happy birthday!!!

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joshtoday is my husband’s birthday. i’m not sure how to write anything to him right here in this space without it coming off as a big cheese fest, but it is his birthday after all, and a kinda sorta cheesy blog (what?! no it’s not!) so you’re gonna have to just let me do it, yeah? ;)

this man of mine is wonderful to the core. i am so grateful to have him. i have been such a big boob this past month. mean, cranky, not a very kind wife.  i keep blaming this on january, but it’s really not january at all. at least not all of it. it’s more me working through a more difficult spot of my life as i try to figure out some personal things (experiences that i don’t feel quite up to sharing in this space right now.) bottom line, i just haven’t been very fun to be around. i’m frankly pretty embarrassed with myself but this is turning into a downer and that wasn’t what i was wanting. what i’m trying to say is, thank you josh, for still being really kind, and gentle, and loving to your wife this month (and always.) i know it is hard sometimes. i know i make it hard. i feel like it says volumes about who you are, and i want to appreciate and love you better.  thank you for working so hard for our family. thank you for being such a good papa to eleanor and samson. thank you for being a better listener than most of my girlfriends and for supporting me always. thank  you for being so dedicated to your father in heaven and for having such unwavering faith, because i know it makes you who you are and the way you lead our family. thanks for keeping me so centered, and for being my best friend.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my love. i love you.

(and, i cannot wait to eat ice cream with you today. let’s have it for every meal. :o  )

  1. Hilty

    I’ve ben feeling really down too. Blaming it on winter but really lots of other things as well. Hope you start feeling more yourself soon!

  2. Bea

    Happy happy birthday to him!
    I know what you mean….my boyfriend is taking care of me in this period like no one does.
    But, hey, this is growing together!

  3. Emily

    January is the worst month. And also we all have seasons that we have to go through. And birthdays are the best sort of medicine for making everything feel a little bit better – even if they’re not you’re own! Have a great day you two!

  4. Happy Birthday Josh! Beautiful words for a beautiful man. He’s like my hubby in some ways. I could just feel the love between you guys. :-)

  5. Elise

    Your strong love for each other is such an ispiration to me! Happy Birthday Josh!

  6. so sweet. happy birthday, josh!!!
    happiest day to you Davis’s :)

  7. Happy Birthday to Josh !
    I love following you both on Instagram and of course, here too :) I’m a 30 parisian fashion blogger who just ADORE the way you dress up, style your hair and wear flashy lipstick.
    Keep going, you seem to be a great mom, and though we don’t have any kids yet my boyfriend and I, I have to admit your way of bein parents is a real model to me.

    Bisous et bonne journée Naomi & Josh :)

  8. Georgia

    We’ve all been there. Thank you for your honesty; it’s so easy for these types of blogs to become a shallow selective exhibition to make our lives look perfect and others as though their own lives are wanting, as if no one else goes through hard times. Your realness and honesty is refreshing and much more rewarding to those who read. Happy birthday to your husband! Hope you’re feeling better soon :)

  9. ps: you can blame january if you want! we all have those days that we squeeze into a month(s) :| ;)

    you are entitled to them every so often.. maybe. ha!
    you’re still a fantastic human being and a little grumpiness won’t change that. sayin a prayer for you!

  10. Emily

    Sweet words but also- I’ve been such a big boob this past month- killed me, haha!

  11. rachel

    I love the honesty and the humility and the beauty of these words and these sentiments.

  12. s

    this was so sweet. i hope you feel better naomi! things will get better.

    i think the love taza readers would love a guest post by josh one of these days to get his perspective on life in nyc, parenting, etc. :)

    happy birthday josh!

  13. estee

    Haha! I love this. Happy Birthday, Josh. And keep on keepin on, Naomi.

  14. Happy birthday, Josh!! Enjoy your ice cream celebration!

  15. megan

    I didn’t think this was cheesy at all!!! Very sweet!!

  16. Sarah

    Loved this! I wish you’d share more. I don’t mean the details, just enough to show that you can have a beautiful, happy life amidst problems. Nothing is perfect. No one is perfect… only one and he is high above us. I am not a religious person in the slightest, but that is a truth I hold near and dear. We can only do our best. Stay strong and always, always be true to who we are.

