twelve dates of christmas / dinner & a show!

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on our third date of christmas, we saw new york city ballet’s the nutcracker and enjoyed dinner (and that beloved photobooth in the basement) afterwards at the smith with friends. megan fairchild is such a regal sugar plum. i always love her dancing. and we share the same birthday!  i geek out at things like that.

ps. double dating after you’re married is crazy hard and weird and we got spoiled in DC when we found several couples who we just loved so much. thankful for all the friends we’ve made since being back in new york, and i feel like we’re finally getting back into our groove of finding those couples where we all mesh well, which feels so good.

another ps. thanks for being nice about my new hair! now let’s see if blondes really do have more fun. ;)

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  1. britt

    Your hair. I just love it so.

  2. Cutest couple!

  3. the love that you two share with each other is what got me hooked on this blog of yours years ago. it is just so beautiful to witness. totally inspiring!

  4. The photbooth picture is so sweet! I also relate with being hard to double date, but if it is sometimes so fun to be a gang again :) Oh the nutcracker by NYC ballet, that is a wonderful treat!

  5. the photobooth at the smith!! my fiance and I are having our anniversary date there next week, can’t wait to use the photobooth!

  6. amy

    Love this!! Totally want

  7. Sarah

    So fun! It’s been a few years since I’ve been to see the Nutcracker at the National Ballet here. I think I’m due for an update!

  8. Mare

    I´ve been reading your blog for a while now and I must say I´m loving it! The photos are great, you are the cutest family. And I am a mother of a 20-month old toddler so I get inspiration from this blog when it gets difficult and I have no idea what to do on a rainy, cold day :) I love being a mom, it is the best job in the world. And my son is lucky to have an awesome dad as well. Sometimes you guys remind me of us in a way. Anyway, xoxo from Croatia

  9. Emma

    What a fun date! I love when you talk about dancing. Do you every think you would get involved in the dance world again? I know you are teaching Eleanor ballet! :)

  10. hanna

    This sounds like so much fun. I love those photos. –Hanna Lei

  11. Naomi, I really love your hair! Can you write a little about the process of getting your hair that color? And your thought process behind changing it? You’re looking like an Old Hollywood actress and I love it!

  12. sounds so fun! I agree with Rachel Parker — you look like an old Hollywood actress. stunning.

    ps: double dating is hard but thankful for the ones we are on routine double dating with!

  13. Jm

    Double dating is definitely hard. Our favourite couple is moving away soon and I am already so sad. It can be hard for single friends to understand why you need couple time… I’m glad it’s working out for you guys.

  14. amanda

    the ones at the smith restaurants and the one at the ace hotel are definitely the best in the city. you guys are obvs pros. my husband never clowns around but he does do brooding quite well (and if i’m honest, so do I. ha.).

  15. Shaina

    More pics of your blonde locks please! :D

  16. Mónica

    I can not get used to the hair. I’m glad that you enjoy a lot of these quotes … They are great I am for doing that as well I also know two little ones is almost impossible to talk. Kisses and happy Thursday.

  17. Taylor

    I love photobooths! Those pictures look so cute!
    And yes, double dating can be sooo tricky! There will be times when we like one of the people in the couple A LOT and the other person…just not as much. It’s hard to find a couple that you both get along with really well.


  18. anise

    how crazy that both Fairchild siblings are in the NYCB – you should befriend the Fairchild family. I see it in the stars.

  19. i agree… double dating after marriage is difficult and weird. 1.5 years into it, my husband and i are still searching for couples that we both mesh with! also, i adore this 12 dates of christmas idea.

    m @ handfuls the blog

  20. Gia

    loving these pics!!

  21. Jessi

    I went to high school with Megan Fairchild! Anyhoo, that’s all.

  22. I think everyone’s life motto should be to take advantage of every photo booth opportunity. Also, I love it when you geek out over dance – it’s adorable!

  23. Kelsi

    Oh my goodness I would love to see Megan Fairchild live. She is incredible. Lucky you!

  24. Marta

    I’m not convinced Taza :-) Loved your shorter ombre do too much :-)

  25. photobooths are the sweetest. looks/sounds like a lovely date!

  26. looks to have been a blast! I love photo booths!

  27. Yes, the hair is perfect. Reminds me of Daphne Guinness, who I adore.

  28. nanette

    loving the hair! im dying to see the nutcracker! what a magical night in new york. :)

  29. Anne

    Ok I think we are all dying for more pictures of your hair! love it!

  30. Alexandra

    Has anyone sent them something? Ive made the littles some yarn christmas ornaments because it was so sad that they can’t have some on there little tree. but I need a place to send them too.

    Help anyone???
    Thank You

  31. Myrna

    My husband and I met at The Nutcracker… Not in NYC but in Houston. Would love to see it in NYC though. :)

  32. Lisa

    You were one of the prettiest brunettes I followed…But you are just as pretty with your blonde hair. Double dating can definitely be awkward…

  33. Bea

    You really have fun, guys!
    Have a nice Friday!

  34. Kinga

    Charming :)

  35. Shalynna

    You’re darling! Can I ask you where your black booties are from? Are they Sam Edelman? I’m hoping to get some for Christmas and need to steer my husband in the right direction. ;) Thanks!

  36. Alexandra

    Cute pics! Miss your brunette ombre hair :'(

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