christmas eve family photos + a giveaway! [closed]

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when katherine and luke, of the soon to be max and friends, reached out to us last fall about possibly taking some family photographs over the holidays, i got really excited. katherine and luke have such a special way of documenting life through their lenses.  since they both had cameras, they ended up capturing two perspectives of the same moment but with different details or unique emotions.  we are so thankful they made time for us on their holiday visit to nyc!

we met up with the couple at madison square park and spent an hour or two playing together and eating burgers and fries before heading home to warm up and prepare for our christmas eve traditions! it was a great afternoon. here are a few of my favorite images…

ps. details on a giveaway with katherine and luke at the bottom of this post!

0104 031506 05 0917 07211308 12 katherine and luke are giving away two portrait sessions to two lucky readers, too! the only glitch is they are los angeles california based.  so one portrait session will go to a reader who is in the LA area, and the other to a reader in the NYC area who has availability this coming october (nyc reader must be available oct 1-3 or 5-6 2014.)  i know these locations exclude many, and i try to make sure anything we share is accessible to all, but i still thought it might be worth a shot for a few of you! please specify in your comment if you will be in the LA area this coming year or if you are in new york city area and available during the dates given above in october.

good luck! and thanks again to katherine and luke! we love these images so much.

  1. Paula

    These pictures are so gorgeous that I will come to either LA or NYC with the family just to have the privilege of having our family pictures taken by them. Incredible!

  2. Liz

    I live in NYC and we’ll have a new baby in October! It would be perfect!

  3. Morgan

    A session in NYC by these talents in October would be absolutely amazing! Fingers crossed :)

  4. Dar

    Beautiful photo shoot, would love one of my family. We live in LA.

  5. Joanne A

    Yes! I live in the NYC area! Would love to win!! :)

  6. Allison

    Wow, the photos are ridiculously gorgeous! I live in NYC and am available during the dates listed. Fingers crossed! Thanks!

  7. Laurie

    You have a lovely family. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following you the last few years. Keep it up!

    Also, I would love to win this giveaway, and am currently living in the LA area. :)

  8. Taryn Miller

    I love the angles and the “whole picture” on a few of them. I would love to have a session with them and would be available in NYC on those dates!

  9. lauren

    oh my, these are lovely! i’ll be available in LA on august 21-24 and in NYC in October…so either spot would work for me. :) fingers crossed…

  10. Theresa

    We will be traveling through LA this fall so I would definitely make time for this. Their pictures are beautiful!

  11. Alanah

    I want a session! I live in LA. :)

  12. Valerie

    Such a beautiful session! I’ll be in NYC this October with my fiance. It would be such fun to have a little photoshoot. :)

  13. Lisa

    What a lovely giveaway! I live in New York and am turning 30 so it would be a wonderful treat!


    Gorgeous photos. We live in NYC and are available in Oct!

  15. jenny t

    i live in la and would love to win a session!

  16. Heather

    Stunning photographs of a beautiful family! Katherine and Luke captured an incredible memory for you. I would love for them to do the same for my amazing little family! We live in LA!

  17. Janet

    Gorgeous shots! Id love to win this one, NYC please. We live in upstate NY, Greene county/ hudson valley- not so far. You should check it out lots of awesome places to visit. I highly recommend a visit to Hudson!!

  18. Allison

    Katherine and Luke capture who you are as a family; beautiful. I HEART NYC

  19. Lynh

    Gorgeous photos! I live in LA and would love the opportunity for a family photo session!

  20. Meghann

    I live in NYC and would love to have a family portrait session in October! Their work is so beautiful.

  21. Mara Bartholomew

    I live in the Los Angeles area and would love to win this beautiful giveaway – my husband and I were married in October and this would be the perfect way to document our first year together. Fingers crossed!

  22. Jennifer G

    ooh! Pick me! I live with my hubby and son (soon to be sons!) on Long Island and would love to come into the city for a shoot with my guys. Your family is absolutely so precious—and you are so lucky to have katherine and luke capture such fun moments with your little ones. xx

  23. Vanessa

    LA dweller here! Would love a family session with these great photographers! Thanks!

  24. kim

    Oh my gosh! I would la-la-love the chance to have family portraits taken by these talented photographers! We’re in NY! Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. Kate

    I live in NYC and am available in October!

