an afternoon in st. george!

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i wanted to share a few photos from a lazy afternoon our family spent on the temple grounds in st. george utah last week.  we were driving by the temple admiring its beauty from the car and decided to pull over and get out and let some wiggles go.  no one seemed to be around the grounds, so it felt like we had the place entirely to ourselves.  the kids took their sandals off and ran in the grass! we played some games and just hung out. it was really nice.  it sticks out in my mind as one of those afternoons where i just breathed a little deeper and looked around myself feeling happy and grateful while really enjoying our time together.

i know it seems like we’re on “vacation”, but josh and i are working around the clock right now on several really big projects so it’s been hard (and stressful at times to be fully honest) to try and find that happy medium where we’re still enjoying our time away from new york city and being with family, but still meeting deadlines and getting our “work” done.   it is an exciting time for us to have this chance to work together on so many upcoming things and we are even more excited to share them soon.  in the meantime, i need a few lessons from the pros on how to “juggle” everything a little bit better.

while in st. george for the week, i also “weaned” samson. it wasn’t my first attempt, and let me tell you, that was really hard for both samson and me, but even harder for my body.  i was walking around with cabbage leaves in my bra all week and still couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep or sit or stand in for most of the week. my back, shoulders and neck are all out of whack this week in revenge. it felt like my body hated me for a good 7 days there and all the peppermint, sage tea and cabbage in the world felt like i wasn’t getting anywhere. but thankfully, this week my milk has finally gotten the message and said adios. weaning eleanor was hard last year, but i never got rid of my milk supply since i was still nursing samson. so weaning him last week was worse than hard. it sounds dramatic but in my opinion, it’s up there with child birth. i think i just wasn’t prepared for how painful it’d be. i know it’s not like that for everyone, but for me, while nursing was incredible, weaning was terrible. that said, i am thankful i was able to breastfeed my babies and even tandem nurse both for so long. it is one of my most cherished experiences i’ve had as a mama and i loved it.

i don’t know how i got on that, but back to this post…here’s a few favorite photos from our afternoon…


^^^i don’t know how many times i have zoomed in on their tiny faces here!^^^



SG10 SG11 SG12

^^^eleanor took this picture!^^^


^^^my man and my monkeys. by golly do i love them.^^^

happy monday everyone!


ps. for those who asked in a few previous posts, all my photos are still taken with my canon 6D. and i’ve been trying out a few of my friend elsie’s new photoshop actions she just released in her shop. i haven’t used actions before on my photos (i usually just lift my colors a bit to make them pop more), so i’m still getting the hang of it but it’s really fun!

  1. Natali

    That first photo is just priceless!! I love your style, you’re not just such an inspiring woman, but you’re also super stylish :)

  2. bridget

    these are beautiful pictures. i especially love the first one.

    weaning! oh weaning is hard. for me, more emotionally than physically, but i hope you’re feeling better… in both ways.

  3. Eleese

    I wasn’t able to nurse my LO this past weekend and oh. my. gosh. I asked a girlfriend, how are you supposed to wean? She replied, painfully..


  4. I always love the brightness of your blog – in a time where bloggers are turning toward neutrals, VSCO cam and horribly dark photos, I love that I can count on lovetaza for saturated photos full of actual play and fun with the kids! (rather than staged photos of moms doing fashion posts while their children look on, slightly uncomfortable).

  5. Carli

    Beautiful photos! Looks like a special afternoon you won’t soon forget! Glad to hear you’re feeling better now that you’re past the worst of weaning. I can only imagine that must be very difficult. Hoping this week is much more comfortable :)

  6. amanda

    awww, this is super sweet. also, i like seeing those actions in work! i’ve been trying to decide if i want to buy them or not, it’s nice to see some examples.

  7. eleanor is becoming quite the photographer! :) i’m sure you’re a proud mama. it looks like a lovely afternoon!

  8. pilar

    great photos & fun memories of an impromptu family outing. re: weaning… my little dude just turned 13 months and i was convinced he was going to start weaning, but he just hasn’t yet, and i don’t want to force it. good to know that it can take multiple attempts, but when it’s the right timing it will go okay!

  9. Dina

    Loved nursing my baby, but boy oh boy, weaning was hard.
    Painful and emotional trying.
    Good job mama.
    Hang in there.

