oh, it’s still january?

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hello! how are you? i didn’t intend to take such an absence from my blog last week, but sometimes it is needed.

i have been in such a funk.  january is a brutal month for me. every year it is the same. christmas trees are dumped on city curbs and the holidays are over and weather is in the negative digits and then knowing you still have february to survive, too. ugh, february in new york is kind of just as bad as january.  there are only so many indoor activities i can handle with my two tiny toddlers before i’m crying and they are crying and we’re trying on their swim suits from last year to see what still fits and rearranging all our furniture and watching wayyy too much dora the explorer and even thinking about (and dreaming about?) that terrible august new york city humidity (it really isn’t that bad, right? sticky sweaty weather is awesome, no?)

january and the weather aside, i’ll be back soon! hope you’re surviving better than i am.

  1. I totally know what you mean about this January ‘funk”!! So happy to see you update! x

  2. cortney

    i feel you. we’ve been staying inside finger painting and reading books A LOT. hang in there. it’ll be april before we know it!

  3. Lizzie

    Hang in there! Life is actually so good. Sometimes it just takes a few days and a good sleep to remember. Love from Nebraska, XO.

  4. Briseidy

    I feel the same way! January is haaard!

  5. Lori

    Saturday I dressed my son up in all his winter clothes just to walk to the mailbox! We had to get him some fresh air. We will get through this!!

  6. KJ

    Cabin fever in a tiny apartment with toddlers pushes a mom to her limits about as much as anything else can. Similar battle for us. Thank goodness for boxes of icecream and late night reading sessions, and sweet sleeping faces to remind me why it is worth the madness!

  7. KJ

    Cabin fever in a small apartment can push a mom to her limits about as quickly as anything else. We go through that battle over here too. Thank goodness for boxes of icecream, late night mommy tv or book time, and sweet sleeping faces to remind us that the falling apart is for the best thing ever.

  8. Come to California. It’s 66 degrees here. We don’t really get a winter where we live. It’s kinda sad :(

  9. hanna

    I hope you are doing well now! –Hanna Lei

  10. juni

    oh Naomi, I feel for you. I used to live in NY and I felt the same way. Sounds like you are handling it way better than I am. When winter lasted through April last winter I cracked and decided to move away. You can do it, super mama!

  11. Kelly

    I hope you are spending lots of time with your littles!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  12. Kate

    thanks for this very real and honest post. you do such a lovely job documenting the happy moments in your life (which i very much enjoy reading about!) but i really appreciated hearing that january in new york is as long and dreary as it is everywhere else. :) we’re all a bit desperate for some sun and outside time with our little people this time of year. hang in there! do some baking! and thanks. :)

  13. kate

    glad to hear you’re human =) we’re doing much of the same here in WI.

  14. I feel the same way about Januarys. I’m more of a musthavesunshine24/7person :) and NYC is so, so cold!

  15. Jennifer

    I am sure you have some major cabin fever.

    Well, look at it this way, at least you don’t need to go walk a dog at 8 pm.

    My pup is pulling on my sweater right now! Ugh.

    Here is a link to the little photo project I am doing this year to work out my relationship with my home.


    xoxo from san francisco


  16. Emma

    I was hoping all was well, but I”m glad you took a much-needed rest; we all need those from time to time. :-) But I AM glad that you’re back to blogging because I found myself checking your website a DAILY, looking for some new thoughts. Keep your chin up and know warmer weather will be on the way! xoxo

  17. alison

    it’s been sooooo windy here. I know it’s not snow, but it’s miserable in southern california right now. I am indoors with a one year old and going a but stir crazy as well.

  18. ashley

    jan is sooooo hard. esp in the city AND esp when you have 2 itty bitty ones. persevere my dear.. hopefully Feb will be better. and i mean, there have been times when its quite seasonably pleasant in march (fingers crossed)


  19. Sini

    Whole winter has been so hard! I used to live in south of France, where winter were mild and sunny and now I’m back in my home country Finland. Its been a month without sunshine until yesterday we had it for few hours thanks to minus digits :) Take care, all of you who struggle with the winter.

  20. Rebecca

    Naomi, here are a few ideas and if you’ve already explored them I apologize in advance for not helping…. Make home made playdough using cream of tartar (recipes online), build a pillow fort, invite friends over for a pajama day, cut/ tear pictures out of magazines and glue stick/ tape them to butcher paper (kids love glue or tape), build a marble race using paper towel tubes, have a tea party, play post office, plant some seeds and watch them grow, sort spring clothing and make a donation of outgrown clothes. Hope this helps a little. Rebecca

  21. Annb

    Hello my dear!!

