roadtrippin’ in the car + a giveaway with nature box! (closed)

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today we have teamed up with our partner, naturebox, to giveaway a 6-month snack subscriptions to two lucky readers! (details at the end of this post.)

so far on this family trip, we have clocked in something like 15+ hours of travel time in the car (not including the plane, just talking time buckled up on the good old fashioned highway…) that’s a lot of time on the road for a family that doesn’t even own a car back home in manhattan. for the most part, it’s been alright.

in my opinion, in order to have a successful road trip of any kind, you need three things. one:: good company, two:: good music, and three:: lots and lots of good snacks!  while i’m usually stocking up on junk food and soda for the car, i am proud to say i’ve been working hard on ditching these kinds of food habits for better ones over the past several months. we brought along a bunch of fresh veggies and fruit and several snack bags from naturebox for the drive this trip and so far they have been a huge hit! if you aren’t already familiar with the subscription based service, naturebox provides healthy snacks delivered to your door each month which have no high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils or artificial sweeteners. you choose which snacks you’d like from the snack page each month. when they arrive, you can stick them in the glove box of your car, your stroller pockets, diaper bag, top drawer in your office or bed stand or wherever and bam – delicious snacks any time!

a few photos from all the car time, and a giveaway at the end!


^^^the pistachio clusters are my favorite.  also recommend the apple orchards granola and roasted sea salt chickpeas. the whole wheat figgy bars are the kids favorite right now. view all of the snack option here, if you’d like.^^^


^^^running free behind the gas station to give our legs a stretch!^^^


^^^we play lots of “i spy” games from the car and they are always extra fun when there are horses and cattle and sheep on the side of the road!^^^


^^^gorgeous views of the valley from the road up high in the mountains.^^^


naturebox is giving away a 6-month deluxe snack subscription to two lucky readers! to enter, please visit naturebox and browse what snacks they have to offer, then come back here and comment below with which snack you’d like to try. (this giveaway is open to readers with a US shipping address only.)

also, use the code LOVETAZA to get 50% off your first naturebox of any size! (valid only for new costumer’s and only on your 1st month’s box.)

good luck! and happy road trippin’!

  1. Allie Angerer

    I have never heard of nature box before, how awesome!

  2. Holly

    The sweet blueberry almonds.., yum!

  3. Jen

    Just wondering where you got those awesome booties!?

  4. Wow, first of all, let me say I love how easy this site is to browse, especially if you have special needs (lactose free and soy free for example) It is awesome.

    I think: Accai berry crunch, dried pears and spicy chipeas sound great! yum-yum!

  5. Lauren C

    They all look delicious but my top choice would be the dark chocolate berry trail mix, followed by the chipotle maple almonds, and then any of the chickpea snacks. Yum!

  6. signe

    it all looks so good so hard to choose! maybe the apple orchard granola!

  7. Taylor

    I’d love to try the sour cream & onion almonds and some of the dried fruit like the plantains, pineapples, or Granny Smith apples! Thanks!

  8. Katie

    Seaweed rice pops!

  9. Lindsay Marshall

    The Pistachio Power Clusters sound yummy!

  10. Sarah

    Wowza, everything looks D-LISH! I’d try the Santa Fe Corn Stix and the dried Cali peaches first!

  11. Lily

    Love this post and all of NatureBox’s products look amazing!

    Those Mango Almond bites, though….Those look like something I’d love, love to try!

  12. Kelly Reyes

    The apple orchards granola please – so yum! Xo.

  13. Katie

    I don’t think I could pass up some of those roasted chickpeas. mmm!

  14. Caroline v.

    The banana bread granola looks amazing!

  15. amber b

    Mmmm…the south pacific plantains look divine + granny smith apples +blueberry nom noms!

  16. Alyssa

    Poppy seed sticks!

  17. Kaitlyn

    The apple pie figgy bars and guacamole bites!

  18. Jodi F

    PB&J granola…mmm.

  19. Amanda

    The sweet blueberry almonds look wonderful!


  20. Betsy

    I would love to try anything with almonds! Sweet blueberry, cocoa, etc. All amazing.

  21. Sarah

    all the granolas look yum!

