our 2013 christmas card!

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merry christmas eve! i wanted to share with you the letterpress christmas card we made for our family and friends this year in partnership with regas studio! you might remember this post where josh and i went into the studio a few months ago and got a behind the scenes peak at how letterpress is made while creating our own stationery! meredith, founder and owner of regas studio, is an old friend of josh’s from high school and one of our partners this year for the blog.

this christmas card came to life after we sent over a couple small doodles a few months back of what we envisioned. from there, it really took on a life of its own encompassing our family, new york city’s gorgeous sky line and christmas twinkle lights! we also used gold foil for the stars you see on the card and the envelope lining. we love it so much!



^^^the city sky line!^^^


^^^and the gold foil stamped stars in the envelope lining…^^^


thank you to our partners, regas studio, for helping us create a beautiful christmas card this year! and thank you to all of our wonderful readers for such a fun year of blogging! i have really enjoyed sharing bits and pieces of our life in new york city with you here. we wish you a very merry christmas!

  1. what a great way to send a “real” card instead of a Christmas photo… I love the sketch, it seems like something you could frame and treasure forever :)

    happy holidays to the davis family!

  2. Virginia

    Adorable! Especially love the illustration and calligraphy! As a card designer myself, I know how much your loved ones will treasure such beautiful prints. Thank you for always sharing bits of your bright life with us. Merry Christmas!!

  3. Beth

    Beautiful! And so creative. Love it.

  4. hanna

    Wow. I love it, it looks amazing. –Hanna Lei

  5. Ashley R

    That’s the cutest Christmas card I’ve ever seen! You’re so talented and creative. Merry Christmas!!!

  6. Nikki

    Oh wow, this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! They turned out so beautiful!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  7. Lucy

    Love your card so much!
    I have always loved letterpress and it’s awesome that it’s your design!!
    Merry Christmas to all of you, hope you have a wonderful day!!
    Love us 3 x x x

  8. Alanna

    This is one of the most beautiful cards personalized cards out there. It’s such a nice balance between not just being a photo of your family, but still shows who you are. Gorgeous! Merry Christmas!

  9. rikki

    stunning cards! i adore letterpress, they did fantastic work! merry christmas davis family!

  10. *kristin

    this is all sorts of magical! and letterpress…mmmmmm good.
    merry Christmas to you and your family!

  11. Jessica

    Beautiful card! Merry Christmas to you and your recipes family!

  12. What an absolutely stunning card! Your friends and family must be so chuffed to receive something so beautiful.

    I have to admit, I held my breath for a second waiting to see if you were announcing baby #3 on the card….!

  13. this is seriously perfect. the best!

  14. heather

    what an adorable little card! happiest holidays to you four. xo

  15. James Devine

    From one Donkey owner to another, Merry Christmas!

  16. Aileen

    If I received this card I would possibly be the happiest human ever – it is so stunning. I’d be keeping both the card and the envelope for many years to come – that teal and gold combination is to die for, and the pops of red amidst the white are gorgeous.

    Merry Christmas Naomi, Josh, Eleanor and Samson. Have an absolutely wonderful day. God bless xx


  17. Sinead

    Beautiful! Happy Christmas :-)

  18. LeeLee

    Aw, gorgeous card. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  19. Merry Xmas to you and your whole family!

    Greetings from Finland

    xx Sini

  20. anna

    a very merry xmas to you all!! :*

  21. Teresa

    i love these cards! i think it’s such a great idea to send out personalized cards that are letter press!!! they’re beautiful!

  22. Kayla

    What a cute idea for a Christmas card!! I love that it isn’t just a picture, so original! Merry Christmas Davis family! Thanks for sharing your year with us blog readers :)

  23. love it! so creative.

  24. Lovely Christmas card!!

    I can’t wait to design my own family card once my little one arrives in March!! Children make the holidays so special :)

    Happy Holidays to your adorable family!


    Buffalo Britty

  25. Anne

    oh I love that illustration! great job regis studio!

  26. AWWW! This is just ADORABLE! I love the detail and the envelope lining! It just makes you smile! Very Creative!


  27. Happy Us

    Love this card, it’s so chic!

  28. Kelly

    I love these cards, Merry Christmas to all the Davis’!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  29. Kate

    Love the envelope! x

  30. Sacha

    These are so lovely! I especially love the detail in the envelope lining!

  31. Queenie

    gorgeous card, love the inside of the envelope too! :D