  26. kim

    omg, i love these photos! and your kids must have felt like they were flying! i felt like i was just by looking. nyc in oct would be great. thanks for always having such great giveaways! ps. i love this font!

  27. Tamae

    Ah!! Would love this! We live in the OC so we’re just a drive away <3

  28. lynnie

    these are amazing!!! we can be in the l.a. area any time of year! our fam of 6 would love the honor of being photographed by these two super talented people!!! tq!

  29. These photos are really great. I live in Orange County so LA isn’t far at all!

  30. Kristin

    I’ll be in nyc–thank you!

  31. Mackenzi

    I am from the LA area, and the hubs and I visit LA all the time. I would love to have such incredible photos like these, and a chance to meet such beautiful talents. What gems for offering such a treat!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. What talent. I live in LA. :)

  33. Rose

    Pick MEEEEEEE! This would be the best, awesome blog….keep it up. Cutest fam everr

  34. Danica

    I can be in NYC for those days!! What an amazing shoot your family had!

  35. Maggie b

    Awesome photos! Would love to win the NYC shoot.

  36. Kate!

    Such a great perspective! We would love the opportunity in NYC.

  37. Olivia

    Oh my! I JUST said to my husband how when my son turns 1 (in August), I want professional photos done…and we’re on Long Island! Would LOVE to win this and get family photos done in October!!

  38. JS

    Love the pictures! We’re in LA. :)

  39. calla

    I love love your photos! && I would love the opportunity to have pictures taken with my honey in NYC. I am available those dates :)
    Please (pick) me!

  40. Wendy

    I’m in the LA area and would love to win such a fun session!

  41. Robin

    Beautiful photos! I will be in NYC those dates and would love to be entered!

  42. Karen

    You have such a beautiful family Naomi! I have been following your blog for quite a long time. How fun it is to see your family evolve— even through the eyes of your blog.

    New York in the fall, now that sounds magical! I will be visiting your fine city for the first time in October. Would love lots and lots of suggestions!:):)

    Cheers! xo

  43. min

    Lovely images! We will be in NYC for october!

  44. Margaret

    These are just breathtaking! I love Max & Friends and would love to be entered for the LA session. I’m usually the one behind the camera so I never have good pictures with me actually in them ;)

  45. Courtney L

    Put me in the pot for LA! I have 2 kids (almost 5 and 3) and we’ve never had family pics done!

  46. Elisa

    Such beautifully captured moments! I am moving to LA soon and would love a session for potential engagement shots!

  47. Erika

    We live in LA! I’d love new pictures.

  48. Darcee

    We are in NYC! We would love this! :)

  49. Allie

    What lovely photos of your adorable family! I will be in the LA area this year and would love to be entered to win a portrait session!

  50. Amanda Falk

    I live near L.A!!!! And would love some beautiful pics of my family!!!

  51. Tiffany

    Yay! We’ll be visiting LA in 2 weeks in hopes of moving there at the end of this year! A photo shoot with such amazing photographers would be a dream come true!

  52. NYC is a bit of a drive but we’d make it for the pictures! We’ll also probably find ourselves in LA sometime in the next year so we would love to win either location!

  53. cindy barriga

    I am in LA and I love your shots. SO chic!

  54. Leena

    We live in LA and would love to work with you!!! Gorgeous photos.

  55. Samantha

    I’d love this for my family! L.A. Based (:

  56. Samantha

    I’d love this for my little family! I’m L.A.Based (:

  57. Tae

    We will be/ can be in NYC! Beautiful photos!!

  58. Patricia

    I live near LA and would love to be entered ^_^ thanks!!

  59. Johanna

    i can`t get over this cuteness :)!!!

  60. Claire

    Please consider me! My husband and I live in Orange County and go to LA all the time. I love your work!

  61. Esther H

    Beautiful photos!! We live in NYC :)

  62. Jessi S

    So lovely! Thanks for the giveaway. Would love to be entered for NYC!

  63. Sarah

    I would love to be entered for LA! My bro and sis-in-law live there and have 5 little ones and never take photos – I would love for them to have nice photos of their little family!

