photos from amsterdam, part III

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here are the last of the photos from our week in amsterdam! you can see part one HERE and part two HERE if you missed them.  this photo above is one of my favorites from the trip. you know how it goes when you’re traveling and can’t ever really get a good group shot because someone is always missing because they are behind the camera? and then you ask fellow tourists sometimes to take your family photo and they zoom in on your shoes and all the sidewalk or cut out the big sight or statue or building you’re trying to capture in the frame too? well, we got really lucky with this photo because i asked someone passing by to take it and he couldn’t look through the view finder because he didn’t understand how (i don’t know. that’s what he said.) so he just held up the camera and took one picture. as i was walking back towards him to take back my camera, i was thinking, well that’s too bad. it’s probably a photo of the sky or something. but then i looked at it and we were in focus and all smiling and the sign is there and we’re framed well and bam! all those bad tourist photos we seem to collect might be paying off! ;) who needs to look in a view finder anyway? (is that even what it’s called? a view finder? i have no idea.)

i shared where clothing items, etc, are from in the past two posts, so you can find all of that listed HERE.  and these photos were taken with the Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR, which we use for both full HD video and stills.


^^^those trees with a few colorful leaves left, those sure got to me!^^^


^^^and the stroop wafels! those got to me, too.^^^


^^^and i already professed my love about all the bikes…^^^


^^^and these two cute kids of mine…^^^


^^^eleanor has figured out how to snap photos on my iPhone and took several throughout our trip. i might post a few because it’s just so cute to see the world from her angle and see what catches her eye. samson has taken a few great iPhone photos, too, as of late. but they are mostly selfies and the angles are up his nose and not so great. so i probably won’t post those so he still loves me twenty years from now. ;) ^^^


^^^we might have hung out in this shoe two days in a row, the kids loved it so much.^^^


^^^we biked to the pancake bakery and ate our pancakes outside on the bench in the rain because we didn’t have bike locks. oops!^^^


^^^”papa, look!” one of eleanor’s favorite things to do is share what she is seeing or doing or trying with her papa. it just doesn’t get much cuter than those two together. ^^^

  1. stop being sooo darn cute davis family!!! its killing me :)

  2. Dana

    So sweet.
    Im in Amsterdam for New Years Eve.
    I send greetings from you to the city.


  3. Silvia

    Sooo cute! Also, now I crave a stroopwafel :)

  4. You got lucky with that photo! Those horrible photos taken by strangers are the reason why if someone asks me to take a picture of he/she on the street I usually take 300 pictures. Just in case. I prefer that to picture them back at home saying: look what a horrible picture, I hate that girl! I wish I asked someone else!
    Sometimes they think I’m going to steal their cameras, though. Hahaha!

  5. Freya

    I love Eleanor’s style, both your kids are super stylish actually! She’s going to grow up to be absolutely stunning :)

  6. Anna

    Super cute as always!!!

  7. Anna

    also wanted you to know that for some reason the links to part 1 & 2 of the trip are not working! it might be nothing but just check it out!!!
    xoxoxox to the sweetest family!

  8. Jess

    Amsterdam is amazing place.
    So cute pics :)

  9. What a fun trip! I have loved all the pictures. Sad that they are over, but I am crossing fingers for Christmas pics! :) The first picture is so amazing that he got it right without even looking, lucky! Love how your colorful outfits pop out.

  10. Samira

    I love your family! you lot are adorable!! love the photos!

  11. elsbeth

    Beautiful! Especially loved your biking photos from the last post. We are a biking family (no car, just public transit-bikes-and walking) and it is one of our favorite things to do together.

    Would you consider doing a ‘how we travel with the bugaboo donkey’ post? I am so curious how you get the stroller through security checkpoints with 2 littles in tow. Any tips to share?

  12. Sara

    Hoping to visit Amsterdam someday. These photos are so great. And happy you got your family shot :) Mine usually consist of 15 self timer fails :)

    And is it just me or could Samson pass as Kevin McCalister from Home Alone? They just keep getting cuter, Naomi!

    Happy Holidays! xo

  13. All these photos makes me miss Amsterdam. We went there to do a fireside for my BILs LDS mission. I so so want to go back such a beautiful place!!


  14. Cout

    He was prob just joking with you guys and really knew what he was doing and just prefers to shoot in live view ;)

  15. Everything just looks so incredible! I definitely want to see those iPhone shots! That would be such a cool perspective.

    Je M’appelle Molly

    xo Molly

  16. I just love your pictures! And the man who took the first picture, did a really good job. That’s a beautiful picture of that little family of yours. I would looove to see the photos that E took! As you say, it could be interesting to see the world from her angle.

