photos from amsterdam, part II

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part I of our amsterdam photos can be seen HERE.   a highlight of the trip for us was renting bikes one afternoon and biking along all the little cobblestone streets and canals.  it’s great how biking is such a big part of their every day lifestyle in amsterdam. we saw so many awesome bikes with big buckets in either the front or back filled with children or groceries or furniture or anything they could carry! it was like a bike, minivan, and truck all in one and we have got to figure out a way to make that a thing over here in the US. right?! especially in urban areas or smaller towns. i think i’m adding a biking trip somewhere in the US to my bucket list now. ;) who is with me?  (ps. the bike rental company did not have any helmets. in fact, i don’t really recall ever seeing a helmet on a cyclist over there. it’s amazing how different one culture can be to the next.)

and i added this in again from the last amsterdam post but for those curious: my red coat was a vintage find. josh’s coat is from barbour and he found his boots on sale here.  eleanor’s coat and purple hat are from crewcuts. samson’s coat is mini rodini and his hat is a vintage one that used to be josh’s until it shrunk (oops. sorry, josh!) my hat is an old one from h&m and my shoes are jean-michel cazabats which you can find here. my bag is an ONA camera bag.

and these photos were taken with the Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR, which we use for both full HD video and stills.


^^^this teeny back alley was probably the most magical back alley i’ve ever seen. with lights strung and music playing… picture perfect, really.^^^


^^^the apple pie at winkel’s was pretty amazing. josh said it was the best apple pie he ever ate even though he only ate one bite because i devoured his right after i ate mine. :/^^^


^^^the flower market was full of beautiful bulbs.^^^


^^^my favorite little girl and favorite little boy in the whole wide world. ;)^^^


^^^and the french toast at The Lobby restaurant at Hotel V was crazy delicious, too.^^^




^^^this place by night. none of my night photos are doing it any justice but, incredible.^^^

  1. Lottie

    I love these photos. I think the holidays with my little one are even more special in a totally different way. I really have to make the trip to Amsterdam especially as it is not that far.

  2. Chrissy

    Amsterdam is high on my list of places to live, especially after your beautiful photos thank you.

  3. Hi Taza, Could you tell me please where your beautiful red coat is from ?! Thank you! :)

  4. Hi Taza,
    Could you tell me please where your beautiful red coat is from ?! Thank you! :) xx

  5. Rebecca

    Here in Belgium (just next door to The Netherlands) biking helmets are getting more and more the standard, especially for the kids. I have to say our bike net is not the same as The Netherlands. There they have really good roads and all drivers are more used to many bikers. We are improving our roads as well for bikers, but we still have a long way to go. I’m quite happy so many children are wearing biking helmets these days. I have no clue if you would be able to rent them though …

  6. Zeynep

    Hi taza! This is an amazing post. I like all of your photos. I wonder will you have a little film about your family trip to amsterdam or paris?
    Thanks to your post, I’m planning to go to Amsterdam right now.

    Love from Sarajevo

  7. beautiful pictures…love you much more with your dark hair!!!

  8. Lottie

    There is no expectation to wear helmets in NL because cycling is not seen as a dangerous activity involving high vis jackets and helmets because it is so common and safe away from trucks and cars.

  9. JM

    Beautiful photos. In my home town there are so many little alley ways like the one you pointed to above, I hope you all get to travel in Europe some more, you seem to really love it. Glad you had such a good time.

  10. Such lovely photos! I especially Love the photos on the bikes :D and that alley looks real cute.
    I’d like to go to Amsterdam one day, it’s not too far away from Denmark (where I live) so it’ll definitely happen :D

    Merry Christmas x

  11. Emma

    Lovely photos! I think it’s great you guys rented bikes. The biking scene is very intense in Amsterdam! My husband and I love to bike and I’m excited for the day we can get a seat for our very own little!

  12. Jenny

    I was really hoping to see more pictures of your new hair this morning, but I can’t say these disappoint. :) This looks like such a fun trip, and the way you two capture everything is beautiful.

  13. Anne

    looks like a fun family adventure!I would like to travel to Amsterdam … in the spring when the tulips bloom :)

  14. Meghan

    Your kids are beyond adorable! Your trip looks amazing and I’m so impressed that you are able to and brave enough to travel with two littles!

  15. Sarah Williamson

    Absolutely beautiful as always Naomi. You always look so effortlessly chic. I can’t wait to go to Amsterdam this coming summer of 2014. But the winter you experienced looks so magical I am a bit jealous!

  16. Laura

    We have a biking culture in Denmark, especially Copenhagen, as they do in Amsterdam, and I, personally, couldn’t image to bike without a helmet, though a lot of people in Copenhagen don’t use a helmet. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun and really enjoyed Amsterdam! Hope to see you in Copenhagen one time :)

  17. Stacey

    Gorgeous pics!
    They give a great “feel” of what it was like : )
    Looks like you had a great time!

