saving space in the nursery + a giveaway! (closed)

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today we have partnered with the land of nod to give away a $1500 credit to one lucky ready to use on their site! the giveaway details are below at the bottom of this post!

last month, josh and i ordered the jenny lind toddler beds from the land of nod for eleanor and samson’s nursery and all four of us have been so happy with them since! you might remember their old nursery with their cribs from this post when we first moved back to new york city, and then when we did away with their cribs and put their crib mattresses on the floor inside the teepee last fall in this post.

while the teepee situation was our family’s favorite, we were sad to see it begin to fizzle as eleanor and samson started to outgrow their crib mattresses we were using inside the teepee.  we actually then bought a twin mattress a few months later and put it on the floor for them to share with the idea that we’d eventually do bunk beds or a trundle bed in their nursery come spring or summer.

city living is tricky when it comes to maximizing your small space with kids and beds. while the twin mattress was more comfortable than their tiny crib mattress, sharing it was getting hard (someone likes to sleep sideways) and it felt ginormous in their small play space because it took up so much room.  when we measured the space, we couldn’t imagine adding a second twin mattress to the room.

after what felt like an entire month of trying to figure out if toddler beds or real beds made more sense, we decided to move forward with toddler beds and sell the twin mattress so we wouldn’t have to sacrifice play space for so much “bed.” the jenny lind toddler beds seemed like the perfect solution since they are so compact and low to the ground. the kids can get in and out and up and down on their own. plus, they’re gorgeous! and now, there is still room to get down and play on the floor with them and that is something that is important to our family.  saving all the inches we can here and there from bigger and bulkier furniture makes a big difference when you live in a smaller space.

i’d love to show you a few photos of what their room looks like now with their new beds! we kind of flipped the entire room around back in january on a cold day when we were stuck inside and super bored.

nursery02nursery01nursery6nursery3nursery4 nursery2

and don’t forget! the land of nod is giving away a $1500 credit to one lucky reader! to enter, please visit the land of nod and sign up for their mailing list, take a look around the site, then come back here and comment below telling us what you’d use your $1500 credit towards.  the winner will be drawn at random next week and contacted directly.  good luck!

  1. Angie

    Would finally get Jenny Lind twin beds in black for my boys. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Ellen

    I would get beds for my three toddlers! I have a little boy Eleanor’s age and twin boys Samson’s age, both almost to the day! Thank you for all of your beautiful posts and for this amazing giveaway.

  3. Ainsley Anderson

    i’m dying for the ‘over the river and through the’ rug! my kids would LOVE it.

    and a million other things to decorate my babies nursery!

  4. Sammy

    What wouldn’t I buy?! I would die for two of the marquee upholstered headboards. So cute!!! But love the jenny kind as well:)

  5. Allison

    One of everything please! Just moved our little boy and girl into the same room. We are now in desperate need of color, organization and, of course, whimsy. I’m crossing my fingers and looking at you Land of Nod!

  6. Katie Stamper

    I’d love a new toddler bed with the safari animal bedding for my son’s new big boy room. This would be amazing!!

  7. Mirianthi

    I am expecting my second son in june And would love to win a $1500 credit to Land Of Nod! My boys will be sharing room so I would definitely need some of their cute storage bins. Also I would love to get the yellow and grey bedding for my sons toddler bed that we just got him. Oh and the yellow and white curtains would go perfect in their bedroom! Since they share room, I would love to get them some cute wall art and their first initial of their names to put over their beds. Okay and the teepee I’ve been daydreaming about!

    Thanks for an amazing giveaway opportunity! Crossing our fingers.

  8. Chloe

    Love all of their options for toy storage and crib sets for our dolly on the way! :)

  9. Shannon t.

    Seeing as I swoon every time the catalogue comes in the mail I could easily spend $1,500+! So this would be amazing! I’ve had my eye on the Jenny Lind toddler bed as we are about to transition from the crib! And a table for my little to draw on just her size. And a rug or three. And don’t even get me started on the darling toys they’ve got too!!

  10. Tanya Hart

    I would buy bunk beds for sure! We are expecting a new little one in July and we will need something in the somewhat near future for our other kids!

  11. Courtney Watkins

    Wow, a $1,500 land of nod shopping spree sounds like a dream come true! With our third baby on the way our 2 yr old son and 5 yr old daughter are going to be sharing a room. My imagination was running as I was clicking around the site. I would love to get bedding, the letter decor, wall hangings, toys, curtains to complete their new shared space. And maybe still have some left over for our new baby!!!!

  12. Claudia Hilton

    Oh wow the Jenny Lind white dresser and toddler raspberry bed are amazing !! They would be perfect for my 9 month old. It would be very difficult to choose since they have so many beautiful things to pick from. Awesome giveaway!!

  13. Sara Jenkins

    This is a great giveaway! I would love it for their toys that help build imagination. With this much to spend, it would help with gifts for others too.

