holiday markets, wreaths, hair, more wreaths.


here are few photos from the holiday market at union square. we went last saturday. that’s one of my favorite places to walk through in the winter. it feels more and more crowded each year, but still, the best holiday market in the city.  here is a post from our first winter being married wandering through the market together. my oh my how much has happened since that saturday so many years ago at the market!

looking through these photos makes me wonder if i have a thing for holiday wreaths? i’m not even posting all the wreath photos i took. i don’t know. i go through phases and right now i’m in a wreath phase.

a few other things that happened over the weekend worth noting: we cooked a lot. and by we, i mean *i* and josh as my sous chef! i know, how things are changing over here! we watched some of the aol web series on new york city ballet. it’s a series worth checking out if you haven’t yet. and i knocked something off my bucket list and changed up my hair color. my friend aubrey was in town and since she’s the only person i’d trust to do this, we went ahead a did it.  i’m excited to be a blonde for a little while. and for a change. it feels good.

these photos were taken with the Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR, which we use for both full HD video and stills. my shirt is an old nanette lepore find from anthropologie and jacket from zara.




^^^maybe it’s from years and years of the nutcracker being my life every october-december, but i can’t pass one up on the street without taking a photo. especially if it’s life sized!^^^

saturday4 saturday6 saturday11

^^^and winter pears, man. the best!^^^


^^^blonde! aubrey, i love it so much. you’re the best.^^^

saturday12^^^what’s this? more wreaths? surprise!^^^

hope you’re having a great holiday season so far! merry christmas!

  1. I love your new hair colour!!! EEEK!

  2. kim

    that platinum blonde..loving it!

  3. Myrna

    Wow!!! Love the hair!!!

  4. Rachel

    Love the hair! You look absolutely stunning as always!

  5. Hair looks gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to go lighter but I’m so worried about upkeep. It looks so awesome on you though!

  6. kelsey

    lovely wreaths and the hair is awesome!

  7. Cintya

    I’m also going thru a wreath phase, you’re not alone. And I think blonde looks absolutely great on you.

  8. Esther

    You look lovely! The blond really suits you!

  9. MMR

    Can’t wait to hear about your little ones reactions! I admire your courage, it looks great!

  10. margo

    I never comment. BUT, I literally saw your hair and my jaw dropped. It. Is. Gorgeous.!!!

  11. Ashley R

    The blond looks so good!! And I love wreaths and nutcrackers…and pretty much all Christmas decorations haha

  12. Ofelia

    I wasn’t expecting such a drastic change in color! I said “oh my god!”, out loud! But it looks amazing!!

  13. Ally

    The blonde is amazing.

  14. Amy

    The hair is amazing. I did the same thing about 8 months ago, and coming from someone that changes their hair color A LOT, it is true what they say, once you go blonde you wont want to go back. Enjoy!

  15. Stephanie

    Holy smokes! You’re blonde! Is it a total trip to look at yourself in the mirror?! I used to have super short hair, like Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, and that first night after the cut I just stared and stared at myself in the mirror. It was a complete mind trick. I too am curious how the little reacted.

  16. Melisa

    You are so gorgeous ! SO gorgeous! Looks great !

  17. Billie

    Incredible! You look fantastic Naomi- when I read your instagram I thought you would maybe go red or something, but this is so bold. It looks so lovely, what a fun change.

    Oh how I miss Christmas time in the city!

  18. I adore wreaths. Can’t get enough. You look gorgeous no matter what! I was platinum blonde a few years ago (also on my bucket list) and it was a fun change. Nice to change up your style from time to time.

  19. Jana

    I am a hairstylist and I am in absolute awe of that color. That is true talent! And you totally rock it :)

  20. cheyenne

    wow, your hair! it looks amaaazing.
    xo, cheyenne

  21. Your hair!!! What a fun change, you are rocking it!

  22. Your hair is stunning!! And the market looks amazing- what a fun place to be!

  23. Kayla

    Your hair looks so beautiful!!! Blonde definitely suits you!

  24. Jasmin-Sarah

    At first I thought.. Blonde? Uh uh..
    But you look stunning! It looks so good!
    What did the kiddos say?

  25. Henna

    Ooh! Can’t wait to see more photos of your new hair! So cute & fun! Love that unexpected surprise! :)


  26. Hales

    What do you use to edit your pictures and add the blur to the background?

