photos from paris, part I

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^^^outside the musee d’orsay on our last day in paris.^^^

hi! hope you had a very merry christmas! before the new year arrives, i want to share the remainder of our photos from our time in paris last month. i also want to set a goal of getting things done around here sooner than later! ;) haha, so here’s to that.

ps. you can see where most of the items worn here are from in this post from our time in amsterdam.  a few other things not listed there are E’s jeans which are by bobo choses but found on sale through gilt and the kids boots, which are hunters. my yellow hat is from h&m from several years back and the black hat i’m wearing is this one from ASOS. these photos were taken with our Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR, which we use for both full HD video and stills.


^^^inside the restaurant on the top of the musee d’orsay.^^^


^^^i didn’t realize how many days in advance you need to call to book a reservation here at briezh cafe, so we were only able to do take-out. but we ate our crepes across the street at a sweet little park and it turned out to be a win-win for us and the kids since they could be free while eating. but if you’re going and want to sit inside, call a few weeks ahead. ;) ^^^



^^^oh these old fashioned metros don’t come prettier.^^^


^^^and this blue door. i’m ready to paint a door or a wall or something in our place blue.^^^


^^^the falafel and shawarma’s at l’as du fallafel were so good we ate there not just once, but twice! ^^^


^^^and another fun carrousel outside hotel de ville! samson napped beside me in the stroller while papa and eleanor rode it a few times.^^^


^^^once samson woke up, he was in complete awe of how beautiful and iconic hotel de ville appears! ;) ^^^


^^^ pretty sure this is my new favorite photo of my little lady. ;) ^^^


^^^and let’s throw in a macaron photo because hey, it’s paris. and they are beautiful. maybe not the tastiest, but most definitely the prettiest. ^^^

eiffel towers pictures HERE and a few more paris posts coming at you soon! have a great rest of your evening!

  1. Lindsay Gossett

    Lucky ducks! It looks like the littles had the loveliest of times. And I will certainly take all of the macarons you don’t want!

  2. Bea

    Oh Paris is always a good idea!
    It’s one of the most wonderful city of the world!
    Have a good night!

  3. Carie

    It looks like Paris was chilly but lovely! The merrygoround is just beautiful – I love the old fashioned car but my biggest little girl would have been all about the giraffe in the background – much as I love the traditional horses, a giraffe is just irresistible!

  4. I adore all the adventures of your cute family. the style, food, and the colors are always so happy. I’ve followed your blog for a bit and wasn’t surprised when I saw where the “we believe” tab led.. just from the pictures and write ups I can tell your family has a special spirit and love for each other! thanks for sharing! small world- my hubby is buddies with mick hagen- you know the Hagen’s right?


  5. Kasia

    I like you photos and I love Paris!

  6. Maria

    I usually enjoy following you and your Family, but to me you have lost so much credibility with this Paris post. My parents lived in Paris for a few years, and when my nephew baby George was born my Brother and his wife brought him with them for Christmas in Paris. It was so hard to get around the city with a stroller. Paris is just not baby friendly, and many sidewalks and Metros are inaccessible with a stroller for one child, so cute pictures of you and you Littles on the streets with the two-child Bugaboo or whatever it is called are just not real. You know that I am sure, you just aren’t commenting on it because of your sponsor, and that is not fair to your readers. Get real, please, and give your readers honest, trustworthy images of your life.

  7. nanette

    how lovely. paris is magical! how sweet your kiddies enjoyed it!:)

  8. I

    At last! Someone agrees…macarons are not that incredible!! The craze is lost on me. Glad you had a blast.

  9. Loving your photos! Looks like you had a wonderful time back in Paris! :) Happy holidays!


  10. Alice

    What gorgeous pictures!! I adore Paris, and you’ve captured it so brilliantly. I love that you’re all wearing little pops of colour too, it looks amazing!

  11. Héloïse

    Ahh l’as du falafel :)) still dream about this .. So good :) love your post!!