  22. Diana

    lemon tea biscuits, the roasted sea salt chickpeas and sour cream and onion almonds. yum yum yum. i have to try those!

  23. Audrey

    Sea salt garbanzo beans, dried Granny Smith apples, and figgy bars…oh my!

  24. Andra Reilly

    Everything looks great, but I’d definitely love to try the lemon wafers!

  25. Katie

    I would love to try the roasted kettle kernels and the pretzel pops! Everything looks amazing though!

  26. Cathi

    I love a good road trip!!!
    Oh my … Picking just one favorite from Nature Box is hard! The Poppy Seed Sticks look so good but so does the Harvest Nut Mix!! ;)

  27. i’ve never tried a subscription like this before, and those snacks look so delicious! The french toast granola, roasted sea salt chickpeas, cashew power clusters, and sweet blueberry almonds!

  28. We live on the road in our 1969 Shasta Trailer and the hardest thing is finding healthy snacks, especially ones that are gluten free,through rural america. These would be perfect!!
    My favorites (if I have to chose): Pear Praline Crunch, Dark Cocoa Almonds!, and the Peanut Butter Noms Noms.

  29. AB

    All of the snacks look so good! I’m really interested in the pea options…particularly the BBQ peas. Thanks for introducing me to naturebox!

  30. Kelsey Clark

    Mmmm the pistachio power clusters. I might have a craving for something I’ve never tried…

  31. Kist Eberhard

    PB&J Granola looks SO yummy!!

  32. Laura Gabriel

    Goodness, I’m having day dreams now of packing up my pantry with all these goodies— and of road trips!

    I want to try all these snacks from NatureBox but the Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops is callin’ my name.

  33. Kelly

    The Dark chocolate cherry trail mix looks so delicious and healthy!

  34. Heidi Scott

    The sour cream and onion almonds!

  35. Jessica

    OMG the vanilla macaroon and the dried mangoes look sooo yummy!!

  36. Mollye O.

    I would totally get the Lemon Meringue Waffles… so tasty!

  37. Maggie M.

    The honey macadamia pretzel pops look yummy! Love this concept. Thanks for sharing!

  38. Nicole

    Pistachio power clusters look awesome!

  39. claire v.

    Pistachio power clusters look so good!

  40. Katy

    Baked Peppery fries and peanut butter nom noms!

  41. AshMully

    The honey mesquite almonds sound delicious!

  42. Katherine

    As a full-time college student with a full-time job, I have such a hard time fitting in time for full meals sometimes. I’d love to try the cranberry almond bites, just to give me enough energy to get through the day :)

    Thanks for hosting this, Naomi!

  43. Meghan

    The honey macadamia pretzel pops look amazing.

  44. The banana bread granola sounds really good. Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. Rachel

    Sweet blueberry almonds?! Hello please, sign me up!

  46. Anna

    Road tripping looks fantastic!

    Need to try the acai berry crunch
    (and the baked sweet potato fries don’t look too shabby either)!

  47. Shea

    Baked Peppery Fries!!

  48. margaret

    Honey mesquite almonds? YUM

  49. lina

    i would try the poppy seed sticks!

  50. Christy

    Everything looks delish!! Count me in for PB&J granola or the salted chickpeas!

  51. Ashley

    Cranberry jubilee looks amazing!!

  52. Courtney

    The whole wheat figgy bars sound amazing! :)

  53. amanda

    bless your heart for road trippin’ with two littles! golly…what an amazing view-so breathtaking. and those poppy seed sticks look fantastic!

  54. Paige

    This Texas girl would love to try the guacamole bites!

  55. Tammy

    Oooh how fun! Everything looks good but I would be most eager to try the Acai Berry Crunch! :D

  56. Jane

    Dark chocolate cherry! Or pretty much anything with chocolate in it.

  57. Erin Pascarosa

    Cashew Power Clusters look yummy, but it all looks delicious :)

  58. Jennifer

    Dark Chocolate Almonds, I can already taste it:)

  59. Kari

    Yum! So many good looking options! Two that jumped out at me were the Sourdough Cheddar Pretzels and the Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Seeds. We have a big road trip to California planned for next winter, and I’ll definitely need to look into this more.

