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i have been day dreaming of a warm sunny beach all week long.  january, you are killing me!  but good news! we have teamed up with our sponsor, HotelTonight, to giveaway TWO $200 credits this week so two lucky winners can start planning that next dream trip!

we first found and shared HotelTonight on Love Taza last august for our 6 year blogging anniversary. we thought the concept of having an app that finds awesome last minute deals on hotels all over the world was kind of genius, especially since we like keeping our itinerary really flexible and open when we travel with the littles.  we actually ended up using the HotelTonight app while traveling abroad in november. we had hoped to stay near a secluded castle or in the country for a night between our time in amsterdam and paris but had no luck finding anything after all our research.

josh was up for almost our entire last night in amsterdam still looking for something. after checking out of the hotel in amsterdam and waiting for the taxi to take us to the train and still kind of in limbo as what we were going to do next, we decided to just head straight to paris a day early. we hadn’t had any contact with HotelTonight since our giveaway in august and it wasn’t on the forefront of my mind to use the app. i am so glad josh had an “aha!” moment and whipped out his phone while we still had wifi in the hotel lobby.  he was able to find and book a hotel in paris for our flex night in a couple minutes! we ended up staying at the Rochester Champs Elysées because it had an awesome deal and because we saw on the app’s map that it was in a part of paris that we didn’t really have on our itinerary for the trip (arc du triumphe area), which we really enjoyed exploring our first night.

anyway, we are excited to partner with them again for this giveaway! check our their app by downloading it for free. to enter the giveaway, simply visit HotelTonight and leave a comment below telling us where your dream vacation would be. the winners will be drawn at random and contacted directly next week.

HotelTonight is also offering $25 off your very first booking with the code TAZA25 (for first-time bookings only.)

good luck!

  1. Aly Sharette

    China, I forgot to say, China!

  2. Cortney R

    My dream vacation outside of the US would be anywhere in Ireland or Switzerland!! In the US though – I’ve dreamed of going to Boston in the fall since I was a little girl! Something about the autumn leaves and the history that fills the city – love (and I haven’t even been there yet!). Can’t wait to try out Hotel Tonight some more!

  3. Emma

    California or Mexico! Haven’t had a vacation in years!

  4. emily jane

    my dream vacation would be barbados,
    so i can explore the island an visit my family.

  5. Kristin Bassett

    Oh Ireland. Someday I will see you in person.

  6. January in NYC is killing me! 5 degrees Thursday morning?! My southern roots are not ready for my first winter here. Which is exactly why I’d use my credit for a Spring weekend in Cape Cod!

  7. Emelie B

    I would love to spend time in Paris!

  8. Michelle

    My husband and I have been dreaming of returning to our honeymoon destination of Maui for our anniversary coming up.

  9. Liz

    Oh my goodness! I have always dreamed of vacationing in Venice! This would be amazing!

  10. Lucero

    Somewhere with sun and smiles! who doesn’t love smiles?!

  11. shayna a.


  12. Alison

    always dreaming of a trip to switzerland with my fiance! too pretty for words!

  13. Cat

    Honolulu please! This mama of one boy with another boy on the way needs a little beauty and sunshine! ;)

  14. Aline L.

    I would love to go to New York!

  15. bethany

    What a neat app! Ireland has been calling my name for a long time. :)

  16. Meg

    My dream vacation would be a cozy spot in the Tuscany!

  17. Ann

    I would want nothing more to go to Europe! Specifically Germany!

  18. Ashley Welch

    I would love to visit Portland, Oregon! :)

  19. TJ

    Florence, Italy. My hubby owes me a trip for our 20th wedding anniversary which was over a year ago! ;)

  20. Samantha DeMaria

    Iceland! I’d love to go!

  21. Murphy

    7 days at the mandarin oriental, tokyo jp. #newcultures #meditation #peace #simplicity

  22. Jen

    we would love to go to toronto! we love canada :)

  23. Joyce

    would love to go to seattle!

