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today we have partnered with the land of nod to give away a $1500 credit to one lucky ready to use on their site! the giveaway details are below at the bottom of this post!

last month, josh and i ordered the jenny lind toddler beds from the land of nod for eleanor and samson’s nursery and all four of us have been so happy with them since! you might remember their old nursery with their cribs from this post when we first moved back to new york city, and then when we did away with their cribs and put their crib mattresses on the floor inside the teepee last fall in this post.

while the teepee situation was our family’s favorite, we were sad to see it begin to fizzle as eleanor and samson started to outgrow their crib mattresses we were using inside the teepee.  we actually then bought a twin mattress a few months later and put it on the floor for them to share with the idea that we’d eventually do bunk beds or a trundle bed in their nursery come spring or summer.

city living is tricky when it comes to maximizing your small space with kids and beds. while the twin mattress was more comfortable than their tiny crib mattress, sharing it was getting hard (someone likes to sleep sideways) and it felt ginormous in their small play space because it took up so much room.  when we measured the space, we couldn’t imagine adding a second twin mattress to the room.

after what felt like an entire month of trying to figure out if toddler beds or real beds made more sense, we decided to move forward with toddler beds and sell the twin mattress so we wouldn’t have to sacrifice play space for so much “bed.” the jenny lind toddler beds seemed like the perfect solution since they are so compact and low to the ground. the kids can get in and out and up and down on their own. plus, they’re gorgeous! and now, there is still room to get down and play on the floor with them and that is something that is important to our family.  saving all the inches we can here and there from bigger and bulkier furniture makes a big difference when you live in a smaller space.

i’d love to show you a few photos of what their room looks like now with their new beds! we kind of flipped the entire room around back in january on a cold day when we were stuck inside and super bored.

nursery02nursery01nursery6nursery3nursery4 nursery2

and don’t forget! the land of nod is giving away a $1500 credit to one lucky reader! to enter, please visit the land of nod and sign up for their mailing list, take a look around the site, then come back here and comment below telling us what you’d use your $1500 credit towards.  the winner will be drawn at random next week and contacted directly.  good luck!

  1. Sarah Levin

    I love their storage, especially the storageapaloozas! We are buying our first house and can’t wait to give my 3 year old a little boy room instead of a baby room, this will help a lot!

  2. jarah jones

    new ART studio furniture & storage!!!

  3. Jessica

    I would use it towards my daughter’s new “big girl” room.

  4. Ksenia

    I would get my son some fun bookcases and a dresser!!!!

  5. Kitty

    I love The Land of Nod! I would get my 8-month-old some rugs and a dresser for his new room (we just koved).

  6. Giulia

    I would love to give a romantic home living (I hope that my English is not so bad …) to my future babies and this is the best place I found to show them a part of a coloured life..

  7. Carlie Bush

    I am expecting my first baby, a little boy, in just 7 weeks and we couldn’t be more excited. Seems like we have everything ready to go, minus the crib bedding! This gift card would be perfect. Their crib bedding sets are to die for.

  8. Oh man. They had a land of nod store come to the mall near me in Boston around Christmas and I went in more than I should admit to dream of a nursery stocked with their stuff. I’m currently coveting the mod nod swivel glider and ottoman. We’re in the market for a rocker and this one is beautiful! Fingers crossed!!!!

  9. Heidi

    Hi, I’m a new grammy and watch my granbaby 5 days a week. I have a room at my house for her and would shop for my daughter’s home and mine……also for future babies !!!!!!! lovin life

  10. Cierra

    We just put bunk beds in our girls’ bedroom but we don’t have any cute bedding for them! We would all LOVE to decorate their room with land of nods bedding and pillows and then add in all the other fun stuff they have! Dying over the tent too!

  11. Lisa Larson

    I would use the credit to buy my toddler all new furniture for her”big girl” room. Bed, dresser, etc. We have another baby on the way so all of my toddlers furniture is going to the nursery and she is getting new furniture. $1500.00 would help SO much. I love Land of Nod. :)

  12. Kimberly

    A bed for the big sister. A rug for the little sister! Such a great giveaway!

  13. Rachel

    My two best friends are both having babies this summer, and I would love nothing more than to shower them with gifts from The Land of Nod. One of my friends mentioned how the Classic Wooden Rocker reminds her of the one her mother used to rock her to sleep in. I’d like to surprise her with that and other adorable toys!

  14. Dylann

    with our first baby girl on the way, I would obviously get our nursery decked out and ready for her. All in lavender instead of pink!

  15. Andrea Vaughn

    I would use it to buy my daughter the jenny lind twin bed, either raspberry, yellow or azure. A bookshelf and storage bins, because all of her books are in two giant boxes since we moved because she needs shelving and storage for her new big girls room

  16. Heather Davis

    ALL of the storage items! This girl’s ready to get organized. :)

  17. Lexie

    My baby boy is 4 months and his nursery still isn’t put together, thanks to moving cross country. I would love to use it to get his crib and sheets! Loving the low rise crib in white!

