pools, tennis, and more pools in palm springs!

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that california sunshine was such a dream. here are a few snippets from our time in california last week.  summer, we are ready for you!

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^^^giddy to watch some tennis with us! she was into it, although not for entire matches, which is understandable.  more photos from the bnp paribas tournament here.^^^


^^^the grounds at the tournament.  someone told us they planted 400+ new palm trees on the grounds this year! amazing. they sure do make everything extra beautiful, those trees.^^^



^^^eleanor took this photo with our camera all by herself. she wanted to have a turn with the camera, so she put it on her lap and took some photos. but i didn’t realize she took this until i uploaded the images later to my computer. i love it too much not to include it here. :) ^^^


^^^fountain heaven for mister samson!^^^


^^^they jumped into our arms in the water probably 500 times! eleanor also learned how to float on her back! we were really proud since we don’t have many swimming options in the city so she hasn’t had much time in water yet.^^^



^^^had some incredible mexican food at El Gallito. ^^^

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^^^hope to see you again soon, california!^^^

  1. Erin

    Beautiful photos as always! Something about palm trees, right? I live in Hawaii and am moving soon to California maybe–just can’t imagine not seeing those palm trees!!;)

  2. tilly

    those photos are great and the palm trees just make it all the extra dreamy! pure heaven! california looks beautiful, i would love to get there one day soon! and i just can’t post a comment without letting you know hoe beautiful your family is! you and josh have oh-so-sweet kids! they are perfect little people, you must be proud! by the way good job e on being able to float on your back! clever little girl she is :)) xx

  3. nanette

    looks so nice! i’ve always wanted to visit palm springs! beautiful photos.

  4. ellen

    Looking through your photos makes me so happy…I’ve always wanted to go to Palm Springs with my littles, but somehow it’s too hard to get it on the calendar, or its not in the budget. Thanks for sharing…even though we are total strangers, its so heart warming to see your family so happy and content (and tan!)

  5. Lauren

    In love with that photo Eleanor took! Reminds me of my little girl–she is always wanting to take pictures with my phone. Usually there’s just a million of her toe or something, but every once in awhile I find one that is like a glimpse of life through her eyes. And it’s beautiful. So glad to find that here on your blog, too. These kids are so awesome and they don’t even realize it.

    Love reading your blog, keep it up!

  6. Kirsten

    I can’t tell you how much I want to go on that waterslide. Beautiful photos! Looks like so much fun :)

  7. Bea

    I think you really need this holiday!
    California….wow!it’s beautiful!
    I love your photos, and I really like the one that Eleanor took!
    Have a nice day!

  8. beautiful photo’s :) looks like a fun getaway, i could use a little bit of sun myself haha!
    xo, cheyenne

  9. I love your cute little family!

  10. Kat

    Can’t wait for summer! What gorgeous photos! Your blonde hair is making me want to take the plunge too. Once my wedding passes in June I want to take off some length and lighten up.

    Thanks for sharing – and that shoe photo is classic.

  11. Super cute photos! It looks like you had a great time, my cousin and her fiancee were there for the same event! We haven’t been to Palm Springs but it’s definitely on our travel wish list!

  12. Valerie

    I love the first photo and it sums up pretty well what I love about photography: capturing moments that you can cherish as memories throughout the years. You do that beautifully well! x

  13. anne

    Isn´t is great how a little sun can change your life? looks like you guys had a really good time :)

    Sending some sunshine from Germany,


  14. Sophie

    I know things are meant to look pretty, dare I say perfect, on a blog, but your family really does seem wonderful. Can I be the fifth member? It looks like a blast!

    Sophie X


  15. lourdes

    Wow Wow Wow La vita è bella for you !!! I love this blog and you are the Sunshine of newyork girl, i hope you realy have a good times in california!! HEllo from Italy! p.s I love your new baby line With Lauren!! Bellissima ….Ciao BELLA!!!

  16. Gia

    Glad you guys had a great time in California and love the photo that E took!
    wish you happy summer holidays the davis family!

  17. Elise

    Beautiful photos!

  18. AAAAHHHHHH this makes me want to move back to the US, and never leave California again!!!!!! LOVE your family

  19. Freya

    E’s face in that last photo is just priceless!

  20. Alida

    Hi there, I recently discovered your blog via Pinterest and just love all the inspiration and gorgeous photo’s. Just wish my kids weren’t older than yours, so that I could have known to do things like a First Birthday video of a little one devouring his cake. I mean, what else of monumental importance am I missing right now? Anyway, think you’re a great Mama, and greetings from South Africa.

  21. Gabriella

    Really love these photos. They look like you’ve edited them a bit differently? They look amazing no matter.

    Glad you got a bit of time in the sun and great quality family time.