  17. Great pictures! Looks like such a fun trip! I can totally see you guys becoming ex-pats one of these days :-)

  18. Oh, Please post E’s pictures….I’m dying to see them.

  19. hanna

    That shoe is so cute! –Hanna Lei

  20. Jacob

    I have loved all of these photos. you have a beautiful family.

    post E’s photos- i’d love to see!

  21. Bonnie

    So sweet!! And that is a fantastic picture. I am impressed with both kiddos smiling and looking the same direction. This will be a precious picture for years to come!

  22. Katriel

    I would LOVE to see her IPhone pictures. That’s precious.

  23. haha, I just had to comment after seeing the adorable pic of Sampson & Eleanor in the Dutch Clogs! Um, our little Mateo fell in love with the exact (child size) pair this summer in Europe and they’re currently sitting right next to me.

    Thought you might get a kick out of these pics: haha ;)

    Love your traveling pics. It’s so incredible what those two littles have seen in their short few years…they’re definitely set up for a life of curiousity and traveling! <3


  24. amy

    “& bam!” love your cheekiness.

    & yes that is a really good photo for a clueless photog. i ask my family to take pics of us and i pretty much always wail when i see them. “why did you chop my cute shoes off?” or “you took it when i was still walking back to them after showing you how to take it”

    pretty pretty photos. xx

  25. Meghan

    Wow you really lucked out with that picture then if he didn’t even look at the viewfinder! I always love all your pictures… They capture your travels so well!

  26. perfect. love all of the colors and smiling faces! :)

  27. jodi

    would you be willing to do another post on how you packed your bags for this trip? I loved hearing how your previous trip overseas and how you were able to condense clothing into two bags for the 4 of you. always love learning what works for other people!

    looks like you had a great trip! i love amsterdam. it’s so, so beautiful.

  28. You win all the awards, all the prizes for the cutest in the world. My heart is a puddle right now.

  29. Sarah

    Oh, these photos made me miss The Netherlands. We lived there for 4 years and I miss the bulbs, the bikes, and especially the stroopwafel. It looks like you also discovered the appeltaart and bitterballen too! So glad you enjoyed your time in the land of canals and clogs. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! x

  30. alice

    oohhh! this makes me want to hop on a plane and take a trip with my husband and my son! i have been to amsterdam for a graduate program trip but never with my boys! have a lovely holiday.

  31. Stephen

    The photographs are stunning, it reminds me just how pretty Amsterdam is, what camera did you use?

  32. Sinead

    The family shot is adorable :-) I bet Eleanor took some great shots on the iPhone too!

  33. Christy

    Great family photo. But don’t your ankles get so cold? What is the along solution to cute booties and winter?

  34. Kassi

    I’m always amazed by your ability to travel internationally with 2 little ones! I only have one and an barely keep it together with traveling a few states away!

    Beautiful photos! And I’m so jealous of that coat!!


  35. sarah

    taza you’re beautiful! i can’t wait til i have kids so i can take them on holidays with me.

  36. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!! how awesome of that tourist photo, too! amazing how it turned out.

  37. Love the shoe picture!!

  38. cassie

    I always been #TeamEleanor but please please please upload the selfie photos of Samson!! I’m dyyyiiiiinggg to see them! hahahaha

  39. Bea

    These photos are really precious!
    I love them!!!You’re really good at taking photos!

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  41. Emily

    So cute, it looks like you guys had loads of fun! Where did you get your iphone case? That is defiantly my kind of case. haha.

  42. Amelia

    Beautiful pics, as usual, but i’m wondering: why ask strangers to take your family picture if you are visiting the city with a filming crew? Noone will take a better photo than a director of photography! :)

  43. Anne

    Oh you guys are too cute! What luck you had a total stranger who took an actually great photo!

  44. Marloes

    You went to the Pancake Bakery!! Soooo good. This makes me feel less guilty about annoying you about it on every form of social media haha.

  45. Alivia

    Your pictures are SO amazing. I hope to be that good of a photographer one day!

  46. Marcia

    You could be the ambassador of Amsterdam. The way you show and describe our most famous city.
    Thank you, I enjoyed it.
    Groetjes, Marcia, The Netherlands

  47. Brooke

    Aw, I love seeing your family’s travels! We can’t travel far because of my two year old’s severe food allergies to dairy, egg, and peanut. I am just not confident in finding food she can have without a Whole Foods down the street, but I can’t wait until it’s more manageable and we can travel with confidence! So fun to see things through your kids’ eyes!

  48. Erin

    I have a question about your double stroller. Does it fit through door ways? I got a City Select double for Christmas and it seems so long. Looking at other options of double strollers and noticed you had the city mini. I currently own a Phil & Ted’s. Do you love the City Mini?

  49. Jessy

    Amsterdamnnnn! Great city :)