on monday, new york city was a winter wonderland…

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…and we loved every minute of it! (of course the city slush on tuesday was another story.) but on monday, when those big chunky white snowflakes fell all day long, and we didn’t have anywhere we really needed to be for a few hours, we delayed nap time, lunch… all of it, to head on outside and experience it first hand together. it was absolutely beautiful and we had the best time.

a few photos below (because snow like this warrants taking your camera out. even if it’s wet and dangerous! i kept it in a plastic bag almost the entire time and thankfully, it didn’t get wet. what do you do though if it’s raining or snowing and you wanna take a picture? i am genuinely curious how real photographers do it.)


^^^the nicest lady walking by asked if we wanted a family shot and boy, not only was she nice, she knew what she was doing! i love this family photo so much!^^^


^^^E’s face in this one stops my mama heart. she just looks so happy.^^^


^^^jumpin’ for joy is what this is. what else did you expect?^^^


^^^our first snowman! eleanor and papa worked hard on him. he lived a total of maybe 10 seconds before samson head butted him and squealed in delight at knocking the poor guy’s head over. eleanor finished him off by stomping him into the ground and for a moment there, i worried about how much fun my kids had showing such aggression towards a snowman. i hope that is normal.^^^

snow13snow2 snow5

^^^snowball fights are fun and all, until you get a snowball in your face. ;) ^^^


^^^she has good aim. i was covered.^^^

snow6 snow10 snow12

^^^pops of my favorite color in a world of white. the photos don’t do it justice. everyone needs to experience a new york city snowstorm.^^^

snow15 snow17 snow19

^^^after running around and exploring the snowy upper west side together, we popped into ray’s pizza for a slice for lunch. after warming up and filling our bellies with papa’s favorite food, we were ready for round two in the snow.^^^

snow21 snow22

^^^seriously. how beautiful is that stuff.^^^


^^^snowball in the head! and a big sister in the background grinning so hard at her shot! i don’t know how no one ended up in tears on monday. i honestly do not know.^^^


^^^i love them so much. what a good day. and february, you’re looking up! i like you a lot already.^^^

  1. liz

    i love reading your blog. I always have a smile on my face at some point. I love the photos that you share. These photos are so good. What a lovely memory to have.

  2. Amanda

    Beautiful photos! Where is your jacket from? It’s so lovely!

  3. Snow! I love when you can embrace the happy side of snow! These pictures warm my heart [though I am sure it was freezing]!

  4. Ginger

    I have a strange and sort of funny/personalish question, if you feel like answering … how and where do you and your littles use the potties when you’re out and about for a day of fun? I’m always curious when visiting a city like NYC/Amsterdam that doesn’t seem very run into a coffee shop and use their facilities friendly.

    • TAZA

      we always have E potty before we leave. we usually do OK without needing to find a bathroom but we’ll duck into a store or restaurant in the neighborhood if needed. everyone is always very kind and accommodating. :)

  5. Erika

    Beautiful! NYC is on my list of places I must visit. I keep hoping for a snow day this year, but so far we have gotten ZERO snow in Seattle this year. :( It’s kind of unusual.

  6. Bree

    I’m a huge fan of Eleanor & her blue Hunter boots. I’ve noticed she worn them for some time now. I have a new niece (6 months) & I’m looking to capitalize on some of these sales. I’m curious about sizing. Do buy Eleanor’s shoes bigger? If so how much bigger?

    Thank you!

  7. Krystal

    Lovely pictures!

  8. Lauren Renee

    Hello Naomi!
    This is so lovely! You capture such beautiful moments on camera, it just makes me smile. :) Eleanor and Samson look like they are having a blast! ( you and Josh look like you are having a lot of fun as well!!) I am so happy that you guys got to enjoy a New York snow day! It looks like so much fun. Thanks of sharing it with all us readers!

    May I ask where you got your hat and jacket? They are so wonderful! :)

  9. christian

    I love all the hats in your family!where is your hat from?

  10. tina

    That snow and nyc looks intoxicating! Ur post put a smile on my face. Ur family is beyond adorable. Loving the darker blonde♡♡♡

  11. Kelly

    These photos are absolutely stunning! I was so sad I had to be at work during the storm – so pretty!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  12. Madison

    I nearly got chills reading this. What beautiful pictures

  13. Ariel

    Ahh! Snow! The number one thing I miss out on by living in Texas!! And the past few days it has been 24 degrees and just COLD. Nothing to play in. Just COLD. Gorgeous pictures!


    crashing through glass

  14. Rikki

    Awe, these are incredible! I would LOVE to experience a good snow storm like that! Great job with the photos in all that glorious white ;).

  15. Berenice

    Naomi , please tell me where you got your beanie from ?
    anyone else knows ?
    thank you :)

    it’s been a scorcher here in Australia and I am looking forward WINTER , if you can believe it !


    • TAZA

      Hey! It is from anthropologie.

  16. Chelsey

    Those snow covered trees!!!!! Gorgeous.

  17. Vickie

    utterly magical & such a gorgeous family portrait :)

  18. Bea

    Hi naomi!!!
    These photos are amazing!I love the one with cabs!Colors are wonderful!
    Have a nice day, Davis family!

  19. Eva

    such beautiful photos! The family one is truly precious..the lady who took it nailed it! :) I wish to experience snowy NY so badly, it’s too beautiful in pictures already :)


  20. Katinka

    Oh… I am missing that dreamy snowfall so much here in Germany. Beautiful lovely pictures of you and your cute family !