  17. happy (what) birthday!? while he looks just a day over 22, how hold is he this year!?

    ice cream sounds perfect :) if it was up to me, i’d snag a pint of jeni’s salty caramel (find it SO many places in NYC here). it’s truly my favorite ice cream, made with love from ohio :)



  18. Q

    Such an honest post… Don’t be so hard on yourself love!… sometimes we are not the nicest too those closest too us… my husband can testify too that! its all part of why they love us! Happy b-day too him and have a lovely day together.x


  19. Happy Birthday, Josh! Enjoy this day with your beautiful family!

  20. shelley

    I’ve been the same way this January. I thank my hubby at the end of every day for loving me through whatever I’m going through. Sometimes life is difficult and cranky and you can’t seem to pull yourself out of the muck.

    cheers to all the wonderful men! and especially cheers to yours on his birthday :)

    Ice cream for all!

  21. Carolin

    This is so honest. It is easy to say that one is a positive, loving, perfect person, but it is really difficult to admit that one is not, even if it is just at the moment.
    I had this impression you gave in this post in the last instagrams, too, when you sounded like you really had a hard time at the moment.
    Hope you will feel better soon and of course hope that you will be able to change around the ones you love so much.
    I would give so much to have such sweet children and a handsome, caring husband as you do.
    I love your blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts and your life with us :)

  22. Mónica

    Congratulations to your boy. That meets many more and others see it. Kisses and happy Thursday.

  23. Kate

    I’m in the same boat. Sometimes, I’m amazed at how wonderful my husband is for dealing with me! Happy birthday, Josh!

  24. susan

    what a sweet and wonderful tribute to your husband!

  25. L

    Happy Birthday, Josh! Thank you for being so real, Naomi- I adore your blog- it makes me smile every day hearing about your adventures. Your truth and honestly helps your readers relate- instead of carefully “curating” your feelings, and creating a facade of “perfection” that instagram and many blogs often do, you are real. Happy, in love, but real. Thank you :)

  26. Cassie

    This is absolutely beautiful! It was my boyfriend’s birthday this past monday and I’m not one to write sappy (“cheesey”) messages but it just felt good to write it all down because he means a lot. And i think its easier to have your thoughts collected when they’re written out.

    Happy birthday to your husband!! I hope you feel better. Let’s just blame it on the cold weather we’re having in ny ;)

  27. amy

    such a sweet note! i have been a giant boob this month – i am talking dolly parton. have fun eating all that ice cream.

  28. happy birthday to your man!
    sorry you’ve been down lately. may february be full of joy!

  29. lucinda

    happy birthday to your man and best wishes for a better you! i’ve been quite the boob myself so your message to josh was a great reminder to be kinder and more appreciative of what a wonderful man i’ve married.

    enjoy your ice cream!


  30. Tina

    Happy Birthday to your husband! Also, that cheeseburger looks freaking DELICIOUSSSSSSSSS gimme!

  31. Abby

    Thanks for your honesty. January is a tough month, especially when things aren’t going so well personally. I’ve been struggling with that myself, and it’s refreshing to hear from other bloggers.

    Happy birthday to Josh! Best of luck figuring things out, as well =)

  32. I love the last lines, there really is nothing better than loving a man with strong faith. I am happy for you! Today is my husband’s birthday too.

  33. maggie

    This is really sweet. If you can’t be sappy towards your husband on your own blog, where can ya be? Happy Birthday, Josh!

  34. this post completely encapsulates how i’ve been feeling as well! it’s gotta be the winter funk, i’ll say. here’s to hoping the clouds lift soon~

    xx happilysmitten

  35. Emma

    Many happy returns, Papa Davis!

  36. Taylor

    Such sweet and honest words. I definitely know those ruts and it make a world of difference when you have someone by your side to be kind to you until you’re back to yourself. Happy birthday Josh!!!



  37. Amie

    I have been reading your lovely blog for a few years now but this was the first time I’ve felt compelled to post. The fact that two people can stick through thick and thin and be so grateful and gosh darn lovely to each other really does make my day. So thank you so much, Naomi, for sharing it with us. I hope your troubles right themselves soon and you enjoy your ice cream! xx

  38. Katie F.

    This is so sweet. It’s also my sweet husband’s birthday and he is also moving mountains to do right by our family despite me not always being the easiest partner. You summed up what I was thinking about him. Enjoy your ice cream celebration!

