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^^^singing into a trampoline leg, cause you know, it’s totally a microphone too.^^^

“i really like rescue treats.” (talking about rice krispy treats.)

“eleanor, how’d you get your owie on your face?” “i don’t know…. maybe from a cat.”

“samson, how was your nap?” samson doesn’t answer. silence. “ask me how my nap was, samson!”

“that red juice was a little bit spicy.” (it was beet and ginger juice.) “is it too spicy, E? you don’t like it spicy?” “no i like spicy. but my tongue doesn’t like it a little bit spicy.”

“let’s play yoga on our yoga map.”

i overheard papa hand E a mirror after he did her hair sunday morning for church. she gasped and said, “i beautiful!”

takes clothes off. “eleanor, you have to put your clothes back on.” “but i’m a panda. panda bears are naked.”

when saying goodbye to a friend, “are you gonna be so sad i’m leaving? are you gonna miss me when i’m gone?”

“we have to go to the park and see terry!” “who is terry?” “my horsey.”

at the end of the day when asking E something she learned that day, “i learned to say sorry.” “who did you say sorry to?” “the couch.” “…the couch?” “yeah, i spilled a little bit of milk on it. but i said sorry. it forgave me.”

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  1. I have been reading through some of your older blog posts and this one cracked me up. Eleanor is hilarious, its so nice that you can capture it all on here because otherwise you might forget it all when she’s older :-) And we get to enjoy it too xx