  24. Hayley


  25. ellie

    prague! paris! anywhere in europe!!

  26. Tanya

    Right now I would love to visit Australia! I need some sunshine and salt water in my life.

  27. Leanne

    Hawaii sounds perfect to me!

  28. My dream vacation would be somewhere warm with white sand beaches and mostly the sun. I have never been to a beach, so that would be amazing! But honestly, I would go anywhere in the world, preferably Oregon or Washington area, they sound so wonderful.

  29. marjorie


  30. Jackie

    My traveling bucket list is Paris, Greece, Spain, Thailand, and Brazil. Of course there are way more places I want to go but if I don’t hit those five then I’m going to be pretty bummed.

  31. Hope

    My dream vacation would definitely be Amsterdam! It looks like such an incredible city!

  32. Sarah

    Dream Vacation… Paris or London I couldn’t possibly pick one or the other…

  33. Rachel

    I would love to go to London!


    I would LOOOOOVE to go back to the nicest city in the entirely world…. NEW YORK!

  35. Ashley

    Honestly i would love to go anywhere warm! Michigan threatens another polar vortex :/

  36. erin b


  37. Lauren

    this polar vortex has me dreaming of beaches. I’d love to go exploring in the Mayan ruins in the morning and relax in the afternoon at a beach. Tulum, Mexico!

  38. Kate

    My dream vacation would be Santorini, Greece! Awesome app ;)

  39. Rose F.

    I would use it to visit Seattle! :)

  40. Megan

    I would love to use this for my honeymoon to Costa Rica in May!

  41. tbg

    Maldives is my current dream destination!

  42. Grace

    I’ve tried this app! It’s awesome. I’d love to head somewhere warm. I’m in need of some sunshine. Maybe Florida.

  43. Hee Jin

    My dream vacation would be to spend a few days in Italy bathing in the sun, drinking wine, and eating cheese and pasta. It’s good to spoil yourself every once in a while right? Or more like everyday.

  44. Amanda

    I would love to get away with my husband to San Fransico for my 25th birthday!

  45. Katie

    My dream vacation is a trip to Paris. I don’t even care that it isn’t warm there right now, I must see that city!

  46. Whitney

    I would love love love to go anywhere in Europe, especially Berlin to visit my friend who moved there a few years ago.

  47. Elizabeth Vowell

    Portland! We’ve been dying to go. This could be the excuse that pushes us out the door and on the road.

  48. Jodi

    i have been dreaming of staying on the beach in tulum, mexico, but honestly? even somewhere in florida would be pretty amazing right about now.

  49. ALina

    I’ve always wanted to visit SPAIN!

  50. Sean C

    I thin my dream vacation would include a trip to Italy.

  51. France – Parice and Nice!!

  52. Amanda

    My 4th wedding anniversary is coming up and my husband and I are planning to have a friend (or Grandma!) watch our baby (who will be turning 1) so we can have a one-night “staycation” right here in NYC. Hoteltonight would be PERFECt for this. Yay and fingers crossed! :)

  53. Jenny

    Traveling is such and important (and amazing!) part of life! I’ve traveled extensively in the Americas and I’m just starting to take on Europe. I’d love to take my next big trip to Italy. Although if I win, I’ll probably put the money toward my 5 year anniversary that’s coming up. I’ll have to check out this app!

  54. kelly mcnamara

    Warmth!!! Bermuda!

  55. Mindy

    I would love to take a trip to Italy!

  56. Ashley


  57. Meegan

    New York City! My husband has never been and we’ve been dying to do a northeast trip! There or to Florida, where we could escape the cold :)

  58. Esther

    I would love a nice long getaway to the Maldives!!

  59. Elissa

    I want to go to Greece and visit the ancient ruins and walk barefoot on the cost and eat baklava and say “It’s all Greek to me”

  60. Lisa

    I’d use it for an overnight anniversary date here in Oklahoma City. We are celebrating 4 years! 2 kids + prego

  61. Riki

    I’m dreaming of Paris!