    Same here.I live in austria, the deep austria i use to call it, because january and february are horrible here.Snow it,s coming and the cool stayed until april at list,Please do things how make you happy,try to meet friends as much as possible and eat a lot of ice-cream, sometimes is,t working and sometimes no, but at list you have try it!!!

    Love you my 2.0 family!!!

    A lot of Kisses and hugs5this is also a good thing to as your friends and family for a extra love)

    Annb from The Deep Austria

  22. malisams

    so right there with you. i live in oregon. “spring” starts in may. summer in july. everything is wet and gray and dismal and cold and dreary.

    i use one of those blue lights, though, and i will say it DOES help. so does taking extra vitamin d. i mean, you still have to survive the funk, but it’s a little easier with those two things, i’ve found. i use the philips go lite blue and recommend it.

    hang in there! if all else fails, let us hibernate like the bears.

  23. nanette

    i feel the same way! there’s only so much you can do with a toddler! wish you the best. :)

  24. fafalafait

    hello Naomi !

    In France we live the same! I hate january I’m also in a tiny appartement with two little kids ! but february have only 28 days, so let’s go in a positive way! you have the the chance to live in a big city with a lot to see! be strong! bye

  25. Bea

    I’m a babysitter….I totally understand you!!!!
    It’s difficult surviving indoor with children!
    Good luck, Naomi! :)
    Have a nice Tuesday!

  26. I’m finishing my last exam tomorrow, and then I only need one semester before I have a Bachelor of Arts in European Ethnology! I’m too excited to even think about the weather ;) Haha :-D

  27. Jackie

    I feel for you! I know exactly how you feel

  28. juc

    I know what you talking about. Last year my baby was 3 month at this time. The highlight of the day to push him on the stroller while he was napping in the afternoon. I was wearing double trousers and extra huge knitwear to survive the weather.
    Now, i try to explain him the swing is cold, the sand is wet, but he is an explorer, so i bought a super wetproof overall for him.
    At home I put off the curtains to get more light, while “the sun is up”. But hey, we haven’t seen the sun over a week now. I bake cookies and buy some new plants. Try this, urban gardening is a full of mess, but it’s worth it. It’s like a little spring in the windowstill.

  29. I’m feeling you. I just got back to London after 2 glorious weeks in Australia and I spent the first few days back crying my eyes out! We’re just being a lot more proactive about finding indoor places to play and meet up with friends. It’s the play dates that make these last winter months bearable for us!

  30. Rosie

    Stay warm you guys! :)

  31. I feel the same way Taza! And everything’s dark and gloomy here in London! Hope you and your little ones are all well :) xxx

  32. JM

    I’ve also been taking a break from blogging but plan to come back this week :) You are right, motivation is low and January over here is freezing too. I have a theory that snow is only fun before Christmas, afterwards it can go away :)
    Anyway, I hope you hang in there and magic up some more indoor activities.


  33. Sophie

    I say turn the apartment into a pirate den and dress up. And maybe a princess castle the next day :) Gotta be gender equal.

    Sophie x


  34. January is horrible, i totally agree. And we have to face February too… I’m listening to Roar by Paty perry and Happy by Pharrell non stop since January 7th. These songs make me want to dance and smile. You could try… Maybe it helps?

  35. Michelle

    I am right there with you! Finding activities that are weather proof in NYC can be jarring. We usually end up staying in watching countless hours of Disney Junior. Yes, I’m guilty of that :/. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Em

    It was 43 degrees Celsius here in Australia which is I think that’s around 110 for you. Kids are sweltering, we have no aircon & we are supposed to have 40+ heat wave temps for 4 more days! Tomorrow we will sit in the little kiddie pool & imagine NY in January!

  37. Myrna

    I’m one of those weird ones that loves January but I think it’s because I live in Houston and it really doesn’t get that cold here. I actually try to enjoy being outside before the crazy summer heat takes over. I also love January because I use it to clean out my house. I feel since I brought in new item (aka Christmas gifts), why not get rid of old items. I’m not sure how I would be in an area with lots of snow and below 0 temps. I’d probably go a bit crazy too.

  38. you’re not alone in feeling blue every january. hang in there, lady. it will be spring before you know it!

