on monday, new york city was a winter wonderland…

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…and we loved every minute of it! (of course the city slush on tuesday was another story.) but on monday, when those big chunky white snowflakes fell all day long, and we didn’t have anywhere we really needed to be for a few hours, we delayed nap time, lunch… all of it, to head on outside and experience it first hand together. it was absolutely beautiful and we had the best time.

a few photos below (because snow like this warrants taking your camera out. even if it’s wet and dangerous! i kept it in a plastic bag almost the entire time and thankfully, it didn’t get wet. what do you do though if it’s raining or snowing and you wanna take a picture? i am genuinely curious how real photographers do it.)


^^^the nicest lady walking by asked if we wanted a family shot and boy, not only was she nice, she knew what she was doing! i love this family photo so much!^^^


^^^E’s face in this one stops my mama heart. she just looks so happy.^^^


^^^jumpin’ for joy is what this is. what else did you expect?^^^


^^^our first snowman! eleanor and papa worked hard on him. he lived a total of maybe 10 seconds before samson head butted him and squealed in delight at knocking the poor guy’s head over. eleanor finished him off by stomping him into the ground and for a moment there, i worried about how much fun my kids had showing such aggression towards a snowman. i hope that is normal.^^^

snow13snow2 snow5

^^^snowball fights are fun and all, until you get a snowball in your face. ;) ^^^


^^^she has good aim. i was covered.^^^

snow6 snow10 snow12

^^^pops of my favorite color in a world of white. the photos don’t do it justice. everyone needs to experience a new york city snowstorm.^^^

snow15 snow17 snow19

^^^after running around and exploring the snowy upper west side together, we popped into ray’s pizza for a slice for lunch. after warming up and filling our bellies with papa’s favorite food, we were ready for round two in the snow.^^^

snow21 snow22

^^^seriously. how beautiful is that stuff.^^^


^^^snowball in the head! and a big sister in the background grinning so hard at her shot! i don’t know how no one ended up in tears on monday. i honestly do not know.^^^


^^^i love them so much. what a good day. and february, you’re looking up! i like you a lot already.^^^

  1. rachel

    These images are amazing. Well done. Your daring paid off.
    It’s really neat to see how the big city dwellers experiences nature amid cabs and slcies of pizza, but so whole-heartedly.

  2. Laura

    I LOVE these photos! Especially the ones where E throws snowballs at S. Haha. Glad no one didn’t end up in tears! It sounds like the perfect day :)

  3. Mimi

    I can only imagine what those yellow cabs look like against all of the white snow. I’m pretty sure its amazing.

    What an amazing afternoon to spend with family. I’m sure they will be happy to relive these moments when they get older through the photos!!

  4. Gorgeous pictures!!! Amazing the city covered with snow, so so so beautiful, I would love to experience it someday. Love the splash of colour coming from your outfits and the yellow cabs. The family pic is a keeper! We have a camera bag that comes with a “raincoat” to protect the camera once inside the bag, but while you are taking pictures I’m not sure what would be the best; hope to read it in the comments!


  5. Rosie

    Such beauty!! Wonderful photos and that one of you all together just melts my heart! Happy snow day!!

    Rosie xx

  6. Silvia

    Oh my, this is just wonderful! There smiles made my day. Gosh, how I wish we had some snow. Nothing yet this year in Holland. But I’ll just live vicariously through your pictures ;-)

  7. shruti

    Really cute family you have got! wish i could enjoy New york snow too..

  8. hanna

    Wow the city looks fantastic. –Hanna Lei

  9. Meryl

    Oh, wow, that is beautiful! Snow in the city is such a beautiful sight. And there is nothing like a good snowball fight to bring out the kid in you! Thank you for sharing snowy New York. I’ve never seen it before!

  10. These photos are beautiful! Looks like so much fun. It almost makes me wish I lived there for the snow, almost. I think I’ll keep my sunny and 70’s this week at Hilton Head!

  11. Laetitia

    What a fun day !! Can’t wait to experience it with my little girl ! :)

  12. That family picture is adorable! You were lucky to find that lady!
    NY looks amazing under the snow… what a beautiful pictures!

  13. oh my gosh! that one of eleanor laughing in the background – PRICELESS!

  14. Livi

    y’all are too adorable!! I love the snow :)!