    Gabriella x

  22. Looks like such a nice vacation! Your pictures are always so beautiful!!! What camera do you use? :)

  23. Aurore

    Hello Naomi! I’m going to Palm Springs next month, travelling from France and still didn’t book our hotel there. Do you have any suggestion and as well for the pool? Thanks a lot.

  24. Marie

    Glad to see that all of your kids had so much fun!! My son also loves to playing the pool, I guess everyone does right? ;)

    Our travelling adventures: http://smittenbyangels.blogspot.com

  25. Marie

    Oops I meant to play*

  26. I just have to ask where your bathing suit is from! I am looking for a new and perfect one piece :)

  27. Anita

    Hello Taza, can you tell me where you get the shoes from Eleanor please?!

  28. Naomi, you look beautiful. Hope things are going well for you, come visit in Brazil sometime :) xo


  29. i think we ALL could use some sunshine up here in NYC! some of my coworkers came with SNOW on their cars today!! UGH! enough already!

  30. Katherine

    Can’t wait for the warm! Where’s your swimsuit from?

  31. Lauren

    Your little family is adorable. And way to go E with the photo skills! Since my hubby and I moved to Florida this past summer we’re still obsessed with palm trees. They just make you happy! I hope it’s something we’ll always love and not take for granted the longer we live here.

  32. Marian

    WOW!! What a wonderful holiday you guy had – definitely one to brush away the winter cobwebs and help recharge the batteries! And beautifully shot too, as always. :) I want to go on holiday now too please!! :)

  33. Looks like a dream! We are ready for summer too! Your family is ridiculously adorable.

    PS – I’d heard overalls were making a come back and was very skeptical. But, of course, you have made them look awesome two posts now!

  34. AM

    looks like a great trip! i hope that warmth follows you back east! we are all ready for some sun! :)

  35. Rachel

    Love it!!! I’m from California and you guys look like you belong here!!! I also love the photos. Makes everything look so dreamy. What do you use for editing???

  36. AM

    looks like a great trip! i hope you brought some of that warmth back east. we are ready for some sun!

  37. megan

    I love the photos!! And that food looks amzaing. I can’t wait for warmer weather too!

  38. Melissa

    Can you share where your overalls are from? so cute!

  39. i am LOVING these pictures! i can’t choose just one, although that first one of Samson is so awesome! i am all about happy, colorful pictures — these are fantastic. hope you guys had a great time!

  40. amanda

    so fun! and you guys are adorable, obvs. really love that photo your gal took, i have some great ones on my slr right now that my nephews (3.5 yrs and 5.5 yrs) took over the weekend, it’s so great to see their perspective.

  41. Jill B

    Precious photo of her little shoes! She’s got an eye already.

  42. Danica

    Didn’t know the davis family loved tennis! That’s awesome! Love seeing your little family grow…glad you had fun in California!

  43. gorgeous photos! I love Samson jumping into the pool! you all look so happy ;)

  44. Gaby

    God, your children are adorable.

  45. Jocelyn

    I love the photo Eleanor took!!

  46. It snowed a few inches here in DC yesterday, even though it is almost April. I am so jealous of your sunshine-filled vacation! Looks like a great time.

  47. Lauren

    Eleanor’s own photo is great!I just looked out my office to see some flurries, so this post is making my crave the sunshine of your photos.

  48. Leanne

    One of my favourite posts of yours to date!
    Your family’s happiness matches the sunshine and warmth of California perfectly:)
    All the best Naomi!

  49. Kat

    Where are those overalls from? I’m looking for a cute pair that doesn’t cost a lot! It’s weird seeing you guys in my beloved home of sunny CA – I’m used to the Davises being city folk!

  50. Vanessa

    I’m always in awe of your photography skills – you always capture the perfect moments! And that last family photo? You definitely need to go old-school and print/frame.

  51. lucinda

    wow, e has some serious photography-chops! looks like you’ve got a budding artist in the making.

    love the overalls, you’re looking that look – not so sure i could pull it off without looking 16 years old. ;)

    i hope you brought the warm weather and sunshine back with you!


  52. Tina

    Oh man I’m so jealous of your vacation…. I could really use Cali’s heat right now. So happy you guys had a great time!

  53. What a fun family vacay! I love palm springs, I hope you all had the best time!

    And congrats Eleanor on the swimming success, that is huge!




  54. Soumashree

    First time commenter, Long time lurker. Love love love Samson’s hair!

  55. Justine

    Beautiful pictures of your fun trip in the sun! I want to learn how to take gorgeous pictures like you do. Do you use photoshop as well?

  56. The pictures are so beautiful, who took them? (I really want to be able to take pictures with that good quality) my favorite is when you lift Samson up! The second of the last one. :)

  57. Mónica

    That envy forward to summer, the four illegal? Guapisimos. Kisses and happy last Wednesday morning Friday.