  18. Tytti

    Hi Naomi!
    Greetings from Finland. I really love reading your blog and looking at photos – so beautiful, all of them, everytime. I first found your blog when I was looking for NYC blogs/info for my trip there. I stayed a month in Brooklyn last July with my friend (s). We are coming back next summer in June, but now we rented a flat near Soho. We are first two adults but then my other girlfriend comes for a week with his son (9 years). I would love, if you could find inspiration to write a little blogpost about some things we should see in NYC… We have of course seen many of the “touristy” -things already and we dream of finding something superexciting during our next trip… And since you love your city and know it so well… I know it´s a lot to ask but just got this crazy idea to ask you… And you must have lots of other foreign readers, so…
    Anyway: Happy, happy holidays for you and your lovely family. (And tell E and S that you got a message from a country where Santa really lives :) )

  19. Megan

    Great photos! Looks like such a fun trip and you look absolutely stunning in the fifth picture!
    Bespeckled With Freckles

  20. Caitlin

    absolutely gorgeous photos. i LOVE your red coat, and that apple pie looks to die for.

  21. Bea

    Oh my God!!
    I’m in love with this city!!!!
    It’s wonderful!!!!!

    You look great in the photo with your red coat!! ;)

  22. That photo of you looking to the side – STUNNING!

  23. Love the pic of your two kiddos sitting in the stroller and smiling! That’s gotta warm a mama’s heart. :)

  24. wow that alley. i could’ve stood there forever! everything looks magical. looks like a wonderful trip :)

  25. Who knows if you will read this, but I am headed to NYC on Saturday and would love to know your vintage shopping recommendations!

  26. kendall

    you guys take the most incredible shots! love all the colors! x

  27. Diana

    I want to go to Amsterdam! An ona bag! I’ll have to check out those shoes. I need to find comfy casual shoes stat.

    ps. photo #5 – you look FAB girlfriend! work it. ;)

  28. Kat xiong

    What kind of lens do you use?

  29. Emm

    Wonderful post! That picture of you is ethereal! So gorgeous! :)

  30. Looks like an absolutely magical trip! Thanks for sharing!


  31. Love your blog so much. Thank you for inspiring me to start one! Enjoy every precious moment with your littles. Before you know it they will be leaving home for missions et al…


  32. Amelia

    love all of these! amsterdam is so so magical by night. I know what you mean about the photos though, you just have to see it yourself. I’m still swooning over this coat, where do you generally find your vintage clothing?

  33. amy

    if one more person says “i like you better with dark hair..” ugh!

  34. LOVE this photos – looks to have been a great trip! Also, your red coat is wonderful!

  35. such absolutely gorgeous photos! you all look so happy and the your captures of the city are marvellous!

  36. Mindy Magee

    Hi, Check out the Madsen bikes with the bucket in back. NieNie talks about them in her blog.
    Happy Holiday’s

  37. Anna

    3 yrs ago, my boyfriend & I had booked a trip to Amsterdam for 4 days. We were so thrilled to visit this particular European city, words cannot describe. sadly enough, our flight was cancelled in such sort notice we couldn’t reschedule it. I’m so glad you took ur kiddos with you and you obviously had such a great time! Your photos are always amazing no matter what and at least i got to “visit” Amsterdam just by looking at them! Hope you upload more and of course looking forward from your PAris short visit ones! I got lucky last year and I made it to Paris!!! Hope you liked it as much as i did!
    Love to ya all!!!
    xxxx Anna from

    P.S 1 I love Samson’s natural highlights, i think it’s the sweetest thing!
    2 Naomi you’re totally right, felafels were also my favorite out of all delicacies!

  38. hanna

    This is so amazing. –Hanna Lei

  39. Ilenia

    Oh you guys, I really loved all of the Amsterdam photos, it looks like you had a wonderful time there!

  40. nanette

    how sweet! still gaga over your coat. your kiddies look so cute. i am sure you all enjoyed your trip.

  41. Caitie

    looks like an incredible trip! how do you get your hair to stay up and look like that?

  42. Gina

    Your photos are beautiful and make me want to visit Amsterdam!

  43. Lisa

    You are just a world traveler! These are fantastic pictures. Looks like an amazing trip.

  44. emily

    would you mind if i asked you how you edit your photos? do you use photoshop actions? your photos are always so beautiful! just curious…

  45. Nina

    These pictures are so amazing and colorful and capture life, in a completely non touristy way. I love it.

  46. You know what does stay the same from culture to culture? The fact that you guys are the very cutest family out there!!

    Perpetually Caroline

  47. eliza

    My little brother just got back from an les mission in the Netherlands and the top half of Belgium and he was told to send his helmet home. This is because when Dutch children see you wearing a bike helmet they will throw rocks at you. I guess it makes sense, you’re already protected, right?