  15. Lucy

    Oh I just love Snow!!!!!!!
    What fantastic pictures!!
    I love all of them but especially E throwing a snowball and hitting Samson’s head lol
    Love that there were no tears!!
    And of course you need to stop off for some pizza!!!
    Man, here in Cornwall, UK we hardly ever see snow… Been too long… Me and my little family absolutely love it (more than everyone we know!)
    We need to come to New York when it snows!!!!! (And when it’s sunny… And……)

  16. tRiSh

    How sweet and beautiful! This is what a great family outing is for me! Thanks for sharing. :)

  17. Shelby

    We got the show storm as well yesterday and I was in complete awe over how gorgeous it is! Your pictures are so fun and vibrant! Makes new want to go play with my family!

  18. Teresa

    OMG! thank you Naomi for sharing these… they’re so beautiful. I’m glad no one got hurt (including your camera) and that you had the chance to enjoy it all with your family. I love that E and S have such a great time together…. makes me want another baby!!! also how beautiful is that Christmas wreath that someone left up??? It adds to the beauty of it all. Keeping my fingers crossed for a NY trip soon… meanwhile… I’ll have to settle for this FL heat. xoxoxox

  19. nanette

    beautiful photos! new york city in the snow is beautiful! your photos are always so colorful. love them!

  20. Sarah

    Snow envy!We haven’t had any in London this winter. Such happiness in those teeny little faces. That family photo is the sweetest :)

  21. Gabriella

    Winter wonderland at its best! Cannot help but love the snow-covered city. Living in a city myself I do know what a pain the slush is afterwars, but somehow it’s all worth it for the joy that the snow brings at first! ;)

  22. Oh how incredible! We had a few great snowstorms when I lived in New York and you’re right, there’s nothing like it. Awesome that you got outside and experienced it firsthand!

  23. Looks like it was a fun snow day! We had a big one here in Toronto yesterday and I had to cancel a trip to the art gallery. Oh well, the snow was very pretty …. from inside the house looking out, that is, as I didn’t even step out the door. Still snowing today, so I’ll get my fill of it later. Sadly there will be no snowballs or snowmen though. Or no pizza … hmmpht

  24. Leah S.

    lovely photos! Way to make the most of the weather. The kids (and adults) seem to be enjoying themselves.

  25. Dulce

    Your pictures are always so lovely, but those of you jumping always make me smile!

  26. Sydney

    This is so cute, they always have the biggest smiles on their faces. It looks like you guys enjoyed yourselves….I wish it was cold in San Diego right now!!! You guys are the sweetest little family! :)

  27. Heather

    New York never looked so beautiful!
    In the snow your camera really will be fine. It’s the lens you need to worry about. Just make sure the lens cap is on when you aren’t taking a picture and wipe the camera down with a soft cloth when you get home. Obviously you don’t want the camera in full blown rain- but it’ll handle snow just fine. :)


  28. amanda

    brave, brave woman taking your camera out in that. it was so WET! like, the heaviest wettest snow ever. so worth it, fantastic photos!! and i can’t believe a random stranger managed to get such a good shot of you guys, it’s like christmas card quality.

  29. Tina

    These photos are gorgeous. A snow man in the city is not something I have ever seen! Haha glad you enjoyed the snow! Down here in Jersey we are getting a TON too!

  30. Caitlin

    these are fantastic pictures! what a fun snow day!


    Beautiful pictures! And I love the joy on yours faces, happy family!

  32. Crystal

    Your pictures are beautiful and I have to admit I laughed out loud at your caption of E and S with the snowman and their aggression! Too Funny! (:

  33. awesome!!! love these photos! :)

  34. Sarah

    Oh man. I need to start approaching the winter weather with a spring in my step like Eleanor’s in that first photo. Toronto’s had so much snow this winter that slogging my way through it feels like drudgery. Clearly I need to be making more snowmen!

  35. Tina

    you guys are awesome. what a great way to beat the winter blues. you can tell by the looks on everyone’s faces that you had a blast. what a cute little family you are. and that family portrait is perfect, thank goodness for awesome strangers who know how to take photos. ;)

  36. Cassie

    These pictures are beautiful!! I love that you took your kids out to play even though I’m sure it was freezing.

    The day we took my wedding pictures it was raining and the photographer used trash bags around his camera. Just poked a hole for the lens to stick out and then wrapped it completely back up when he wasn’t using it.

  37. Amanda

    I absolutely love this post. The pics are beautiful and JOYFUL. I know this winter has been harsh….I know this because everyone who has experienced it (including us down here in Texas) has done nothing but complain about it. Relentlessly. I guess it was just refreshing to come here today and see someone relishing the beauty of it. As it was snowing out our windows today (yes, in Texas) my 12 year old said “I think snow is one of God’s most beautiful creations”. I quite agree. I know it can be a nuisance and I know people suffer in it…not trying to make little of that. But, I am happy when people can enjoy it and share that!! Thank you!