  39. Adrian Ryce

    May we all have ice cream for every meal today in honor of your husband! Happy Birthday to him!

  40. Cheryl

    Happy birthday Josh! What a sweet post.

  41. Jessi

    You guys are SUCH an inspiration! Thanks for showing that love like this still exists (through the good & bad)! (:

    And of course, happy birthday, Josh!

  42. Chelsea

    Happy Birthday, Josh!

    I know exactly what you mean about having a man patient and loving enough to love you even at your worst. I have one of those fellas too. What blessed women we are!

  43. JM

    Like everyone else here I appreciate the honesty on your blog. I hope you guys have a great birthday celebration :) And that you feel good about yourself :)


  44. Happy Birthday to Josh, wishing your family a lovely day.

  45. Stephanie

    What a sweet birthday wish! And this is in no way a crticizism, but merely an observation, but why is being a “boob” a bad thing?! :) I mean, boobs are pretty darn amazing, if I do say so myself. After having a baby and still feeding him at 19 months I have a great appreciation for the girls. Being a boob, in my opinion, is pretty awesome. ;) I know what you mean though, we all through funks and it’s hard on our spouses. I know it’s hard for me. Hope you come out of it soon and start feeling like a boob, my definition of a boob, that is. ;) Happy Birthday to your hubby.

  46. Frieda

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. You deserve to be loved – from January to December. I hope you’ll feel better soon.

  47. Sara

    Naomi, I never comment on your blog (or most blogs) but reading this made me tear up. I think because I relate to it so much, and I know that feeling of being so thankful for the love our husband gives us day in and day out. Especially when we feel undeserving. I think it’s really brave of you to write the things you just did, because it IS embarrassing. But so important to realized these things so we can ask for forgiveness, receive it, and then forgive ourselves. Then we can grow from it. Now That was cheesy;)

    Birthdays are the best!


  48. Janis

    A nice note! :)

  49. Amy

    Hi Naomi,
    Such sweet birthday wishes! Just love your blog and sweet relationship :).

    Hoping to brighter days soon for you… Sometimes I have the hardest time snapping out of funks especially when the circumstances haven’t changed. Learning to be happy amidst life’s trials is much harder than it sounds. Feel better, you are human and sometimes we lash out to those close. Josh loves you and Heavenly Father and your 2 littles love you no matter what! :)

    P.S. – you’re also a rock star, remember?? :)

  50. Stephanie Perkins

    Nothing a little ice-cream won’t cure!
    Happiest of BIRTHDAYS TO YOU JOSHY!! We adore you too!!

  51. Sinead

    Aw I hope you’re feeling all better soon. Happy birthday to Josh :-)

  52. Sarah

    We all have ups and downs. Just remember that this too shall pass.

  53. This is wonderful! He really must be a great man for you and you must be a happy woman with him. Hope you had a good time on the birthday and wish you a lot of great birthdays to come ;)!

  54. this was so very sweet. supportive, loving partners are such a blessing. happy birthday to yours!

  55. Natalie

    Happy Birthday Josh!! (: Feel like I know you and your family so well and i wish you a happy and memorable day!
    p.s. Naomi feel better I hope you’re okay ♥


  56. Happy Birthday Josh! And very nice message Naomi – I hope that this phase passes soon and leads to happier days. P.S. Your blog is ‘cheesy” only in the best way possible – I love it! Take care, Melissa

  57. hanna

    Happy Birthday to your husband! –Hanna Lei

  58. Patricia

    Thank you for this post. I’ve been so absolutely grumpy this month too! I have a phenomenal 2 year old, a wonderful husband and a very emotionally draining job. I feel like in the hustle and bustle of having a child, and giving so much in my job and to my family, I’ve lost a piece of myself. Does that make sense? I want to feel like myself again but it’s hard – it’s a slow process. I know I’ll get there one day, but it will take a lot of hard work and acceptance and patience. I hope that it helps knowing that there are others feeling the same way as you. Xo.

  59. Randi

    Everyone has their moments. Growth opportunities! They’re the moments that turn us into who our children will not stop fussing about (positively) in the future. It’s expected and acceptable in life. Marriage isn’t only for the good times! Happy birthday, Josh! Hope it’s wonderful.

