twelve dates of christmas / an ugly sweater party + a video (and a few other dates, too)

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i can’t believe christmas eve is tomorrow already! since thanksgiving took place later than usual this year, i feel like christmas showed up too quickly! i need another week! we are still trying to find ways to enjoy the season together as a family and cram in all our favorite holiday appropriate things to do together.

we all went to the guggenheim museum to see peter & the wolf narrated by isaac mizrahi and accompanied by the juilliard ensemble a few weeks ago. (i took E last year and we loved it so but this year was ten times better with acting and dancing, too!) it’s things like this where i always walk out afterwards with an “aha!” moment and i think to myself, “see. we live in new york city because of things like this. it might be crazy hard at times raising a family in the city, but THIS. this is amazing. it’s things like this that make it worthwhile.”  and then i feel great about raising kids here long term and start planning out the next twenty years of our life here. ;)

for another date of christmas, josh and i finished up some christmas shopping together and grabbed a slice at Ray’s pizza. i had never been. and it was pretty good. i mostly just liked sitting across from him in the booth and talking. we rebelled against our tired bodies for another date and stayed up late to watch a movie together one night. we ended up watching sleepless in seattle and i loved every minute of it (after all, i got to choose the movie, so….)  it had been years and years since either of us had seen it and neither of us remembered what happened and also, cheesy love stories where it’s full of destiny and fate and love at first sight and meg ryan and tom hanks and old computers and all these close calls where they almost miss each other at the end…. those sorts of movies can be fun sometimes.

(double click this video to see it larger. i have no idea why it is embedding so small (anyone else know?) i’ve tried to email vimeo support but they can’t seem to figure it out either. anyway, if you wanna watch it bigger head over to my vimeo page or double click it.)

josh and i went to an ugly sweater christmas party hosted by friends for another one of our christmas dates. everyone was asked to bring a talent to share with the group after dinner. we were entertained by magic tricks, musical instruments, juggling and christmas stories and jokes. a few weeks before the party, josh and i had talked about making up a dance together to perform, but we didn’t get around to it until 5 minutes before we left our apartment for the party. we had just put the littles to bed and were waiting for our babysitter to arrive so we made up a little pas de deux to jingle bells in our living room, performed it once for our sitter when she arrived to make sure we had it down, and then trekked in the snow to the party. the whole way there we were joking that we were going to forget half the routine and josh was probably going to drop me, but at least we had “prepared” something! ;)

that video clip i’ll forever hold dear. you’d think josh did finger turns and shoulder lifts all day long, right?! that man is always full of surprises. he’s a good sport and this was a lot of fun. thanks to our friends for being a lively and kind crowd to perform for. and to amanda for catching it on her iPhone and to tony for accompanying us on the piano. :)

merry christmas!!!

  1. Claudia

    hahaha the video is great! good job! also I like the idea of “sharing talents” – such fun!
    …oh and merry christmas to you and your lovely family!

  2. anise

    such a great pair! thank you for sharing with all of us, its so fun to see a couple so together and loving NYC with their children. You brighten my day.

  3. Lucy

    Love this!!!
    I can’t believe you guys practiced it 5 mins before the party!
    I’m so glad you have it on film, it’s awesome, you guys are awesome!!
    Thanks for sharing it with us, sounded like a fab night and would of loved to of been there!
    Merry Christmas from the UK!!!!!!!!! X x x

  4. That video is amazing! When I saw the picture in Instagram I quickly went to show to my husband, we should take good notes on how to entretain a party :) Love the idea of an Ugly Christmas sweater theme for a party. About the video, Have you tried editing the width & height directly in the html code? (not practical, I know!)

  5. Haha, can’t believe that happened in 5 minutes of practice – go you! So cute! Merry Christmas!

  6. Myrna

    Too cute! Have a Merry Christmas!

  7. Holly

    love the idea of sharing a talent with friends at a party! I’ll definitely remember that for next year.

  8. Sher

    you guys are just simply amazing! so graceful too!!