  10. Coveralls and suspenders!! Adorable! Isn’t it so much fun dressing a little boy! I’ll be sad when the day comes that he doesn’t let me choose his clothes anymore :o(

    So I have a ‘little monkey’ a similar age to yours and we took him out for brunch this weekend to an average priced gastropub. We were all but turned away because they don’t cater to children, and they don’t have highchairs or booster seats. Wow!

    Has this ever happened to you? How did you handle it?

    This is the first time I’m encountering some of these things. It’s really had me thinking about my perspective on certain things. I just blogged about it today. I’d love to hear what you all think and if you’ve gone through it too.

    Much love,
    V @ Life+1
    New Post: No Children Allowed

  11. Sarah

    Part of me thinks all the rules around Temple access is so wacky, the other part of me likes how sacred it is as it makes it so much deeper and special. The Temple in MD near DC really looks like OZ and as you may know, there is an overpass that almost always has “Surrender Dorothy” spray painted on it. Although I guess you could say that’s rude I always loved seeing that as a kid. It made the Temple seem so special and magical. I can only imagine how beautiful the ones on the west coast are, especially St. George. Question, does Josh still work in finance or did he transition to just working on the projects you guys are working on?

  12. Gwyneth

    What a sweet post! You (and your family!) look absolutely beautiful, Naomi–that hat and top are too cute on you! That first picture cracks me up. I really have no idea how E is hanging on.

    Time management is so tricky. I truly don’t know how you do it so well with kids. Know that even if you don’t feel that way, you make it look effortless. Hang in there!

  13. I really love the editing of these photos! And the last to photos – they’re just adorable! I love that E is taking photos of you and Josh together. That’s sooo sweet!

  14. Esther

    That pic of your husband jumping is so excellent. I was gonna say it’s a framer for sure but then I realize that like all your pictures are framers.

    I’m not looking forward to weaning cause I hear all the terrible stories, but at the same time I am because it will be easier in a lot of ways…so it’s weird. I guess I don’t know what I’m in for.

  15. Lucy

    Beautiful photos!!!!
    Absolutely love their faces when Josh is jumping over them!
    And E’s photo she took of you and Josh! Awesome!!
    I hope you find a way that balances your work and family time with little stress, it must be so so hard!!
    Bless you with weaning. Sounds so so painful!!! I won’t know what that’s like as I’m hoping to breastfeed until my 2 year old self-weans, but it sounds awful, so sorry to hear!
    Thankful your milk has finally got the message!!!
    Lots of love! X x x

  16. amy

    i’m no expert but i think maybe weaning is less painful if you wean slowly, like i took about 3 weeks to completely wean my son so it got the tatas used to producing less milk little by little. like i said, this is just my experience since i’ve only weaned one child so far and that’s how i did it and i was never in pain. i only cried because he would turn over in bed and start sucking on my arm until he painfully realized, that mama’s answer was still no… and then he’d cry so softly, that made me ache!

    anyway, beautifully photos!


  17. Amanda S.

    You are a “rockstar” nursing mom!!! I am still nursing my 15 month old and I think people are still surprised when you nurse past one year. It’s great when influential moms represent how great extended nursing can be (AND are honest about the not-so-great parts, too. Weaning, ugh.) PLUS you tandem-nursed…DEFINITE rockstar. :) thanks for your candor and beautiful pics and words.

  18. I love that Eleanor is playing with the camera! She will look back and love those photos one day (and of course, so will your family!). My boyfriend is a photographer/videographer and I love to mess around with the camera for fun, so I hope my future child has as much fun as we do!

  19. Leticia

    I’m so right there with you on nursing being one of your most cherished experiences. It has been for me as well! I’m sorry weaning was so hard for you. As for learning to juggle everything, you just can’t. Eventually if you get too many balls in the air you have to let one go. The trick is knowing which one to let go and when. And then not beating yourself up about letting it go. Good luck on your new projects. Can’t wait to see what you’re working on!

  20. Jessica

    Lil E is getting pretty good with the camera! I love when you include her shots!

  21. Lauren

    Aw. My old stomping grounds. Please tell me you went to 25 Main for a cupcake!

  22. C

    Sounds like a fun trip! I hope you stopped for some custard while you were in St. George!