  60. Kelly

    I would love to try the sweet blueberry almonds, yum!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  61. Timi

    The acai berry crunch looks yummy!

  62. megan

    Yum yum honey macadamian pretzel pops please! My 8 month pregnant self can not resist!! ;) #blameitonthebabyright?

  63. Brooke

    seaweed rice pops!

  64. Larisa Smyrnow

    I love macadamia nuts, so i would pick honey macadamia pretzel pops!!!

  65. Gabriella

    Everything looked good! I think my favorite was the Honey Nut Medley. :)

  66. Tamara

    Everything looks yummy but I’m really curious about the Italian Bistro Pretzels!

  67. Ruth

    gimme! the chili lime pistachios sound delish.

  68. Emily

    The PB&J granola looks SO GOOD!

  69. Meghan

    It’s hard to pick just one! The seaweed rice pops, flax crostini bites, and dried pears look good! As always, thanks for the giveaway :)

  70. Arielle

    Roasted Sea Salt Chickpeas you look amazing!

  71. Sally

    The baked sweet potato fries and the lemon tea biscuits.

  72. Kim

    Cherry Berry Granola! Thanks for hosting this :)

  73. Sarah

    French Toast Granola!

  74. Sare

    Lemon Tea Biscuits. Yum!

  75. Laney

    Roasted Sea Salt Chickpeas and Dark Cocoa Almonds. You can never go wrong with sweet AND salty!

  76. Becky

    I’d pick the Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops or the Black and White Granola! Yummmm.

  77. Your photos are making me impatient for our own travel plans this summer! The PB&J granola looks delicious to me, and I know my husband would go gaga over the sweet blueberry almonds.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  78. amy

    i’m a grazing fiend—which makes me quickly in love with the naturebox concept. i would love, love to snack on the southern bbq sunflower kernels (on the repeat!).

  79. Cara

    Gaaaah! I’LL TAKE ONE OF EVERYTHING PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Seriously though, sign me up for some of those roasted sea salt chickpeas, and the cashew power clusters. om nom nom.

  80. Tiffany Rockwell

    YUM! I want the PB&J granola and the Italian Bistro Pretzels!

    Your road trip looks TOO FUN!

  81. Eliza

    Tropical Trail Mix

  82. Eliza C.

    Tropical Trail Mix.

  83. Emily

    YUM! The mexicana mangos!!!!! Mangos are the MOST beloved snack in my fam!

  84. Melisa C

    I would love to try the Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops! Thanks for the chance to win a subscription!

  85. Kitty

    PB & j granola and cranberry almond sound yummy!

  86. Vanessa Fernandez Greene

    I’d love to try some of the granolas and the chickpeas. Thanks for the chance to win!

  87. Emily M

    Wow! I’d love to try just about every one of Naturebox’s snacks but the pb&j granola may be 1st on the list!

  88. Daniela

    The pistachio clusters sound delicious! Both my husband and I are trying to eat healthy, eat less red meat, more veggies and fruit, so these snacks are a brilliant idea (its so hard to find anything besides bars)!

  89. Nik

    Cranberry Almond bites! Oh my goodness!

  90. Cat D

    I’d love to try the mango almond bites. Yum!

  91. Marni

    The vanilla macaroon granola looks delish!

  92. Jaime W

    BBQ Kettle Kernels & Poppyseed Sticks! Yum!!

  93. Amber Whipple

    Oh everything looked great I had such a hard time narrowing it down! The lemon tea biscuits did look amazing though!

  94. Kristyn

    The blueberry almonds and anything pistachio! I’m loving this site :)

  95. Katherine

    I wanna try the pistachio clusters! yum!

  96. Talia Green

    I would LOVE to try the pistachio clusters, the Sante fe corn stick, and the BBQ corn kernels!!!

  97. robin

    I am down to try anything from nature box…what can I say, I love good food

  98. Amoreena

    It’s so hard to pick just one! The vanilla macaroon granola looks great, though!

  99. Skye

    I would love to try some of their flavored nuts. Like the smoky pumpkin seeds and the sriracha roasted cashews. Thanks for the opportunity to win!