  14. Alli

    My three year old son is in need of a bed too, there is not a lot of options in aus! I just love the ‘Uptown Bed’ in grey

  15. Courtney Bryson

    We have another little boy on the way and would love to buy some awesome things for a shared play room for them :] thanks !!

  16. Sabriye

    So many beautiful things, it’s hard to choose– and it’s making me excited to be an aunt! I’d use the $1,500 to help my brother and his girlfriend buy the Sleigh Crib in white, See Turtles bedding, Change it Up changing table in white, Kate Quinn snuggle sets (giraffes and seahorses), Modern Menagerie framed wall art, A B Sea Rug, Party animals wall art, Follow the Herd mobile, and It’s a Wrap swaddling blanket set. Fingers crossed!

  17. Karen

    Oh my what a terrific giveaway, good luck to all who entered!!!! I think the ? Should be what wouldn’t I use it for lol. No but for real I’d get my little boy who’s growing into a toddler a new bed and bedding along with some super whimsical throw pillows and toys :). And for his sis I’d get her a tepee, room decor and one of those adorable stuffed dollies!”fingers crossed”


  18. Sara Deel

    Jenny Lind beds to transition my twins out of their cribs very soon. And definitely one of the play canopies or tepees!

  19. Jennifer Kent

    Because everything is too expensive to buy without a sweepstake!

  20. Mallory

    I love the Adustable Height Everlasting table, would be perfect for our unfinished playroom. Love Land of Nod so much.

  21. Emory

    A great Jenny Lind bed and bedding!

  22. Adriene Billet

    Baby Hazel absolutely NEEDS a new glider!!! What a great giveaway!

  23. Brooke Burke

    already on the land of nods mailing list. this would be the perfect opportunity to get the crib of our dreams for our future babes.

  24. A red Jenny Lynn bed and book shelves for my baby girl.

  25. Jessica

    I can’t even begin to imagine how this credit could change our lives! If I had to choose from the whole wonderful inventory I would get my daughter the monarch bed and some adorable bunny bedding and either a teepee or some decor! Love it all though, so it might take some time to shop (:

  26. Rachel

    My baby girl Grace will definitely be getting a Jenny Lind big girl bed if we won!

  27. Both my kids (2 1/2 and 16 months) need a room makeover: new beds, bed sets, dressers and toys. They would LOVE a teepee too!

  28. Jessica Thompson

    I have had my eye on a teepee forever and then after that storage storage storage!! :)

  29. Hilary

    We are having baby #2 in July! I’d love to buy a toddler bed for our little girl and move her out of our room and into a real play/bed room for both of our babes!

  30. Anna Warr

    STORAGE for the tiny office turned nursery for our sweet little Vivienne James… & clothes, of course.

  31. violet

    Where do I begin? I would create an art room for my little artist. Bins and storage for her art supplies. Desks and table for her to use as a workspace. A awesome headboard for her bed and cute decor to inspire her.

  32. I’d totally LOVE the joya rocker. Crossing my fingers!

  33. Amber

    Love land of nod. I would love to get the jenny Lind bed in white!

  34. Sloane Guidry

    I would love to win this and get a fabulous toddler bed and bedding to transition our little girl’s nursery to her “big girl” room! I absolutely love everything at Land of Nod!

  35. Shannon Holmes

    Awesome giveaway! I want bunk beds for my toddlers. And a teepee and everything from land of the nod.

  36. I would buy an incredible amount of toys. My daughter gets bored with hers so fast because she’s so ready to learn new things all the time. This credit would allow me to nurture her curiosity without going broke :).

  37. Melissa

    there is so much to choose from. but the storagepalooza seems like the perfect solution to lots of toys!

  38. Lauren Clements

    Hello! I just love EVERYTHING Land of Nod has. Truly we could use the $1,500 giveaway money towards lots of things on this site with a baby coming in a few months and a 16 month old. We are tight on space (and moola;)) in a little apartment while my husband is getting his MBA. If we won we love to get the straight up crib, the mosaic paisley crib sheet and some towards a Jenny Lind toddler bed for a little girl! Thanks for doing such a fabulous give away!!

  39. Our family adores the aesthetic of Land of Nod! We’ve been fans since we first discovered we were pregnant with our son. We have a Jenny Lind crib and Land of Nod striped crib skirt. We love clean design and personal touches that allows our family’s style and personality to shine through. We recently bought the Jenny Lind twin bed in white from LoN, and would love to add to our collection. Hopefully, we’ll one day have a little sister or brother for our son (fingers crossed), and we’d love to build our collection. If you want to learn more about our family visit our blog at Thanks for considering us!

  40. First I would buy their Jenny Lind toddler bed for my little one. And then I would definitely move onto their toy section–all of them are so cute!

