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^^^taking an iPhone picture of the snow! this boy kills me, he’s so funny.^^^

we had several snow days last week in the city. there were a couple of days where it just snowed and snowed and never stopped. it was absolutely stunning to see from our windows, but awful to try to get anywhere in the freezing snow with my littles.  fortunately we didn’t have many places to be last week, so we camped out inside for most of our days, taking turns annoying the heck out of each other and trying our best to get along. my little sister rebekah came to visit us for the week and was such a huge life saver in helping me get through my days. thanks again, bekah!

here are a few photos from our week if you’d like to see. all taken with a Canon 6D.


^^^a view from the window of the street and storm.^^^


^^^my tiny artist at work. (ps. if you have a toddler around E’s age, TODDLER SCISSORS. trust me. they are her favorite thing and she crafts and cuts and decorates like no other with those things. i wish someone would have told me about them sooner.)^^^


^^^a bit of a wall full of art. maybe mama’s favorite wall, too.^^^


^^^a selfie with a real camera in the shot, not an  iPhone! it’s like the myspace days.^^^


^^^sometimes we meet our little friends at our church’s gym so we can scoot and play and… ride around in this big random wheel barrow? i don’t know why, but the kids loved it.^^^


^^^and sometimes in a snowstorm when you’re stuck indoors all day you let your littles run off with the iPad. a few of our favorite children’s apps are bugs and bubblestoca builders and first words deluxe. it’s incredible to think how great some of these kids apps can be! like helping E to learn her patterns, sequences, adding and spelling. i am a believer. ^^^


^^^eleanor dresses herself these days. a raincoat for a full day inside made perfect sense to me, too. ;) ^^^


^^^i don’t know if this needs a caption. but these eggs just looked really pretty.^^^


^^^eleanor and i hosted her little friends for playschool one day last week. we read ‘going on a bear hunt’ and then learned about sequences by making a map where the bear experienced everything in the book. can’t take credit for any of that stuff though, thanks to the billions of moms who have come along before me and are willing to share their craftiness on pinterest.^^^


^^^my bagpipe lessons have begun! and eleanor is so fascinated by my chanter that she has been practicing along side me, too! she might even sound better than me. not kidding.^^^


^^^taking a big stab at my new years resolution list this month. we had aunt bekah give us our first lesson in knitting. still totally completely lost. thankfully it’s still only january.^^^






^^^she calls this “skiing!” and rides everywhere around the apartment like this.^^^


^^^our apartment floors are too cold for eleanor’s tiny feet.  so we found her the cutest slippers (from a local children’s boutique in our neighborhood). ^^^


^^^i always run out of chocolate chips at our house  (i try not to keep candy or treats on hand but then i just end up eating all the chocolate chips instead) and then i had the biggest craving for chocolate chip cookies this weekend.  i put blobs of nutella in the centers of the dough instead and they really weren’t that good. getting chocolate chips first thing in the morning. ;) ^^^


^^^on one of the days we braved the weather and went out. (e’s sunnies are from our collaboration with bonlook last spring.) ^^^

walkinsnow bekah

^^^playing in the snow with rebekah!^^^

rebekahinthesnow snowday withbekah

^^^for the most part, it was a great week. happy monday, friends!^^^

  1. Nessie

    Your blog is so precious with lovely snow pictures:) Where did you get E’s and yours adorable hats with the pom poms? Wishing you continued joy in 2014:)

  2. Congratulations on the new project! I’ve been following you for a long long time and your blog is the one I keep going back to, especially if I need to smile a bit :) I’ve just added your new website to my blog list as it’s part of my daily readings and I’m sure my followers will want to know your blog as well :)
    Keep up the good work and the lovely happy family! xoxo from Switzerland.

  3. Marion

    Your photos makes me smile. So pleasant to see that. Thank you

  4. Laura

    I love how you store the kids’ crayons in the big jar! And also love how big the knitting yarn is! That looks incredible :-D

  5. We haven’t had snow here in it’s a bit surreal seeing pictures….like yours….we get two inches of snow…and it brings the capital to a complete standstill!!

