sonnet james spring 2014 lookbook! and, a giveaway! [closed]

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i was over the moon last year when whitney, the incredible and creative talent behind sonnet james, asked me to be the face of her spring 2014 lookbook! as a mama of two little ones, i understand the need for a durable dress that makes me feel feminine but doesn’t restrict me from getting on the floor and playing with my children. also, let’s talk about how great a dress is that doesn’t need to be dry cleaned, because goodness gracious my kids sure like using me as their napkin and paint canvas. anyway, i really love these dresses, especially with such a colorful and playful spring line.

we shot these photos last fall in the city over the course of a few days. eleanor and samson had a blast and i had a lot of fun running around with whitney and her team swapping out dresses under a big sheet on city corners where no one even looked twice at what crazy was going on (gotta love this place).

i share a few of my favorites from the lookbook below. you can see the entire lookbook here. all photos by remi stoneman.

and last but not least…at the end of this post there are details about your chance to win the entire spring collection of dresses! (that’s 20 dresses + 4 hats!!!)

sonnet03sonnet02sonnet01sonnet16sonnet07sonnet08sonnet19 sonnet04sonnet15 sonnet10 sonnet14 sonnet17 sonnet18sonnet12sonnet09

and now for a really fun giveaway! sonnet james is giving away the entire collection of spring dresses (that’s 20 gorgeous dresses + 4 hats!!!!) to one lucky reader in the colors and size of your choice! all you need to do to enter is visit sonnet james, then come back here and comment below with which dress is your favorite. the winner will be selected at random and emailed directly next week.

also, use the code LOVETAZA15 to get $15 off your orders this week only.

good luck! and thank you again to whitney for letting me play all over new york city in your beautiful dresses last fall! what a fun experience it was.

  1. emily

    the quincy dress in plum for sure! xx

  2. Molly G.

    I love the Remi dress!!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Bree

    This is an absolutely stunning collection. I would wear every single one of these. But since I have to chose a favorite, it would have to be the Reese.

  4. Markie Taylor

    Hi Mrs Taza and Sonnet James!
    I think my favorite by far is the Mara dress! So fun and the colors are so happy! I wore the dousten during my whole pregnancy and even took my maternity photos in it, it fit the both if us so perfectly ;) this new mama would love these beautiful comfy cozy line of dresses…


  5. Jackie

    I love the Kate – I think it would be my Spring staple!

  6. Veronica

    I love the Kate dress!! It is perfect for spending time with littles!!

  7. Leah Munns Ward

    I am going to absolutely need these after baby! I love the Marni…in all her forms!!

    Crossing fingers and toes!!

  8. Emma

    I loved the mustard Quincy dress… Looked great on you! Was a hard decision though! They are all gorgeous!

  9. Lucy

    Oh wow, these dresses are genuinely ALL gorgeous!! You look stunning, Taza. I’m actually not sure I can pick a favourite but the mustard Quincy might just clinch it. xoxo

  10. Alex

    Loved the Reese and Kate!

  11. Emma

    Eeeep!!! I love them all! But I am particularly drawn to the Marni Dress (The Pink Priscilla). It’s just so happy!

  12. Becca

    I love ALL these dresses!!! So excited to try one since i saw the kickstarter page. I ❤ the Reese dress.

  13. Becca

    I love love love the Reese and Doutzen. So hard to choose a favorite though. Too many cuties!

  14. Sonia

    OMG I’m in love with them all!!!
    But if I had to choose one or maybe two these would be the Marni dress, I adore stripes, and the pink Priscilla dress ,pink became one of my favorite colors all of a sudden!!!
    Your family is adorable Naomi, you and Josh make a good team!

  15. Holly

    The Quincy in mustard! But I really do love them all- hats included!

  16. I love love love all these dresses. They look so comfy and they cover garments, double +!! My favorite dress would have to be STELLA. Pregnant or not this is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. Love the pictures Naomi!

  17. Hannah

    So many lovely dresses…. But I absolutely adore the Constance dress. Too cute!

  18. Joyce

    i really like the reese dress!

  19. Amy Elizabeth

    Absolutely in love with the Kate Dress!

  20. Coral

    Love love L O V E it ALL, but the Remi stole my heart!

  21. Bethany

    The Kate dress would be my choice, although I love them all. And the hats, gosh they are so cute!