  39. Missed you! But glad you got yourself a little breather – hope you get out of that funk soon. Just think – Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

  40. Pips

    S.A.D.? It’s a beast isn’t it? I’m so grateful that in the UK we don’t have the extreme cold that you do, but I still find January and February so flippin’ miserable, especially when penned up with a little one.

    I hope you’re managing to see friends despite the weather – I find that makes life much easier.

    Hang in there.

  41. Teffy

    January is definitely not the best month. Still broke from Christmas and the cold only gets worse!!
    At least I’m off for a mini vacation. Something to look forward to.

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  42. Hilty

    I feel the same way! It’s the Christmas letdown plus coldness and no sunlight. If my birthday wasn’t in February I don’t know how I would make it to Spring. Hang in there!

  43. Rachel

    I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling like this! I’d love to know what activities you get up to with the kids to keep them occupied, it’s hard work. It’s sunny today in a London, finally a break from the rain so we’re headed to the park. Roll on March! Xx

  44. Vicky

    Am barely surviving. Seeing all of the lights go down, the decor get put away and last but not least — my ornaments put back in the boxes. It all means Christmas is really gone. It’s awful. Here’s to surving January-March, though :/

    — happy January

  45. Oh no! You’re usually so good at looking at the positives :( New year, so many new things to look forward to. There’s Valentine’s Day, which is pretty much the best day of the year. You can always start planning birthday parties!

  46. Hillary

    I feel your pain! I’ve described it as a month-long Christmas hangover.

  47. Sinead

    It can be so dull but it’s a good excuse to stay in pyjamas, watch endless movies and bake cookies :-)

  48. Kristen

    Girl I feel you. I live on the UWS, too, and last week was a total battle of the mind. You’re not alone!! At least we’ve had two semi pretty days this week, and it’s a reminder that there will soon be many, many more! Take it easy and maybe hit up Paper Source in the 70s for a fun art project for you and the kiddos! It will prob be super therapeutic. Hang in there!!

  49. january is a drag, I agree. Best wishes!

  50. Janis

    Everyone, even you, are allowed to take breaks! :) Enjoy it!

  51. heather

    Hang in there, girl. At least it isn’t hurricane season! That’s encouraging…right? Heh.

    I just moved to NYC a few weeks ago, so to me everything looks sparkly and new (despite the dreary weather). If nothing else, take solace in knowing that you live in a pretty amazing place, and at least *you* can zip around town without having to stare at a map or ask grumpy subway riders for directions. This is quite the month to be a newbie in the lion’s den of New York City. Hehe.

    I’m sure good times are ahead. And rainy weather calls for warm socks and cookies and your favorite movies. What’s not to love about that?

  52. TW


    Thank you for the honest post.

    I enjoy reading all your happy and lovely posts, but it makes us all feel more relatable to you to know you struggle a bit too (especially NYC winter! I totally get it!!!) life isn’t always perfect. And it’s perfectly fine to write about it.


  53. Hey there…so glad to see you back on the blog! I had left you a comment on Instagram; I was genuinely concerned! I wish I could send a little sunshine you’d way, but I live in Seattle. Basically, the library is my second home :) I can only keep my 2-year-old and almost-one-year-old happy for so long. I feel for you!

  54. These winter times are exhausting, sure, especially around the little kids during Christmas and all the gatherings etc. But come on, it shall get better soon, let’s stay forward-thinking!

  55. Amie

    It’s definitely tough getting over all the Christmas trees on the curbs! But hey, Valentines is coming soon!!

  56. Sarah

    Yeah, the northeast is pretty miserable this time of the year. Get out of the house when possible, and enjoy the heck out of nap time!

  57. alice

    oooff. i feel your pain! it is just a rainy cold mess here in boston. no beautiful snow just wet and yucky.

    that’s why my son and i are jetting off to LA to visit a friend…a long plane ride will be worth it, right?

    you’ve been…any must see things with a little one?

    thanks! I always admire how much you travel with your little ones.

  58. Leith

    Ugh, I remember in Paris it was the same. December was fun and flew by, but by January all my expat friends and I were seriously considering moving back home and we didn’t realize at the time, it was because the bleak gray skies, always having your bones chilled from the biting gold, and the lack of holidays and special occasions to look forward to just causes this deep sadness that goes away as soon as the flowers start to bloom. The good news is, January is already halfway over!

