an evening riding horses!

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we are in st. george utah right now visiting josh’s parents and without a doubt, the littles are in heaven! they got to ride horses last night at a nearby ranch where josh actually worked the summer after his freshmen year in college. i remember hardly believing him when we told me he worked on a ranch herding cattle when he was 19, but then again he was an economics major at columbia while taking martha graham dance classes for extracurricular at the time he told me. nothing surprises me anymore with josh. seriously.

anyway, eleanor named a little sea horse statue at a playground in central park, terry, a few months ago. she asks to visit terry almost every day and when we do go to the playground where “terry” lives, she is sure to feed him sticks and leaves, pet him, and give him water after rides.  while we were in california last week, she started to call herself “terry” a few times, and when we’d ask her anything, she’d answer, “neighhhhhhhh!” i don’t know, but i think she it taking a liking to horses.  naturally, she was in heaven all evening up on trix, a beautiful 27 year old horse at the ranch.

her brother was no different. i thought he might need a moment to warm up to the big horses but i must have forgetten for a second that this is samson we are dealing with. he got on that horse and rode it with one hand with raising the other hand up in the air exclaiming, “Yee Haw!” over and over again. neither wanted to leave the ranch. i’m getting nervous neither will want to board that flight back to new york with us soon. it sure is nice to be with family in warm weather with things like swimming pools and horses, that is for sure. who am i kidding, i’m not sure i want to go back to new york either. ;)


^^^quite possibly my favorite photo of my baby girl to date. i sure love her.^^^


^^^and here’s this crazy cowboy yelling, “Yee haw!”^^^


horses12 horses13 horses7 horses5horses6horses4

^^^”bye bye horsey!” ^^^

ps. for those curious, all images shot with our canon 6D. my overalls from zara and red fedora from asos.  josh’s shirt from vince. and eleanor’s fox shoes are shoes by melissa and samson’s are from baby gap. :)

  1. hanna

    These pictures are adorable! Looks like a lot of fun –Hanna Lei

  2. jemima

    oh my word how beautiful are those photos Naomi… What little darlings. They look like they are having the absolute time of their lives. What a special thing for your family to share, and in an amazing landscape too! Family memories forevermore, for sure!

    Jemima x

  3. Carlee

    Where did you get your hat?

  4. megan

    beautiful!! i die over samson yelling yee haw! what a hoot!

    may i ask where your shirt is from?


  5. Awww they are seriously adorable!!!! I love how your son is lifting his hands, so cute! <333 And I can't wait to ride a horse again someday–definitely something hard to come by in the LA area.

  6. Brooke

    Oh my gosh! Samson’s little hand up in the air is killing me! It’s just the sweetest. They look like they are totally in heaven!

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  8. Oh my goodness I love the mother/daughter overalls! I need those in my closet now!

  9. Court

    What a fun way to spend the afternoon as a family! And can we talk about how cute your overalls are?!

  10. awesome! I wouldn’t want to leave either! great photos! everyone looks so happy ;)

  11. Sherry Semon

    I love, love your blog. So happy to follow you and your special family. I live in Ivins, Ut. just North West of St. George. Know you are loving the nice weather here. have an awesome time.
    Your family is so darn cute…

  12. Jessie

    You’ve got a future rodeo champ on your hands! What a little stud. We’re headed to St. George next week for spring break. I cannot wait! Except our trip will include a little mountain biking instead of horses. Glad you’re having a fantastic trip.

  13. I am dying over the tale of “Terry.” :) So so sweet; she will love reading about this one day. And I agree… what a breathtaking photo of E. Horses are magic!

  14. aww – so so cute!
    xo, cheyenne

  15. nanette

    oh my gosh! your kids couldn’t be any sweeter! i rode horses when i was very small and it was one of my favorite memories. and i am loving the overalls!

  16. Your kids are adorable… and brave! I’ve always been afraid of riding horses! :/

    And that hat you wear is amaaaazing!


  17. Rosie

    DUNGAREES OVERLOAD! Your family is the cutest :)

  18. Elise

    So adorable! Utah is beautiful!

  19. Adorable! Your kids are the cutest. I love the pure joy on their faces while they are on the horses. I know how hard it is to live a plane ride away from family. I hope you enjoy and cherish your time together!

