christmas eve family photos + a giveaway! [closed]

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when katherine and luke, of the soon to be max and friends, reached out to us last fall about possibly taking some family photographs over the holidays, i got really excited. katherine and luke have such a special way of documenting life through their lenses.  since they both had cameras, they ended up capturing two perspectives of the same moment but with different details or unique emotions.  we are so thankful they made time for us on their holiday visit to nyc!

we met up with the couple at madison square park and spent an hour or two playing together and eating burgers and fries before heading home to warm up and prepare for our christmas eve traditions! it was a great afternoon. here are a few of my favorite images…

ps. details on a giveaway with katherine and luke at the bottom of this post!

0104 031506 05 0917 07211308 12 katherine and luke are giving away two portrait sessions to two lucky readers, too! the only glitch is they are los angeles california based.  so one portrait session will go to a reader who is in the LA area, and the other to a reader in the NYC area who has availability this coming october (nyc reader must be available oct 1-3 or 5-6 2014.)  i know these locations exclude many, and i try to make sure anything we share is accessible to all, but i still thought it might be worth a shot for a few of you! please specify in your comment if you will be in the LA area this coming year or if you are in new york city area and available during the dates given above in october.

good luck! and thanks again to katherine and luke! we love these images so much.

  1. Melissa

    love these sweet pictures! I will be in the LA area :)

  2. Audra

    Oh Naomi those pics are just lovely. I would love some family pics with my babe Hugo (who I had 4 weeks ago) in NYC in the fall! :)

  3. anne

    this is not a blog…this is publicity for perfect family….we are happy,we are always smiling,when we are outside,some kind
    people take pictures of our happiness,we are wonderful,blablabla,blablabla….that’s too much for me…byyyye

  4. Melisa

    Hi ! I’ll be in LA! Hopefully I win!8)) YIPPY!

  5. I can almost see the falling leaves in October in magical NY.

  6. eleni

    A NYC photoshoot would yield the BEST holiday photos!!

  7. angie

    i would love to be able to have an engagement portrait session in NYC :)

  8. Ruth

    Lovely! I’m in the NYC area and would love to win :)

  9. Joy

    What beautiful photos. It would be such a treat to have some captured of my little family in NYC. Cheers!

  10. what a dream! we’ll be in L.A. :)

  11. So many gorgeous photos that you are sure to treasure forever. I’ve never had a professional shoot with my kids, and would love to. Fingers crossed for the NYC shoot!

  12. Annika

    Beautiful! LA would be perfect. Thanks!

  13. Claudia

    I would love to get some pictures done! Some family and friends from Norway will be in LA this summer and it would be such a wonderful experience to capture the moment!

  14. Whitney Y

    Love these shots!! I’ll be in LA and would love to capture life there before I move to Seattle to start medical school!

  15. Adam

    We’re in LA and we’d love a photoshoot with our baby boy!

  16. yans

    Great shots that capture both the beautiful family and the beautiful city!
    I live in nyc and would love a family photo session.

  17. Samantha Peterson

    Stunning photos!! so glad I am near LA!

  18. Tiersha

    I will be in the LA area in May! Would love a photo shoot like yours…but sunny weather ;) Cute photos!

  19. olivia

    these photos are wonderful and capture the spirit of your family so perfectly. it would be a dream come true to get a session with these talented folks. we live in the NYC area and would love this!

  20. Chelsie

    I live in California and am planning a trip to the LA area this summer. Would love pictures like this of family!!

  21. esther

    In the la area and have two littles! One is brand new so this photo shoot would be so lovely!

  22. Hillary

    I’m in Philly, a quick train ride to NYC! I would love to have photos taken, my girl will be just a little over 1 year!

  23. Grace Portillo

    Los Angeles!

  24. Mollie Dixon

    I would love this and could do NYC!

  25. ac

    great photos!!! lovely family
    but please dont throw babes into the air for capture…eeek! I see this a lot and dont get it – its so scary for them (and us viewers)

  26. ashley

    thank you for the giveaway! I am LA based :)

  27. WONDERFUL! As a photographer myself I value personal photos like no other, but for some reason my husband and I never make it in front of the camera! We live in Southern California but we are planning a trip back to NYC sometime this year! What a great reason to head back, right? DREAMY.

  28. thuy

    I can do LA! thank youu!

  29. I would LOVE to win a session – family photos with our new baby would be wonderful! I live in LA. xox

  30. Alex

    I live in Philly and could definitely be in NYC for those dates :)

  31. allison

    These pictures are gorgeous! I would love to have them capture my little family! We are based in San Diego, but can make the trek to LA no problem!

  32. Lori

    These are beautiful – We’re on Long Island so NYC would totally work

  33. Eunice Park

    Stunning photos — and I happen to also live in LA :) Cheers!

  34. Emma

    I love them, you guys are beautiful! Live in NYC!!

  35. Kristen

    La La land! :)

  36. Jan

    Stunning! I live in LA and would love to work with such talented people! :)