life lately, according to my iPhone pictures.

…a few photos from the last few weeks when we attempted to get outside!


^^^when a few of my girlfriends and i attempted to take our kiddos sledding. they loved the ride through the city sidewalks and streets TO the park on the sled, but once we arrived, they were so done. it was fun while it lasted, but doubtful my littles have a future of sledding/skiiing/ snowboarding anytime soon.^^^


^^^see what i mean about the heaps of christmas trees piled up? not my fave.  but those cute faces on the right are kind of the greatest.^^^


^^^had the playground all to ourselves one morning after a big snowfall.  these three weren’t mad about it.^^^02

^^^the greatest invention for a city kid: the scooter. also, the transit museum in brooklyn is crazy amazing. we can’t wait to go back!^^^
01^^^it’s a good thing i am their mama because i am obsessed with them.^^^


^^^carried around the restaurant like this. a reward for being so great and well mannered during breakfast with friends.^^^


^^^time to figure out these roots with this whole platinum thing. and a fist full of cars and trucks which i carefully pry out of samson’s tiny hand once he falls asleep each night. he insists on taking them to bed and cuddles them like one would a baby doll. i think it’s the sweetest thing ever.^^^


^^^last saturday was on the warmer side in the city. we walked through the park and let the kids pick up all the sticks they desired and splash in all the puddles they wanted. they don’t have a backyard so sometimes you just gotta sit back and let them play in a muddy puddle in the middle of the park. and then carry them straight into the bathtub upon arriving home. ;)^^^

lately3 ^^^moments before we learned all about our echoes under the bridge. this parenting thing is so much fun sometimes.^^^

  1. kim

    oh those kiddos..too cute!

    by the way, i love the hair! don’t get rid of it quite yet!

  2. Gia

    You are have the cutest family!
    Love your hair, too!

  3. So adorable! I always love your photos – makes me think of dreaming. Just spectacular. Oh and your kids are SO CUTE. :)

  4. Chelsea

    Love the part about your tiny parenting joyous moments, can’t wait for those :)

  5. amy

    Little ones and muddy puddles… endless fun! gorgeous pics as usual xx

  6. Thelma

    Love the snow pics

  7. nanette

    your kids are adorable. how lucky you are new york is your playground. :)

  8. I have to admit that I wasn’t a big fan of your platinum hair but with those dark roots and the bang…you look just fantastic ♥…and those two kids…just cute!!!

  9. Bea

    Hi Naomi!!
    I love your new hair!I love bangs!And you look great with them!
    Have a very nice day!
    Love from Italy!

  10. Lucy

    It looks like you’ve definitely been making the most of getting out in the snow. (None here yet in England and I really want some!!!) I love the kids wooly frog and shark hats, they are amazing! x

  11. I have a confession to make … I still have my christmas tree. It’s completely falling apart but I can’t decide myself to put it away, it makes me so sad to see piles and piles of trees in the street. Am I aloud to keep it a little bit longer ? pleeeaaaase ?

  12. Lottie

    the little ones in that sled so cute. we are going skiing this year and it will be ava’s first experience of snow. i am not sure what she will make of it. i hope so she likes it but have this horrible feeling she won’t and so will want to be carried all the time which could be interesting.

    and you’re right when you say this parenting gig is amazing :)

  13. You capture such precious moments.

    Great to see you back on the blog! xx

  14. Rosie

    Ah I love how you are with your kids, such a chilled mummy :)

  15. Lucy

    Love it!!

    My 2 year old Isaac loves anything that echoes, and whenever we are off to a little coastal village near us, we walk to the train station go under a bridge and Isaac as well as us every time without fail go under it shouting Ah ah ah and Echo echo echo! It’s so cute!!

    X x x

  16. Love your daily images with your kiddos! Brave ones to stay a while during that cold weather! Oh! and the Transit Museum is a really photogenic spot; added to my (huge) list of the awesome things to do while in NYC.

