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i have been day dreaming of a warm sunny beach all week long.  january, you are killing me!  but good news! we have teamed up with our sponsor, HotelTonight, to giveaway TWO $200 credits this week so two lucky winners can start planning that next dream trip!

we first found and shared HotelTonight on Love Taza last august for our 6 year blogging anniversary. we thought the concept of having an app that finds awesome last minute deals on hotels all over the world was kind of genius, especially since we like keeping our itinerary really flexible and open when we travel with the littles.  we actually ended up using the HotelTonight app while traveling abroad in november. we had hoped to stay near a secluded castle or in the country for a night between our time in amsterdam and paris but had no luck finding anything after all our research.

josh was up for almost our entire last night in amsterdam still looking for something. after checking out of the hotel in amsterdam and waiting for the taxi to take us to the train and still kind of in limbo as what we were going to do next, we decided to just head straight to paris a day early. we hadn’t had any contact with HotelTonight since our giveaway in august and it wasn’t on the forefront of my mind to use the app. i am so glad josh had an “aha!” moment and whipped out his phone while we still had wifi in the hotel lobby.  he was able to find and book a hotel in paris for our flex night in a couple minutes! we ended up staying at the Rochester Champs Elysées because it had an awesome deal and because we saw on the app’s map that it was in a part of paris that we didn’t really have on our itinerary for the trip (arc du triumphe area), which we really enjoyed exploring our first night.

anyway, we are excited to partner with them again for this giveaway! check our their app by downloading it for free. to enter the giveaway, simply visit HotelTonight and leave a comment below telling us where your dream vacation would be. the winners will be drawn at random and contacted directly next week.

HotelTonight is also offering $25 off your very first booking with the code TAZA25 (for first-time bookings only.)

good luck!

  1. cindy lumanauw

    i’d love to visit indonesia! i haven’t seen my family in so long :/

  2. Alexandria Carney

    I dream of visiting Sicily! I am 100% Sicilian and would love to see it!

  3. Sang McCall

    NYC!!! We went for the first time last year and are dying to go back! It’s on my bucket list to visit NYC during each of the 4 seasons. :)

  4. Maria

    Definitely Ireland!

  5. Tiffany

    Going to Fiji would be fantastic. Honestly, anywhere warm and tropical sounds like a dream right now. :)

  6. katy

    I have been wanting to take the train up to NYC.

  7. My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon to Napa. This would be an amazing help to us in planning!!! We can’t wait to just relax, drink a glass of wine, and be married. :)

  8. Hannah

    Paris all the way!!

  9. Preeti

    I would love to go to Portland!!

  10. Ashley

    Kauai would be just lovely right now!

  11. Ashley H.

    I want to get away and go somewhere warm after all this snow! I’ve never been to California and I don’t think there could be a better time to go than now!

  12. Jennifer

    I would absolutely love to go to Paris. Or anywhere in Europe. Hopefully I’ll make it there soon! :)

  13. Bethany

    I would love to go to Ireland to trace my roots!

  14. Melissa

    Not necessarily a dream vacation but we are wanting to take our daughter skiing for the first time at Crested Butte. I love, love, love this town and am dying to go back and share the experience with our daughter.

  15. Courtney

    I have always wanted to vist New Orleans! And it would be a dream come true to visit there after I graduate this spring!

  16. Caroline

    I would love to explore the Portland OR area, perhaps a wine tasting trip with my mom!

    Love your blog!



  17. Jessica

    I’m in NYC with this snowstorm and am dreaming about going somewhere warm!! Would love to go to San Juan, Puerto Rico!!

  18. Courtney

    Normally I would say Paris or Amsterdam, but after all of this cold weather I need some place warm like Hawaii or Fiji! I’ll be dreaming tropical islands until spring.

  19. regan

    What a great app! I am a huge fan of fancy stay-cations in and around SoCal. There is something about a last minute trip and a plush robe that is so sexy! As for fantasy trip – I’d love a night in Kauai!

  20. oh wow! sign me up! nyc,st. louis , or somewhere by the beach!

  21. Claire

    I would love to visit Switzerland!

  22. Tanya

    Somewhere tropical…like hawaii! For a much needed vacation :)

  23. Katie

    New York or course!