  18. Natalie S.

    I adore land of nod! I’d definitely get their complete activity table set, a simple bed, and district storage bookcase.

  19. Kari

    Best giveaway ever!! My two boys would love any of the pretend play toys…that plush campfire set is too cute! And I love the toddler beds as well. Thanks for the chance!

  20. Rebekah

    We have a 7 month old girl that is in desperate need of fun toys and dolls! We are renovating a spare room into a playroom and would like to do a table and chair set, along with the magical hanging tent:).

  21. Cathrine

    My baby is not a baby anymore. It’s time for a toddler bed!!!

  22. Jessica

    I love it all! I would create a magical playroom for my son – complete with a teepee, the paper roller activity table, the world map and so much more! :) Thanks for the terrific giveaway and lovely posts.

  23. Jessica

    I would create a magical playroom for my son – complete with a teepee, the paper roller activity room, the world map and so much more! :) Thanks for the terrific giveaway and lovely posts.

  24. Nora

    $1500 would be amazing for a large piece of furniture like the Blake dresser, but I would start with the knit storage bins that I have been eyeing forever!!!

  25. Beth

    My husband, two boys, and I live in a small apartment in a boarding school dormitory. I’d love me some Jenny Lind, some great storage, and fun lighting. Not to mention some flags, a teepee, and some great art!

  26. Jamie

    My girl will soon grow out of her crib so I would love the spindle bed!

  27. Christina

    With our first baby on the way and living in the middle of the city we would love stylish furniture that is also space saving! This gift card would also be a huge help with the many baby expenses we are going to incur!

  28. Laura Miller

    We are about to move and my one-year-old will finally be able to move out of a closet and into her own room! This money would come in handy for sure and she would certainly have the cutest space ever with stuff from Land of Nod! Love it all!!!

  29. Becky Marani

    I ADORE that teepee! I’d definitely add that to my shopping list. I’d definitely stock up on allow the storage space saving items! So in love with everything on the website!!!!

  30. Jessica

    It’s time to get my 2 year old little buddy out of his crib. I would LOVE a Jenny Lind bed for him. Of course everything from Land of Nod is swoon worthy.

  31. tiffany

    I would love to create a beautiful shared nursery/playroom for my two little ones like taza. I love the jenny lind beds, the teepee for play, and the storagepalooza!

  32. Jocelyn

    My little girl needs a big girl room! This would be so helpful and would make it look like amazing!

  33. Jenny

    What a great giveaway! I’m expecting my first in 2 months so there are plenty of things I could buy to finish off the nursery. A rug, storage, and lighting are still on my list. I also love the black striped teepee for when baby girl gets older.

  34. Breanne I

    I would use the credit to create a dream playroom for my two littles.

  35. Jennifer Clark

    Hi taza! I love love love land of nod, sad to move away from their chicago store. Hoping they open one in Minnesota! I have been eyeing the pop up RV, teepee and the gorgeous balloon bedding for my Eleanor! She turns one in April! Keep the pictures coming :)

  36. Kori Flores

    What a fantastic giveaway! I’d use the $1500 to change my sweet girls room from a nursery to a toddler room. Such beautiful pieces Of furniture at land of nod, I would love to get a toddler bed and some beautiful bedding too. Maybe some fun new toys too! Thanks so much!

  37. Melinda

    I entered this giveaway-I’ve never entered a giveaway before.. My husband and I would use this incredible offer to set up our first little nursery, alongside our bed in our humble one bedroom apt on the Upper Eastside :)
    We are so ecstatic to be welcoming our Virgo darling into such a magical city! Would be amazing to welcome her (we think it’s a girl) into her own dream world x

  38. Alison

    I would get some bedding and storage and decor for our girl’s room. Expecting our first little one in just over a month! The grey ombré baby blanket is actually in our registry already. (:

  39. Fred

    Imma say
    I would want the 1500 credit to get a bed and some little bed sheets for our little toddling so she doenst have to sleep on the floor.

  40. Barbara

    Ohhhh my… Where to begin?! A teepee/tent for the boys, the adorable Robot Bedding, storage bins, and shelves in the vibrant colors!

  41. Ashley

    What wouldn’t I buy?! A teepee would be a for sure though for my son August.

  42. Lisa

    I’d love to get two twin Jenny Lind beds for my girls to match their Lind bookshelf. I’d also love to splurge on one of their lovely rugs!

  43. Christy

    I love Land of Nod!!!! Everything sparks my heart when I look on their website :) I would for sure buy 2 of the Jenny Lind Beds. One Yellow and one Azure! My 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter share a room. I’m currently collaborating on their bedroom and these beds are so perfect. I’ve had my eye on them for quite a while!!!

  44. Sara Gray

    I can NEVER pick just one thing from The Land of Nod…I’d have to say I’d accessorize the daylights out of our playroom! We love their rugs and storage and lighting and window treatments and…

  45. Jodi Gloeckner

    My little guy is finally ready to make the big move to a big boy bed!his nursery needs a fresh modern overhaul with lots of storage and color. Land of nod is the perfect fit for my families style! I would love to win this!!!

