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“eleanor, do you want eggs?” … silence. “eleanor?” “….please call me doctor davis.”

papa: “isn’t mama hot?” eleanor: “no. she’s not hot. she’s warm.”

while looking around her room one morning, she whispered quietly, “there’s so much to explore.”

“mama, i know that i look like eleanor right now, but i’m not. i’m a panda bear.”

eleanor and samson’s 1 year old friend was over for a playdate. when i tried to explain that her friend didn’t have enough teeth to eat the granola bar she was trying to feed her, eleanor said, “well mama, you gotta call the baby’s mama and tell her to go get her teeth and bring them over here.”

“hey samson! come in here, its’ a party! but not really cause this is the bathroom.”

i just can’t get enough of this age! i want to squeeze her and kiss her and hold her tight so many times each day! she is such a ham. and she knows it. i love our little chats and talks. so  thankful for this little girl.  more eleanorisms here.

  1. Randi

    haha. A thousand every day, right?? Same way here. Kills me. Yesterday after I turned my little ones snow pink for her, she asked, “Momma, did you do that because pink is my favorite color?” Me: “Yes” Elle: “YOU ARE SO IMPRESSABLE!” haha, still makes me grin.

  2. Hayley

    Such a cute post! It is so fun to hear what toddlers have to say!

  3. shawnee

    oh my stars! she is so CUTE! haha, i love these.

  4. Eleanor. Too cute!

  5. Amanda H.

    i am dying! these are so cute! so great of you to write these down.

  6. Victoria

    What a cutie :)

  7. Evelyne

    Just laughed out loud to her funny comments. This age is just adorable!! I miss those days and look forward as well with the little one growing up!

  8. Heydi

    OMG! She’s so adorable! You should post more on all her talking, maybe a fee videos? :)

  9. Dorina

    hahaha…. she’s hilarious!

  10. What a cute photo of Eleanor. And her “eleanorisms” make me smile and marvel at childrens’ minds!

  11. Mara


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