  41. Lindsey

    Land of Nod is the greatest store! I would do so many things with a gift card! First- finally decorate my baby girls room with a new Low-rise white crib and I’ve been eyeing that gold dot fitted sheet for ages now! And doesn’t every girl need a bookcase!? The high-rise is a definite favorite! And can you believe I’ve never owned a rocking chair? The orange Marley rocker is calling my name. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  42. Alli

    I would decorate my kids’ playroom with bookcases, lamps, rugs, a playtable and chairs, and of course, toys! I love Land of Nod!

  43. Mary Catherine Brown

    I’ve been eyeing their monarch dresser for SO long for my baby girl due this summer! :)

  44. Christina

    I don’t have any little one’s yet… but I would love to have a few of their pieces in our new home! I may even share with my friends and family! :)

  45. Auddy

    A better question is what wouldn’t I buy?! That store has so many beautiful things! I especially love the Jenny Lind gear.

    p.s. Your kids have the coolest room!

  46. Joyce

    i would love to buy the dressers & the alphabet ppersonaliized wall art!

  47. Randy W.

    I would outfit my little guys bed with those ruggulous Urban Lumberjack comforter set! I spend a lot of time putting him down for naps, reading, and wrestling in his bed. I would selfishly love an upgrade.

  48. caitlin harper

    this is the perfect opportunity to set up the ultimate playroom! which would include the elwood table, two-tone teak play chairs, indoor explorer pup tent, now you see it acrylic bookcart and then lots of fun accessories! thank you!

  49. Janet Ingalls

    I love there kids storage systems. and the craft tables. They have so many lovely items!

  50. Pauline

    I’d love to buy some of their puzzles and toys, I find them to not only be educational and attractive, but well made as well. I also love their selection of wall decor…OR I may just hold out until they get holiday stuff, I always love their Christmas seasonal items!

  51. Alex B.

    I would buy the Good Read Trough book caddy to start with…then go crazy from there!

  52. Katelyn

    i absolutely adore the little twigs wall mirror!

  53. Jill Bristow

    I would get the Jenny Lind toddler beds for my two girls. I’ve been dying to get them for months! Precious.

  54. Elizabeth Clair

    Thanks for a great give away! Land of Nod is an amazing store! I’m having my first baby this summer and would love to buy things for his nursery-especially storage for books!! I’m thinking those Storagepalooza in the fun colors! :-)

  55. Dayna Magleby

    I’ll take my chances! I would purchase some of their beautiful furniture for our non-existent playroom. Everything on their site is just too good.

  56. Dorothy V.

    I’m expecting & would love the white bassinet & white sleigh crib! Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  57. Lindsay

    I love the Jenny Lind bed in Azure for not so little one’s big girl room. She is growing up so fast!

  58. Mary Grace

    My niece would LOVE some of the adorable and fun toys – and mommy and daddy couldn’t say no to the great furniture and storage they have!

  59. I’m having my first baby in May. I have already bought several items from the Land of nod. Their colored shelves are my favorite!
    I would use the money to get some more storage items and cute bedding!

  60. Jeremy

    I would love to get my daughter a new bedroom set, Looking Glass Play Chairs (white),and Jenny Lind Bookcase as a coming home gift from my deployment. She’s been so brave with my absence and deserves the world.

  61. Erin w

    I love land of nod! I would use the credit towards a crib for our new baby boy and bedding.

  62. Ranee Misfeldt

    I would love a rocker and new accessories for my rainbow themed, gender neutral nursery!

  63. Casey

    I’ll take the Jenny Lind Toddler Bed and a Brownstone Bookcase!:)

    Thanks for the giveaway! ++crossing my fingers++

  64. Nicole Wagner

    I would be so ecstatic to spoil my pregnant sister and buy her some cute decor for the nursery she is working on right now!!! This is her first baby and my first nephew so it would be perfect!

  65. Elaine

    I would totally revamp my 5 year old daughter’s room. I would finally put some art on the walls and get her a play table for all of her art projects.
    We will definitely add some decoration and storage pieces, but also a rug for her room…..finally!!

  66. LOVE landofnod! I’d start with the storagepalooza. Then a jenny lind bed for our 3yo. Then maybe some bedding and adorable toys! Great giveaway!

  67. Nicole S

    Always love their linens and small goods. And let’s take about their toys ;)

  68. Kahu de Beer

    Oh wow I would get the toddler beds for my girls’ room they are gorgeous x

  69. Jenny

    More Jenny Lind for my son’s room. We already have a twin bed, but would love to have another. We’re hopeful that our family will grow (fingers crossed). Great giveaway!

  70. Angie Belmonte

    Aztec rug, Organic landscape floor bins, Cargo bedding grey, Orange stripped teepee, Light years table lighting, Leo and taurus framed art… And oh… Why not buy the whole store!! That would make one very happy mommy ;) xx

  71. Di

    I would love to get the Marley Rocker and Ottoman. I have a 4 month old and it would make nursing SO much easier!!