  38. Eli

    I’ll just curl up with a hot sweetened drink in hand and let your snowy adventure wrap me up just like that cute red hat on Eleanor’s head.
    You’re guys awesome in the snow or just a little bit less wet xx


  39. Mónica

    Here just raging snows I would love my children to enjoy the snow but no way. That if you go a cold winter. Love the pictures are Elm. Kisses and happy Thursday.

  40. NYC snow photos are always my favorite because of all the pops of color! These pictures show so much joy – your family is too precious!

  41. Hanna

    U guys are seriously the sweetest family that it’s too much to handle :D Esp E’s & Samson’s faces are adorably priceless! And I couldn’t agree with u more 110% on the fact that we all need to experience NYC’s snowstorm. I was having so much fun on that day whereas the next day was totally the opposite haha. Thank u for posting up wonderful pics of u & ur family, being that inspiration as a family that fully enjoys both the little & big things in life!

  42. chelsea

    These photos are priceless!

  43. Emma

    My heart just bubbles with joy as I look at your photos! The sweet smiles of your children just brings one to me as well! You guys are totally living the fairy tale life!

  44. Naomi, this post is absolutely gorgeous!
    I love the snow so much here in England.
    I would so love to experience a NYC snow storm.
    That family photograph is also adorable.
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful memories with us all.
    Amber-Rose x

  45. Briseidy

    what a perfect snowy day! fantastic pictures, love when nice people offer to take your photo ;)

  46. Elise

    Stunning photos! Visiting New York during a snowstorm is now officially on my bucket list! Thanks for sharing this wonderful blogpost Naomi!

  47. Taylor

    These pictures are too cute! My favorite one has got to be that hilarious picture of Eleanor hitting Samson in the head with a snowball. Her face is just…too funny for words. (Not that I’m laughing at your other little getting hit with a snowball though!)



  48. amazing. new york city wears fresh snow so well.

  49. Jemima

    Haha! That little cutie Eleanor’s face as she pelts a snowball at Samson is a winner!!!

    These pictures are incredible. You’ve certainly convinced me that NYC is the place for me rain, hail, snowstorm or shine! I can’t WAIT to get there one day!!!

    What a lovely day for you all :)


  50. Maggie

    Yay for embracing the snow!
    oh the charm of a snowy city…

  51. blake

    you need some mittens, girl!

  52. beth

    the joy i felt in soaking up these lovely pictures evaporated in a poof the moment i noticed the man in the background of the photo of samson in the pizza place – – – hoping that was a slice of pizza being raised to his face and not his hand clutching his head in anguish?

  53. chris

    I just love looking at your photos! You all look so happy, all the time!! How do you manage?! :D xoxo from Switzerland

  54. JM

    These pictures are so beautiful. I wish I was there now. I am not a fan when snow drags on and on in winter, but this kind of blast of snow is magical. And so pretty in new york city. I’m glad you guys had fun. Strange, we haven’t had a single snowflake here all winter.


  55. Brooke

    Oh my gosh the kids are so cute! They are such little snow babies! The snow is absolutely beautiful. I’ve never seen it like that in person. Thanks for sharing!

  56. Amber

    That family photo is really wonderful! Looks like everyone had a bunch of fun. Snow is always beautiful before the slush.

  57. these photos are simply gorgeous (love the family shot!) :)


  58. Taryn

    All of these are gorgeous! You captured this magical day so well!

  59. Be still my heart…. Goodness these pictures are completely stunning!! I am in awe! Beauty everywhere!

  60. nikki

    these photos are so beautiful! what a wonderful family memory to have. and the kiddos mini hunter boots are just too cute!!



  61. What beautiful moments captured, memories your children will have forever. Love!

  62. Lisa

    Nice !

  63. Cait

    Hello Hello

    I m just getting into dslr photography and I m always in love with the way your photos come out..

    IS there anyway you could do a post on tips and tricks?!?!?!

    I know I wont be the only one who would love it!

    • TAZA

      Hey! I did 3 posts over the summer (may and june) with tips and tricks to working with a canon dslr! You can use the search bar to your left to find them!

      Have fun with your new camera!

  64. That looks tremendously good fun as well as magical. Lucky NY having snow, we have had the wettest winter on record here in England. I wish the rain would depart and we could have the winter wonderland here as well as London is so pretty in the snow.