  20. Laura

    Have you guys ever thought about living there?…..sounds like a beautiful place! &&& so nice to have nearby family!

  21. Michelle

    Would you mind sharing the name od the ranch? My parents live in St. George, and my little boy would be in heaven visiting such pretty horses :)

  22. Livi

    It looks like such an awesome trip! They are too cute on that big horse!

  23. And now all I want is visiting a American ranch =/ Kind of difficult to do in Denmark. This looks like so much fun, and I really like how you went all in with overalls ;)

  24. Kim

    Hi Naomi. I have been following your blog for awhile but this is the first time I have commented. After this post, I am now convinced your husband Josh is the most interesting man in the world – (Columbia, tennis, sailing, dance, saxophone player, Italian missionary, great cook, awesome wardrobe and now to find out he is a cowboy too!? Let me guess, he once had an awkward moment just to see how feels. You’re family is lovely. Thanks for sharing your snippets! :)

  25. I can’t even deal with how cute these photos are!

  26. Ellen

    I grew up riding horses; it was such a magical way to spend a childhood. These photos are fantastic!!

  27. Amanda H.

    oh my gosh…just darling!

  28. Ady

    This is probably one of my favorite posts to date! So darling!

  29. Sinead

    So cute! They look like they’re having the best time :-)

  30. Taylor

    These pictures are adorable! I so wish that I could be in the warm sunshine riding a horse as well! It looks like a blast! I love you and Eleanor’s matching overhauls!


  31. Leah

    What a fun trip! And how precious are Eleanor’s little shoes?!

  32. Such a cute family :) Love the overalls, especially since I could never pull them off :)

  33. So cute. I can’t believe how brave they are to jump on the horses like that! My son is a bit older than Samson and he would LOVE the horses but probably would not want to get that close. :)

    Glad you guys are having a great time.

    -Karina Love

  34. Zainab

    Wow! That sounds like a heap of fun and the photos are absolutely beautiful! I’m sure they’ll make to be a good base for wonderful memories when the kids grow up :D

  35. Kelsi

    I know you said you use the Canon 6D, but can you tell me what lens you use? Or where I can find your information on that?

    • TAZA

      i just used the kit lens here that came with the canon 6d when we bought the camera!

  36. Maisie

    These photos are so adorable!xx

  37. Kelly

    This looks like such a great day and it awesome both of the littles like horses!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  38. Brandi Green

    Thank you for sharing this. you guys look like this is the place you all belong! I too am a city girl at heart (who has just recently moved back to the city life after living on a Beautiful Island of small towner’s my WHOLE life) Thank you again for sharing that there actually is sunshine in FEBRUARY and MARCH and NOT snow and RAIN (i live on the west Coast of Vancouver B,C RAIN RAIN RAIN) I wish your beautiful family many more sunny days :)

  39. Those are amazing and cute photos. You’ve got a gorgeous kids :)

  40. megan

    I’m loving the family vacation photos. Samson and Eleanor are adorable!! But I’m not saying anything you don’t already know!

  41. Lucie

    These pictures are super cute (and the light is amazing)!
    PS. Josh looks very handsome with his stumble on.

  42. Lucie

    Oh sorry, I meant stubble, of course…

  43. Belinda

    Naomi you’re so lovely, You’re a great example

  44. WOW are these kids lucky to have you for their mom! I wish I’d ridden a horse when I was younger and gone on as many adventures :)

  45. Megan

    My parents moved to St George from Las Vegas about 10 years ago. It’s such a beautiful place. Please tell me you’ve had breakfast at the Bear Paw Cafe and been to Urban Renewal? If not, I highly recommend you stop at both places next time you visit. The Bear Paw has this muffin (I think it’s named after the restaurant) that is so moist and tender and full of muffins goodness and then Urban Renewal is full of wonderful vintage finds.

  46. Emma

    Great pictures! What kind of lens are you using?

  47. Emily

    Im sure you won’t see this by the time we leave but my family is in st George right now and my little girls would love to ride horses. Is this ranch open to the public? If so can I get the name? Thanks and sorry to bother you

    • TAZA

      hi! it’s not, i’m sorry. the owners are family friends of josh’s so we stopped by. have fun in st. george!