a new year!

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happy new year!

we said so long to a beautiful 2013 yesterday by heading out to dough in brooklyn for some doughnuts.  what a great year it was! there were some incredible ups and downs in 2013, but if life has taught me anything, it’s to focus on what you’re blessed with, work out the not so great things in life as best you can and don’t let others negativity sneak into your happy place.  life is too short to spend even ten minutes of your day focusing on any crap you can’t change.

in 2014, i want to carve out more time for myself to learn new hobbies and take different classes.  i am grateful to be a mother of two little toddlers and motherhood has always been my biggest aspiration in life, but i don’t want to get so focused on it that i forget to improve other talents and grow as an individual in other ways as well.

i want to start knocking things off my personal bucket list (the “go platinum blonde for a bit” thing that happened last month was on there and it felt good to finally mark something off on that long list. a big drastic one at that!)   josh and i signed up for ballroom dance classes, i want to do more trapeze once it’s warm outside, teach myself how to knit, challenge myself with my camera more. i want to wake up early (i struggle every single day to wake up, like, every.single.day) and maybe even get up a half hour before my kids 3x a week this coming year so i can sit and be calm and even read before i’m pulled in twenty different directions once they’re up!

i have wanted to learn how to play the bagpipes since i was a little girl (thank you, scottish ancestry) and josh surprised me with lessons for christmas!  so 2014 is the year this will finally happen! (my apologies to any neighbors over the next few months.) i am so so excited you have no idea.

i hope there are more bubble baths, more days of unplugging, more beach waves and family bike rides in 2014. i hope there are more handwritten letters to be mailed and long phone calls with dear friends who live far away instead of sporadic text messages. i want to focus on my marriage, and keep on dating my husband. i want to be more courageous. i want to remind myself every day that i am a good mother and a good wife and while others may do things differently and maybe even more vocally, it doesn’t mean how i mother or love my family is any less right.

these are just a few things i thought worth sharing. i can’t wait to get cracking! how about you? what are you hoping to discover or change or improve upon in the coming year?

happy new year, friends!

  1. Stacey

    What a great post!

    Your totally right about life being too short for negativity and NYE is a great time to reset how you would like your life to be and how to get there.

    I am setting monthly goals instead of annual goals;
    Live more boldly / Show more kindness / Take more risks / follow my dreams / meditate every day / write a daily gratitude list / drink 2 litres of water a day / do a 30 day photo challange.

    Good luck with your’s : )

  2. i have never been a morning person myself. my goals for the new year are… to stop eating after 7 pm. (that’s a HARD one!) put exercise in my life and to reread the BOM. i would LOVE to add more fun things to do. maybe in 18 months. (after med school graduation)

  3. That is a serious noteworthy/swoon worthy list for this coming year. GO you! Whatever you and your family get into you have an amazing backdrop of a city to root you along. Happy New Year!!

    Her Eclectic Life

  4. Lucy

    Good luck with your bagpipe lessons! I’m from Inverness in Scotland (5 minutes away from Loch Ness) and I must say there’s nothing like the sound of the bagpipes to get your emotions stirring! If you and your family ever decide to come visit Scotland (which you should!!) my family run a luxury tours private hire company called Scenic Routes specialising in bespoke tours!

    Bliadhna Mhath Ùr
    (Happy new year!)


  5. Huurrraaa! Cheers to the new year!
    2013 was simply amazing! I can’t put it in words and I am slowly starting to understand why so many people always told me that I would enjoy my 20ies the most!

    Thank you for inspiring me for the past year. I am glad that I bumped into your blog! And besides trying to stress less about the future and to live the moment I wanted to let you know that I want to introduce more colors to my closet like you do all the time!

    :) Oh and to enjoy being silly every now and then, because it feels so good to laugh about the little things in life!

    Hugs from good old Germany!
    And condolescence to your neighbors :)

    Ciao! Taty°

  6. Love your blog. I’m a fellow NYer and love to get inspiration from the things you do. For another NY blog check out http://www.bigbrownblog.com! Looking forward to seeing your adventures in 2014.

  7. Birgit.

    Those red shooties in your instagram! Can I ask what brand they are?

  8. Chi

    I love these resolutions. So real and soo important!

  9. naomi, this is amazing! you are amazing! i’m so inspired. this is just what i needed to get inspired myself. thank you!

    also, i love this: “in 2014, i want to carve out more time for myself to learn new hobbies and take different classes. i am grateful to be a mother of two little toddlers and motherhood has always been my biggest aspiration in life, but i don’t want to get so focused on it that i forget to improve other talents and grow as an individual in other ways as well.” YES x10293820398235! especially coming from a “mom blog”, it’s so refreshing. i have always thought this and hope to keep this mentality when i myself have kids. YES, keep growing yourself!

    you are great! happy new year! xo

  10. Beautiful pictures

  11. David

    Ah, it’s here! 2014. The past 12 months had highs and lows, and now it’s behind us. My resolution and my wish for everyone is to be happy! Do what makes you happy, don’t do the the things that don’t. If you’re not happy, make changes! Change your thoughts, change your life!

  12. Ana

    Happy New Year! This years resolution is to clean less the house so I have moré time to play with my 3 kids!!
    I Love your blog! Thanks for making me smile every time I read You!

  13. megan

    ah! reading this made me want to jump up and start doing things. new things. i love how you mentioned you want to learn to knit, because my friend just started to teach me yesterday and… it’s SO easy! it really is. it just proves that we are capabale of so many things, all we have to do is make the time to try them.



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  15. Love this picture of you! You are such a gem. I love looking at your pictures and watching your little family grow. Precious.

    Xo- Lexie

  16. Meghan

    Learn to knit was one of my goals for 2013 and I actually did it and I’m so glad. It’s fun and you feel productive! I suck at it, but I figure it’s a lifelong hobby and I can only get better.

    This year I want to start going to bed earlier (and getting up earlier!); I want to focus on making new friends; I want to go to a stylist and tell them to do anything they want to my hair, and I want to keep my apartment tidier.

  17. Love this list of good things to come. And the bagpipes? Wow! Video, please :)

  18. hanalei

    Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with us! xoxo

  19. Jennifer

    I’m a new follower of your blog and really loved loved loved seeing your posts and pictures about Paris. I studied not far from there for a year, and it brought back so many memories. I also have a toddler at home and am nervous about traveling with him for the first time this summer, so I am now totally inspired that my husband and I can make it work! lol
    Looking forward to reading what is coming up next for you. Here are my goals for 2014.

  20. shawnee

    i love this! your Christmas video is so darling. thanks for sharing…i love reading:) xo

  21. Katie

    very late comment but hey happy 24th day of the new year!

    waking up earlier is one of mine too. best advice an early riser ever gave me is, “it’s like removing a band aid, don’t think about it, just do it!”

    when that alarm goes off place your feet on the floor straight away, don’t think of anything else. it’s much easier once your already up!

    always love reading your blog. love from a big small town in australia. x