  27. G.

    It looks so good! Please let us now how hard is to keep your hair healthy and blonde! I have been dying to do this but I’m scared of ruining my hair. I love, I love it! What did Eleanor and Samson said about their “new” mom? ;)

  28. Kennedy

    Blonde is such a classical beautiful look on you!!

  29. Felicity

    First time poster – that is just gorgeous on you. I’m now excited to see how you dress it, as I love what you do as a brunette, but I’m blonde myself and sometimes stuff that looks great on brunettes just doesn’t work out.

  30. ahhhh i was not expecting that!!!! you look amazing!!
    does josh feel like he’s got a new wife?!;)
    go you lady, nothing quite like having the courage to tick something off on your bucket list. enjoy every minute of being a blonde, well they do say we have more fun ;)

  31. Manoli

    Guauhhh! It’s incredible your new look. It’s a radical change!
    I wait for more pictures abaut you and your new blond hair.
    Estas muy guapa!
    Happy day.

  32. Are you kidding?!? I was trying to imagine my face with blond hair last night!!!
    You look fantastic, it has a festive vibe that suits you. And MAJOR thumbs up for the natural eyebrows! I blame Sky Ferreira for making me want to rock this look too. But my skin tone is a real issue. I’m so pale I might look dead with a blond mane (my natural hair colour is similar to yours). But I need the change though. But then, cutting my hair in a bob last year felt like the greatest idea ever and now I regret it so…… I’m so bad at decisions!

  33. sunning colour! love it!
    you are a stylingqueen indeed!
    xo, Katharina

  34. Kristina

    You look like Sienna Miller, freckles and blonde. Love it!

  35. swit swoo! i would love to know what the kids thought of the new hair, cos the comments i get off mine when i do mine…well, we’ll just leave it there, i think!

  36. Justine

    You’re a so beautiful lady in blond!!! This a delicate blond like you!

    Could you tell me where did you buy your nice black boots (amsterdam photos)?
    Thank’s a lot!

    I’m waiting for your Christmas Playlist :)

    Love from France!

  37. V

    Aubrey did a lovely job changing the colour. Quite often going from dark to light can look brassy and does a lot of damage before getting to the desired shade. It’s looks very nice and healthy! :)

  38. Wowo! I didn’t see that coming. When I first read that you went blond, I thought “What a shame”, but then I saw the picture – Aubrey did such a good job!! I love it :-D And also. Since the market feel crowder each year – maybe it’s because your family grows every year ;)

  39. I love your hair!!!! It makes your freckles cuter!!!
    I love Christmas markets too.. Living in Germany is so worth it when this time of the year arrives. The Christmas markets here are the best!

  40. Loulou

    The Christmas Market sounds wonderful! I too went to ours here in Toronto on the weekend. I’d never been before but now think ‘what took me so long?’. It was a lot of fun.

    How I love your hair. It looks beautiful on you.

  41. Ashley

    Wow! It reminds me of Kim Novak in Rear Window.

  42. Lisa

    A hair post!! a hair post!! btw I looove it :)

  43. Emily

    Yay for change!! It looks great!

  44. Cassie

    You look stunning! That color is fabulous. Yay for fun changes!

  45. Brittany

    Blonde blonde blonde! Welcome to the club! As you may have heard, we have a bit more fun here. ;) Seriously though Naomi, it looks incredible on you! But then again, what doesn’t?!

    Jealous of the polar difference in a NY Christmas than that of our FL ones!

  46. Molly

    Your hair looks absolutely stunning! Love love love it!

  47. Aleksandra

    Love your hair color! beautiful hue!

  48. Ooh you look gorgeous as a blonde! I look forward to seeing more photos!

  49. Blonde!! You are killin’ it with that color! Love that you moved away from the ombre that everyone has these days. Looks great!

  50. bridget

    dude, you are so brave. and aubrey is goooood. you are pulling off that blonde!

  51. Sarah

    Wow! You weren’t kidding about a change! It’s so dramatic (and gorgeous)! Love those winter bouquets and the pears too!

  52. faith

    You look AMAZING! I was at the Union Sqaure holiday market Saturday as well! I saw your photo posted to Instagram after the fact and was bummed because I would have loved the chance to say hello. Now I wonder if I did see you and just didn’t recoginze blonde Naomi!


  53. Camille

    Oh my goodness your hair !!!! LOVE. IT!!! wow !! you look amaaaaazing !! you are braver than I am ! i have always wanted to die my hair platinum but am scared it will look funny with my dark eyebrows. Yet on you, even with your dark eyebrows it looks incredible !!!

