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this year, we decided to try our twelve dates of christmas tradition again, both as a family and as a couple… the goal for us this year is to have six family dates and six couple dates around the holidays. the idea first came from my friend marci, and then as josh and i always struggle with getting gifts for one another, we decided making a point to spend extra time together during the holidays was what we wanted more than gifts. to be totally honest, i secretly wouldn’t mind twelve dates with just my husband in one month this year (um hello?) but there just aren’t enough days or time for that to happen this year.  and with our kids being such fun ages to really soak up all things christmas this year, it’s kind of the perfect combination for us. so splitting our dates in half and making some memories centered around the christmas season together is what we’re aiming to do this month. i’m really excited!

we hit off the family dates with an afternoon at grand central to see the holiday train show at the new york transit museum.  eleanor and samson (especially samson) are terribly fascinated with trains these days. waiting in the subway for the train to come has not gotten old for samson who *still* dances and waves and signs “train” every time he sees one approaching! he might have cried his hardest when we had to leave the transit museum. kicking, screaming, and pointing back at the trains. but when your child leaves an activity kicking and screaming that means it was extra fun, right? ;)  fortunately for him, santa might have found a deal on a wooden train set a few months back and it might be sitting in the back of my closet taking up precious closet space (totally worth it though) awaiting its opening on christmas morning! i should tell you, it has been the hardest not to bring it out already and give it to eleanor and samson. i’m really looking forward to setting that thing up around the tree and surprising them on christmas morning! this parent thingy sure has some perks. ;)

and these photos were taken with the Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR, which we use for both full HD video and stills. and i think i’ve mentioned it elsewhere but my jacket is an oldie from zara for those who might have missed it (it’s my most emailed question these days.)


^^^grand central in all its busy holiday glory.^^^


^^^talk about detail! this track was incredible!^^^


^^^waving to the big red train!^^^


^^^waiting patiently for a train to pass by…^^^


^^^i spy, king kong!^^^

blogtrain8 blogtriN2blogtrain3

^^^catch ya later, train.^^^

  1. Tiff


  2. I think the 12 days of dates is a great idea. Glad y’all had a fun time!

  3. Gema

    Ahh. Taza! Every single one of your posts brightens up my day!

  4. Carie

    Oh that looks like so much fun! We’ve got my husband’s old brio train set liberated from his parents’ loft and Kitty and Elma just love it – your Christmas is going to be full of trains and very wonderful!

  5. zozo

    Such a cute idea! Love the shots of grand central
    atelier zozo

  6. Such a sweet idea – I love that you are now involving your kids in your 12 Dates of Christmas tradition. So cute! x

  7. Bea

    This place is wonderful!even for adults! :)
    The idea of 12 dates, is great!
    Happy Sunday!

  8. Ashley

    That museum looks so fun. Wish we had something like that in the Uk. Really nice for this festive period.

  9. Kira

    I LOVE Samson’s suspenders. He almost looks like a train engineer! I think the 12 Dates of Christmas is a brilliant idea.

  10. Melanie

    You know, I used to really love your blog, but now it just makes me sad. I’m doing a similar thing for my babies this year and while we have been having a lot of fun in the moment, one thing I love to think about is the memories we’re creating and how they’ll someday be able to share them with their families. Does it depress you that so many of their memories are told before they get to decide who to share with? I don’t know, between this and the sweet mommy daughter date that millions of people are in on, I’m just feeling bummed for your kids tonight. I’m sure you keep many things private, but so much of their tiny, baby lives are public.

  11. marion

    This is such a good idea! Time spent with those you love is the best gift!

  12. JM

    What a lovely idea! And if you ever make it to Scotland you’ll have to take your little Samson to the museum of transport in Glasgow, he’d love that! :)

  13. Court

    I love seeing how your traditions evolve as your family more than makes me excited to have children one day. I can’t wait to see what else you guys do for your Christmas dates! This time of the year is so magical, but it seems extra festive in NYC. Merry Christmas! I hope you are having a good weekend and everybody is feeling healthy/like themselves again :)

  14. heather

    Where do you find all your adorable hats?!

    I2 Dates of Christmas is such a great idea. I love that you’re sharing it with your kids, even though 12 dates with your husband sounds magical too. I think it’ll be worth the fun memories in the end :)

  15. hanna

    12 dates is such a good idea! –Hanna Lei

  16. I just recently discovered your blog and I have to say — your family is gorgeous!

    Happy holidays :)

  17. bri

    i love the 12 dates idea! maybe it’s not too late to start over here! getting out of the house more is on my list of things to do.