  24. Jess

    GREECE! Oh please, oh please pick me! :)

  25. Megan B

    We would absolutely pick France! I’ve loved seeing all your posts and pics from Paris. We’d like to go there, or another spot like Nice.

  26. There are SO many places I’d like to stay— but since we’re low on vacation time and funds, a fun stay-cation in our own city of Cincinnati would be great!! ;)

  27. Jinan Munro

    I would LOVE to go to Rio de Janeiro for the World Cup!!

  28. Coley

    I’m dreaming of somewhere warm… these single digit nights are too much for this South Carolina girl!

  29. Monique

    It would be ever so lovely to get to know Germany a little better, where my man is from!

  30. Samantha

    London. It’s been four years since we got married, but my husband and I are trying to take our honeymoon, finally! And I would love to go to London.

  31. Nina R

    I’d love to visit Barcelona! What a dream!

  32. Erica

    i would love to go to Ireland over St. Patrick’s Day! Going on a bike tour through the green, hilly landscape, learning the history and visiting pubs would be a dream come true!

  33. Justine

    We are going to Brazil to stay with family this summer, so an amazing Rio hotel would be a dream!! <3 such a good giveaway!

  34. Anne Hackett

    Would love to go back to NYC!!!

  35. faith

    My dream vacation is split between a few cities, but Cappadocia, Turkey is high on that list right now. Thanks!

  36. Courtney

    Paris would be AMAZING! The city of love – I would take my boyfriend with me :) Such a romantic getaway!

  37. lori

    Rome, Italy – I need to get a new passport and start collecting some stamps!

  38. Kelsie Rae

    Maui! It is my favorite place to be.

  39. Kelsi

    I’m dreaming of a trip to Hawaii for my first anniversary this year. :)

  40. Heidi

    I would love to go to Seattle :)

  41. Alex

    My dream vacation would be Paris! It’s the only place I’ve visited outside of the U.S., but I loved it so much I can’t wait to go back!

  42. Jaclyn McKenzie


  43. Vacations are my THING so picking one dream place is almost impossible! But….right now, my obsession is Paris!

  44. mja

    I long for europe, with its architecture and different cultures at every turn! thanks for such a great giveaway.

  45. Allison

    My next dream trip would be to the Netherlands. It looks so fun!

  46. Angela Elliot

    I would love to go to Santa Fe! I have never been there, but has always been top on my list. Fingers crossed!

  47. Kelly

    We have always wanted to go to Portugal!!!

  48. Betsy

    I’ve been crushing on Charleston lately!

  49. Jamie

    So many places…we’ve been thinking about going to Italy this year. But a more doable dream would be NYC or Asheville or Charleston or somewhere in FL…how’s a girl to choose?

  50. Emma

    New York would be a dream come true! Id love to try a Shake Shack burger and see the flat iron building with my husband :D

  51. Annakha

    Montreal! A weekend trip in the fall :)

  52. seriously anywhere sunny and warm sounds amazing right now! this midwest winter is killing me!!

    xo mk

  53. Alex Cosgrove

    Somewhere WARM! Maybe Mexico :)

  54. Annie

    What an awesome giveaway! My dream vacation would be Prague, but more realistically for right now would be New York City, I’ve never been there but following this blog has made me desperately want to go!

  55. Mary Beth

    I’d love to go to Rome or Paris :)

  56. Dream vacay is definately Croatia with my husband. He says its the most beautiful country. Thanks for the chance!

  57. Mariah

    I dream of Costa Rica! Somewhere warm and beachy during this dreary winter.

  58. Cassie A.

    My dream vacation is Thailand.

  59. kirsty

    I’d love to go back to Santorini and stay at the Anastasis Apts overlooking the agean sea. most amazing place I’ve ever stayed! thank you

  60. Amanda

    I’ve been dreaming of visiting Montreal lately…or staying closer and just going up to San Francisco for a weekend!

  61. Ashley

    My girl-friend’s Mom actually got us a super good deal thru Hotel Tonight in Minneapolis….very last minute! Booking through a hotel directly on a last minute basis isn’t necessary anymore with this app. Love it!

    With that said, I’d love to go to Las Vegas to visit my mother. She’s a great tour guide!