    In the meantime, take a trip out to San Francisco. It’s only in the 60s here, but January is a nice sunny months as a rule. We’d be happy to have you! – Leith


  59. po

    I agree that winter on the east coast becomes very long, dreary and feels like it’s dragging on forever. Especially with toddlers who just want to go outside and run around. Next thing you know, the kids are watching too many hours of videos out of desperation and the guilt sets in.

    That’s why this year I’m taking some classes for myself during the day and getting a babysitter to watch the little for a bit. Such a relief and helps with my cabin fever. I leave a whole bunch of craft supplies for the babysitter and the little one has tons of fun. And I have a long trip to CA coming up that I’m dying for. Maybe it’s time to plan a trip to a sunny place?

  60. denise

    My husband spent the last 21 years suffering the blues for January and February here in Ontario. Then he discovered a S.A.D. lamp. Changed his life!! (and mine too!)

  61. anise

    visit SF! We are having drought here, and my main complaint is that the sun hasn’t stopped shining (what seems like IN MY FACE) since last february!

  62. karen

    I’m glad you are back and surviving inside your apartment.
    I live in California, we basically have no winter and although I know it must be horrible to be inside the apartment all day with two littles, I kinda wish we had a bit of that cold weather here. We haven’t seen rain in a long time. I bought my littke one rain boots and I don’t think he’ll get to use them :(

  63. i hear you, january has always been a drag for me too! hoping you find some fun activities (indoors) to do with your littles!!


  64. Veronica

    Wow! 1 and 2 are interesting ideas! :D

  65. Victoria

    I’m not doing too bad so far. Still feeling positive and no sign of the January blues… yet! x

  66. This is my first January with a toddler and I keep rubbing my eyes and asking myself if this is really happening. Most of the time, I lay on the floor and Talia runs around tearing things down and stepping on my head. Thanks to your blog, I know this is not an anomaly haha. I will come here for survival tips, as always.

    Love, evelynhaupt

  67. Kaili

    I can definitely feel you with this post. I’m itching for some warmer weather. There’s a part of me that doesn’t want it to warm up too much. I think it just now hit me how much I will miss the snow when it’s gone. I don’t like it, but I kind of do at the same time. It’s snowing buckets in Wisconsin/Minnesota right now. I went to bed and it was fine, but not anymore haha.

  68. Taylor

    I totally feel ya! January is a hard month when the holidays are over and I get into a funk as well. February though…well, I’m just glad it’s so short.



  69. Anne

    Oh goodness we are deep in the funk over here, although we have to survive March too in my neck of the woods it’s just as cold and yucky. Here’s so making it through!

  70. Robin

    Shaving cream or pudding “finger painting”! Shaving cream is cool because it acts as a soap, so the table top/tub enclosure/whatever gets clean, but you also want to make sure they don’t eat it! Pudding finger painting is also just as fun, plus you get to lick your fingers when you’re done!

  71. Katie

    my husband and I are from Australia and we explored New York last July. It was so hot and sticky then that we just can’t imagine all the snow and cold front were seeing on our news now! Hope it warms up for you soon :)

  72. Lacy

    Thanks for the new post! You could add food coloring to water bottles, poke a hole in the cap and they can paint the snow!

  73. Erin

    Oh dear, I so hear you – we live in a co-op with a lot of other families, and just yesterday we were all saying how sick of the inside of our apartments we are, how there’s been too much tv and everyone is cranky. It’s been raining, like monsoon raining, for a week straight. I was losing it. Hang in there.

  74. shalan

    It’s the cold that gets me! And you’re right – January seems to be the worst because it’s when you think Winter should be over (right??) and then you remember you have several looong months of glorious frigidness to look forward to. May our January pass quickly!



  75. Em

    Hang in there!!! I find winter difficult too, especially since moving to a city far away from my family; you need them when you’re trapped inside. Half-way there… xo

  76. Ugh! So glad I’m not the only one going nuts with a toddler inside all day because it’s cold! I’m jotting down ideas from all the comments, thanks guys.


  77. Kaho

    I love your crayon DIY!!! I think I will try that at my place, too. We have the same problem with crayons!!

  78. Angela

    THANK YOU for being so real!!! So refreshing to hear! I totally have a hard time with January and the gray skies! And being inside so long with little ones is exhausting!! Thanks for keeping it real:)

  79. Sara V

    I wish. Been in the same funk. Add pregnancy hormones and my first real winter in years and you have me. Hope you are well through this newest storm.