my collaboration with lauren moffatt: our fall 2014 children’s line!

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hooray! it’s finally time to share more details about the children’s collection i was able to collaborate on with lauren moffatt over the past few months! thank you for the kind words about the teaser video we shared last week!

here is the full length lifestyle video lauren and i made with our two daughters, stella and eleanor, a few weeks ago! we had a really fun morning together playing dress up and those girls were such wonderful troopers for their silly mamas! a big thank you to videographer jenner brown for capturing this morning so beautifully and also to samantha swade for helping us style. the music in the video is by monk turner.

a little bit about the line: this collection just feels so special to me. i have always dreamed of making my own dresses for eleanor, but i don’t sew.  and i just don’t have it together to pull something like that off on my own.  i am so honored to have collaborated on this line with lauren. i know i’ve said it in this space before, but that woman is pure talent and her women’s line kills it season after season.  from our first initial conversation about children’s clothes several months back, it’s been fun to see the sketches and samples come to life! especially when eleanor and stella put the pieces on!  (thank goodness for lots of pockets! anything’s a hit at that age if it has pockets, right?)

the collection will be available for preorder beginning april 13th until may 11th. if you’d like, you can place your orders HERE during that four week period. while quantities are limited, if you are interested in wholesale information, please email [email protected] for inquiries.

i’d love to share more about the line and the behind the scenes work we captured along the way soon, but in the meantime, here are a few stills from jenner’s video from the other week!

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i know i’ve been on spring’s case about showing up since christmas ended, but i just got really stoked for fall this year. ;)


  1. Oh my goodness!! I’m dying! This is absolutely the sweetest thing ever and SO beautiful! I love your work and I’m very excited for you.
    So much goodness.<3
    Have a beautiful Friday,
    Love Sparkle Pretty

  2. So much love! The head scarf, the matching to-die-for coats, the little nose-touch. Great job – wish some of these wee things came in big people sizes!

  3. Meg

    So sweet! Beautiful patterns and cuts! I wish I had little girls to dress up.. maybe a boys line next :) hooray and congrats

  4. Freya

    Congratulations again! It looks so wonderful! It doesn’t surprise me at all that you have a natural talent for clothes design, as you’re always dressed super stylish. Oh, and love the little film :)

  5. Alix

    AMAZING!!!!! Truly! :) :)

  6. nanette

    that video is the sweetest! those dresses are just so darling! i love the prints.

  7. Sarah

    what an awesome opportunity, amazing clothing and adorable girls!

  8. what an absolute dream come true!!! this is precious and so so exciting. the little outfits are the sweetest. congrats and great job, lady!!

  9. Amanda

    Love the collection. I would buy any/all of them for my daughter! congrats!

  10. faith

    Oh my goodness this is adorable! Congrats Naomi & Lauren, it is a beautiful collection. Cannot wait to see more :)


  11. Kaitlin

    I think I remember reading that you accumulated some items for Eleanor years before she was born? Well… I’m about to do the same for my future daughter with a dress from this beautiful line and collaboration :) ! Congratulations and how exciting for you!

  12. Ally

    Hooray! This is so wonderful and looks like so much fun. Now if only I had a little girl to dress, I might have to buy something anyway. You know, just in case…here’s hoping!

  13. those dresses are extremely cute! adorable pics!
    have a nice weekend

  14. lovely – so proud of you!

  15. in love! you did an awesome job, naomi! i’m super impressed!

  16. Melissa

    Omg the matching jackets.

  17. Kelly

    Super cute! What’s the price range of these clothes?

  18. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so cute! and those dresses are the sweetest. Congrats!

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  20. Jemima

    Wow, they are seriously beautiful pieces. I too might be doing some purchasing for my future child…. So beautiful!

  21. maria

    taza, i love your booties! where did you get them?

  22. Bea

    The collection is awesome!!!
    You really did a gooooood job!!!

  23. Amanda H.

    this is SO cute! SO adorable!

  24. Paige

    These pieces are so lovely! I’m glad that I just found out I’ll be having a girl in August that I can now dress in these adorable clothes!


  25. so precious to see mothers and daughters together :) the line looks anazing, makes me wish i had a little girl of my own :D
    xo, cheyenne

  26. Andrea

    simply adorable. i think you would make an amazing boys line as well. wishing/hoping that will be at some point! i love these dresses really amazing prints and just the best patterns.