  18. Taylor

    I love the idea of having 12 dates of Christmas. And I like that you split it between couple dates & family dates. I think that sounds like so much fun!


  19. nanette

    how sweet! :)

  20. Hsini

    Don’t forget about the holiday vintage trains running now until dec 30th! M train! Samson might love it!

  21. carli

    O my! What an adorable occasion for a family date! We were in Grand Central while visiting NYC this past August. What a building! Just gorgeous!

  22. jenna

    the 12 dates is a great idea! gives you guys time to plan fun activities and something to look forward to, not only for the kids but for yourselves too! all of these photos definitely speak the holiday spirit!

    xo jenna

  23. Sinead

    Such a great idea, enjoy your twelve days together!

  24. rikki

    what an incredible place! such wonderful experiences for the littles :)

  25. bekka

    Okay so this is the cutest idea, and I can’t get over how lovely these pictures are. I’m sure they’ll love the train set when Christmas morning comes around, I hope you blog some more about these family dates! x

  26. I think the 12 dates are an awesome idea. I may just have to borrow it to use with my boyfriend. December is such a busy month though, so hopefully we can find time. I also really love all your pictures! They are adorable.

  27. kelsey

    this looks like such an awesome date! love this idea
    ladies in navy

  28. Briseidy

    this looks like so much fun! my boy loves trains so much too! and what’s not to love about them right?

  29. Janis

    What a great and cute idea! Might have to try this and see if we can figure out 12 different fun dates! lol :)

  30. Brittany Ruh

    Looks like such a special date! :)

  31. I mean, those suspenders on Samson!! Can hardly handle the preciousness. Looks like the sweetest little time you guys had — xoxo!

  32. Such a great idea!! Your kids will remember these family times much more than any present you could ever give them. Merry Christmas!

  33. emma

    how sweet! we’re in montreal and just happened upon our first christmas parade as a little family. (it was right down our street! ha!)

  34. jaclyn

    aww what a great idea! so much fun!!

  35. i can’t get over how happy this is! and of course, i love all of the pictures.

  36. raena

    naomi, i’ve been reading your blog forever and ever-ha! honestly, i’ve always thought you were cute-a little immature-but really cute and fun! but i have to tell you that this family date business is just beyond. it’s so silly. you guys go out constantly, so to call these times family dates just doesn’t make any sense to me. it feels like you are trying too hard. you and mr. davis are growing up, so maybe it just seems like your blog should too? the cutesy thing is so forced with you lately. your pictures are still fun though!

  37. jenn

    having lived in new york city for almost ten years, I’ve never thought to do this twelve days idea. maybe there is still time to do something similar before Christmas is here :) thanks for the great idea!

  38. Emily

    I think you closed commenting on the ‘giving back’ post so I hope it is ok to post here. I just wanted to quickly say how much I appreciate your commitment to selecting a charity to give back to each year. Many lifestyle blogs seem so focused on ‘me, me, me’ or ‘buy, buy, buy,’ but so few take the time to acknowledge others and those less fortunate and I commend you for that. You seem like a truly wonderful and thoughtful family and I hope other bloggers will learn from you!! Happy Holidays!

  39. Steph

    family dates are such a sweet idea! glad you guys had a good time.

  40. Jen

    Melanie I really loved your comment. I still do read a few family blogs but do so with a slight tinge of sadness or feel like it’s wrong somehow. It does make me very thankful that no one beyond our immediate family and close friends will see daily pictures of my children and that I am not putting them in a very uncomfortable or precarious position when they are older and can make that choice for themselves.

    That said, I do really enjoy the other aspects of this blog and hope that maybe one day, that will be the focus rather than the children :)

  41. Alexia

    Hello. I tried to comment on your previous post, but comments are closed. I’m an expressive arts therapist and I can vouch that witnessing the creative process is transformational and that opening yours up to others is frightening. I think many people can’t relate to that experience.
    Haters will hate, but keep on blogging in the free world!

  42. Oooooh! I love this idea. I think may have to try some version of this. I need to do more planning in general. There are always so many things I want to do during the holidays but half just don’t happen because it’s such a crazy time.

    So fun! And I love that you’re doing couple dates and family dates.

    And yess…..the clothes on your kiddos. Seriously, just too cute.


  43. christina

    oh my. 6 dates with your family and 6 dates with your husband!? this idea is just too good not to borrow :) it is always the simple things, isn’t it? thank you for the inspiration!!