  6. Kinga

    This is probably my new favorite post on your blog ;) I fell in love with these pictures. magical! xoxo

  7. You look just like Sienna Miller with the bangs and the blonde hair. Beautiful!

  8. nanette

    the snow is beautiful until you have to actually do something. :) your kids are so beautiful. love these little snippets.

  9. Love your snow pics jumping with your sis! :) and so funny Eleanor’s idea of using two scotters to ski, makes completely sense to me. How I wish there were grown-up sizes of E’s panda sweater, the cutest thing!


  10. Valerie

    I do the same thing re: chocolate chips! haha.

  11. Cute photos! I’m dying to get some of that huge yarn! Maybe one day if I ever visit NYC!

  12. ella

    I’m still dying to know where e’s cute pom pom hat is from…please share? Thank you!

  13. Eli

    I loved this tour round your life lately. Enjoy every snowflake. xxxx

  14. Myrna

    I love my toddler’s art work wall too. So beautiful. Btw I do the same with the chocolate chips. I try not to keep sweets in the house either. Thanks for the Nutella tip. I’ll have to give it a try. :)

  15. THAT WOOL! IT’S MAHOOOOSIVE! what are you planning on making with that?! soo jealous of it.

  16. Queenie

    Great photos! I especially love E’s ‘skiing’ – so cute! xxx

  17. There’s such a strong and obvious family resemblance in you and your siblings!! And that first picture completely cracked me up – 21st century, blogger child, much? :)

  18. Faith

    Lovely photos as always, S & E are just the cutest! I love her “skiing” photo and her tiny slippers. The last few photos of you and your sister in the snow are magical. The perfectly white snow on the roof with the city backdrop, so pretty!


  19. beautiful array of snaps featuring the sweetest little family! all the best to you 4 this week!

  20. Giulia

    Davis family, you are perfect!

    PS: i love your blonde hair :)

  21. shayna

    the math teacher in me LOVES the ‘patterns and sequences’ app, it’s just as important as teaching them their numbers, and letters and colors. and the ‘going on a bear hunt’ activity?! love, love, love it!
    thanks so much for sharing!

  22. amanda

    this weather has been bonkers!!! i still can’t believe it’s all still here (although so gross now, right?). those kids are so cute and just based on these little snippets seem like a total blast.

  23. Ali

    Hibernating is always fun – as long as it doesn’t last all winter!! Enjoy your time indoors and here’s to some warmer weather to come ;)

    xo Ali

  24. your pot-o-goodness looks like Japanese golden curry… am I correct? no? just a pot of stew?

    …golden curry is the best. if that’s NOT what it is, you should try it. most tastiest, easiest thing that comes out of my crock pot ;)



  25. Briseidy

    we’ve also been trapped inside our apartment! tons of snow in Toronto too…looks like you’ve managed to survive….those eggs do look pretty ;)

  26. susana

    Hello!!! how do you get those beach waves?
    i love them!!

  27. hanna

    All of the snow photos are great! –Hanna Lei

  28. Bea

    I think snow is always a good thing!!! Here in Italy the weather man says is going to snow soon!! yahooo!!!
    and you really had a great time with your kids!
    Plus, in your selfie, you really look good with your bangs!;)
    Have a nice Monday!

  29. i love this post. i love posts like these! we haven’t been confined to our little home (i wish we were due to snow!!) but it has been off and on cold here in Texas — which makes me want to be inside AND out (inside only so we don’t get sick all over again) & outside because man.. Texas 70s are perfection.

    i love all of the pretty pictures, happy babies & smiling sisters. what a fun week it must have been ;)
    happiest monday, Davis family & Rebekah!

  30. Janis

    The scissors idea is awesome. My toddler does the same. And you cant beat arts and crafts and an iPad for indoor activities. Also, the photos look great as usual :)

  31. Katie

    I can’t wait to see what you make with that giant yarn!

