friday night gig!

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last friday night, josh and a couple of his friends played a few songs in the times square subway station.  of course we had to tag along to support him and build a crowd and witness this endeavor in person! we brought along some of the littles’ tiny instruments (e’s guitar/ukulele, our yellow plastic sax and tambourine) so they could play along if they wanted.  both eleanor and samson are so enamored by all of the music and performers we get to hear and see in the subway each day in this great city that it was fun to give them a first hand experience at performing underground. ;)  the crowd was kind and encouraging and it made for a really fun friday night together with friends. this city rocks. so do these men for being good sports.  (there is a small video clip at the end of this post if you wanna hear them!)


^^^the band!^^^


^^^the littles band! special thanks to their friend S in the yellow for putting up with these two divas. ;)^^^


^^^probably my new favorite photo.^^^


^^^she was just so happy to be included with the big boys!^^^


^^^good times. good times. thanks boys!^^^

  1. Bea

    What a wonderful way to spend a Friday night with friends!!!
    And with the littles!
    Have a good day, Davis family!

  2. Dorottya

    Amazing! It seems you never get bored, and it’s good. That is what a great city can make sure ;)

  3. You guys & your friends are the coolest! Love that you chose a subway station for the little gig :) And (as usual) the littles are stealing the show, hahaha my heart explodes with cuteness with Eleanor smiling face with the big boys.

    Thanks for sharing this fun times with us!

  4. That is so cool and cute! And the little kids look so happy as well! :d Well done on making everyone smile guys! ^_^

  5. So fun! Wish I’d seen you guys when I came through that stop!

  6. nanette

    how cool is this! new york is so fun!

  7. Kate

    This is incredible. I see the “rockstar” doesn’t fall far from the the family tree. :) Adorable!

  8. gosh is this adorable or what? when did josh learn to play the sax!? I played the drums in high school, and my boyfriend wanted to play violin, but his first-generation Vietnamese mother said “being good at math and science and getting a job as a doctor or pharmacist is better than being able to play the violin”. OUR children WILL know how to play an instrument!! high five to you for giving them the music bug so early :)

  9. Oh my goodness – seriously adorable! Go Josh and the littles!

  10. lauren

    samson dancing at the beginning – so cute!!

  11. Janis

    NYC is awesome to be able to do things like this, and as a family, even more awesome! :)

  12. this is phenomenal! it’s so incredible that your little davises get to grow up totally immersed in a world of expression. art isn’t something to keep trapped in museums or concert halls. what fun!!


  13. Sarah

    So fun! Josh might be the most dapper subway performer I’ve ever seen and the kiddies look positively enchanted by the whole thing!

  14. TJ

    How fun! Your family is always up to new adventures! The cutest picture is with all of them (and the babies) with their instruments! Eleanor is getting so big!!!
    xo TJ

  15. Briseidy

    how fun! kids love to be including in this kind of things… i remember once we stopped to watch a street performer band and my baby boy was invited to join! he was so excited ;)

  16. Lindsay

    This is too cute! I love subway/street performers too :)

  17. l o v e.

    my husband is a drummer.. so we dig this ;)

  18. I love New York! You could never do this in London- you have to apply for a licence and even then perform in designated areas, snore! This is so cool.

  19. so cute! what a fun night!

  20. Oh, sooo cute! And the big band does it very well too :)

  21. Amie

    hahahaha, what fun!!! fantastic idea!

  22. emily

    That’s so awesome! How cute are the littles!? :)

  23. I love how tiny the babes look next to the big boys, and with their mini instruments! Cutest thing I ever did see :)

  24. so fun! i love the littles running in and out of the screen shot — and josh looks like he’s loving it!

  25. Cledly

    Hi !! i’m a french girl and i just wanted tell you that i love your blog !! i follow you on instagram. my dream is to live in New York…
    Your blog is great !!
    (My french blog that i just began : )
    Bye ! ;)

  26. Jemima

    Those little guys are loving life! They all look great jamming together :)

  27. sally noni harvis

    ¨¨oh my god. ridiculous¨¨

  28. Hillary

    SO CUTE!!!!!!