  17. Teresa

    Oh Naomi! seeing these pictures make me wish I lived in the city rather than south FL where today is our coldest day of the year (55!!) I always wonder how our little one would react seeing snow and having so many parks at her disposal. These pictures are great and the scooter idea is one I might just have to “steal” from you :0)

  18. Caitlin

    great photos! i hope you share your solution to the roots with platinum hair. i’ve thought about doing it for a long time, but the thought of roots always makes me cringe.

  19. Emma

    Glad you were able to get outside a bit last week. The weather has been brutal in Chicago as well! January is a tough one, but we’re halfway through!

  20. I love how you describe parenting sometimes! These last words “this parenting thing is so much fun sometimes” – now I can’t wait!

  21. Kathrin

    I really love love love your blog. Especially your IPhone photos, those sweet moments of your life.

    When starts Kindergarden in NY?

    Greetings from Germany

  22. Sunna

    My kiddos love playing in the snow, sledding, skiing, building forts and throwing snowballs at me and their daddy. Might have something to do with the fact that we “live in the land of the ice and snow”, Iceland.
    E’s red hat with the huge pom-pom is so cute, any chance you could tell me the brand so I could search online for it?

  23. Livi

    I love your blonde hair! So adorable!

  24. so sweet! i love those teachable moments that can also be so fun!

  25. I love that you let them jump in muddy puddles… it’s the best part of being a kid!

  26. Lonka

    your family is simply super cool!

  27. Janis

    Sledding through the city sounds like fun! But not a fun of the cold! :) The photos are awesome!

  28. TJ

    Oh goodness, you are seriously rocking that platinum hair! You and your kiddos always have the best time! I would love to have a post of ideas that you think are great “dates” to have with your kids! :)
    xo TJ

  29. Lovely photos, as always. Also, taza, might I say that your style is on point these days (it always has been).

    Oh, and prying those cars from S after falling asleep is so darn cute!

  30. It is no wonder you are obsessed with your kids. They are so adorable! I love their little monster hats. Too cute.

  31. Mónica

    I really like all the photos, you still strange with long blond hair. Kisses and happy Thursday.

  32. Anne

    looks like you guys are getting out much more than we are this winter. good for you!

  33. Teffy

    They are too cute!!
    Great idea to take them like that around the city, sounds so much fun I might try and convince someone to take me!

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  34. meliss

    Such great pictures! Especially the monster hats on scooters! BTW what type of detergent do you use? You’re kids are always playingor trying something yummy but their clothes look great! :)

  35. cheyenne

    aww, cute! i love those little peeks into someones daily life :) might sound crazy, but yours makes me really looking forward to starting a family of my own one day!
    xo, cheyenne

  36. Lady, that hair just keeps getting better and better, beautiful! And I love that your man always swings those kids around like trapeze artists — just so much joy and fun! xo

  37. Faith

    I love all of these! Especially Josh carrying the littles around the restaurant and the one of you on the bench by yourself. You look stunning!! And the blonde looks so great there. I think you are growing it out wonderfully.


  38. Love the bangs in combination with that color.

  39. when we were in nyc a few weeks ago, we saw parents who were letting their little girl just run and jump and swim in this huge mud puddle in central park and we were saying how they were the absolute greatest parents! she was just doing her thing loving every minute and they never made her stop, it was too cute!

  40. Etheline

    Wow- You look great with bangs, and the roots don’t look bad either. I think its very cool looking. Love your snow photos! Wish we had some here in Atlanta.
    Her Eclectic Life

  41. I love seeing these on instagram, but love even more seeing them here with your words attached to them!

    BTW love your hair, like DYING how much i love it!


  42. i especially love this batch of photos! i know winter can be a tough time, but thanks for sharing the bright bits of your days! always makes me smile.


  43. Amie

    Too much fun! Way to go Mama!

  44. Katie

    I’m so fascinated and curious about living in NYC with young children. How do you get out of the door with two kiddos and equipment like sleds? How did you do it when they weren’t walking? Do you mostly shop online? What about groceries? Whenever I have a difficult time getting my one baby and all of our gear out of our single family home and into our car in the driveway I think about mamas raising babies in the city and realize that I probably have it pretty easy when it comes to going out and about. These pictures are adorable, by the way!

