photos from paris, part III

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thank you for indulging me as i shared our photos from our week in paris. we really had a wonderful time and it was such a treat to be there as a family and share the experience together.  looking back at all of these photos were so much fun. i think i’m going to put them into a little coffee table book of sorts so the kids can flip through them in their hands and “remember.”  we hope to continue to travel with them through the years to come. samson and eleanor were playing trains and airplanes today so i asked eleanor today where she would like to go on a train or airplane next and she told me she’d like to go camping! haha. so that is definitely making it onto our list of things to do in 2014!

ps. if you’ve been following along this is old news but if you’re new and curious, HERE is a list of where the things we wore are from. and these photos were taken with our Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR, which we use for both full HD video and stills.


^^^i gotta tell you, autumn in paris is where it’s at!^^^


^^^just taking it all in at luxembourg gardens.^^^


^^^the colors alone. cannot get over them.^^^


^^^notre dame. can you spy josh and the littles below? haha.^^^


^^^at one point while at the gardens we thought it’d be a good idea to feed the birds!^^^


^^^….oh hey kids isn’t this so fun feeding the ducks and birds? hahahah…. and then…..^^^


^^^….they almost killed us. not really, but talk about aggressive birdies! lesson learned: DO NOT feed the birds in paris!^^^


^^^he has longer arms than me so we finally figured out that he should be the one to take our selfies. ;) ^^^

^^^a bit of the view from the roof of the pompidou. the view is kind of perfection up there.^^^


^^^just looking, not feeding this time around. we had learned our lesson by this point. ;) ^^^


^^^we had some of the most delicious steak frites at le relais de l’entrecote. so good!!^^^

^^^jet lagged hotel space at 3 something in the morning.^^^withkidsinergo

^^^oh, this family of mine. ^^^


^^^tiniest explorers checking out the eiffel tower at night.^^^


^^^and riding the big wheel at night was incredible!^^^


^^^not a bad view at the top of the ferris wheel!^^^


^^^no matter what way you looked, the view was amazing.^^^


^^^before catching a taxi to the airport to head home, we walked over to the love lock bridge, pont des arts.^^^


^^^we should have brought our own lock with us but didn’t think about it so we bought one on the bridge (for wayyyy too much) and wrote all of our names on it before locking it up! we tried to find it just a few minutes after we locked it up and couldn’t! that bridge has reached max capacity with locks!^^^


^^^samson was very excited about this! he might have tried to open every lock he could with those keys right there.^^^


what a fun trip. thanks for following along! see you in 2014!!!!



  1. Eli

    Fantastic trip, Naomi! Let’s not rest in 2014 but explore even further!
    Happy New Year!! xx

  2. Love all the warm, autumnal colours in all of the outdoor photos! Also, cute, warm, cosy outfits that all of you are cuddled up in! Makes me feel very wintery and cosy too! Haha! Wishing you and your family all the best for 2014!

    Love & NYE Kisses xoxo

  3. Emily

    absolutely beautiful and heart warming photos, looks like you had the most amazing time! happy new year and all the best for 2014.

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  4. bridget

    these pictures were awesome. thanks for taking us through paris with you. those mums! incredible.

  5. the next time am in Paris I’ll keep eye out for the family lock…

    Love the photos :)
    Happy new year dear Davis Family and thank you for always takes us with you on those sweet adventures!

    Love from Germany

    p.s. please check out my little giveaway over at my blog

  6. Holly

    Indulging. Yes.

  7. Jean

    What lens are you using?

    Love them sitting onthe railing. They’re just so adorable. Their love & appreciation for art & the little things are wonderful. You guys are an awesome family!

  8. Quyen

    what a lovely trip for kids, especially in town that has the reputation of not being very kid friendly! guess times are changing!

  9. wonderful pictures!
    i love Paris so so much. and your kids are adorable.

  10. Oh, I definitely need to include Paris to my 2014! Looks so wonderful. Have a happy new year!

  11. Holly makes the most beautiful and affordable photo books! And they can be Instagram compatible too! I bet you’d love their stuff!

  12. nicole

    I loved seeing all of your pictures. Paris really is a dreamy city. Thanks for sharing.
    I have one question, what lens do you use on your camera, the factory one?

  13. very sweet. those pictures of the lights at night took my breath away. and those colors — wow. stunning. what a beautiful trip your family took!

  14. Court

    What a beautiful trip!! Your bebes are going to be seasoned travelers by the time they are older!! :)

  15. Caitlin

    your photos continue to captivate me. paris is one of my dream vacations and after all of these posts, i just want to jump on a plane right now! gorgeous family.

  16. lauren

    you take beautiful photographs – i love all the pictures. it looks like such a lovely trip!!

