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i have been day dreaming of a warm sunny beach all week long.  january, you are killing me!  but good news! we have teamed up with our sponsor, HotelTonight, to giveaway TWO $200 credits this week so two lucky winners can start planning that next dream trip!

we first found and shared HotelTonight on Love Taza last august for our 6 year blogging anniversary. we thought the concept of having an app that finds awesome last minute deals on hotels all over the world was kind of genius, especially since we like keeping our itinerary really flexible and open when we travel with the littles.  we actually ended up using the HotelTonight app while traveling abroad in november. we had hoped to stay near a secluded castle or in the country for a night between our time in amsterdam and paris but had no luck finding anything after all our research.

josh was up for almost our entire last night in amsterdam still looking for something. after checking out of the hotel in amsterdam and waiting for the taxi to take us to the train and still kind of in limbo as what we were going to do next, we decided to just head straight to paris a day early. we hadn’t had any contact with HotelTonight since our giveaway in august and it wasn’t on the forefront of my mind to use the app. i am so glad josh had an “aha!” moment and whipped out his phone while we still had wifi in the hotel lobby.  he was able to find and book a hotel in paris for our flex night in a couple minutes! we ended up staying at the Rochester Champs Elysées because it had an awesome deal and because we saw on the app’s map that it was in a part of paris that we didn’t really have on our itinerary for the trip (arc du triumphe area), which we really enjoyed exploring our first night.

anyway, we are excited to partner with them again for this giveaway! check our their app by downloading it for free. to enter the giveaway, simply visit HotelTonight and leave a comment below telling us where your dream vacation would be. the winners will be drawn at random and contacted directly next week.

HotelTonight is also offering $25 off your very first booking with the code TAZA25 (for first-time bookings only.)

good luck!

  1. Kimberly Joseph

    Oh the things I would do to be in San Jose, Costa Rica right now!! May the odds be in my favor!

  2. Nooreen Nathoo

    I love the HOTELTONIGHT app. I would use the $200 credit to treat my parents to a beautiful hotel stay in Vancouver, BC. <3

  3. Paola Franqui

    My dream location would have to be Paris. There’s something so magical & dreamy about it. It is definitely on my bucket list! :)

  4. Abigail

    Oh, definitely Lyon. The most perfect city in France!

  5. Anwaar

    Me would love to see los angeles :(!

  6. Rachel

    Yes please!

  7. Kelly

    I am just dying to go to Paris!

  8. Maria

    Hi, with this polar vortex happening I’m dreaming of a vacation in Scotland. :)

  9. Karissa Johnson

    My husband and I would love a trip to New Zealand.

  10. Charleen

    My boyfriend has never been out of the states since he moved here from the Philippines when he was 6. I would love to see his country and eat to my heart’s content there!

  11. Carly

    My boyfriend and I have been together 5 years. He graduates college in May and we have been trying to find the perfect place to travel and enjoy one last “hurrah” together. He wanted Europe while I wanted to stay in the US. I feel like everyone overlooks the natural beauty that the US has to offer! We only could agree on one place – Hawaii :)

  12. Matt T

    My wife and I have roughly 3 million “dream vacations” but here’s one: a self-guided (read: internet guided) eating and drinking tour through Italy, complete with a few leisurely bike rides through town to “work off all that food we’re eating.” That or like, a week on a beach somewhere in Mexico where they don’t get cell phone service (or we can at least tell our bosses that).

  13. Alyssa

    I would love to visit Bora Bora. Such a dream!

  14. Kristen Cook

    Traveling and exploring is what I live for. Totally addicted to adventure. I would love and cherish an opportunity to travel to any of those beautiful spots. And also take the opportunity to serve other and share the light of the world!

  15. bethann

    i would love to travel to Europe and see the beautiful architecture.

  16. Elizabeth Rech

    I’ve always wanted to visit NYC and Greece! I think each would be fantastic. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  17. my husband and I would love to visit Machu Picchu, Peru. (as well as explore other parts of Europe!)

  18. Sacha

    What a great giveaway!

    We are expecting our first baby in April and planning to go on a little last vacation before the baby comes in NYC next month. Would love to put this prize towards our stay!

  19. Jeff Mindell

    This is awesome! I’d love to travel to Hawaii!

  20. Jan Scarpino

    Crossing my fingers + toes!… This place looks dreamy!


  21. Kathryn Fuller

    NYC in Springtime! Flight is booked… would love a place to stay! :-D

  22. Paris. Hands down! The dream!

  23. Elisa

    My dream vacation would be to go to Cabo, Venice or Napa Valley! Love the combination of exploring cultures with yummy food and breathtaking views!

  24. Catie

    I’m dreaming of Morocco these days… then jumping to Spain for the final stretch.