  32. This looks like an amazing weekend to me. You have a beautiful gift for highlighting the good, it’s nice to read the words from a glass-half-full kinda gal, so thank you.



  33. Mónica

    Good summary of the week in my blog I put photos quick weekend has certainly been great. Kisses and Happy Mondays.

  34. Lonka


  35. Ilona

    Great photos.. :D :D

  36. Brooke

    You have the cutest family, always such an inspiration! And I LOVE your hair, it looks amazing!

  37. Sarah

    So that HUGE THICK cream yarn looks AMAZING – but I learned with smaller needles and smaller yarn and that might be easier for learning purposes? Can’t wait to see the finished product – a scarf? an afghan?

  38. Rachel

    Love these snowy New York pictures! Samson and Eleanor seem so happy! These pictures ALMOST make me wish spring would take it’s sweet time! Almost. :)


  39. Madeline

    Such a beautiful family and what a cozy home! Yay for winter! P.s. I love the blonde!

  40. Quiana

    We first heard of the Bear Hunt book at your reading at the Strand and ended up buying it – great idea to make a map! We’ll have to try that. And hooray for knitting! Once you get the hang of it it really is a wonderful hobby that you can keep coming back to (I have a shawl I’ve been working on-and-off for about 2 years!).

  41. Avery

    Such adorable kiddos – and SO photogenic! I am also taking up knitting (more often..) in this new year and am looking for large white yarn like the one in the picture above! Where did you find it!?

  42. Brooke

    Aw, these pictures are so sweet! Eleanor and her farm animals…so adorable! I’m sure the snow is a pain, but boy we wish we could get some of it down here in Georgia!

    P.S. I died at the myspace comment. so, many. selfies. haha

  43. Christina

    May I ask where you bought your yarn from?! Love the chunky ivory <3



  45. Jessica R

    Your family is perfect. Makes me want to get married and start a family of my own ASAP!

  46. kelly

    ok, can we talk about how you’re learning to knit WITH ROPE and POLES?! hahah, that stuff is HUGE! where on earth did you get such huge supplies?

  47. Making the best out of the cold! I love it. I also absolutely adore your hair. :)

  48. Lauren P

    Where did you find that yarn?! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on something similar and would love some details on what kind of yarn you’re using, where you got it, etc…


  49. Leah S.

    Your kids are the funniest. (and cutest) Love the sunnies on Eleanor.

  50. maggie

    These photos are fantastic – and I NEED that nutella cookie recipe.

  51. Kate

    I do the same thing with chocolate chips…grr. they are my “nap time nemesis” as I call them. love the pics of you and your sis. You two look like sugar and spice with your hair and coats =) enjoy the snow! good job for making the most of it!

  52. Linda

    I hate to be this person – must be so annoying – but what polish are you wearing in the selfie pic? it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  53. Izabela

    you have wonderful children, I have only one but I love very much. I’ve been following your blog for four months and gives me a lot of motivation, thank you.

  54. Rosie

    Such lovely photos! :) Love the snow shot

  55. Athena

    I love the sequences activity! Great idea!

  56. Rachel

    These are great photos! Having family visit is a life savor especially on rainy and snow days! It looks like you guys are having a great time! Thanks for sharing!


  57. Sinead

    Eleanor “skiing” is hilarious! They’re both so cute :-)

  58. Megan

    Hi there! I read your blog and saw your shout out to Toca Builders. I just so happen to work for Toca Boca! We’d love to send the kids some stickers, tattoos and t-shirts. Just email me (megan at tocaboca dot com).


  59. You are a much better sport than me! I tend to get lost in a sea of movies when I’m stuck inside…

  60. These photos hold so much happiness and love. Thank you for sharing! I hope your next week is just as full of fun and experiences as the last one was.

  61. Polly

    hi! just wondering! what’s your recipe for chocolate chip cookies? :)

  62. I love the pictures! amazing Blog!
    regards ❥

  63. Your littles are so darling, I’m loving their winter gear.

  64. amy has knitting classes. i take sewing thru them and it’s and it’s the best instruction i’ve ever had. the videos never expire. i am a visual learner so that’s why i’m in love with it, if i just read instructions or even see a still shot, i find myself whining a lot “but what does she mean?!”