  9. You guys still got it!!! Look at the pirouette!

  10. mightzi

    i wish i had a man to dance with! nice!

  11. Ale Mazzonetto

    Can you two be my parents?! That was such a great video! Merry Christmas Davis family :)

  12. Melany

    That video just made me smile!! So fun to watch you dance!

  13. Gia

    You guys are the cutest couple ever!
    Maybe a dance with the children together next year? I’d love to see that!
    Merry Christmas Davis family!

  14. hanna

    Your family is so cute. –Hanna Lei

  15. Bea

    You’re great together!!!and I really think NYC is your habitat!!
    …Merry Christmas tou you all!!!

  16. amanda

    ohhhh, the peter and the wolf thing sounds SUPER rad. I really need to be better about keeping on top of stuff like that.

    and living in nyc is really a blessing… my friend took me to see the life and death of marina abramovich on Friday and it was just like “I could not do this if I didn’t live her”. it was amazing…

  17. jennifer

    It may have something to do with how it was filmed and how the phone was held so the format of the video is different…

    I was thinking we should just go ahead and celebrate Christmas for two more weeks… My girls don’t go back to school until the 6th of January so why not!?

    I have a dancing video on my blog today too, but it is of my little 17 month old spinning to Frank Sinatra.

    Have a WONDERFUL time with your family. Your blog has brought joy to my early quiet mornings this year so thank you.

    xoxo from san francisco


  18. love your Christmas card! Love your dancing! You two are the cutest!!! :D

    xoxo, kerri

  19. *kristin

    you and josh never cease to amaze me with your absolute cuteness as a couple. i am SO glad you guys are married, because you’re adorable together. i’m glad you have that video to keep! and even better, the experiences that made it.

    also i’m glad you are taking advantage of such great cultural opportunities there in the city! your kids will be blessed for growing up having been exposed to so many wonderful and diverse things at such a young age! i hope to do the same when i finally get a little family of my own. thanks for being such a great example of that! :)

  20. Amy

    Lovely moves! About the video… if it was taken on an iPhone (or most other camera phones) vertically instead of horizontally, that’s probably your culprit! iPhone’s are finicky about vertical videos – they always come out tiny.

    Merry Christmas to your beautiful family!!


  21. Julia

    Many years ago now a good friend of mine, who is a dancer, got married. Her new husband had never seen her dance and didn’t know much about ballet at all. I was sitting next to him the first time he saw her dance. He was totally besotted, it was adorable. and then came the first lift. His reaction was priceless. He turned to me and said, “His hands are where?!” I tried so hard not to laugh.

  22. Randi

    Just enjoy where you are when you are there! You never know when life will change your course. As long as there’s more blissful days than hard ones when it comes to location, that’s all that matters.

  23. Holly

    The most impressive thing about your video is that you guys were sober. Good on ya, LDS.

  24. Chelsea

    LOVE that video! You are so good, you’re feet are amazing (to all normal people out there that probably sounds really weird). I’ve been following you for a while now and I assumed you were a dancer (posture, hand gestures, etc.), but this confirms it, haha!

    Love from a Canadian in London!


  25. Taylor

    So cute! I think you both are extremely brave to be raising little ones in the city, but you seem to do it so incredibly well! Plus, you’re both fantastic dancers!


  26. seeing how much you all love each other is beyond inspiring. loved the video, bravo naomi and josh!

  27. Wow – impressive pirouette AND a no-handed shoulder sit at the end. Are you sure that husband of yours was not a ballet dancer in a previous life!!

  28. Amanda

    So cute! I wish I had awesome dance moves!

    Also, did your friend text you the video, and then did you upload it from there? because if you did, that’d be why. When people text you videos the resolution goes wayyyy down. you should have her upload it to vimeo from her phone!

  29. Carrie

    Awww, it’s the vertical video format – beware!
    Just a fun little clip about vertical videos:

    Pass it on! ;)

  30. cheyenne

    haha, sounds like fun! what a great idea :)
    xo, cheyenne