  12. Meryl

    Oh, love it! There is just something magical about that city… especially when you see it through the eyes of a child. It just shines. Love that bold, blue door too. Whenever we get a forever home, I’m thinking it will need a shiny yellow or blue front door. ;)

  13. Chelsea

    Ahh these are giving me the travel bug big time!

  14. kate

    While these photos are nice, I can’t help but feel annoyed that you seem to be really milking this short trip you took( part of which was a sponsored(free?) trip. A post per day you spent in each city? A bit much. I know I’ll be yelled at by most of the fans on here, but I feel you don’t really have much to post, so your just stretching this trip. Nice photos but they all look the same after a while.

  15. Finally, someone else agrees with me that macarons are prettier than they are tasty! I felt so alone in the world. Looks like you had a wonderful trip and this brought back so many fond memories of the trip I took to Paris over the summer. What a magical city.

  16. Sarah B.

    Lovely photos!

    But I worry for your ankles! Every time one of these posts pop up, that’s what I think about when you’re in a photo. (Hahaha!) I lived in The Netherlands for a few years, so I’m imagining the fall/winter weather I know every well & know I’d keep my ankles covered. Haha.

  17. Bekka

    Oh these photos of Paris are lovely. They are making me miss it a lot, I went back in November and it was amazing! Looks like you all had a wonderful time! x

  18. Carla

    I imagine you already don’t but please don’t pay attention to the faceless critics of your family’s beautiful vacation. I grew up in Europe and my parents took my sister and I all over the continent as babies and young children and I hold those memories so fondly. I’m sure that you and your family do as well.

    Of course getting around any city with a stroller and two littles is difficult but you make it work the best you can..and may I say that you do it gracefully and with such style! I hope to be able to do the same with my own family some day.

  19. Quyen

    what a beautiful trip so far! I can’t wait to see more! the colors and diversity in Paris is amazing!!

  20. Aileen

    That photo of Samson and the Hotel de Ville is just too much!

    And may I just say that if people are going to choose a holiday destination purely for the fact they saw that someone on a blog had been without doing any research as to whether it is stroller or child friendly then more fool them!

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments with us all xx

  21. Lovely photos of Paris and the family. :) It looks like you all had a good time – but perhaps a slightly chilly time? I must go back to Paris soon!

    Love & Kisses xoxo

  22. hanna

    Your family is so cute –Hanna Lei

  23. tRiSh

    I still can’t believe we were there at the same time AND visited the same spots (not at the same time when I see the people at Musée d’Orsay though)… So glad you had a great time, I’ll definitely check the places to eat next year. :)

  24. amanda

    i wish people would just be nice! why people waste energy to make rude comments is beyond me. ooooh, it angers me! you guys are lovely- i hope you know how many of us love catching glimpses of your fun adventures!
    ANYWAY! did you go out on the terrace just beyond the musee restaurant? it is one of my favorite spots in all of paris! such a lovely view to paris and people-watch!

  25. Rayani

    Lovely pictures!!!

  26. Sally

    When you make money off my page visits I don’t have to be nice all the time. Live with it.

    Some of us have an opinion we’ll express it like you just did. Tough.

  27. olivia

    Thank you for this beautiful trip down memory lane. My fondest memories are of my week in Paris this summer.

  28. Paris is such a beautiful place. I hope to one day have an opportunity to go with my family. The shot of your daughter in front of the hotel is priceless.

  29. Aude

    Hi Naomi !! I’m french and I live in Paris since I was born, I love so much this city and I can’t imagine living somewhere else (for the moment!). I’m so glad you came here with your adorable family and hope you enjoyed this trip !! Your pictures are great.
    My dream is to visit your wonderful city NY ! ;)

  30. I love these photos! So inspired to travel there now :)

  31. fafalafait

    I lived for two years in Paris ( I’m french)and I think Paris is very a hard town to live in, I mean when you work all week long…people are not very kind…please next time you visit france go to another place another town

  32. bridget

    beautiful pictures, naomi – that’s a great picture of eleanor. post away, i love your travel pics!