  58. Amance

    Hello !
    I’m a young french mum and I found your pictures really, really amazing !
    Your life makes me dream (as if I love my life too !^^) !
    You have a real talent and your blog clearly illustrates the “happy life” !

    Continue like that, you are perfects !

    (Sorry for my very, very bad English!)

  59. Such beautiful photos Naomi! Your children look so happy in them. My favourite is the one of you with Samson on your shoulders – adorable!

  60. kendall

    adore these photos! the sweetest/happiest little fam! x

  61. Rebecca

    Where, oh, where can I find those overalls?! beautiful family

  62. That picture of you + S on the water slide is very creative and well planned! Also, I am amazed to see your family wearing black and long sleeves in Palm Springs! Must have been that perfect “not too warm, not too chilly” temperature, a rare delight in that part of southern California! Glad you had a good time.


  63. Cassie

    What a lovely series of photos! Especially love the one of Miss E’s feet! Budding photographer :)

  64. Beautiful and such a fun vacation. Particularly love that first photo of Samson!

  65. Looks like you have such a fun family vaca! I am loving the overalls you have on in these!! So cute.

  66. welcome welcome welcome to los angeles! so glad you had a great time enjoying our beautiful weather! :)

  67. Kay

    Beautiful pictures! And I’m so jealous, there’s nothing I want more than warm summer weather – all this east coast weather is driving me insane this year. Counting down the days til I can take my daughter swimming! I’m so impatient.


  68. Jess.

    The photo E. took is precious! And I am so excited that overalls are back in, I can’t even tell you! xox

  69. Andrea

    So adorable! I am loving the red sandals on Sampson! Eleanor’s fox shoes and your overalls. The bright fun colors sure brighten up my view from Indy. What a beautiful trip!

  70. these photos make me HAPPY! so darling.

  71. These photos are absolutely beautiful – as always! Your family is just beautiful, you are so blessed. Yours will forever be one of my favourite blogs!

    Beth xo.


  72. Carolyn

    My in laws have a place in Palm Springs and we go every year. El Gallito is my favourite Mexican place. So so so good. Looks like your family had a great time in PS!

  73. Bev

    Wow what magical photos! These make me really miss summertime! I’m actually heading to Palm Spring’s next month for the first time and these just made me even more excited :)


  74. such lovely, lovely photographs. your family is too adorable. Your children are so photogenic – as are you and Josh! I love the overalls on you and Josh is as handsome as ever.

    Have a lovely week!

    Love from ky.

  75. I’m glad my state was good to you! Looks like a great trip!

  76. gorgeous photos! samson is looking more like his daddy every day!

  77. Sharon

    Just stunning!

  78. Taylor

    These pictures are stunning! I wish I was in the sunshine! Where did you find your bathing suit? I have such a hard time finding a really cute and modest one. I love those stripes on yours!


  79. Julie

    such awesome and warm-looking photos! love josh’s facial hair ;)

  80. Livi

    Those overalls are too cute!

  81. hanna

    This looks like so much fun! –Hanna Lei

  82. Paula

    Love these pictures and that picture of Samson is to die. Ohhh i cannot wait for the warmer weather to finally arrive in NY.

    P xo

  83. LeeLee

    Beautiful family and great photos! Enjoy!

  84. Lydia Nicholson

    SO cute as always! Where did you get you’re overalls from??

  85. Suzanne

    May I ask a personal question? How does your hubby get so much time off of work for these fun family trips? Just a super flexible work enviro? Or are these work trips for him and you guys tag along? Or has he quit his job and is managing your site full time? Just curious! Love you and your precious family!

  86. Dani Motizuki

    What cute family!!!! Which kind of lens do you use? the regular 24-105 that cames with the camera??? Thank you. XOXO. Sorry for the english, i’m from Brasil and i Looooove your pictures.

  87. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to mentioon
    that I have truly enjoyed browsing your weblog posts.
    In any casse I’ll be subscribing on your rss feed and I’m hoping you write once more soon!

  88. Hi Naomi!

    I was curious if you might be able to let us in on how you edited these photos (if you did) or what filters for your Canon you suggest using? I love the vignetting, and beautiful tones of the photo with you and little Samson on your shoulders.

    Your photos are all incredible, and I love how they make us feel as if we were there, too! Thank you for sharing!

    Lots of love,

  89. Ellen

    Your one pieces are to die for!! It is SO hard to find fashionable one piece swimsuits and I couldn’t help but notice yours! Would you mind sharing where they are from!


    love from SLC

    xx Ellen

  90. Sinead

    Such gorgeous pictures! That water slide looks like so much fun :-D

  91. Sara

    Such sweet photos. You guys look so happy soaking up the sun!

  92. Bethani

    That mexican food has me salivating! Glad y’all had a wonderful time in California