Oh my, after the massive snowstorm we had here in Toronto yesterday, (which I believe is hitting New York City today), these photos and your description of the warm sun have left me wanting!

  44. oh my! I envy so much right now! I’m in so much need of sunshine!
    these photos are great you all look so happy ;)

  45. Kelly

    These are great photos and I hope all have a wonderful vacation!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  46. Lisa

    We all need a bit of sunshine. It’s sunny where I’m at today and I just want to throw open my windows.

    It is incredibly amazing when the babies stop fighting the car seat…I had one of those. It wasn’t pretty…

  47. alice

    ahhhh! so jealous! i want to be in the sun…you picked a great time for a getaway…it is snowing here in the Northeast…again. enjoy your break. and get as many freckles as you can!

  48. Taylor

    Yay for sunshine! I could use some too (only four more weeks for my vaca!) and I’m so glad you get the chance to get some out in Cali. Hopefully you bring it back to the east coast on your way home. ;)


  49. TJ

    What a perfect little getaway! I love each one of these pictures, especially the first one! You are such a good momma ;)
    Have fun, and take lots of pictures!!
    xo TJ

  50. lanita

    this looks so amazing! where are you staying? we are planning a trip to CA and that slide needs to be part of the itinerary!

  51. Teresa

    so glad you are getting some family time in the sunshine!!! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it to the fullest with your beautiful family!!!

  52. rachel

    O so glad you’re in my sunshiney state! Enjoy all that vitamin d…freckles are adorable btw. I doubt ill ever leave CA. If I do…ill move to Mexico. I can live without my sunshine.

  53. Welcome to sunny California! I live just outside of Los Angeles and we’ve had some pretty crazy windstorms the last couple of days.. I hope you’re not in it! I’m sure the wind is a breeze (haha..I have jokes) compared to New York’s snow!


  54. Karen Peterson

    I’m so glad we could have some good weather for you. Ordered it up special!

  55. amanda

    i just had to stop and say- wow! those pictures are amazing! that sunshine and pool water? oh, heaven! i’m so jealous!

  56. cheyanne rudmik

    so fun…we stay at that resort every fall when we are in palm springs…have so many pics of my kidlets on that slide…hope that you guys had a wonderful trip!

  57. Sinead

    Wow look at that sky! Enjoy the sunshine and warmth, I’m only a bit jealous…! ;-)

  58. Leith

    Woot! Hope you make it up to San Francisco this trip! It’s been sunny and clear and in the 70s all week. It’s woooonderful! Not that San Francisco ever gets below freezing, but man there’s nothing like warm weather and sunshine to cheer anyone up! – Leith

  59. hanna

    I wish it were warm enough to play in the water where I am. –Hanna Lei

  60. My son hates, HATES the car seat and has since like 4 months! And we love here, and drive EVERYWHERE! happy for you guys though that he did so great. And that the weather was beautiful for you!! xoxo

  61. There is so much joy in Samson’s face in that first picture. If I could bottle any feeling to save for a rainy day, it would be that! So much joy!

  62. Shannon Boffa

    If you’re here for a while you must take Eleanor & Samson to the Children’s Discovery Museum in Rancho Mirage!! Also, there’s a great hike called the Bump n Grind on Highway 111 & a froyo place you might enjoy in downtown Palm Springs called Cactusberry :-)

  63. Sydney

    Awe, yay! We have been having such pretty weather here this past week, you guys came at the perfect time! The kiddos look precious and look like they’re having so much fun. Enjoy your trip! :)

  64. Stacey

    I’m from California, currently living in Wash DC. Happy to see you enjoying good weather in CA but most of all spending it with family. Time with family trumps all!

  65. Rosie

    The weather looks so great :) Im going to California next week and cannot wait to feel some sunshine on my skin! x

  66. Glad you enjoyed my state! We’ve been very blessed with this (non)winter!

  67. Sunshine is the answer to a lot of things! Looks amazing there X