  33. Hannah

    Eleanor and Samson are going to have such sweet memories of their childhood!

  34. Taza, these were such beautiful photos. Makes me want to go back to Paris, immediately!

  35. Erin

    These photos are lovely! Hope you all had a very happy holidays!

  36. audrey

    why do you need to put a winky emoticon in all of your captions? annoying and cheap.

  37. Happy Us

    So lovely!

  38. JM

    I have to agree with what someone mentioned above, Paris is a pretty city but the people weren’t very friendly when I was there. It is worth visiting but also good to know. Maybe I am just so spoiled with the friendly Scottish people here in Edinburgh, but it was noticeable when I went.

    I am glad you had such a lovely time, I also visited the orsay, it was lovely. hopefully you get to have many more holidays like this.

  39. Melissa

    Such beautiful pictures,love the one where Samson woke up with such beautiful view of the hotel :)

  40. Robyn

    Fab photos! I love Paris- and that falafel place is amazing!!!

  41. Paola

    bravoo! nice pictures! Happy to know you were in my country!
    Crepes are a traditionnal dish from Brittany (in the west of france), and “Breizh” means Brittany ;)

  42. Sammy Jo

    Vous êtes trop magnifiques! Love you guys!

  43. Pretty pretty pictures! I agree with you about macarons… they are not the yummiest thing, right?
    By the way… happy 2014!

  44. kim

    what gorgeous photos. such a great way to end the year!

    midnight snark

  45. Janis

    Awesome photos as usual. And I agree about the macarons, they look prettier than they taste :) lol

  46. Taylor

    These pictures are beautiful! If I could go anywhere outside the country, I’d choose Paris. Did you guys feel any animosity from the French? Because I hear some people do and I would hate to be in a foreign-speaking country with everyone hating me for being American. Do any of you speak French yourselves?


  47. Faith

    Lovely photos of my favorite city Naomi! It looks like you all had a blast! I cannot wait to go back to Paris someday.

    On a side note, I am so sorry for the negative remarks. I just don’t understand why people feel the need to comment like that. It is your creative site on the internet that you can fill however you desire!

    Keep doing your thing Naomi, you rock!

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  49. Ash

    Looks like you had such a great trip – love looking at your photos! My husband and I were planning a trip to Paris & Belgium with our 2 year old daughter this summer…but now we’re expecting Baby #2 (due June 3!), so our plans are on hold for a little while. Your fearless attitude and love for traveling as a family inspires me to not give up on our dreams of showing our children the world. We got to travel a lot before we had kids, and we think it’s so important!

    I know you have your hands more than full – but I would SO LOVE it if you did a post (or series?) on the transition from life with one little to life with two! Do you have any tips? What products have become your lifesavers (diaper bags, etc.). What are your thoughts on room sharing vs split rooms? When to start potty-training or transition to a “big girl/boy bed”, etc. Just an idea and something that I could definitely benefit from that I thought I’d throw out there.

    Thanks for writing and sharing your life, Naomi. Happy New Year!

  50. I’m in Paris everyday, I wish I took advantage and took more pictures!

    You took some great ones!

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  51. Hi Naomi,
    I have a question for you that might help out my husband and I. He, for Christmas, gifted me the Canon Rebel t3i, and we are wondering what our best option is, as far as diaper bag/camera bag. I see that you are constantly out and about with your camera and children so our question is, what do you use?
    Thanks so much!

  52. Jenna

    Eleanor is getting so tall! Great pics! :)

  53. Mel

    Such beautiful photos. Memories that you will never forget :)

  54. Kaylie

    I love that you took your children to Paris, it’s such a relief knowing that it’s not a strange idea to introduce your children to culture so early.

    It all looks so idyllic, I wish I was there!

    – Kaylie xo

  55. Lorena

    Thanks for your tip about l’as du fallafel, I went there last week while I was vacationing, and I totally loved it. Best shawarma ever!