  46. Sophie

    Definitely the Uptown bed. And then some awesome and not cheese bed sheets and oh, it’s a toss between all the bookshelves (can we talk about the city one?) or some storage benches for all the toes that are everywhere

  47. Elaine H.

    I would love one of those Jenny Lind beds for my toddler who is ready to transition to a big girl bed!

  48. Rina181

    OMG I so love everything from the land of nod!!!!!! I’d buy the dresser, the night stand, the lamp, the rug, all the decoration. I’m obsessed with the land of nod. You can check my IG to see a lot of stuff of the land of nod

  49. Jules

    A toddler bed! Since our boy will need a new bed once his sibling takes over the crib this September!

  50. Naomi Laura

    I would pick a city bookcase and Jenny Lind bed for the littles.

  51. Leah ward

    I would get all new bedding and curtains and rugs for my kids rooms. I have nice furniture but need a hand in fitting it out nicely.

  52. Megan

    Where to start? I mean, obviously I want everything! My son will be gaining a little baby roommate in the coming months and I would love nothing more than to put a little extra love into their room. I’m thinking a new dresser, some awesome decor, but also that incredible!!! camper tent and that rider scooter. For my son, not me… I promise :)

  53. As a first-time momma (baby Pearl is due July 2014), my hubby Josh and I could really use the Land of Nod for our own Jenny Lind crib and book shelves for our baby “nook” (corner of the master bedroom). Land of Nod is the BEST. Ordered the tulip sheets so far; it’s hard to stop.

  54. Michelle C

    For my twins nursery!!

  55. Bethany Howard

    a Luca glider for our new baby’s room! Please and thank you!

  56. Kimberly Ngarupe

    What wouldn’t I buy with that $1500! We are moving soon and I would love to deck out Jane’s nursery and playroom. That would be awesome.

  57. Veronica

    We’re in the market for a toddler bed and I think I would have to get a Jenny Lind bed too! It’s just so perfect.

  58. Amy W

    I would buy my daughter a dresser, bookshelf, the adorable teepee, new bedding set, rug, curtains, lamp… Oh boy I hope I win!!!

  59. Liza

    Bookcases, they’re all so nice!

  60. Aly cook

    Um what would I not want to buy is a better question! The toys are awesome, that rosette rug, the play chairs…

  61. Nicole G

    I would love the grey garden trellis rug, the that she glows table lamp, and new curtains…especially the in the mix curtain panels…it would be so tough to narrow it all down. Thanks for the giveaway chance. I love your website :)

  62. Steph

    We just moved and I lost all of the screws to my daughters crib/ toddler bed so a new toddler bed would be a def purchase…the floral gem sheet set would match our scheme perfectly!

  63. Ashley Bird

    The mushroom rattle and metal bed!

  64. Natalia

    I would get an upholstered headboard for me and some toys for my son (like a teepee and some wooden blocks)

  65. Delfina Resendes

    I would love to get my sis set up with blankets, bedding and accessories for her new baby. I would also get all kinds of fun things to add storage to my three kiddos’ rooms. Love land of nod!!

  66. Justin Coyle

    We’d use the giveaway to furnish our nursery with a dresser for my 2-year old and his soon to be brother or sister, a toddler bed, and the play tent, amongst other things!

  67. jenna

    Baby due in June needs furniture!!! I’m a little overwhelmed with all the things I need to buy and this would SAVE me!

  68. Ah! I’d just die. But before that, I’d get a teepee, the evergreen and blue rug, some colorful accessories for my baby girls nursery and colorful storage for my son.

  69. Jennifer

    I would use the gift card on some new bedding for my kiddos (like the floral gem or princess and the pea girls bedding) and then I’d buy some fun gifts for several of my friends who are expecting little babies :)

  70. Where would I begin? We need to transition our oldest into a toddler room. The playroom could use all sorts of storage an would love a fun area rug. Or all of the money could go toward decoraring and furnishing nursery #2 for baby in the way! In love with Land of Nod. Thank you for sharing this giveaway!

  71. Jacqueline Uresk

    Those sleeping bags!!!!! Especially the fox one!!

  72. Definitely the straight-up white crib and a teepee!

  73. Mary-Kevin

    I would use the credit to update my baby girl’s room to a toddler room…the Jenny Lind Bed is a must and I would also love to get her the Elwood Play Table and a couple of Two-Tone Play Chairs in Magenta!

  74. Avrey

    I would use it toward bedding, storage, more storage. :)

  75. Yin Yin Lau-Yang

    We are moving to a new place where my little girl will finally have her own room and a play room too. The offerings @ land of nod is countless! I especially have my eye on the Toyhouse book case and a teepee to call your own amongst others. Thank you for this opportunity and consideration.

  76. Emily

    The uptown bunk bed in gray would be perfect for my boys who will be sharing a room soon!

  77. Cheryl

    I would first get one of their tents . . . so fun for a little boy! Love their curtains and storage chests. So much I would like to get, ah! ;-)