  29. Chelsea

    So fun! The pictures of the littles ones are so precious!

  30. maggie

    This is so cute! I am from Chicago and you need to get permits to perform in the el stations – I am assuming it is the same for NY?

  31. Brooke

    Oh my gosh! This is just the coolest thing ever! I bet it was so much fun. And the band o’ little sis just precious!

  32. That’s so cool! And it looks like so much fun. Proves to me that it’s possible to raise a family anywhere and give them fun, fulfilling experiences. :)

  33. Tina

    Ahhh this is so adorable!!!!

  34. Taylor

    So awesome! What great guys to do that and hang out with the little ones while they played as well. That is absolutely adorable. Also, I love Eleanor’s outfit!


  35. Heather

    Seriously, your kids are the cutest ever!! I have one 21-month old boy and I wish him and Samson could have a play date in DC!!!

  36. Laura

    This is adorable!!!

  37. Jessica

    This looks like it was so much fun! The kids are so cute

  38. ray


  39. oh gosh! so fun. and the songs they played were straight out of my high school pepband folder (which i stole and still have floating around in the closet). what a fun idea!

  40. Natalie

    My favourite thing about getting the tubes in London, England is the music of buskers when they occasionally perform. I love it and I love this. ♥

  41. Sarah

    Yeah yeah yeah, Josh and his friends were pretty awesome for doing that. However, its Samson spinning at the start of this video that KILLED me. How freagin’ cute is that boy?!

  42. mon ika

    Adorable! and everyone :-)
    I only moved out of Nyc and the US recently, so good to see a little Nyc and yes even the subway. Regards

  43. Lauren

    The cuteness of this – and Eleanor’s outfit – is off the charts.

  44. shawnee

    how fun! adorable photos! i love your nyc adventures. that video brought me back to my high school band days, playing in the pep band..haha. we played one of those exact songs, too! xo

  45. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, E’s outfit is too cute for words and Josh is really good!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  46. Rosely

    That is so cool, How fun!! And the kiddies are loving it.

  47. Stacey

    That is tooooo cute man : ) great idea and post!

  48. Amanda H.

    this is adorable! i wish i were there in person!

  49. Sarah


  50. Cornelia

    So fun! Did you have to get a busking license or something to be able to perform down there? Looks like you all had a wonderful time in any case :)

    • TAZA

      we didn’t, although we did talk to a police officer down there because you do need some sort of permit to perform in the times square station. but he was very kind and let us perform without since we weren’t asking for money and weren’t performing all night. :)

  51. JM

    What a fun idea. I am surprised you didn’t have to have a permit. Though it’s a shame that that’s how it is nowadays. You need a permit to bring a little bit of joy into people’s day…

  52. Jess

    I think I just died from Eleanor’s cuteness holding that uke! SO sweet!

  53. Rikki

    What an awesome treat for subway goers!

  54. Oh my, this is so adorable!!! I wish I was there to witness the whole thing. :)

  55. Mery

    That’s so cute!! Samson looks so professional ^^

  56. S. Ann

    Hi, did your men get a permit before doing this or just go for it? I am hoping my husband and friend can do the same.

    Really fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  57. sophie

    Amazing! My boyfriend and I visited NYC before xmas and spent half of our evenings watching the entertainment in the subway… priceless… quite literally. sophie x

  58. heather

    I know this is *so* not the point, but Eleanor’s outfit is killllling me. She is seriously the most stylish little girl ever. She’s even more stylish than me! I should start taking tips from her wardrobe :)

  59. margaux

    now i gotta get my daughter some suspenders! love those on eleanor!

  60. I love it! How fun that Josh has friends that can share music and form the cutest band. I would have loved to be a passer by that day! :)

  61. Mara


  62. liv

    This is so cool! It makes me wanna move back to NYC. The city truly rocks.
    This totally made my day and inspired me to MORE FUN.

  63. amy


  64. oh my gosh! cutest thing EVER!!!

  65. Victoria

    How fun! They sound great :)

  66. Lindsie

    Love the sonnets! How lovely to play with kids and have a playful dress!