  25. Victoria Liechty

    My husband and I would love to visit Hawaii and Europe. We actually have been talking about wanting to visit those places soon. We have a heart for the culture and architect in Europe. And Hawaii is just beautiful.. well from the pictures we have seen. PICK US PICK US! :)

  26. Jan Scarpino

    Ps… Barcelona is my dream!;)

  27. I’d love to go to Puerto Rico! It’s been so long since I’ve been back to where my family is originally from.

  28. Karen

    My dream vacation would definitely be to go back to Europe! Maybe Barcelona or Prague!

  29. Lauren

    Somewhere on the west coast :)

  30. Melissa Hall

    I would love to take my husby back to Sicily where he served his mission. I have dreamed of Italy forever and it would be amazing to share that with him! I love your blog and you and your family are adorable.

  31. Kamry West

    I always dreamed of going to London as a child and now have a unhealthy desire to go to several places in Africa lol both places are on my bucket list.

  32. lina

    This would be a dream come true! I have so many places I would want to go. Some would be Sweden, & back to England & Paris. But it really may come in handy for my two year anniversary since money is a bit tight at the moment :)

  33. Perfect Giveaway!! Dream vacation…Italy or Ireland!

  34. Nicole

    dream vacation… so many cities i’ve never been. but right now i’m dreaming of the beach! any hotel on a beach in hawaii, would be the dream! xx

  35. Jocelyn Taylor

    oooo I’d love to go on a trip to Paris with my husband! What a great giveaway!

  36. Gimena

    A girl can only dream, I would love for my hotel to be in the apple

  37. Andrea

    My hubby and I would love to travel to Australia before our first little nugget is born in August!

  38. Lily

    Paris would be the dream!

  39. Bridget

    Dreaming of anywhere where the sun shines warm- so I can thaw out from these subzero Philadelphia temperatures

  40. Lauren Huhn

    I dream of going so many places…but I think the top of my list would be a cross country plane/road/rail trip OR a vacation to visit my roots in the Philipines and Germany.

  41. Lindsey Peavler

    My husband and I have been dying to go to New York City!!!

  42. Julianne A

    I would love to go to Spain or Greece or both!

  43. eliza

    Holy Moly, there are a lot of comments! My current dream vaca would be Santorini, Greece. Take me away!!!

  44. Christina Holtom

    I need this so very badly right now. I would cry if I won. And I love you taza!

  45. Grecia Campos

    I’ve been dreaming about Turkey or Greece, but I feel the need to travel my own country, MEXICO!

  46. Emily

    A trip to the beach would for sure beat the winter doldrums!!!

  47. Christina Holtom

    Oh and Italy definitely!

  48. Jenna Griffin

    I would love to go to Hawaii!

  49. Michelle Claassen

    I am dreaming of a trip to China! To walk along the Great Wall would be beyond amazing!

  50. Melanie Stevens

    I would love to travel to Iceland.

  51. Marika

    I would go to the coastal city of Cadiz in the very south of Spain, in Andalucia, where the sun is always shines. There are no HotelTonight offerings there right now, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time, and Seville is only 60 miles away (where they do currently have hotels on HT). Anyway, it looks stunning and mysterious.

  52. Bo

    My dream vacation would be to Bora Bora!

  53. Tayler

    Exploring Bali would be my dream vacation!

  54. Cathey

    Me me me, pick me! I will find the warmest place with sun, sand, and water and go straight there.

  55. Maria

    I would love to visit NYC. You make it look so fun!

  56. Vanessa Co

    My family and I are going to Prague this Spring. Would definitely love to try the HotelTonight app.

  57. Yash Patel

    My dream vacation would be to visit the Maldives!

  58. Ashley Haymore

    My husband has never been to Disneyland so I have been saving up to surprise him with a trip. Winning this would help out so much!

  59. Seanna

    PARIS!!! food, wine , romance, and stripes! :)

  60. Riley Anderson

    I really do not care where we go, i would be happy with whatever i get! But my family can really use this vacation, my mom just had hand surgery because my new puppy just broke her hand, and my dad is getting knee surgery today because he tore something, and im really stresses out because of exams, and my sister is also really stressed out! We all have been really stressed out, also my dads uncle just passed away and my moms best friend also pasted away :( . Any way we really could use a vacation but we dont have enough money, and i really want to suprise my parents with a vacation, i love them so much and they have done so much for me and my sister, and i want to do something for them to thank them and just let them relax, and let me and my sister relax! There has also been lots of other issues in our family, but i dont want to explain them! Anyway this vacation could really help us, and it would mean so much if i won this! Thank u so much for ur time!!!!

  61. Barbara Murray

    Either San Francisco or London — my two favorite cities. Love them and can rarely afford to go to them.

  62. Heather

    I’m dreaming of Italy and Paris right now! But I’d take a beach anywhere else too ;)

  63. Kelsey

    It’s been my dream since I was a little girl to go to Bali! I would be thrilled to go anywhere though!!