  22. April

    The Quincy! Ill need one for each day of the week! Love the lookbook – such beautiful pictures!

  23. Yvonne

    The marni totally. Dressed up or dressed down!

  24. Whitney

    STELLA! So in love with all of the dresses though. perfect for my growing baby belly!

  25. Patricia

    Best giveaway ever!

    I love the doutzen!

    Thanks Naomi

  26. Lexie

    I’m seriously in lovr with these dresses and would be sincerely grateful to win any of them!! Favorite is the Kate dress. Love the simplicity!!!

  27. Lexie Graul

    I’m seriously in lovr with these dresses and would be sincerely grateful to win any of them!! Favorite is the Kate dress. Love the simplicity!!! Love!!!

  28. Rylee

    They are all so cute!!! But I like the late dress the most!

  29. Crystal

    I love them all! If I had to choose one…maybe the reese

  30. Melissa

    The Quincy dress in the plum colour is gorgeous!

  31. Lily Evans

    I love the reese dress!

  32. Hana Oh

    I heart the Kate Dress!!! :)

    Love your blog!!!

  33. Caitlin H

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Kate dress!

  34. Becca

    They are all amazing! As a teacher and new mom these would all make dressing so much easier! I love the Kate and Remi dresses.

  35. Courtney

    I’m in love with all of them! I would wear the Kate dress all summer long!!

  36. Joyce

    id love to wear the reese dress when the weather warms up!

  37. ashley evanson

    Looooove the marni!

  38. Michael Natter

    I’m actually entering this contest for my wife… I like the “Bluebell” dress the best, and I think she would too!

  39. Jessica

    Oh my! They are all ah-mazing!!! If I had to choose if pick the Reese dress!

  40. The Quincy dress in plum is my most favorite! I absolutely adore every dress! If I never ever win anything in my life, I’d sure Love to win this amazing give away! Love your blog!~Jessica King ( mom of 3 littles, living in small town, Texas)

  41. Madeline Parcell

    Such a tough decision … but with my simplistic nature, I’d go for the Reese Dress. So darling!

  42. Anna C.

    Reese Dress for sure!Love it!

  43. Leah

    The Reese dress is definitely my favorite!!

  44. Tracey G.

    Just can’t choose between the Mara and the Reese and love the fact that winning the contest could mean that I don’t have to!

  45. Erica Macomber

    I’m loving the Doutzen dress. It’s the perfect pop of color for this never-ending winter!

  46. Rose

    Ze Kate dress :):):)

  47. Ashley

    My favorite is the Reese dress! I would love to win this giveaway. I just found out I’m pregnant with my second and due in the fall. It would be so nice to have comfortable dresses to wear all spring and summer while I play with my toddler. Thank you for doing such an amazing giveaway!

  48. Jennifer S.

    I love them all, it’s so hard to chose my favorite!! But I think it would have to be the Doutzen.

  49. Lindsay

    My fav dress was definitely the Dylan! love love love the length with the stripes!

  50. Whitney

    The Quincy Dress in Mustard is my favorite! What a great company. I didn’t realize they were 100% made in the USA. I’m trying to support local and American businesses, so I’ll be placing an order for my spring-time birthday for sure!

  51. Kara

    These all look so comfortable and versatile! I love the mustard Quincy. They are all so nice for day, or to dress up! We are currently trying for #1.. We are optimistic – what a thrill it would be to have a wardrobe for when we are finally blessed with a little! Thank you!

  52. Melanie Nelson

    I am in love with the entire collection, but I especially love the Kate dress!

  53. Wow! How awesome to get to play Fairy Godmother to a lucky winner!? :) They are all sublime, but I am definitely in love with Doutzen.

  54. Allison

    Love the Marni dress!!! I’ve been looking for something like this. Would be so great to wear with baby! Easy to throw on, stylish, but I wouldn’t have to worry to much about giving the people behind me a show when bending over to pick baby up!!

  55. Linzi

    Oh love love love the Reese dress :)

  56. Laura

    Love the Reese dress…it would be amazing to win!

  57. Joyce

    absolutely love the reese dress.

  58. Katlin Conrad

    I love the Kate Dress!! The combination of stripes and solids is perfect!!