    Does this mean Josh is no longer working? Is the blog and other projects his job now?

  23. Anne

    Love these photos! Bare foot in grass sounds like Heaven, I can’t wait to the summer! Too cute! Love that Eleanor is such a little photographer!

    The Hills Are Alive

  24. coury

    The one of them hugging….best thing I’ve ever seeeeeeeen!

  25. Thank you for sharing your weaning experience…that is right up there with “are you pregnant?” sometimes, but in a culture where we need to encourage and support each other to nurse our babies I know your words will be appreciated by many. And weaning…how is there not a magic age or answer on when and how to do it?! It’s what suprised me the most about motherhood…nursing made so much sense, but weaning was like this delicate balance of figuring out if everyone was ready to handle the change. Good work mama, you’ve inspired many women with your choices!

  26. Elise

    Lovely photos!

  27. Jess

    Looks like a lovely afternoon! I think even pros of juggling it all will tell you there is no formula for how to do it right. You need help, you need to be organized, and most importantly you need to remind yourself you’re doing the best you can…at least that’s what I do! And by seeing how happy your children seem, I am sure you are too!

  28. Your photos are, as always, gorgeous, and I want to commend you for your willingness to open and up and share about the difficulties you’ve been facing in work-life balance and being a mama! You’re lovely!

  29. Leah S.

    Beautiful photos! I hope you are enjoying these little moments in between your projects.

  30. Lauren E.

    I’ve never been someone who is dying to have kids, but reading your blog makes me ache for them. I know being a parent is challenging but good grief if it doesn’t look ridiculously rewarding.

  31. sweet sweet pictures. your family is so darn photogenic. my goodness!

  32. Weaning is the worst! But kudos to you for nursing both at the same time! I love the St. George temple, it’s so beautiful. Sounds like it was a much needed and well deserved break. I hope you’re enjoying your time here in Utah!

  33. chelsea

    That first photo is absolutely precious!

  34. Zainab

    Hello Taza! I must say that your day looked absolutely beautiful with the sun shining and just being able to roam free, away from everything else and away from (most of) life’s worries! I get that feeling when I walk home from school with the sun on my back and the birds chirping and it just makes me want to lay down on the grass and just breathe and laugh and just be happy :) Thank you for sharing your beautiful day and I do hope that your times with your children won’t be painful anymore!
    Have a great day! :)

  35. Gemma

    Eleanor is the next Rankin! xx

  36. all of these are fantastic photos! her cute little faces are the best!

  37. I have many memories of my parents stopping at that temple to get ride of our “wiggles’ as well.

    And I agree with weaning- I have never had so many clogged ducts. NOT FUN emotionally and physically.

  38. Jen C

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting about your weening experience. I appreciate the honesty and openness. It’s nice to hear and talk about something that isn’t always out there. This mama of two appreciates it.

  39. Sandra

    I think it’s so wonderful you nursed both of them for the amount you did. I just wanted to cheer you on.

  40. Those are faces of pure joy. I love it. And there’s no better place for an impromptu family moment than on the grounds of the temple.

  41. Paula

    Weaning sounds hard – both physically and emotionally. My LO just weaned himself, nursing less and less over months. I still miss it, though, and I wish we could’ve gone for a few months longer, so even if weaning is hard, give yourself lots of credit for breastfeeding so long.

    Gotta ask: those boots! Where are the from?

  42. I love these springtime colors!

  43. Kristen

    Sheesh your children are adorable. You’re a good mama for breastfeeding for so long!!

  44. Whitney

    Love that you tandem nursed, how awesome! I’m about to start the process of weaning my little one with the hopes she’ll be done by 18 months! Love your posts and honesty about breast feeding! It’s so refreshing!!!

  45. Alice

    The picture Eleanor took is great!! It looks like you all had a great time. And I adore your hat, it’s great!!

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer

  46. mara

    that picture of your hubby jumping over your kids….AMAZING! so perfect, i love it. and as others already said – props on the breastfeeding for so long. i’m happy i’ve been able to thus far (baby girl is 5 months) and i’m looking forward to it in the months ahead too ;)

  47. Taylor

    Gorgeous photos! Definitely looking forward to some of the new projects you’re working on. I’ve never had my own babies before, but I really can’t believe how painful that must feel to wean your body off of breastfeeding! I’m glad you’re feeling better!


