photos from amsterdam, part I

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going through our photos from our time in amsterdam last month has been so much fun. i’m ready to go back! it was our first time in beautiful holland but that place climbed up to the tip top of my list of favorite places-have to return-WHEN ARE WE MOVING HERE?!-can’t stop dreaming about it- list.  i always hear that if you’re going to visit amsterdam, you must visit in the spring… when the tulips are in full bloom and the weather is dreamy.  since we were going in november, i prepared myself for cold weather and bare trees. and while it was cold, it wasn’t terribly cold like i anticipated. the temperatures were just right for november. chilly, but just the right amount. we were also able to see the last of those bright and beautiful autumn leaves and they were just beautiful. next best thing to tulips! ;)

we were invited to amsterdam by bugaboo (the company who makes our donkey stroller) to speak at their global company conference.   it’s funny because before we spoke, we had to talk to a video camera for a few minutes and oh man i cannot do that without breaking into laughter and feeling like the biggest idiot. my nerves get the best of me talking to a video camera! but josh and i had a lot of fun getting on stage and presenting together.  maybe it’s because of my dance background, but being on stage feels like home. so presenting was a lot of fun! we just talked about how my blog came to be, our experience working with the brands and sponsors we feel are a good fit for our lifestyle and our readership, and also a little bit about traveling with our kiddos. thank you so much for having us, bugaboo!

ps. i broke our amsterdam photos up into 3 posts because there were too many pictures i loved, i could only condense them so much. i hope you’ll enjoy them, too!

for those curious, my red coat was a vintage find. josh’s coat is from barbour and he found his boots on sale here.  eleanor’s sweater and purple hat are from crewcuts. samson’s coat is mini rodini and his hat is a vintage one that used to be josh’s until it shrunk (oops. sorry, josh!) and my shoes, the comfiest shoes i have ever owned and can’t take off my feet i love them so, are jean-michel cazabats which you can find here but i bought them marked down on GILT several months ago.

and these photos were taken with the Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR, which we use for both full HD video and stills.


^^^tiny explorer. taking in the sites with his tiny binoculars.^^^


^^^we ate some of the best pancakes at pancake, amsterdam! we recommend the apple and bacon pancake if you go. one of the highlights of our trip, that pancake.^^^


^^^a few photos of us speaking at bugaboo headquarters. when they put those fancy mics on us backstage we totally had to break into song and dance and a little bit of jazz hands. but how can you not? isn’t that what those mics are made for? ;) and also, a miracle this all happened during our littles naptime. they were literally right backstage sleeping side by side each other in their stroller the entire time we were on stage. it was awesome and crazy (so rare they nap at the same time anymore) but definitely appreciated by mama. ps.  these last three photos are by photographer iris ooms.^^^


^^^we stopped by the van gogh museum the following day together. if you go, ask for a children’s packet at the front desk. it was so much fun to read to eleanor and have her work on while we looked at his paintings. josh and i found it to be really informative for us, too! even though it’s intended for tinier ones.^^^



^^^E and S left the museum as vincent van gogh specialists! ;) ^^^


^^^we took a boat ride on our first day in amsterdam and i regret not taking one every day that followed. it was a lot of fun to see the city along the canals. ^^^


^^^bikes, everywhere! and such beautiful bikes at that. ^^^

part II and III coming at you soon!

  1. Marian

    Amsterdam is a really beautiful city and your pictures certainly do it justice!! Looks like you had a wonderful trip, lucky things! :)

  2. Queenie

    Those apple and bacon pancakes look lush! x

  3. lovely pictures! My sister was there in Amsterdam and said she got to hear you and your husband speak! She works at bugaboo :)

  4. Marie

    I love your shoes! Can you tell me where you bought them and what brand they are? Please

  5. John

    I live in Amsterdam! And you once commented on my blog; how fun to see that you visited this past December. Greets from AMS! John