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^^^taking an iPhone picture of the snow! this boy kills me, he’s so funny.^^^

we had several snow days last week in the city. there were a couple of days where it just snowed and snowed and never stopped. it was absolutely stunning to see from our windows, but awful to try to get anywhere in the freezing snow with my littles.  fortunately we didn’t have many places to be last week, so we camped out inside for most of our days, taking turns annoying the heck out of each other and trying our best to get along. my little sister rebekah came to visit us for the week and was such a huge life saver in helping me get through my days. thanks again, bekah!

here are a few photos from our week if you’d like to see. all taken with a Canon 6D.


^^^a view from the window of the street and storm.^^^


^^^my tiny artist at work. (ps. if you have a toddler around E’s age, TODDLER SCISSORS. trust me. they are her favorite thing and she crafts and cuts and decorates like no other with those things. i wish someone would have told me about them sooner.)^^^


^^^a bit of a wall full of art. maybe mama’s favorite wall, too.^^^


^^^a selfie with a real camera in the shot, not an  iPhone! it’s like the myspace days.^^^


^^^sometimes we meet our little friends at our church’s gym so we can scoot and play and… ride around in this big random wheel barrow? i don’t know why, but the kids loved it.^^^


^^^and sometimes in a snowstorm when you’re stuck indoors all day you let your littles run off with the iPad. a few of our favorite children’s apps are bugs and bubblestoca builders and first words deluxe. it’s incredible to think how great some of these kids apps can be! like helping E to learn her patterns, sequences, adding and spelling. i am a believer. ^^^


^^^eleanor dresses herself these days. a raincoat for a full day inside made perfect sense to me, too. ;) ^^^


^^^i don’t know if this needs a caption. but these eggs just looked really pretty.^^^


^^^eleanor and i hosted her little friends for playschool one day last week. we read ‘going on a bear hunt’ and then learned about sequences by making a map where the bear experienced everything in the book. can’t take credit for any of that stuff though, thanks to the billions of moms who have come along before me and are willing to share their craftiness on pinterest.^^^


^^^my bagpipe lessons have begun! and eleanor is so fascinated by my chanter that she has been practicing along side me, too! she might even sound better than me. not kidding.^^^


^^^taking a big stab at my new years resolution list this month. we had aunt bekah give us our first lesson in knitting. still totally completely lost. thankfully it’s still only january.^^^






^^^she calls this “skiing!” and rides everywhere around the apartment like this.^^^


^^^our apartment floors are too cold for eleanor’s tiny feet.  so we found her the cutest slippers (from a local children’s boutique in our neighborhood). ^^^


^^^i always run out of chocolate chips at our house  (i try not to keep candy or treats on hand but then i just end up eating all the chocolate chips instead) and then i had the biggest craving for chocolate chip cookies this weekend.  i put blobs of nutella in the centers of the dough instead and they really weren’t that good. getting chocolate chips first thing in the morning. ;) ^^^


^^^on one of the days we braved the weather and went out. (e’s sunnies are from our collaboration with bonlook last spring.) ^^^

walkinsnow bekah

^^^playing in the snow with rebekah!^^^

rebekahinthesnow snowday withbekah

^^^for the most part, it was a great week. happy monday, friends!^^^

  1. Holly

    Naomi, I adore your hair! As a natural redhead, I probably will never go platinum — or at least carry it well! My hair envies yours. ;) I have the same question as a few other readers — I checked the comments, and can’t see any replies — hopefully I’m not missing an answer! Anyway, it’s subzero temperatures here in Ohio, and I am just dying to know where your adorable hat is from? I’d absolutely LOVE to know! The pom is perfect. Thanks so much!

    • TAZA

      Thank you so much! I got it at anthro several years ago. :)

  2. Love your blog and love that you are learning to play bagpipes! Have you heard of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers…they’re fab! I’ve linked to them from my blog today if you’ve not heard of them, sorry I’m new to this and don’t know how to link directly! Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. These shots are full of life — so raw & genuine! I especially love the rooftop snowflakes one. Way to tell a story!

  4. You and your kids are truly beautiful. I love how you capture moments of them that you will always want to remember instead of posed.

    Very inspiring for me.

    We are visiting NYC in two weeks. Can’t wait to see some of the things I see in your blog.

    Victoria @

  5. Valentine

    Your hair is just beautiful! It fits so well on you!
    Eleanor and Samson are like the cutest, I truly mean it!