  62. Magen Rabatin


  63. Jane Sepulveda

    While we are already planning a trip to Barcelona and Paris with my parents and my sister and her husband, we are going to be renting an apartment and all staying together. With HotelTonight in either of those cities, I could upgrade us to finally have our little honeymoon alone together!

  64. Mollie

    I would love to go to Paris in the summer. My husband and I went 2 years ago and I broke my ankle right before so I crutched everywhere. We didn’t get to see Paris like we should. I would love to go back and do it right!

  65. Charmaine

    Love this! I’d want to dream big and use it in France if my fiance and I are able to honeymoon in Paris. Fingers crossed!

  66. Phillippa

    I would like to go to Bali, or just somewhere in Indonesia!

  67. Amanda

    I would go to the Bahamas!!!

  68. Liz R.

    North Carolina, please! I know this isn’t a “dream” vacation, but I’ve always wanted to go and I see that there are places to stay in Raleigh-Durham on here!

  69. Nicole B

    I would love to go to Paris! I dream of walking around the Champs de Mars with a crepe in hand and gazing at the Eiffel Tower, while a man is playing La Vie en Rose on an accordion.

  70. Danielle B

    Paris! Rome! Sydney! Too many places to count :)

  71. Lynnette

    Would keep it simple in San Francisco <3

  72. Currie Lee

    I’m hoping to visit montreal very soon, but this would also be great on my many trips to NY. :)

  73. Megan F

    I’d go up and down Italy and eat my way through the country!

  74. Jill

    San Francisco! Or Napa Valley! I have never been to the west coast!

  75. Claudia M

    Somewhere warm. Puerto Rico or Hawaii.

  76. Alice

    Hmmm…any vacation would be a dream, but I’d have to go with Ireland. The history, the people, the beer :)

  77. Annie

    Tulum Mexico is next on my list!

  78. Tabatha

    I’ve been dying to visit the big old New york city for years it’s been my dream.


  79. Madison McDaniel

    It would be such a dream to go on a trip to Thailand! <3

  80. Sydney George

    Expecting our second baby & the hubby and I need a serious baby moon!! This would be awesome! Fingers crossed ;)

  81. Lindsay

    Oh man. Dream vacation, this is quite the question… as of now, I’d love to take my 4 year old daughter (and soon to be born little boy) to relax on the beach in Mexico, or Thailand if I’m up for the long flight from NYC! Ohhh, I am already seeing myself in Mexico, Margarita in hand, fish tacos by my side… yes. fingers crossed!

  82. Sarah Loewen

    This would be great gift so my hubby & I can take a babymoon before baby is born and impending deployment!

  83. Cristin

    NYC! I have never been and after reading your blog and seeing so many movies and shows about the city, I dream of going there one day with my husband and little guy!

  84. Lauren

    Tahiti or Thailand would be a dream vacation!

  85. erica

    europe is my dream.
    i’m dying to get there – hopefully sooner rather than later.

  86. Karla Olivero

    MONACO with the love of my life. <3

  87. samantha

    my most realistic dream getaway would be portland! i’ve been west, but never to portland and i already have a list of things to see and do waiting in my journal!

  88. Andrea swift

    I would love to visit the Virgin Islands.

  89. Anwaar

    Me would love to :(,

  90. Lauren Spring

    Definitely dreaming of a anniversary trip with the hubby in Switzerland or a fun trip to California to enjoy the highway 1 drive!

  91. Meghan

    My dream vacation would be Italy or Hawaii but I would also love to go to San Francisco if I was to travel not as far :)

  92. I’d love to go back to Hawaii, where I honeymoon’d 7 years ago

  93. Love your blog! Love Hotel Tonight! Would <3 to win :)

  94. Erica

    I’m dreaming of a girls trip to San fransisco with my sisters and best friends!

  95. Rachel

    This is wonderful! My dream vacation would be a beach in Thailand!

  96. Eve Lloyd

    I would love to take a trip with my husband to Europe. He’s never been! Thanks!

  97. Jana L.

    My husband would say Japan and I would say Greece. :-) Frankly, we’d both be thrilled with either.

  98. Dee W

    I’ve always wanted to visit Sweden and London!

  99. Goretti

    Im getting married this summer, so a getaway would be more than welcome to start a new life. A dream, Europe. But as people say, love is with your other half is. :D
    Crossed fingers!