  17. Rayani

    Naomi, I would like you know that was so cool to follow your blog in 2013.
    Happy new year to you and your lovely family

    Hugs from Brasil

  18. Paula

    Love all your travel pictures, i literally cannot get enough. I can’t wait for our little babe to be at the stage when he can enjoy the experience. Happy new year to you and your family. I hope 2014 brings lots of love and laughter to your home. xo

  19. Samantha

    Wonderful photos from what must have been a fantastic holiday with your family! Happy NYE from Boston!

  20. hanna

    These photos are just beautiful. –Hanna Lei

  21. Heather

    Once again well done on such beautiful images of your little family on their travels! Can’t wait until the day I take my littles around the world!

  22. so magical! the city of light is such a special place!

  23. Z

    I absolutely loved my time in Paris and this post has me a little nostalgic. Love all the photos of your kiddos – they look like such happy and adventurous travelers. Fun (sad) fact: they actually go and clear out hunks of the Love Locks bridge at a time, since so many different locks are placed there every day. When I went there was this awkward three foot patch that had hardly any. So sad!

  24. Taylor

    I’ve loved looking at these Paris pictures. It makes me want to go there even more (Ratatouille is what first set my heart on it!) than I did before! Absolutely gorgeous! If I ever go, it would be awesome for a list of the places that you visited and any tourist-y tips.


  25. Lovely, as always. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  26. Carly

    My favorite of the Paris posts! Beautiful views. I just love that city so much. This made me very nostalgic.

  27. Jess

    These pictures are absolutely wonderful! You have THE cutest family! :)

  28. Kelle

    I’ve always wondered if that bridge was hard to find space on for new locks! Your trip looked so beautiful. I hope to be able to make it to Paris one day – it looks like an absolute dream. Thanks for letting me live through you in the meantime :)

  29. Erin

    I love that entrecôte place… I could never remember the name of it. I still dream about those frites.

  30. Sinead

    The birds in Paris really are crazy, one of them landed on my head last time I was there! Terrifying!

  31. Rosie

    You make me miss the city so much! I put a lock on Pont des Arts on my 21st birthday :)

  32. Sarah

    Love how much energy you and your husband have! Better than sitting around at home all day with the kids. Big thumbs up :)

  33. Krsitina

    Beautiful photos, as always! I hold my pen the same way while writing!

  34. Amazing photos. I love your captions under each photo :) They always make me smile.

  35. TJ

    Oh goodness, all of these pictures make me so envious! My dream is to go to Paris! Fingers crossed that it happens this year! And that I get to put our lock on this lovely bridge ;)
    xo TJ

  36. Anne

    So lovely! Thanks for sharing all the Paris photos and giving us all vacation fever ;)

  37. Kelly

    Again, your kids are adorable! I am so glad you had a great time!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  38. Wickan

    Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing.

  39. Naomi, love all your pictures because always give off positive vibes! I was in Paris with my family the last June for the French Open (Roland Garros), ohhhh, what a great journey! My toddlers (a 5 years old princess and a 3 years old pirate) enjoyed a lot in Luxembourg Garden, they will never forget the toy sailboat for rent in the octagonal pond, the wonderful huge children’s playground and the pony rides, have you tried?! highly recommended!!!

  40. Nicholas

    I used to relax on those wonderful chairs in Jardin du Luxembourg every day for lunch for many years. Its a wonderful place ! A spectacular city. Bonne Année from France

  41. Meghan


    How were you able to capture the photo of Notre Dame? Such a gorgeous perspective!

  42. vivian

    we also went to le relais de l’entrecote during our honeymoon 4 years ago! loved it! and their profiteroles…. to die for.

  43. julia

    these photos & impressions are just so beautiful. you manage to transport so much charme, atmosphere and happiness in your pics – THAT’s your true talent, and an amazing one it is. thanks!

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  45. Noelle

    Headed to Paris next month, really excited to explore the city! I’m wondering if you would consider doing a post on some of your favorite places to visit + eat? Unless you already did and I missed it. Anyhow, love your photos, such a special experience to share with your family :)

  46. Teffy

    Those pictures are so so lovely. Your children are beyond adorable!
    I haven’t been to Paris in too long, especially considering how close it is from London. Autumn seems like the perfect season to go.

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  47. Heidi

    Such lovely photos!

  48. fantine

    the thing is, there are so many locks on this bridge that it’s getting really heavy and dangerous. the mayor talked about taking all of these off because of security problems. i hope you had a wonderful time in paris! next time, you should go to montmartre and st paul!

  49. Mara

    Simply amazing!

  50. Summer

    Dazzling! I can’t wait to explore Europe for myself one day.

  51. Jemima

    These photos are glorious… It looks like you really had some wonderful times and forged life-long memories of a European adventure with your fam, and it has given me some food for thought planning my own Paris trip in the next year or so!!

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