  48. TJ

    What a dream little vacation! How amazing that Samson and Eleanor will have these photos to look back on. You guys are one stylish family ;)
    xo TJ

  49. Koselig

    Hello! So nice to see your pix from Amsterdam. We were there in early September this year and we thought the same thing. Here in NOrway it is very strict with safety on bikes, especially for children. Actually I think I saw perhaps a couple of children with helmets on.
    Our taxidriver told us that bikers have very strong protection by law, so if any collision – car drivers will always get the blame.

    But hey, check out our Amsterdam pictures if you like to on my blog, I had such a hard time choosing pictures because we took so many – and it was such a lovely city.
    The link is here:

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas :)


  50. oh i ate the apple pie at Winkel cafe too, and boy, i miss it so much! it WAS the best indeed!

  51. Rebecca

    Naomi, the photos are stunning, always. Lovely framing. I enjoyed seeing your new blonde hair. You are stunning either way. But I am convinced after the single pic of you that you are a brunette. Enjoy that blonde hair, but I hope you return to being a brunette when you tire of it.

  52. Anne

    What a fun idea, renting bikes to tour around! That back alley looks like perfection

    The Hills Are Alive

  53. Quyen

    Amsterdam is surprisingly a great city for kids. The first thing you will notice is parents riding in their bicycles with their babies. So cute!

  54. Taylor

    These look like they’re right out of a fairytale! They’re absolutely gorgeous. And I really love that hair do of yours!


  55. Salem

    I have followed you on Instagram for a very long amount of time and always looking at your blog & the trips you go on inspires me to travel someday! I feel like I’m going on a mini trip just looking at these breathtaking photos. My favorite blog of all time is yours

  56. Kendra

    Oh my, I’m heading to Amsterdam in 5 weeks and this is getting me even more excited!! Renting bikes and strolls along the canal at night are very high up on my list of things to do while there, so thanks for the preview!! :)

  57. Leiana

    Hi Naomi, what lens are you using on your camera? Thanks!

  58. Holly

    I LOVE these photos! Simply gorgeous. I love following your little family and the journeys you guys go on! I have one little question.. How do you edit your images (like Lightroom/VSCO?!) They always look so.. Effortlessly natural – I love it! Much love from Australia xo

  59. Rikki

    what an incredible family adventure! your littles are just darling, and the photo of you in that red coat, wow, so stunning!

  60. rina

    love reading ur blog. u got such beautiful pichas..

  61. the matchbox cars at the table totally reminds me of our restaurant visits with my boys!

  62. Kennedy

    Did you get a new camera? I thought you had the rebel/600D? Regardless, beautiful trip and family!

  63. Tina

    I just love your red coat! And your bag! Beautiful photos

  64. Nellie

    :O the Winkle’s apple pie!!!! It’s been almost 8 years since I taste this AMAZING/DELICIOUS\INCREDIBLE pie and I still dream about it! Seriously the best apple pie in the world. Thank you for sharing all those pretty moments with us :)

  65. Ali

    you have done amsterdam justice, beautiful!!

    an amsterdam adventure blog:

  66. Vivi K

    Beautiful! I love your coat!

  67. April

    It’s crazy that Amsterdam is only a short flight away for me, but I’ve never been interested in visiting before (probably due to what it’s more famously known for) but seeing your pictures has made me want to book a cheap weekend away there sometime next year to explore its canals and cobbled streets. It looks so pretty and it looks like you guys had such an amazing time there too!
    Have a lovely week!
    April xo

  68. Linda from Holland

    Only cyclists en little children wear helmets. We learn how to cycle before we learn how to walk.

    I have great recipes for Dutch applepie and pancakes. ( [email protected])

  69. Victoria

    Lovely blog, I love your pretty pictures! xo

  70. Debby

    So cool to see our city from your view! Beautiful pictures :)

  71. Janis

    Awesome photos! Love the little alley! :)

  72. Jenny

    I studied abroad in Amesterdam. I bacically lived at the Pancake Bakery. Oh, I can still taste those wonderful panenkoeken. So so good! World Market and sometimes Trader Joe’s sell stroopwafel, but they’re just not the same.

  73. Melissa

    of course that gorgeous coat was a vintage find!! ugh, love it!

  74. Monica

    Hola…. que fantástico post lleno de fotos preciosas !!
    que bonita familia !!


  75. Ineke

    yeah, you ate bitterballen! hope you liked them, most of jy foreign friends hate them but they loooove Dutch stroopwafels. Glad you enjoyed Amsterdam! kind regards from the Netherlands

  76. Randi

    Woman! I could really use HALF of the talent you have with your hair. My fingers and arms always get twisted up, and I end up with unwanted lumps here and there and not being able to secure it… a total hot mess with my own hair over here. Bravo.

  77. Heather

    I’d love to see a tutorial for how you get your hair in that cool twisted chignon!!!

  78. Alesya

    Which camera do you use for your photos?