  65. Kate

    Looks like you’re keeping busy despite the arctic temperatures! This post reminded me how much fun I used to have with my toddler scissors. Our fridge was plastered with my “art” :)

  66. Anna

    Hi, Naomi! Im Anna, writing you from Moscow, Russia) You travel a lot with your sweet toddlers. How do you manage to do it? We want to go to UK with our son (1,5 y) do you live in hotels or apartments? how do you visit museums with them? in case they don’t want to…))) maybe you have any tips more then just “to take some food with you”) would be grateful for an info about your experience)

  67. Jacob

    looks to have been a great week! your kids always bring a smile to my face.

  68. MJ

    I love the apps your kids you, but my question is – if you could create an iPad/iPhone app for your kids, what would it be?

  69. Thanks for keeping us posted about your progress on your New Years goals (knitting, bagpipes etc). It is a great reminder to get working on mine!
    Love the pics taken on the Canon, the clarity is really impressive.

  70. You and your littles are absolutely adorable! I’m glad you managed to get through the last week of snow and hopefully you’re getting through today’s freezing weather too with the babies! *here’s hoping there are warmer days coming up really SOON* Also, just wanted to let you know bleubirdblog has just started a knitting 101 series on her blog that is really easy to follow along if you need pointers/tips! I’m hoping to start learning how to knit too and just thought I’d share/be of help in case you needed a place to go to learn:

    Stay warm! :)

  71. Susanne Winkley

    Random question- In the picture of E playing with the trains, there is a barn in the background. Where did you get that. My Bella would love it. I love in Texas and just happened to find your blog a year ago and love it. I wish E and my Bella knew each other in real life. They are into the same things and I think would be so much fun, and yes I realize how stalker-like that sounds as I type it. :) Thanks for all your fun pics and tips. They helped me through my guilty mom moments which I have a ton of since I have to work!

  72. Ady

    I love these photos! Still loving your platinum hair!

  73. Megan

    Naomi, your blonde hair is gorgeous! so beautiful

  74. i really, really enjoyed this post. thank you for giving us a glimpse! and it’s great that your baby twin sister came to play in nyc!


  75. laís gs

    loved the hair

  76. JLa


    I know you get a ton of messages, but I would really really love to know where you buy that big thick yarn! My mom knits and has been looking for that size of yarn forever.


    • TAZA

      Hi! It’s from loopy mango!

  77. E in her sunnies just SLAYS ME! Too adorable!

  78. Angie

    Loving your photo diary of snow days! Here in Scotland we are renowned for our snow at times, but this year it has not made it quite down to our part of the country! :-) Your photos really give you that warm cosy feeling of being snug inside. Lovely post!

  79. liv

    Wow all the snow! Is looking like so much fun…but also soooo cold, I bet you guys can’t wait for Spring!
    I like your new hair, it’s very different though. As a lifelong blonde with bangs myself, I actually always loved your dark mane. You suit both.

  80. Aslyn

    These photos are fantastic! I definitely understand the snow day feelings here in MI!

  81. JLa

    THANKS for replying TAZA!!

  82. Melissa

    The yarn! That amazing yarn! Where do you get it? I need some! (Enough exclamation marks in that post? I’m not sure. Maybe I should add another!)

  83. Jennifer

    It has been awhile since I’ve dropped by the blog. The blonde is so different, but it suits you well. I can’t believe how big your baby boy is getting!

  84. dilla kamal

    you look good with blonde hair! i love it! and thank you for always sharing your beautiful pictures with us

  85. chelsea

    That first picture! So cute!

  86. Sydney

    E is making me wanna cut my hair! Look at that stylish little girl! She is so cute. I am loving Samson’s glasses too! You guys make up the cutest little family. It is such a treat to see such pretty pictures full of life! Thank you for sharing :)