  60. Jessica

    Yay!! Happy Birthday!!

  61. Ohhh I can completely relate to acting like a boob when trying to sort out personal brain space haha I can’t even blame bad whether as it is Summer time in New Zealand!

    I hope Feb is better for you, and you both enjoy his [email protected]

  62. Sophia

    Lovely post! X

  63. Happy Belated Birthday Josh! Lol totally don’t mind the cheese factor Naomi, he’s your hubby after all :)

  64. Jess

    Naomi, thank you so much for sharing your “case of the januaries.” i’ve been feeling pretty glum the past month too and your post was a little comforting today – of course not in the fact that you’re feeling blue too! hope everything works out. :]

  65. happy birthday to josh! naomi, i hope you read this…you have to believe in being yourself! stop being so self deprecating—it’s only damaging your spirit :/ be confident in yourself and reach deep to retrieve the qualities in yourself that make you shine and proud. i know it’s easy for a spectator to say but i’ve been there. you can do this—after all, much of it is simply rooted believing in it in the first place! chin up :) just do you!

  66. Ady

    Happy Birthday Josh!

    January is always a hard month. Even through difficult periods of life, for some reason, it gets ten times worse knowing that it’s January.

  67. are you weaning your little one? I felt so weird when I was weaning at 20 months, and then extremely guilty…but I just needed to do it for myself I guess and a few months later we are doing much better! :) I hope the birthdays cheer you up!

  68. Kelly

    Happy Birthday Josh! What an amazing father of your children!

  69. liv

    Happy Happy Birthday! Enjoy your ice-cream guys! it’s what always works for me to cheer me u, always!

    Sorry to hear you had a tough time lately and hope you will feel your gorgeous happy self soon. You are doing n amazing job with your kids and I am sure you are a wonderful inspiring wife!

    HUGS all the way from Australia.

  70. Ally

    Hey Friend, I pretend this is true ;) Hey… just know that someone far away is praying for you. I know that you feel life is good. Life can be gooood and HARD at the same moment. Don’t let yourself feel defeated. Also, you are loved!

  71. Anita

    And again I Love you for beeing so honest. I really hope, you’ll feel better soon. All the best wishes to you and your adorable family. A

  72. Andie

    Taza- I feel you on Jan. being a bit of a bust. What a sweet post for your guy. Cheers to birthdays and to 2014 and whatever it holds for all of us. -xox

  73. Jessica Plater

    You are so beautiful! I want all the ones you modeled but especially the Reese dress. So cute. As a nanny I need clothes that are cute but can get played in. Especially in these Houston summer sweat days! Let me win! This would be the ultimate work wardrobe upgrade. Which will fall into my mommy wardrobe when I finally decide to have my own kids.

  74. Emily

    The pink priscilla dress is so great!! I need that in my closet ASAP!

  75. Pamela

    I’m not a big fan of blogging as I think so many young women set unrealistic expectations regarding marriage, children and ones appearance. I’m a mom of two adult children and appreciate the values you are instilling in your babies:). Thank you for your candor. It’s not easy to do it all and clearly we aren’t perfect. If you’re doing your very best, embrace that and know that you will have moments when your best won’t seem like it’s enough. Keep talking to your hubby and your faith will help carry you through. I sincerely hope that others will follow your brave lead and be honest about their feelings too. We all want the sane thing and we aren’t bad moms for facing challenges and question out decisions. After 25 years of marriage we’re still working to remain connected. Blessings to you and your sweet family <3

  76. Jacob

    I’ve been going through stuff this january, too – so thankful for support from my significant other.

    happy birthday, Josh!

  77. Kristen

    BLAME IT ON JANUARY. It was the hardest month. Seriously.

    Now it’s time for cupcakes! Happy bday to your man!

  78. Brittany Barney

    Naomi, I have been following your blog for years and look up to and admire you and josh so much. I appreciate you sharing your true and deep feelings, even and especially when it is hard. You are in my prayers, your family and Father in Heaven stand by you always. Even when it feels dark and alone. Loves to you sweet dear.

  79. Sara V

    What a beautiful birthday post! You do have a wonderful husband with character that has always shown itself (even in high school where most people’s is totally lacking), but you seem pretty wonderful yourself. Love reading your family’s beautiful living testimony to your faith. Happy belated birthday, Josh!