  65. Janis

    Awesome! We had the same thing here! Snowmageddon! About a foot or so! It’s our first time in a snow storm so we played in it as well! Fun! :)

  66. aleisha

    I have a rain-sleeve for my canon 5D for weather like that but since I live in San Diego and LA, I haven’t really needed it yet. Also, I went to that pizza place when I was in New York last, so cozy!

    Have a good winter.


    • TAZA

      Ill have to look into a rain sleeve! Thanks! Didnt even know they had stuff like that. Makes sense though.

  67. TJ

    Oh goodness, these pictures are just melting my heart. And all of that snow looks gorgeous!! I’m glad no one ended up in tears that day. And don’t worry, I think it’s normal for kiddos to love smashing things in the snow ;)
    xo TJ


  68. Paige

    These pictures are so adorable! I wish we got snow here so my son could get to experience SNOW! That is the one thing I miss most about living in upstate NY!


  69. that snowball shot picture is PRICELESS. E’s face is to die for. Snowman murdering is definitely 100% normal, I actually think it’s weird if kids DON”T want to crush their masterpieces! Glad you all enjoyed the snowfall~


  70. julia

    wow, what AMAZING photos! expecially the 6th one is just magical (the house fronts with stairways and the snowy trees on the left). you really have a special talent.

  71. Cori

    Your photos really highlight the beauty of the snow it the city. Makes me jealous living in the South:) Also, where is yours and E’s toboggan from?Thanks!

  72. Aileen

    I think this is my favourite post yet. They are such beautiful photos, and I can’t get over how grown up E looks! New York in the snow is the prettiest. I would love to experience it some day.



  73. Delia

    Your images are so heavenly. We have been covered in snow since November and I have to say we are so over it! but i do remember how it was the first couple of snow falls … oh how we loved it then



  74. Cintya

    These have to be the best group of pictures ever. I love the family photo, but I think my favorite is the one where Eleanor is grinning extremely hard in the background, priceless.

  75. These are beautiful! You had more fun in the snow than I have lately!

  76. Lucy

    Such beautiful images! I’d love my children to experience the snow one day. It’s going to be 87 here today in Australia!

  77. Joyce

    Beautiful pictures! Anyone know where I can get the beanie that Eleanor’s wearing? I absolutely love that color!

    • TAZA

      Thanks! It’s actually an adult size it’s from American apparel.

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  79. Sarah

    What gorgeous photos! Looks like you had fantastic fun! Hard to imagine that much snow as we are in another heat wave here! May I ask what camera and processing you use?


    • TAZA

      Thanks! I have been trying I include that info in each blog post but forgot here. I use a canon 6d and lift the colors a bit in photoshop cs6.

  80. lauren

    what a lovely day! i visited my friend in new york in december, and for a couple hours it snowed. it didn’t stay around very long..but while it did, it was magical!

  81. This snow looks so much fun! I wish it snowed like that in DC, great pics!

  82. Sarah

    These pictures are utterly amazing!!! We have (unfortunately) missed all of the beautiful snow here in DC and these pictures are making me quite jealous!

  83. Michelle

    Love these photos! In Ireland, we just have rain and more rain…

  84. Melody

    I’m a french photographer, and I have a tip for taking pictures in the snow or rain: I bought a topicalised camera, and it changed my life!

    Last week we went to the beach and I just wet the camera under the pubic shower to clean it. People looked at me like I was crazy! hahaha!

    Tropicalised camera aren’t expensive: mine is a pentax bought only 800$!



  85. These photos are absolutely beautiful! Your family is perfect. I love the group shot, isn’t it amazing how the best photos are sometimes the ones taken by strangers?

    Beth xo.


  86. Wesleigh S.

    These are such beautiful photos! I love your boots!! Where did you get them? I have been dying to find some colorful duck boots. :)

    • TAZA

      Thanks! They are sorels!

  87. Megan

    you are blessed with a beautiful life:)

  88. Sinead

    These pics are so beautiful, especially the shot of the whole family. I love when passer-bys offer to take a photo!

  89. Bev

    Looks like a fun time in a beautiful snow globe, way to make the best and enjoy the snow while it’s here! Like they say, if you can’t beat em’, join em’ :)


  90. meg j

    what kind of boots are you and your daughter wearing? love them both!!

    • TAZA

      Thanks! She is in hunter boots and I’m wearing sorels.

  91. I love the snow pictures! It was hard for me to capture the snowpocolypse with my lame non-iphone so I couldn’t get very many pictures. But I love yours!

    I wrote a blog post about your blog with much admiration and love. I also post some of my favorite pictures from other blogs and write posts about whatever pops into my head.

    I hope you will check it out!
    I used your blog as inspiration for my design.

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