  59. Gloria Winburne

    :) I LOVE the MARA DRESS because it has attitude! (Grey/White/Red).

  60. Jennie

    I’m in love with both the Doutzen and the Reese. Such lovely dresses!

  61. Chelsea Hudson

    I love them all! But would have to say my favorite is the Reese Dress!

  62. Katy Reed

    marni dress//pink!

  63. Megan Trulock

    Love the Kate dress!!! They are all beautiful though. :)

  64. Sarah

    The Quincy dress is beautiful, and so unique! It would have to be my favorite!

  65. Amanda E

    I’m between the Mara in Grey and the Quincy in plum. I’m a teacher and mom-wanna-be (in the middle of doing IVF!). All of these would be perfect for work and for a summer baby belly

  66. Ashley E.

    I am In Love with Every Dress. Thank you Taza for introducing me to Sonnet James. I would have to go with the Reese since i love you’re outfit with that dress. (also the Quincy, mustard, & Marni, stripe, are mighty nice)

  67. Kelsey

    I love the Quincy dress in mustard! I’m always looking for cute but casual dresses to wear while teaching.

  68. anne elizabeth

    I LOVE the Kate dress! Too much fun!

  69. anne elizabeth

    that little ‘shopping trip’ just wasn’t enough! explored the whole website and am IN LOVE with everything about Sonnet James. The designs, the designer herself, and everything she stands for. Thanks for sharing this!

  70. Hannah

    I absolutely love the Quincy mustard dress! i love these dresses so much!

  71. Joyce

    id love to be able to wear the reese dresss!

  72. Stacey

    Love the Kate dress! Thanks for introducing me to sonnet James!

  73. Carla

    I love love all these dresses!!! My favorite one is the quincy dress in plum!! All are great!!

  74. Samantha

    I love the Quincy dress in Plum!

  75. Rhea

    The Marni Dress!!! Love that Pink Priscilla color!!! Would be perfect for my summer trip to San Diego :)

  76. Megan

    The Kate dress is my mommy must-have!!!

  77. Kimberly

    The Reese is adorable! And my daughter’s name is Reece so I love it even more.

  78. Megan

    I absolutely love the Kate Dress! This is perfect for any mama!

  79. Amber Tarin

    I love them all! So hard to pick which was my favorite. Probably Remi, Jil or Kate. Such a fun website. I had to subscribe. :)

  80. Sarah

    I love the Kate dress! And all of the others, too :)

  81. Doris Jenkins

    So hard to pick one favorite! But I’m going with the Marni in the pink!!!

  82. Kenzie

    I love the striped Marni dress. Thank you! These would be such cute sister missionary dresses! I’m thinking about getting some before I leave!

  83. Eliza

    The kate dress. I love every piece though.

  84. Jarica

    Going out on a limb here (I NEVER do this…but, that collection!). The Kate and the Marni, no question!

  85. Jessica

    The Kate! Or the Reese… I like them all- so lovely!

  86. Jessica

    the kate dress all the way.
    thank you!

  87. Kim Ngarupe

    I love the Quincy in mustard.

  88. Erica

    The entire collection what dreams are made of! I think my favorite is the Quincey dress in mustard.

    I love that these dresses allow mamas to chase their babes around while still looking oh so chic!!!

  89. Erica

    The entire collection is what dreams are made of! I think my favorite is the Quincey dress in mustard.

    I love that these dresses allow mamas to chase their babes around while still looking oh so chic!!!

  90. Laura

    I love the Mara! You look fabulous in all of them!

  91. O.em.gee.

    That Quincy dress (in mustard) makes my knees weak.

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  92. Damaris

    Wow you look stunning Naomi! And this giveaway is TO DIE FOR. The Kate dress stole my heart right away in all it’s nautical glory. Thanks for introducing me to Sonnet James!

  93. Sydnie Deneke


  94. Elise

    Every dress is amazing and would be so fun to wear!! I guess if I had to choose I would choose Kate. :)

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  95. Wow, what a great collection! I love so many – Marni, Mara, Quincy, and Kate. Great photos, too, Taza!

  96. Marissa

    Love the Quincy! love that all her vids are made at EV! :) Made for me SO happy.

  97. Kris

    Such pretty pictures! I love you and your family taza!

  98. Charmaine

    They are all so beautiful! I think I like the Kate Dress best! :)