  21. Maelle

    Awww this last picture of the three of them together, they are too cute! I just came back from two weeks in the mountains with LOTS of snow and i was kind of over it, but i just changed my mind after seing your pictures. Winter wonderland in NYC is what i need! :) (too bad i live in France really). ^^
    Stay warm and have a good winter!


  22. I love your pictures! This year I was pretty scared to take too many pictures. Usually I’m more overzealous with the photography, but we had a lot of fun in the snow too – snowmen, a snow fort (that started as my daughter’s goal to make the biggest snowman, but we wet just not strong enough to lift the balls, so we had to improvise), lots and lots of snowballs, and even shoveling for “fun!”

  23. Jennifer

    So lovely! Where did you get your cute striped hat?

  24. This is beyond adorable, I’m very jealous of your snow day. In London all we’ve had is rain… not nearly as magical ;) x

    The London Project

  25. justine beaudry

    All of the photos are gorgeous but i especially loved and laughed at your comment re: aggression on the snowman and your children … I think the same thing sometime “hmm, should i be worried that Natalie is …”? I think it’s normal … :-)

  26. Vivian

    these photos are gorgeous! makes me sometimes wish we lived somewhere with season… although it’s really hard to leave sunny southern california!

  27. Kara

    Your photography skills are a true gift…these photos are stunning! And the kids just adorable!!! Love your blog!

  28. Looks like it was a beautiful day for you all! I loved that we had a snowstorm with POWDER! It was awesome.

  29. these are like a dream! cutest family EVER!!!

    xoxo, kerrin

  30. How awesome is this!!!! I really wish I could be in NY for a snowstorm. Snow is just too pretty when is fresh.

  31. Adele

    Oh wow! Such amazing photos, I am inspired by your candids! What a beautiful experience, would love to visit NYC, especially when it’s magical and white! A far cry from 40C expected for Melbourne today :)

  32. emily

    i feel like for children snow is so foreign that they don’t know how to react, which makes it sort of awesome…. until you live in it like i do and it’s unseasonably cold (-10) and then they hate it, until they are… 4? i hope.

    have fun!

  33. lala

    awsome, awsome
    snow can be fun
    soo envy of your babes’ style. here you can’t go out just in jeans…

  34. Emily

    The picture with the snow covered tree bending in the frame and the red brick building is. stunning. Beautiful!

  35. Gianlù

    beautiful pictures and lovely family!
    it seems you had a lot of fun!

    baci & abbracci

  36. this set of pictures is absolutely incredible naomi!!

    and that family photo turned out so great, how nice to have such a nice lady who knew how to work the camera!

    xo mk

  37. Shannon

    I love the one with the snowy branches hanging down in front of the brick building. So lovely!

  38. ashley

    Snowy days in New york look awesome. Love your photos. x

  39. Itzel

    Sometimes it takes an adorable family playing in the snow to appreciate the snow. So cute! I love your random dancing poses, very graceful but fun. :)


  40. Aww, the photos are all so beautiful! I love them!

    Happy Snow Day! x

  41. These pictures are amazing! The snow looks beautiful. I have never seen snow. I’t Summer in Australia so the average day is about 32 degrees Celsius. *follower
    follow me Renee x

  42. Aga

    Oh my god! E is so big!! I remember her being a liitle bean! She is groooowing too fast!!

  43. dan

    How is the weather in new york in summer? does it get to 35C Deg?

  44. Maggie A

    Such adorable photos. I only love snow days when I know I don’t have to work lol to forcefully go out for that matter lol.

    Maggie A

  45. That such a loving family…

  46. yoreney

    how did you ever teach your kids to smile at the camera at the same time?? my kids never do. our family picture is always ruined with at least 1 weird face (either intentionally or not).

  47. Marie

    I live in sunny tropical Singapore in Asia and never experienced snow before.. But I can’t wait to visit a snowy country with my boys one day!! Your photos makes me excited about snow :D :D can’t wait to build my own snowman & have crazy snow fights one day with my boys!


  48. Samantha

    I really admire you. Your pictures are always so beautiful and you just have the perfect little family. Please keep being you!Oh and you make me want to live in NY.



  49. Laiah

    I absolutely love the pictures, you captured each and every moment from there smiles to the snow falling. I also live in New York and even though the weather is exhausting it is also beautiful and fun to play in with family and friends :)

  50. stunning stunning photos! love the contrast of colors on that bright white snow, and love that family photo!

  51. Audrey

    Your pictures are amazing, Naomi! You family is so lovely as well. And New York in the winter- man! It’s so beautiful!
    The picture of your whole family together is precious as well! :)

  52. Elise

    oh how I miss the snow!!

  53. Chelsea Daigle

    These are darling! I love E’s laughs and smiles. Her legs are getting sooooo long, and she is so very tall now. Oh, I must go back in your archives to find Little E. I cannot wait to have my own littles and document them as you do.

  54. Melissa

    I really want to order one of each!! But the Stella is so pretty!

  55. Ellenor

    These images look amazing! I wish we had snow!!


  56. You and your family are the CUTEST!!! I love following your blog :)


  57. Elle

    Hey quick question where is that watercolor floral sheet you are lying on for the sonnet James lookbook with the striped dress and hat from. I have been looking for a new set for spring and wondered where this was from. Thanks for your help.

    • TAZA

      It’s actually a floral print scarf from Kate spade a few seasons back!

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  59. Mara

    Amazing! I’m so jeaslous!
    I miss this kind of snow here in Berlin.

  60. janneke

    what an amazing pics of an amazing city, love this! Going to follow you on bloglovin for more great pics! ciao from a citygirl from Europe, Janneke