mommy daughter date: radio city christmas spectacular!

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we all went to bed sick last night. like, taking turns puking our brains out. i have no idea where it came from or how it hit us all at the same time, but it was the worst. we’re on the mend today, sterilizing the apartment, eating a lot of crackers and crossing our fingers those last 24 hours can cover our sick dues for winter and that it’s smooth sailing from here on out. we just aren’t equipped for four sickies in one tiny apartment…we need more bowls, bathtubs, and toilets to puke in, at least. ;)

but while i’m feeling awesome for a few minutes i wanted to share some photos from last week when i took eleanor to see the rockettes perform at radio city music hall. it was their christmas spectacular and we’d been looking forward to it for a few months! eleanor went to her first movie this summer with papa so we decided i’d take her to her first show! i’m not sure how i hadn’t been before, but this was my first time seeing anything at radio city as well as seeing the rockettes perform! so i think i was just as excited as eleanor.

we took a taxi together across the park for their 10am morning show and talked about dance and christmas and santa clause and also the nativity story so i could prep her a little bit for what to expect. she kept trying not to smile once we pulled up and took that picture together out front but it was so sweet to see her trying to contain her excitement. holding her tiny hand and leading her into the big theatre was probably my favorite part of our morning together. there is something so magical about sharing something you love with your little one, in this case for me, a bustling concert hall with a curtain about to be lifted and a show about to begin.  as a dancer once upon a time myself, i am always such a sucker for that mix of anticipation and butterflies for a performance about to begin while hearing the sounds of an audience taking their seats out front.

we had bought eleanor her own seat beside me, but she preferred sitting on my lap for the show.  i feel like i kissed her cheeks a million times during the performance. it was just a lot of fun to share that experience together.  she was so quiet and still for most of it.  it was a lot to take in and i know she was especially fond of seeing santa clause on stage and the big sightseeing bus. i was especially blown away by the unison and precision of those rockettes! holy smokes, they were so impressive.  towards the end (during that 3D video game scene, have you seen it? that was a lot for me to take in…) eleanor leaned in and said, “mama i’m ready to go home…” haha. i told her the animals and baby jesus were about to come on for the nativity scene so we just had to wait a few minutes longer, but she was done. for the first time she wasn’t sitting on the edge of my lap ever so still and attentive, she leaned back into me and we cuddled waiting for the final nativity scene.

after the show we sat together for a few minutes while the audience cleared out and i asked her what she enjoyed most. she was quiet for a long while and finally whispered ever so quietly, “the snow…” while gazing off at the stage.  it was the sweetest. (there was a lot of awesome snow!) i loved the snow, too, eleanor.

what a fun morning i had! i know it’s a long shot eleanor will remember these sorts of memories someday, but i’m hopeful there will be some sort of a faint memory at least. i have a few tiny snippets of memories of my own mother taking me to shows all dressed up and sitting me down on a pile of phone books when i was very very little, and those are some of my favorite memories.  thankful for my little girl to share these experiences with. looking forward to sharing them with samson too someday once he’s a bit older.

have a great weekend!

ps. these photos were taken with my iphone and edited with the vsco cam app.

  1. Lindsay Gossett

    You are the most precious little duo! Reading about your lives makes me look forward to having my own little girl one day…

  2. Kim

    How fun! I really adore your blog and seeing so much love! – the love you have for your husband and littles, and the love you’ve taught your little ones to have for each other! I love the photos of them playing and going on little adventures around the city together. I teared up a little bit when I read the line, “i loved the snow, too, eleanor.” How special for Eleanor to read this one day.

    Happy holidays :) xo

  3. Bea

    Hi Naomi!
    I think these memories will be very important for her!
    She’s so lucky for having you as a mother!
    Happy weekend from Italy, Davis family!

  4. I am sitting reading this from the maternity ward in hospital with my day-old son sleeping beside me and missing my 18 month old daughter at home with her dad. It brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait to share moments like these with my darlings.