  72. I’d get some gorgeous rugs! Their rugs are AMAzing. Love the honeybuns one :)

  73. Carrie

    I would definitely use it to gift one of my girlfriends with a crib! It is her first and her and her sweet husband have been praying for their own little joy for SO long!

  74. Rachel Whimpey

    We have a 1 year old girl. In July we will be adding a little boy to the family. My husband is in school so space and money is limited! We are going to have to be getting another crib, boy bedding, adjusting our daughters room, etc. I would LOVE to win this giveaway!!

  75. Sara

    Our 3-year-old twins are in desperate need of some big kid beds. I’ve had my eye on the Jenny Lind beds for a year or so. I’d love to get them the twin size beds! (And a sweet toy or two.)

  76. Leah VanderMei

    We recently moved to an apt in San Francisco. Our daughter misses the “old house” so much. we would use this to create a special space for her to create in. We also would be able to use more storage for small apt living!

  77. Tara

    I love their options for playrooms! I would love to get a teepee and rug for the little one and hang their beautiful prints and lots of storage for me!! My little boy spent his first birthday exploring the Land of Nod pop up shop and he could not get enough!

  78. Shelly

    I would love to create a beautiful nursery from the land of nod

  79. Rachel

    I would let my baby toddler pick his own items. Is all about Him :)

  80. Sue

    I would love to win this giveaway and buy my grandson the new toddler bed he needs! I absolutely love the teepee you guys have as well!

  81. Melanie

    Eek! I love all of LON’s cribs-probably the Andersen cribs for my foster babies:). Thanks, Taza, we are huge fans! xo

  82. Besides their furniture I would love to buy some of their wall art, linens and storage!

  83. Lance

    I would love to win this gift card and surprise my pregnant wife with it. I know she has had her eye on the rocking chairs and ottomans.

  84. Kirsten

    What wouldn’t I want to buy…definitely a bed for my son and some blackout curtains.

  85. Liz

    Redoing our play room. Would buy a kitchen, a rug, the nautical bedding. The question is what WOULDN’T I buy?!

  86. Ashley

    So hard to choose! I think I would get the full over twin bunk bed. But there are so many things I would want to buy!

  87. Kate

    This is so generous! I would definitely buy the toddler bed for my 2 year old, and share the wealth with my best friend who,has a 1 month old!!

  88. Nicole Baksa


    I’d get the library caddy! So cool. And a bookcase for sure.

    Thanks! Love Land of Nod

  89. Tiffany

    What an incredible giveaway! I would use this to outfit an amazing playroom for our new baby girl. I can’t get over the awesome personalized wall art.

  90. Neeley

    We love Land of Nod and I know my kids would love “A Teepee to Call their Own” for their playroom!

  91. Maria

    We just bought a new house, so I would use the gift card to finish re doing my baby boys room! Trying to modernize it, with some whimsical flare. He already has the black and white stripe teepee by land of nod, and we love it! I would also get some stuff to finish out playroom. Three little boys mean a lot of toys, so proper and functional and durable storage is a must have that we need more of!!

  92. Carrie

    Love Land of Nod! I would definitely get rugs for my girls rooms :)

  93. Amanda

    I have wanted a jenny lind bed for my daughter since I first saw it. Yellow or azure are just so cute and bright! I would also get the high rise bookcase and a few of the looking glass desk chairs for her table. The precious metal nightstand, at least one of the ashley g. throw pillows, and the charming silver striped storage baskets! Gah! What an amazing giveaway! thank you for the opportunity!!

  94. Bailey

    Ohhh I LOVE all of their stuff! I’m expecting my first in August, so I would go crazy on all sorts of nursery decor, lighting, rugs, furniture, etc! I already purchased the cute Elemenopee quilt and think it’s just darling!

  95. Jennifer Watkins

    I would use the credit to set up a playroom for my three sets of twins! What a fantastic giveaway!

  96. Lisa McLeod

    I have been on The land of Nod mailing list for almost two years now, I registered there for my first baby! I am in love with their textiles!

    I currently 4 months pregnant with our second baby and I have a longboat of items that I desire that are a burnout of my budget, namely a toddler bed and bedding. And of course I would have to accessorize the new nursery with wall decals and their classic monogramed chairs!

  97. Catherine Haskew

    What an amazing giveaway! I have a 3 year old and an 11 month old and we are constantly reworking our space to fit their growing needs. I think the first thing we would do is redo their playroom! Hope I win!

  98. Sissy wilkinson

    Bedding, pillow and bedding!!!!!

  99. Karim Jones

    Oh, that’s easy! Only the gorgeous Jenny Lind bed I’ve been dreaming about since before I became a mama! My kids are 12 months apart and we need toddler beds!