  64. Amy Anaiz

    Would love to have a session in NYC!! Lovveee your family session! So authentic! xoxo!

  65. Courtney B

    I am visiting my best friends in NY in the fall! How perfect and such a kind way to say thank you to them for hosting me for the week. I’ve never had portraits done and would love to for us to create some tangible memories from the trip. Cross my fingers. XoC

  66. Annie

    Whoa. He sure knows how to throw kids up in the air.

  67. Elaine

    These pictures are so lovely. I would absolutely be the luckiest person in the world to get a chance to be photographed by Katherine and Luke. My husband and I are LA based so it would such a great opportunity if we won!

  68. Patricia

    Your family is adorable! Love the session! I live in the LA area and would love to be entered!

  69. paula

    would LOVE a session! we live in LA and have two little monkeys. our youngest is almost 1 and we shamefully haven’t done any professional photos with her yet.

  70. Jennifer

    The photos are absolutely stunning! I live in LA with my husband and we’ve never had professional photos taken before. It would be wonderful if we won. :)

  71. Kayla Contreras

    We live in upstate ny! Would love to make a trip down!

  72. Annastasia Richardson

    Oh this would be perfect! We would love to win the NYC shoot! We live in Philly but would TOTALLY make the trip for the session!

  73. Julie Siegel

    Yes please…family of three, myself and two dear boys, would love a photo in NYC, ..we live in WNY..but love the big apple, and could make it either date(s). P.S….love following you and your littles

  74. Beautiful! I will be available in NYC on those dates as well as in LA during the summer!

  75. Amy

    Gorgeous photos! Not applicable for the win, but just wanted to say your family is soo cute and these photos are gorgeous! Such a fun time of year to do photos and you picked a great location!

  76. Sunny Dawson

    I’m just across the bridge in Brooklyn! Love these photos, always inspired by you and your family! Cheers!

  77. Nicole

    Great pics! I’m in LA and would be so happy to win!

  78. Yes please to the NYC session!

  79. Karine

    “New York is my city!” -my three-year-old urban boy

  80. Jessa

    NYC October us please!! It will be our daughters 3rd birthday!!!we have never ever had pictures taken and these are beyond beautiful art. I would just love to have images like this to treasure.

  81. Diana

    Ever since my little baby girl was born last September , I been wishing for a family photo session once she gets older and the weather nicer. It would be AMAZING if we could have the opportunity for these talented photographers to do it!!! We live in NYC.

  82. Susanj

    These photographs are amazing. Would love to win these in NYC!

  83. hanalei

    I live in LA, so I’m free all year! Gorgeous pics Taza, as usual…

  84. Suzanna

    Awesome!! We will be available in NYC anytime, including the dates listed above!

  85. Meghan

    Perfect family photos, as always! My family would be available for the NY photo dates!

  86. D

    Love the photos. I live in NYC and have a newborn. Would love to win this session!

  87. Elvina

    amazing giveaway!!!!

  88. Yayoi

    We are in nyc! That would be amazing!!!

  89. Burgess

    Okay, I already entered for the NYC sesh in October. I really want to win, so if we do….we will give away 2 photo shoots to deserving families in Phoenix, AZ — my husband is a photographer here. Like a paying it forward kind of thing. Pick us….PAH-LEEZE!

  90. This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped me.


  91. Monique

    Please count this native New Yorker in! We are a family of three and would so love this!

  92. Kajsa

    Hope it is not too late…. We live in NYC and have two gorgeous kids (1.5 and 3.5 years old). Really love those photos and hope to be picked!

  93. Kyra P

    I recently got engaged & we are foregoing engagement photos due to tight budget…would LOVE to win this session! In Phoenix & would drive to LA!!

  94. meg johnson

    October 5-6 in NYC!! The 5th happens to be my 21st birthday and it would be beyond incredible to capture even a few moments from the day!

  95. Sarah

    We would love the LA shoot.

  96. Julie KG

    We are in NYC both of those dates and would LOVE to win!! such gorgeous pictures of you guys….

  97. Elaine

    Beautiful photos… Our family will be in LA in March.

  98. Leah Quinn

    I live in D.C. And could definitely make it up to NYC this coming October! :)

  99. Jordan

    LA area!! Wahoo!