  48. Amy

    Such beautiful photos! Their faces when Josh hops over them are priceless. And E is such a good photo taker!! :)

  49. Katie

    So, so torn between continuing to nurse my 13-month-old and weaning so that I can give him a brother or sister (I know a lot of people can get pregnant while nursing but I am not one of them). We went 12 hours without nursing once and, until then, I hadn’t realized how emotional the process is. Sending hugs to you. Your pictures are stunning, by the way.

  50. Emily O.

    Right there with you on the weaning. Feel like I was hit by a truck!!

  51. Kelly

    This seems like a great afternoon stop and it’s great to hear your body is finally cooperating!

  52. Samantha

    Thank you for talking about weaning. I am currently nursing my 6 month old and I always thought I would want to wean at a year, but I’m not so sure we will be done then. I am now open to going longer. Weaning sounds so emotionally trying. I am currently transitioning my guy out of my bed and it is exhausting physically but also emotionally. Being a mama is hard on the heart sometimes!

  53. Marie

    Erm ok I may be the only mama with this experience.. Weaning was actually easy for me. My son just wasn’t interested in me breastfeeding him after he turned 1… So weaning was actually natural for me. He wouldn’t keep still during our breastfeeding sessions and would always giggle or wiggle away after 5-10min. Haha. So I didn’t want to “torture” him with breastfeeding and he was so happy when I stopped trying to bfeed him! Haha. He’s really an active kid.

    Anw love these photos, it’s important to have happy carefree moments! ♥

  54. mightzi

    wow. your kids ran in the grass? we eat dirt here. we grow up in the mud, the hills, the creeks, and the trees.

  55. hanna

    I love these photos. So sweet –Hanna Lei

  56. Katie

    So what is the weening trick?! Would love to hear some advice from another Mama. I am trying to ween a 22 month old.

  57. lovely photos, as always!

    hope your body adjusts fully soon. I can’t even imagine the process!

  58. Amanda

    Tandem nursing? Way to go mama! I would totally love to tandem nurse my LO with a future child, but I am afraid that won’t be possible. Sorry for TMI, but nearly 16 mo later and still no cycle. I don’t know if I will get my period back until this boy is 100% weaned :(

  59. Rachel

    Cabbage leaves saved me when my milk first came in with my babe. I never even thought about using it when it’s time to wean ! Thank you so much for sharing your experience so I’m a bit mentally prepared for when I have to go through it ! Eek scary.

    Also – I doubt you read all these comments – but after reading your “eleanorisms” I NEED to know how your kids have such amazing imaginations in 2014 ! It seems impossible. PLEASE email me or write a blog post of how you’ve helped to instill that super playful spirit in your babes.

    Xx Rachel

  60. Paige

    These pictures are so fun! Glad you got to take some time out of your busy schedules for some play!


  61. Your photos are amazing! As always :)

  62. shayla

    awww i love this temple :) and those photos are too sweet!

  63. Sonya

    Oh my, how lovely are you all! I wish i lived close to take pictures of you, you guys look really wonderful as a family. Keep it up! <3

    Love, Sonya

  64. Beth

    Thanks for sharing your weaning experience. Did you use any resources to guide you through the process? How long did he take to wean? My son is almost 2 and weaning is tucked away in my mind. He’s had a lot of days recently where he skips a session, so that makes me curious, but still very much relies on mama milk for naps & bedtime. I love the cuddles & breastfeeding has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, but I would love for him to fall asleep for someone else, so I can have a bit more freedom to work more or be away for an evening here and there.

    And kudos for nursing the both of them. Really. This amazes me.

  65. Thanks for sharing your weaning story! I am in the process of weaning my daughter, B, 14 months and it totally stinks! I totally hear you on nursing being such a sweet and intimate time! I am sad to see it go but I am ready for her to be weaned at the same time. What a beautiful family!