  44. vanessa

    have you ever considered a post on the words that samson knows how to sign? i find adolescent linguistics fascinating and love learning about babies and sign language.

  45. TJ

    Oh gosh, I absolutely adore this idea of doing 12 dates of Christmas and the fact that you include your little family in on it! This looks like the perfect date, especially for those train loving little ones of yours! Such beautiful photos as always!
    xo TJ

  46. Katie

    I’ve been a religious follower of your blog for the past year, and I wanted to comment on how truly nasty those people are who commented on your “Love and C” post. You have a beautiful family, and I absolutely love the pictures and stories you post daily. They truly brighten my day. Try not to let the haters bring you down! Love you Taza

  47. Jessica

    such cute family photos. I love the idea of going out for 12 dates around the holidays as it’s such an important time to spend with family & friends.
    Keep it up :)

  48. Carrie

    I’ve been catching up on your blog for the past few minutes and my biggest takeaway is that I have GOT to make an effort to get out my “big” camera! You have inspired me. I’m doing it. Tomorrow! By golly!

    Thanks for sharing your pretty life on here. I was really sad to read the comments on, ahem, that post down there. It’s weird that in the internet age people feel entitled to shame other people and criticize strangers for wanting to support something artistic. What a strange world. I’m grateful that the internet allows me a peak into your inspiring (yes, inspiring) everyday life, but sad that it can bring out the dark side in people. Kind and soft spoken words are underrated on the web.

    Anyway, just wanted to throw out my support to you and your family. I may be just one stranger, but I hope you read this and know that your way of making simple errands with your family a sunny and beautiful experience inspires me to be present and fully engaged with my husband and little ones. Your love for your family is obvious and beautiful and inspires me to see the beauty in my own life. xxoo

  49. Laura

    I love reading your blog and following you on Instagram! You have such a beautiful family and such a sweet spirit. I haven’t commented before, but I wanted to leave one now and let you know how much joy I find in your blog. It seems that there has been a lot of negativity concerning your posts lately. Even ones that are as simple and sweet as going out of your way to spend time together as a family of 4. It seems so contradictory to the spirit of both your blog and the holiday, which everyone seems to keep throwing in your face. I appreciate being able to get on your blog and see pictures of your family doing fun things and seeing pictures of you and your husband loving each other. I’m not delusional enough to think that you have a perfect life, but I love that you share the positive moments because those are the moments that matter the most in life. This blog and its stories will live on, so that you can share these moments with Eleanor and Samson when they are older, because neither one of them will remember these early years. But here you have written down these moments to love and remember later. That’s a wonderful gift. So keep it up, because you all remind the rest of us to keep it positive even when life it difficult. I know that I appreciate it.

  50. Amy

    Naomi, I just wanted to respond to your kick starter post. It didn’t offend me at all. I was a little disappointed by your response though. I’m not sure why you decided being condescending and self-righteous was the way to go? Yes, some comments were probably just made to be rude. Bit others came from long term readers who were just raising questions. The way I see it is that your readers are your lifeline – this blog is for-profit so without your readers you would be without a job. Really, it’s because of your readers that bugaboo invited you to Amsterdam and you receive so many gifts as well as a lot of money. I think it would be much more appropriate to actually listen to valid criticism and respond in a thoughtful and graceful way. I too have read your blog forever and felt like the real you must be quote different from the one you portray online. I am truly not being unkind, I would raise the same questions if I saw you on person. I am not a bitter, angry ‘hater’. I’m just a regular stay at home mom like you, and I’m feeling a bit dissalusioned about who you really are.

  51. Sally

    If long time readers raise questions we’re suddenly “haters”? I would rather be a hater than be “sheep” saying the same thing again and again:

    “Oh Naomi you’re SUCH an inspiration”

    “Oh Naomi you’re the BEST mom ever” (even though we see snapshots minimum snapshots of her life)

    “Oh Naomi you post semi-naked picture of your children and that’s just SO adorable!”

    I have absolutely nothing against any of the pictures or content posted on this blog but I have a right to ask questions being a long time reader who actually enjoys the blog. I resent being called a hater just because I have an opinion.

    It’s her blog but I’m reading it. She gets free clothes, strollers, cribs because I’ve come to her website. I sure as hell will call her out on crap when I see it.

    And a hot chocolate does not count as a date (that IS me being a hater).

    Cue the attack from the sheep in 3..2…1…..

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