  5. Iva

    Your writing is so beautiful. Your posts are such a precious heritage for your kids :)

  6. Mom daughter dates are the best. Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Beth

    I love this post. The photo of you and Eleanor is absolutely beautiful, that smile on her gorgeous little face is priceless. You have a beautiful family and I truly hope that one day I’ll be as happy and blessed as you are.

  8. Aleksandra

    a polish tradition is to take kids to the theatre for the nutcracker, it’s always a big event both for the kids and for their parents :) can’t wait to take there my son one day! love the post, xoxo

  9. nanette

    how sweet! i hope to have memories like this with my little girl! :)

  10. S

    Just so you know…it’s spelled CLAUS :) A “clause” is a unit of organization.


    E looks adorable with that sly little smile :)

  11. Emma

    It looks like you both had a wonderful time! I think it’s great you are doing one-on-one “dates” with your kids. So impressive that E was able to stay engaged for the majority of the show!

  12. lian

    oh man. i’ve performed at radio city before! the stage is massive, and there was a faint camel smell in the room we used to quickchange ;) you could bring Eleanor to watch our show too! now it’s at lincoln center :) didn’t mean for this to be like an advert but your post really brought back a lot of memories for me :D take a look if you’d like!

  13. hanna

    That seems like so much fun! –Hanna Lei

  14. Julia Krivi

    I absolutely adore and look forward to your blog, and this entry is no different. As a former nanny, I really admire all the love & planning that you put into such a special date, as I understand the time & energy it takes. Additionally, I loved your previous post regarding co-sleeping and your tent; I might have passed it along to my previous families for holiday gift ideas. :)

    Enjoy the holidays!

  15. Taylor

    I hope you guys feel better! It’s never fun to have one person sick in the house, but to have everyone…well, that’s just the worst.

    The show looks like a blast though! I haven’t seen that since I was in elementary school and went for a field trip. I can’t wait to have my own little one and be able to do fun and exciting things with them like that. Personally, I loved going on road trips with my mom.


  16. you two — what a vision of love and preciousness!

  17. To be honest you are lucky in some ways you all felt poorly at the same time!! Sometimes in families…these bugs can drag and bounce around from pillar to post..:(( but on a positive note…glad you all had a fab time at the show.

  18. Noelle

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now, and I must say, your family is absolutely precious. Your daughter seems like quite the little character, she is adorable !

  19. jennifer

    Oh…. stomach troubles are the WORST. It the only thing that really SHUTS ME DOWN. Sorry for you guys.

    We took the girls to see the show two years ago when we were in New York for Thanksgiving. We had a great time.

    xoxo and wishes for a swift recovery from san francisco


    ps. Doing a new photo and parenting project of viewing the best of children and celebrating them as the real superheroes of society. Heres the link:

  20. Sydney

    E always has such great fashion sense ;) loving her winter jackets. You guys are adorable as always!!! xoxo

  21. The snow as her favorite part made me laugh. My aunt danced in the Christmas show for years, and more than anything else she complained about the snow (the camels were a close second) and how filthy and disgusting it really is, and how you get hit in the head with bobby pins that are swept up since they reuse the snow for every performance. At least it looks magical for the audience. :)

  22. Stephanie

    I love the pink hat. Where did you get it?

  23. Trish O 'Shaughnessy

    She may not remember this exact moment but YOU WILl. My sons are in middle school now but we have so much fun when I tell them the story of what we did together when they were small. I love to take those moments out and remember them. I still try to build memory’s everyday.

  24. What a beautiful thing to share with E. I love this season!
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  25. If it only lasts 24 hours, it’s most likely food poisoning.

  26. Oh, hope you all feel better!

    And on a positive note, the photos are adorable. It’s so fun to be making these memories.

    I’ve been sick for a couple days and in bed and started looking through old family photo albums that I borrowed from my parents. I’m SO happy that they took photos and also wrote little notes about things we did. I hope my blog makes my kids look back and smile like looking through my parents albums does for me. :) For sure your blog will be that for your family!


  27. sooo precious! love this :)
    also, hoping your family feels better SOON!