  66. Stephanie

    I echo the other readers’ sentiments that you are a rockstar for nursing so long. My son is 22 months this week and we don’t have any plans to stop any time soon. He and I still really love it, so I hope that when that time comes it will be easyish, if that’s even possible? I saved some placenta pills just in case! My mom nursed me until I was 2 and I have looked forward to nursing my own children since I was a child so I am so grateful to have this experience. I remember thinking when my son was a few weeks old how now I understood why so many women give it up. It was so hard for me in the beginning! Thank goodness for cabbage leaves, my savior from full blown mastitis several times! But I’m so happy I stuck with it, it is truly an amazing experience that has made me appreciate my body in a whole new way as well. :)

  67. Jessica

    Oh I can’t tell you how much I loved reading that you breastfed longer than a year AND tandem nursed both your babes! I absolutely love nursing my 9 month old and I plan to continue nursing as long as he wants. I hope I get to tandem nurse someday, it seems like it would be so bonding for everyone involved.

  68. Amanda

    Kind of off topic… But since you’ve discussed breast feeding… Do you have any influence with the good people at Sonnet James? If so, could you suggest they add some nursing-friendly dresses to the next collection? I absolutely love their dresses but won’t be buying one anytime soon. They’re just too impractical for this nursing mama. Thanks! ;)

  69. Lexie

    Three things:
    1. Gorgeous photos of your adorable family, as always!
    2. Look at that super-papa with one kiddo on his shoulders and one on his back!
    3. Good for you for nursing so long! And I’m in awe of you for tandem nursing. My 14 month old little boy has decided to wean all on his own, and although it’s breaking my heart and I’m tempted to resist, I’ve decided to respect his needs, wants, and instincts. But *sniff* I’m going to miss nursing. Though not quite enough to have another baby. Ok, maybe enough to have another baby. ;-)

  70. Kerstin

    Dear Namoi,

    I am really thankful that you let us follow your journey as a women, mom and wife.
    I am pregnant with my first baby and you inspire me to really enjoy this new period of our live as a new little family.
    I really think you are a wonderful women, wife an mother and I hope that I will be able to bring so much fun, happiness and love in the live of my baby and our little family as you do for your family.

    Hormons are funny ;) So now I am starting to cry.

    Thank you for sharing, also the struggles of being a women, mom, wife,.. and al the other rolls we have in our lives.

    I wish you and your family the best! God bless you and your family!

  71. angie

    I just ‘weaned’ my daughter at 20 months, it was soooo painful! painful to also let go of my baby…I actually really enjoyed nursing that long, but it was interrupting with sleep (on my part) and I had to do it for my sanity. My daughter eventually adjusted. Its been a month now and I am glad the pain is gone. I totally get your sentiments. It almost feels like when we stop we are letting them grow up just a tiny bit…maybe that is weird, but I just wish I could hold on forever! : ))

  72. steph o

    Thanks for sharing about weaning and the rough impact on your body! I just switched from 3 months of pumping and bottle feeding to exclusively nursing (long, frustrating story) and I didn’t take into account that I was pumping far more than baby girl was eating. That was a very painful couple days that were rounded out with a plugged duct. When I saw your comment about cabbage leaves, I chuckled in commiseration about this whole crazy situation and felt a little better that I wasn’t alone :) Hope you’re feeling better!

  73. Kate

    My Eleanor is about Samson’s age and we are weaning right now. It’s certainly emotional and a big physical adjustment! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  74. Oh wowww omgness, Eleanor is so much better with the camera than most of us, hah! And the thought of weaning my 9 month old within a few months just scares me! It truly saddens me, but alas, I’m thankful that I’ve been able to feed her that way.

    Gotta check out what all those cabbage leaves are about! :P

  75. Sarah Marinkovich-Durfee

    I love the pic of your husband jumping over them. The way they are smiling and clinging to each other just melts my heart!

  76. Jenn


    As a young wife who is discussing babies with her husband I was wondering if you would ever do a post about something such as nursing or other helpful mama things or if you had a favourite mama blogger that you would recommend? I come from a home where my mother couldn’t nurse and things like cloth diapers or organic food weren’t the norm, nothing against my mama because that was sort of the way everyone was raised in our town at the time. But I am just starting to venture down this chapter of my life and the amount of information is overwhelming, if I could narrow it down to a few trusted sources (yourself being one of them, I’ve been reading your blog since you first announced your pregnancy with Eleanor) then maybe I can start to put some of the nerves I have at bay. Thanks for your time!!