  62. Lauren Jasper

    O my I would die to go to Kauai right now! It’s freezing in Utah and that just sounds too amazing :)

  63. Lori Lee

    I’ve always wanted to go to Vienna!

  64. I would love to go to Hawaii! :)

  65. Ruth

    I would love to travel again to South Africa, where I lived for a semester in college!

  66. Amy

    I would love to go to Italy! Actually, any place warm sounds great too!

  67. Tasia

    I can’t belive I’ve never heard of HotelNight! Great website. And honestly I think a trip to Cali with the hubs sounds amazing right now. No need to go too far, and California always has great weather!

  68. Moya

    Our dream vacation would be to re-visit Barcelona where we went for our honeymoon. We loved it so much there – the food, the architecture, it would be a *dream* to go back!

  69. Melody

    Italy! I don’t know why, but my heart has recently started obsessing over going to Italy and Greece. This would give me a good reason to plan that trip. :)

  70. KELLY

    I would love to travel to NYC! It’s so alive!

  71. kate

    New Orleans.. or Chile!

  72. Rosibel Ordonez

    Dream Vacation: New Zealand.

  73. Kim

    Hmmm…I would love to go to Croatia!!

  74. Thailand, please! Oh, how I love that country :)

  75. Meg

    I have always wanted to travel to Greece!

  76. Stacie Mirro

    BAHAMAS! Have been dreaming of leaving the freezing winter in CT. Laying in the sand, soaking up the sun. How delightful:)

  77. Jaime

    Italy for sure!

  78. Katie Ford Kelly

    Anywhere. Literally. Anywhere. :)

  79. Victoria

    Ever since visiting NYC over the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve been dying to make it back up to enjoy the amazing food, beautiful art, and unique boutiques!

  80. lauren b.

    this app sounds divine—especially because i’m a last-minute booker. :) iceland currently tops my must-go list!

  81. Ashley

    I’m a college student leaving on an LDS mission to Mexico in May, but maybe I could convince my parents to take my sisters and me on one last vacation to Disneyland before I leave (; definitely checking out that app!

  82. Hillary

    Somewhere warm! Florida perhaps?

  83. felisha

    I’d go to Paris, of course! What a dream!

  84. Shelley

    Brussels! Or Chicago for the weekend!

  85. Marisa

    ohh…I can feel the sun on my face already! :]

  86. Abby

    Santa Barbara! Can’t wait to visit the zoo and the Mission, go hiking and sit on a beach with my husband and kids!

  87. Tiffany

    Oh the choices! I’d probably head to San Fran with my hubby!

  88. Tiaira

    I would love to take a trip back to Kailua-Kona, HI my youngest Son was born there and I would love to go back and just really experience it again .

  89. Nicolette

    I just graduated college and started my first job. I have never been overseas and hope to go soon! I would love to go to Ireland or Italy…really I would just be up for anywhere!

  90. Aidan Miolano

    Would love to visit Costa Rica! My fingers (and toes) are crossed!

  91. Katie

    I would love love love to go anywhere in Europe! Specifically Paris or London :) Fingers crossed I win!


  92. Kathe

    one night in paris!

  93. Ashley

    My husband and I have never travelled alone. I would literally LOVE to go anywhere. Europe, Hawaii, a ski trip in Utah or Colorado… It would just be wonderful to have a little getaway.

  94. Christina

    After getting snowed in today, I think someplace warm… like San Diego!

  95. zoë

    uh Paris please! or maybe sunny, warm Hawaii

  96. Leslie

    I would love to explore the beaches of Bali.

  97. Christy


  98. Kristin

    Palm Springs! I’m only an hour away and I’ve still never been

  99. Kim

    We would love to go to Seoul.

  100. Marissa

    My dream vacation would be in Croatia – gorgeous!