  28. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear you all got sick at the same time…that IS the worst! :( Before I became a mother, I was the biggest baby when I’d get sick. I’d just lie on the couch lifelessly moaning and groaning and mustering up enough strength to reach over and grab a Saltine. Now, there is absolutely no such thing as a sick day, huh? It’s like okay…I’ll just read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” one more time, sing the snowman sing real quick, divide the string cheese into 8 parts because it has to be ‘octopus cheese’…..then run to the bathroom real quick to get sick. And cleaning up everyone’s vomit while you yourself are sick?! Oh my goodness…how do we do it?!! I guess we just do, right? It’s so hard living away from family and not having anyone who can help in situations like that. I pray that it’s just a 24 hour thing for you guys and you can have a happy, healthy rest of December!! :)

    Oh and p.s., the pictures and stories of your mommy-daughter date just warmed my heart! Eleanor just seems like such a sweetheart…can she marry my Adam or Asher? ;)

  29. Celeste

    This is EXACTLY why I hope I have a little girl someday! I’m just not sure my little guy would be as mesmerized by that type of magic as a little girl would. Eleanor is absolutely adorable and I love that photos of the two of you!

  30. This is so awesome!! My daughter has the same birthday month as Eleanor an I’m so happy to hear that she had a good time. We have tickets to see The Nutcracker in a few weeks (we’ve never been) and I really want to bring her. She is very much a fan of ballet already and is very excited to go. Would you take Eleanor to something like that? I want to bring her but Im just not sure if thats to young? Any thoughts would be appreciated:) Thanks

  31. Samantha

    So sweet. Even though she will probably not have an actual memory of this when she grows up, these events and times spent with her mama as a young child are the building blocks of her personality and soul. It will become a part of her in a deep way. She is lucky to have such a loving mom. My sweet little boy is only 2.5 months old but I can’t wait to share special moments with him as he grows up.

  32. jenna

    what a sweet, sweet memory for you and your little girl! it sounds like it was a great show, and i’m so glad you guys are feeling better. that kind of sickies is the worst!

    xo jenna

  33. Kelly

    I hope you all feel better soon and this was the cutest story!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  34. Janis

    How sweet! I try to take my girls on one on ones dates, and I think that it’s a great idea, and I think that they like it just as much :)

  35. what a little sweetie. i cannot wait to take my little girl on mama-daughter dates. you’re such a good mom, Naomi. I admire that about you so much! thank you for sharing your sweet story!

  36. TJ

    How precious that she whispered her favorite part was the snow. I bet that would be my favorite too! This sounds like so much fun! I can’t wait to have a little girl and take her to her first ballet or performance! :)
    xo TJ

  37. So very sweet. Even if she doesn’t remember it, I think she will treasure being able to read this one day, reading about the love of her mama.

  38. Jess.

    Magical. I’m so glad you got to do this. She might not remember, but you will surely never forget.

    On a more pragmatic note, do this: Get an ice cream bucket. the gallon size with a handle. You may have to buy some less-good ice cream in order to do this. Feed it to people at a birthday party, maybe? Anyway, whatever you have to do is worth it. Take that ice cream bucket and layer it with plastic grocery bags, like you would with garbage can liners, one on top of the next. Now you have a “throw-up bucket.” Keep it under your bed or dresser. Keep it where everyone knows right where it is. Not feeling well as you go to bed? Holding a sick toddler on your lap on the couch? Someone’s already on the potty & you need to puke bad (sorry to be graphic, but we live in NYC, too and limited space during sickness is a reality)? You’re covered! Then, when you’re done (or your turn is over), just tie up the top bag & onto the next one. Eventually, of course, you will disinfect, but no immediate washing required, and you’re not going to ever be making cookies in that bucket!

    This has changed my mothering life. I hope you are all completely better by now. Everyone being sick at once is the worst!


  39. Marie

    E looks like Carey Mulligan when she smiles that way!

  40. So sweet, and at least you know that even if she doesn’t remember, she has this blog to look back on and to thank for saving up all of these small moments

    I hope you guys had a great christmas xxx