  64. Maggie B

    If this winter keeps up the way it has been, I will go pretty much anywhere where there is a beach and temps of about 75 :) Hawaii sounds nice…

  65. Paige

    Costa Rica! My husband is from Costa Rica, I’ve never been and I could use a good beach right now!

  66. Nis Zainuddin

    I am planning a dream vacation to Hawaii in December to celebrate the big 4-…*cough cough cough*… let’s just leave it at 4 :) My family’s 1/2 way around the world so I chose Hawaii since it’ll be a mid-point spot for us. Lastly, thanks for having this contest, this is awesome and I love your blog and family photos!

  67. Madeline

    What a wonderful give away! Would love to hit somewhere more south, we are freezing up here!!

  68. I must say my boyfriend has been constantly working hard to build his life–it’s amazing, but I think it’s time for him to have a stress-free day! I would love to surprise him with a vacation of his own to Hawaii, so he can finally relax and have time for himself. This amazing dream vacation is definitely something he needs right now! And it would make me so happy to finally make this happen for him :)

  69. Brittany B.

    Nashville or Lake Tahoe with my fiancé.

  70. Emma

    Querétaro, Mexico – would be amazing for this Latin America-obsessed grad student! :)

  71. Laura

    Definitely to LA/Santa Monica area with my husband – to visit where we got engaged!

  72. Jen B

    So many fun Places to choose but Seattle or Portland are top on my list!

  73. Alexandra

    I’d love to travel to visit the wine vineyards and beaches in California. I’ve been dreaming of visiting the east coast for a long time now but only have gotten as far as Texas!

  74. Jaclyn

    I’m planning a trip to Washington, D.C. (finally!) in March for my first solo vacation–checking two things off my bucket list at once! I’d love to make the trip even better by staying at an amazing hotel.

  75. Jenna

    I would love to visit Greece!! I’ve never been out of the country, so that would be a dream! Thanks for the chance at this giveaway, have a blessed day!

  76. Kathy

    I would love to go on safari in Africa! Total dream trip.

  77. Cherish

    Thailand!!!! Perfect combo of food, adventure and relaxation! xo

  78. Lauren

    I’d love to go to New Orleans!

  79. Mary Wynne

    Oh this would be just perfect for our honeymoon this summer!

  80. Sally Lee

    My dream vacation would be somewhere warm, away from these freezing temperatures on the East Coast haha. LA would be my dream vacay. It would be nice to visit my family & get to soak in the sun at the same time :)

  81. Jessica

    Japan in the Spring

  82. Megan Krinhop

    Anywhere with my husband! 15 years together without a trip/honeymoon. Mexico, Hawaii, Greece, Bora Bora,. . I’ll take anything! xo Meg

  83. Shaylah Nichols

    South Korea to meet my dad’s parents (not really a vacation) or South Africa. Hm, the South seems to be a trend here–must be sick of this cold, Central New York weather!

  84. Danielle Robinson

    Oh good! I thought this was closed already! My husband and I would love to earn credit for a hotel stay! We are going on a trip a month for the first six months of this year before we start our family. This would help out so much!

  85. Anna Silverstein

    Definitely Europe!

  86. Emily

    Dreaming of somewhere warm and sunny with my husband and 3 babes! Or Maybe just the husband ;)

  87. Sarah

    I’d love to visit Paris and add our locks to the bridge!

  88. Jenna Cortese

    Dream vacation would definitely be all over Europe, especially Italy to explore where my grandparents grew up.

  89. Dream vacay? To Espana I’ll go to get a nice warm break from winter! I hear Barcelona is beautiful this time of year (or always).

  90. Diana

    Would love to win this, I could use it this weekend for our wedding anniversary!

  91. Travel is one of my very favorite things! This app is such a great idea… Hard to nail down where I’d go… Maybe Italy? Or Japan? Or Peru? Seriously… So many places I’d love to check out. Thanks!

  92. Royal

    I would LOVE to finally go to New York! My husband and I have wanted to go forever!

  93. Maria Bremer

    New Zealand! Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life with us!

  94. Belicia

    I would love to go to New York with my boyfriend! We plan on moving there later in life and it would be so wonderful to be able to spend some time away in our future home. xx

  95. Katya Brown

    I have January blues too! It would be a dream to go to Fiji!! Especially since I have my birthday and wedding anniversary coming up in March!!

  96. Katya

    If (WHEN) I win this, I’m booking my dream vacation to Thailand. I’ve been dreaming of Krabi for a long time now!

    Thanks :)

  97. Niki M

    Love reading your blog! Dreaming of a vacation in Napa these days (it’s all I can do to get us through this cold snap in Chicago)! Cheers!

  98. Sarah Boonsirichai

    We would go to the UK!