  54. Joey

    I watched the nyc ballet aol series all in one go! Once I started watching, i could not stop! The dancers all look so beautiful and you definitely have an appreciate for all that they sacrifice to do what they love.

    Happy holidays!

    ps. your hair looks rad!

  55. nanette

    wow you hair! i was not expecting that! you look stunning! my dream is to go to the ballet in nyc. maybe in a few years. :)

  56. megan


  57. Brittnee

    Woah! Amazing color! As a former hairstylist (before I had my babies) I can tell that takes some talent!

  58. Caitlin

    LOVE the hair!

  59. TJ

    Okay, you need to post more pictures of your hair ASAP! It looks lovely! And it’s true, after performing in the Nutcracker so many times you definitely don’t get tired of nutcrackers! What an amazing market ;)
    xo TJ

  60. cortney


  61. Taylor

    These pictures look great! I love outdoor markets around this time of year. The one near me, Eastern Market, is fantastic and so cozy in the winter time.
    And wow! That blonde hair looks incredible! You definitely pull it off so well and the coloring is fantastic!


  62. Lisa

    Your hair looks totally awesome I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock it!! It totally suits you and just looks fantastic xx

  63. Crystal

    You look like Jennifer Morrison!

  64. Briseidy

    love the nutcracker and taxi ornament! beautiful photos!

  65. Daisy

    um, your hair!! it looks gorgeous. love, love, love that shade of blonde on you.

    the Christmas market looks so pretty too – really cool that you’re still going all these years after you were first married.

  66. Janis

    The market looks so festive! And I love the wreaths! :)

  67. i feel like i’m in a wreath phase year round! i love jumping back to 2007 and seeing a younger you and josh. so much fun as a reader. and the life size nutcracker — wowza ;)

    ps: you are a rockstar — that hair! love it!

  68. Looks to have been a lovely time – and you look great as a blonde!

  69. Meghan

    Your hair looks GREAT! What did te kiddos think of it?

  70. hanna

    I love your new hair, and the market looks so nice. –Hanna Lei

  71. Mónica

    What a surprise the hair that you rarely see. And I also have to find a wreath for my door and gave me this year for them too. Kisses and happy last Wednesday morning Friday.

  72. Sarah

    Great hair! But I’m really wondering about the blouse! Where did you get it? I can’t get over it!

  73. Brooke

    Okay. First, I was shocked by the hair but I love it. Second, you should write a post on Nutcrackers past! I love all things Nutcracker, especially this time of year!

  74. Steffany

    Loving that hair! You rock it. Love the dark eyebrows with blonde. SO COOL!

  75. Whoa, love the hair and love how adventurous you are with experimenting around with different colors and hair-dos!

  76. Mayoli

    Beautiful photos as always Naomi and my goodness!! I LOVE your hair! I and a dark brunette and for the last few weeks I’ve been toying with the idea of going blonde and you might just have made my decision up for me! Amazing!! <3

  77. Marissa

    You’ll hear it all season long, but I love your hair! ;) How funny we’re all so fascinated by it. You really do pull it off. Excited to see more photos!
    What does the husband and littles think?
    I bet New York smells like Christmas trees (at least, I hope)!

  78. Jenn

    WHOA!!! I was very shocked to see you went blonde. and I absolutely love it. I am way to nervous to ever go blonde, so proud of you for being so BOLD! WHat do your babies think of the new color?

  79. Whoa! Your hair looks incredible! I’ve always wanted to dye my natural dark brown hair but I’ve never mustered up the courage. Bravo to you!

  80. Tess

    Wow, Naomi, you look like Grace Kelly! Beautiful color on you!

  81. So blonde! It looks great :) Awh, these photos are just so festive and happy! The holiday spirit is making its way to everyone, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

    Perpetually Caroline

  82. melissa

    Your hair looks good but I much prefer the dark on you. Need to do your eyebrows to match.

  83. Rachel

    These photos are just lovely! Eeek! You’re very lucky you’re able to pull off any color! You look beautiful as a blonde!


  84. Jamie

    Gorgeous hair color!

  85. dee

    amazing! love that color on you.

  86. Krysta

    DANG GIRL! Your hair looks awesome!!!

  87. Cheryl

    so in love with your hair!! :) great choice. And love all the wreaths. makes me want to get out and enjoy the holidays here in Santa Cruz.

  88. Shelley

    You look amazing always, but I think you look better as a brunette!