  45. maggie

    These photos are so stinkin’ cute – it makes me miss the snowy part of winter. It’s 80 degrees here in LA…I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain.

  46. Kinia

    Beautiful photos *_*

  47. Jessica

    I am seriously loving your hair and the sled through the street :) great photos!!

  48. Kristina

    oh i love those boots that Samson is wearing. Where did you get them?

  49. Such great photo’s! Is it true that life is more fun as a blonde? ;) Makes me want to visit NYC in the winter!

  50. aleisha

    I can’t decide if I would love or hate that weather. It is New York.

  51. shelby

    Love that the weather has been warm enough but also cold enough to do so many things! Love your hair. You make me miss blonde. And also, I love your coat! Where is it from?

  52. Stephanie

    i love little city kids riding scooters! it’s the cutest! i am amazed at the scooter skills of my niece and nephew (brandon and ava todd, they’re in your ward) as they do tricks and maneuver through people on the busy city streets! love seeing your beautiful pictures and darling kids!

  53. sweetest. ever. i love eleanor wearing her cute shades in winter. the snow makes everything so bright, doesn’t it!? and i love your bangs – – suits you so well!

  54. amanda

    your hair! i love it. is it creepy that you inspired me to go platinum, too!? and i love it. it looks amazing on you… and i am having so much fun with mine! anyway, point is, you just can’t change it yet! my roots are just barely sticking out and i need your inspiration to keep me going:)

  55. hanna

    The sledding picture is awesome. –Hanna Lei

  56. Christina

    Oh, the endless roots! Plight of the platinum blond! I’ve been doing my own every 3 weeks for the past 6 years, and I am finally, FINALLY ready to grow it out. I look like a hobo.

  57. Myrna

    I love the first picture. So beautiful and sweet! I know you hate this cold but I would love to see a little bit of snow.

  58. Cheryl

    They sure love those scooters! Glad to see you have bangs again – yay! :)

  59. shalan

    I bloody LOVE your platinum hair! Seriously, more photos of that business – especially your progress in growing it out.

    Also, have I mentioned how much I also love Samson’s little haircut? So adorable.



  60. Dorothy

    I die at Eleanor’s little face on the back of the sledge!! So cute in her little sunnies!!

    She Goes Wear


  61. Leonie

    This is awesome ! My boyfriend and I are dreaming of going to Thailand Bali and Peru !

  62. When I went platinum that was my biggest hang up… the roots! They just seem so much more dramatic. It was fun while it lasted but ultimately the upkeep was just too much for me, and I am naturally very blonde! Enjoy while it lasts, haha, Looks great!!!

  63. Kelly

    you are such a great mom, your kids are so lucky!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  64. Laura Powers

    You guys need to get back out here to California! We are having summer weather and everyone is wearing shorts, tanks top and flip-flops.

  65. Meg

    The best part of platinum hair is the roots… Work it girl!

  66. Mel

    Your hair looks amazing ^^

  67. Nicole

    Wow, great pictures! It looks so cold – can’t even imagine that right now from here in the simmering southern hemisphere!

  68. Becky H

    I love all the sweet moments you always capture in your photos!
    It’s always sad to see Christmas trees piled up on the curb. : (
    I love your blonde hair, even with roots! And your fashion sense is impeccable, girl!
    You have the cutest little ones and your blog is always refreshing to check out.
    Have a great day!

  69. I feel your pain. It is miserably cold here and i have ran out of fun inside activities to do with the kids. The snow at the playground is so deep that we can’t even walk through it.

    I talked a bit about our cold “hardships” over on my blog:

  70. Aurore

    Hello Naomi! I’m planning my trip to California and I’m looking for hôtels in San Francisco especially and Los Angeles. I’m looking for your advices please as I’m travelling with my baby aged 13 months in April.
    Thanks a lot.

  71. Paige

    So much beauty and color! That yarn is amazing!

    PS. To others asking where the yarn is from: my guess is Loopy Mango on Etsy. If not, it is very close. They have knit kits that look similar.

  72. Heydi

    I love the pictures, Elenor is soo big. and Samson the cutest!!

    Keep it up!
    my favourtie blog for sure!!