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  28. Tina

    Oh my god I love ALL OF THAT so much!!!! So excited!!!!

  29. Love it! Every outfit featured was pretty without sacrificing functionality. Despite my tomboy-related tendencies regarding clothes, I could totally picture myself owning some of those clothes! :D

    Love, Caroline

  30. Rachel

    congrats on the line! it looks fabulous! Gosh I love Lauren’s little girl, stella! she was too adorable, and E too of course!

  31. O M G ! ! ! ! This line is so absolutely adorable!!! I am currently pregnant – with my first – we find out the gender at our next appointment. Hoping for a girl so she can wear these amazing ensembles!!!!!

    Xo, Randi

  32. Rachel Hagen

    Gah!! That mother/daughter jacket combo is to die for!! Not helping my jacket fetish!! Gorgeous work. xoxo

  33. Congratulations! The outfits totally look like you and Eleanor! What an amazing collaboration :)

  34. Taylor

    How wonderful! That video is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to do something like that and it’s so great to see someone who works hard at blogging be able to get to that level to work with other wonderfully creative and talented individuals! It’s so inspiring!


  35. This is just amazing! I wish I had kids for them to wear this HA!

  36. Kirsty Quinlan

    beyond amazing! you are one inspiring lady. Love it, wish I had a girl xx

  37. Jess

    I love every piece! Makes me wish I had a little girl to dress up in them!
    And Eleanor is ADORABLE!

  38. I know we have never (and more likely will never) met but I feel proud of you for this lovely work. It is a gift to remember that our own dreams matter!

  39. jasmine

    what a delightful mother and daughter experience! She is as cute as a button xx

  40. Ceren

    Hahahah they couldn’t be more adorable! i like burgundy pants the best!

  41. Rachel

    Wow, it these are stunning. Truly. Headed to check out the pre-order information.

  42. Meryl

    These pieces are all beautiful. Love the dress with the peter pan collar and bow, but those coats at the end are getting me too. Looks like a great collaboration here!

  43. Amanda

    The prints are just perfect, and I love the looks with white tights!

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  45. Grace

    ahh! i love it all, that coat especially, great job! i’d love it if you stopped by my blog.

  46. Sarah York

    This is so, so cute! What adorable clothes. You and your daughter are so cute together. Will the adult versions of the clothes be available for sale as well?

  47. Helen

    Wow, just wow! I’d absolutely wear these clothes as well! :)
    Good job ;)
    Greetings from Germany

  48. That is something to feel proud about! Gorgeous collection. And your pictures are just as cute as ever. This blog just makes me happy! :)

  49. Erin

    Seriously adorable!!! Congrats!!

  50. chelsea

    SO amazing!

  51. Ah! This is so beyond adorable. I wish I was little so I could buy this whole collection. It’s amazing

    Sam //

  52. Amy

    So fun…. Simply smiles galore!

  53. Gorgeous clothes! (and adorable little girls)

  54. Sinead

    How cute is this?! Both girls look adorable, it’s a lovely collection

  55. Audrey

    This is so exciting, Naomi! Congratulations and I cannot wait to see how everything unfolds! You are so talented and balanced to be able to juggle everything that you do!

  56. Audrey

    This is so exciting, Naomi! Congratulations and I cannot wait to see how everything unfolds! You are so talented and balanced to be able to juggle everything that you do!

  57. i just died! the precious factor is off the chain.

  58. Molly

    Okay, that little vid is precious! :) Great music, great fun, great collaboration!

  59. Berna


  60. Eleanor’s photo is soooo cute. She’ll cherish it one day! :)

  61. Just realized I posted the comment on the wrong post…that was meant for the photos from California…sorry!

  62. elizabeth

    So awesome! What’s the name of this Monk Turner song?

  63. Tooooo adorable! And collaborating with Lauren Moffatt must have been a DREAM. The shot of the littles in their matching coats is too sweet.

  64. Naomi

    This video is so adorable and the clothes are unbelievable! What an amazing collaboration!

  65. Anna

    Those yellow shoes that little stella was wearing!
    Where are they from??

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  67. Sabrina

    These dresses are amazing and make me wish I was having a little girl come July instead of the little boy I’m due with. But that gray polka dot sweater would probably be just as adorable as all the dresses! Great collection :)

  68. amber

    What is the name of the Monk Turner song?